Thursday, August 03, 2006

Development Fine Motor

Reo Matsuo :

How come the disk of the sun seems bigger in the early morning hours

Jeanette Linne :

outcome of the rays!

Clare Carey :

because the earths atmosphere acts like a lens, so the lower the sun or moon to the horizon then the larger they appear :)

Kandeyce Jorden :

because you are viewing it through earths atmosphere it bends the light and magnifies it

Rihanna :

Because of the thicker layer of earth atmosphere(clouds, ozon,mist)that the sunlight has to travel through.

Amy Adams :

It happens because of the refraction of the light.

Meg Wynn Owen :

In the mornings, the sun is "lower" and the light has to travel through a thicker layer of air, meeting the air boundary at a bigger angle, so it will change it's direction considerably.

Stephanie Pasterkamp :

Later, as the sun moves "up", the angle decreases and the light changes its direction the less. At noon, when the sun reaches its higher position the angle is 0 and the light goes straight without changing its direction.

Lena Farugia :

The changes in the light's traveling direction causes that we see the sun disk bigger in the mornings and in the evenings.

Rita Wolf :

From where?

Jemma Redgrave :

When the sun (or moon) is low on the horizon your eye has things with which to compare it: trees, buildings, hills--for me, Maui (just had to rub that in there, though I actually did take a photo of the moon over Maui night before last).

Traci Bingham :

When the moon is high in the sky, you can only compare it to the sky, which is pretty big.

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