Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fire Place Mantel

Juliet Cadzow :

How do you go about getting a band together when the newspaper doesn't work

Romi Koch :

I have been trying to get the newspaper to work for years

Mim Parker :

well, for one thing, this website is a REALLY good place to post stuff. just post it on here, tell people what town you're from, and i'm sure answers will start pouring in. another thing is, do you have any friends that would be devoted to learning stuff like that? alot of the instruments would take less than 1/2 a year to learn.

Yvonne McCord :

good luck with your band!

Yan Nam :

Go to all the popular music and musical instrument shops, bands usually place notices there. Go to the venues that play the music you play and make connections, place flyers ect. Basicly its about mooving in muso circles and going to muso places and you should get your answers. If youve written songs promote yourslef and others with the same taste will seek you. Good luck with it all.

Amanda Detmer :

ask around go have a look at music stores, you need more than just newspaper, look up old friends, see if they know anyone with musical talent, attend small town gigs, talk to the bands who play there, things like that.. hope that was helpful...

Jerri Manthey :

Alot of musicians are not computer literate even in this day and age. Some take pride in being so. used to be an excellent site to hook up with other musicians. Since they fell apart I havn't really found a good site. If you do web searches on the instraments that you want and the area that you want sometimes you can get lucky. However most people who are without a band for long enough are that way for a reason.

Gabriele Lafari :

A better way to hook up with a band is to go to where people jam. There are always people looking to form impromtu groups. Sometimes you get a groove going and you jam again. The next jam session turns into a band. Sometimes you don't and keep looking.

Whitney Pinardi :

Music shops also often have a builletin board with musician wanted ads.

Rosenda Monteros :

Another way to hook up with other musicians is to go to live music in your area. Musicians support thier friends who are musicians and go to their shows. Get to know some, let them know your looking to hook up and they will likely know some other folks or even a complete band looking for your instrament or vocals.

Esther del Prado :

As for Pop, well good luck. Most Pop bands are put together by record execs. Chosen from studio musicians with a front man/woman who's primary skill is entertainment. There are exceptions. Destiny's child for example started as a reguler band basically. Instead of starting in Pop make a name in Rock or Folk or Blues and get folks attention that way. You'll hit the pop charts by accident if your good enough. Once you have a name, even if it's just a local name you'll be able to do whatever music you want too and find people willing to play it with you.

Diane Lane :

wow if you want to form a band and need people go to churches, live music locations on the weekends, look for music studios, music lesson locations they usually know someone who has potential and could work out for your band. Private music instructors call them and ask if they know of anyone. If you want your band to grow and be successfull you have to hit the pavement and the phone. Newspapers, Web, will only get you those who have computers or buy the paper. Usually a good musician will have no easy access to neither but will be at a church, or pay for lessons, and usually do gigs on the weekens to pay fo them so might try checking those out.

Carla Harvey :

Your first error is trying to do pop music! lol Actually, try these sites as I have had success with...

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