Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Lori Heuring :

Is it scientifically possible to be born without a navel

Monika Verbutaite :

I don't think so. A navel is the last little remnants of the umbilical cord. Without the umbilical cord, a fetus cannot live. So, no

Marie-Josee Croze :

I have a friend who doesn't have a navel. He had hernia surgery when he was about 6 months old and his belly is smooth as can be...

Donna Young :

I don't think it's possible to be born without a navel, ad the umbilical cord provides the sustenance for the baby during pregnancy.

Marie Matheron :

My friend HAD a navel, but now he doesn't... understand? LOL

Laura Bailey :

dont think its possible realy is it? you need the umbilical cord for the baby to survive :)

Stefanie Dreyer :

no you can have one so small it's unseen but you will die

Agnes Pontier :

without one

Christine Boisson :

No, it is not possible to be born without a navel. When they start growing people completely in tubes, those people maynot have a navel, but we won't know til it's done.

Anna Katerina :

I'm just glad you are askig about it because of the book and not KyleXY

Gillian Davison :

no if you didnt have an umbilical cord you wouldnt have you geens and your life

Isabelle Mergault :

No, it's not possible.

Delphine Pacific :

That's weird. What did she do, carry around the placenta so it wouldn't detach from her body thus giving her a belly button? I don't believe a normal human baby can be born alive with a navel.

Terrea Foster :

Technically everyone is born without a navel, they're born with an umbilical cord which later becomes a navel when the cord stump falls off and heals!! But it is also possible for someone to have no recognisable navel after removal of cord stump as occasionally the cord does not come out of stomach but somewhere else on body.

Tina Krause :

no its impossible

Josiane Balasko :

The navel is fundamentally the port for the Umbilical cord. The Umbilical cord is the ISDN connection between the foetus and the placenta. The cord supplies the foetus with the essential nutrients to survive. Therefore, I believe that it is impossible to be *born* without a navel. Even when scientists overcome extreme religious sentiments and start growing humans in tubes or whatever, they will still need to supply the growing human with nutrients... and please don't suggest the rectum as the entry point!

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