Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Viviana Gibelli :

what will happen after going in grave to the person who do not worship god

Mirren Delaney :

that corpse will be wormfood just like every other dead corpse.

Traci Lind :

no he will be thanked by god saying atleast that you did not troubeled me on earth

Lone Helmer :

It's a difficult question: as you never know what a person's relationsship is with God like the robber who was next to Jesus on the cross who asked for forgiveness of his sins just before he died - he went to heaven with Jesus. In the bible it also says that those who are not with God are against him.

Bik Wing Chung :

God judges people on their acts, not on their praying or worship. Even when people have done wrong in their lives and show remorse God will forgive them.

Annette Badland :

they will go the hell unless they ask for forgivness while on this earth

Diane Salinger :

Maybe this is not the correct place to be posting your question, try the religion section.

Jeanette Biedermann :

Whether you believe in a God or many Gods or the great Spaghetti Monster or Tjukurrpa or reincarnation, when you die your body will go through the same processes as someone with different beliefs (with the possible exception of Micheal Jackson, who probably won't decompose)- what happens before death will vary a lot depending upon your religious belief- that will make the difference as to whether you are optimistic or apprehensive or at peace.

Natalie Sutherland :

To me, living life as an ethical person, with compassion and empathy and doing good deeds without thought of reward, is about creating happiness while I'm alive, an existance I am sure of, rather than banking on one I have no evidence for.

Florence Henderson :

Of course I am purely selfishly motivated- I want to be surrounded by happy people.

Marie Gillain :

wait in the grave for the judgement day

Laura Harrington :

Oh it must be horrible. Your body decomposes and you are faced with the same non-existence you experienced before you were born. Remember that? It was horrible. I sometimes lie awake at night dreading the time before I was born.

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