Thursday, August 03, 2006

Point Of No Return

Julia Jennings :

Which is proper English

Leesa Rowland :

Those who.

Moeko Ezawa :

If either is followed by the word "choose", it is proper.

Doreen Jacobi :

Those who

Angela Doria :

You're talking about people, so it's who.

Nicoletta Machiavelli :

Proper English? .............Good Grief!

Beatrice Dalle :

both are correct.

Kellie Overbey :

I actually think it depends on the verb...

Dominique Swain :

those who chant makes more sense than those who do chanting ( ?...see, sounds funny)

Elizabeth Harding :

And then there are those who do knitting as opposed to those who knit ( I would choose the 2nd)

Stephanie McMahon :

I guess it really comes down to your sentence you are constructing...

Tara Ellison :

It depends on the use, but you could use both.

Karin Swenson :

ex: Those who pertain to this question.

Nancy Brilli :

ex: For those whom pertain to the question.

Amy Robinson :

ex: There are those that assume they know the answer.

Claire Mills :

I do believe proper English would be:

Susan Gilmore :

Those who do whatever... (becuase you are referring to people)

Lola Gans :

Had you been referring to an inanimate object, such as a car, you would say:

Sabrina Salerno :

Those that go faster than whatever....

Jane Curtin :

Those who....."those" refers to people, therefore use "who", "that" refers to inanimate objects, concepts, etc, not people.

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