Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Cibby Danyla :

How does one convert any music file (mp3,etc ) into a wavfile

Louise Smith :

You have to find a conevertor to download, maybe they're some at

Lauren Hutton :

You can do it with the sound recorder on your comp if you have one you just have to record the song to it and then save it as a wav.

Randi Ingerman :

Switch ( ) is a good program to convert m4a, wma, mp3, ogg, wav, etc.

Carla Harvey :

Burning to CD and ripping in wav format (or one easy to convert to wav) is another idea.

Paola Montenero :

Now here's the mega trick. It will work on ANYTHING. Analog recording. If you get a sound capture program, you can record music while you play it, whether on your computer or not, copy-protected or not, part of a video or not, streaming or not, (if you use the line in, you can record tapes too) you get the idea.

Paloma Duarte :

The RIAA would frown upon music theft using this.

Sonia Martinez :

"dBpowerAmp Music Converter

Tracy Torres :

Version: 11.0

Git Goo :

This is a great easy to use music converter.

Margaret Gomoll :

Pros: With a simple right click menu you can convert any music file from one format to another(after you load the codecs). It is fast, efficient and easy. The best easy to use converter that I have found and I have tried dozens.

Mitsutomo Saiko :

Cons: You have to individually download and install each codec you want to be able to convert. The downloads and small quick and easy, but there are alot of them."

Juliette Andrea :

a program called CDex will allow you to convert between wav files and mp3s as well as ripping cds.

Maria Jose Cantudo :

Available to be downloaded from it is freeware, does not contain malware or spyware and is only about 5 megs to download. overall a top program!

Gabrielle Rose :

get sonic digitalmedia plus v7 it convers any thing or get windows audio converter

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