Thursday, August 03, 2006

Office 2000 Cd Key

Petra Sexton :

which is a better song---ONE-or-MASTER OF PUPPETS

Maggie Ford :

I like "Master of Puppets" much more - whether it's metal, hard rock or whatever - it's just a better song. "One" is probably the best song on "Justice" but that's not saying much in my opinion - it's my least favorite Metallica album after "St. Anger."

Keyla Wood :

Dave Mustaine was definitely in an early version of Metallica, but I think he and Kirk played together for a period. Check out the fantastic "Some Kind of Monster" documentary for more insight on that whole episode.

Rita Cecchi Gori :

i personally like master of puppets more

Dominique Lorenz :

i looked this over wikipedia : the band used a few transient guitar players, such as Brad Parker and Jeff Warner....

Glori Gold :

Jeanne Moreau :

Master of puppets for me, as well... Sorry:)

Keyla Wood :

Poor Dave was kicked out 'cause of too much drugs, so Kirk came... Not bad thing from this point of view, because i think that Megadeath gave a lot to modern music, just as Metallica did

KC Winkler :

master of puppets is much better. and justice is a great album but One is the "one" that got radio play and brought them into the radio spotlight that consequently got them to sell out

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