Thursday, August 03, 2006

3d Home Architect Deluxe

Valeria Solarino :

how can i become a rapper and what does it takedo you know any famous rappers or soon to become rappers

Daisy McCrackin :

lol it takes alot i kno that. yu can become a rapper by learning how to flow. i dont kno any personal but my friend knows paul wall and mike jones, and he met dre, the game, and snoop. and soon-to become rappers, no but i know alot of good ones lol. ? good luck =]

Sylviane Duparc :

1. you gotta be a gangsta

Lydia Andrei :

2. you gotta grow up in the projects

Emma Samms :

3. you're IQ has be bigger than 80

Michelle Barry :

if you are asking that question you dont need to be a rapper, you need to be the one thats buyin the music. naw if you got the talent start by going to a local studio some people have them at their house in the bathroom not kidding either thats a start

Sharon Kane :

I think u just have break into the music biz and be good at what u do. I want to be a rapper too n freestyle and all that stuff but u can't be taught it's something that comes naturally. But anybody can spit a verse THATS EASY, but it matters what u tryna say and what message u put in it and if it's HOT. Iono know famous rappers but I did meet some but I am a soon to be one so holla atcha gurl!!

Patsy Kensit :

i know a famous rapper is lil boosie because he join a 5 times rapper with c-loc and it take a long time to be a rapper.

Elisabeth Lund :

It takes a lot to become a raper. You have to know exactly what you're doing.

Rachel Fielding :

1.You have to have a back-up plan!

Dorothea Schenck :

2.You have to have the mind and patience!

Regula Grauwiller :

I know three rap groups out of Waycross. Ga that are about to become a rapper.

Whitney Houston :

1.S.E.G.A Boys

Camille Keaton :

2.Camoflauge Gangstas

Laura Schuhrk :


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