Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Isabella Jantz :

what board game is the best game today

Kristi Polit :

Hex , takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master

Eva Derrek :

battleship, now and always followed closely by risk and reversi

Aisha Hinds :

Chess. It's ancient and has infinite possibilities. It also strengthens your concentration.

Karin Lorson :


Marie Liljedahl :


Amber Heard :


April Hailer :

My opinion only, but I have a strong opinion on the answer to this question.

Elisa Servier :

In Western Cultures: Chess. In Eastern Cultures: Go.

Patsy Kensit :

Both are "open" games in which nothing is hidden from the players, so there is absolutely no luck involved.

Amanda Walsh :

There is no limit to the levels to which both Chess and Go exercise the mental capacities; truly infinitely.

Fritzi Eichhorn :

Anyone who claims high-ranking Chess or Go Masters aren't athletes just doesn't know the effort and training involved to play in tournaments. They must train rigorously, both physically and mentally.

Deborah Fallender :

The Game of LIFE

Marianne Dupont :

monopoly, i like money

Jeannie Bell :

My favorites now are the Cranium games, Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, Scattergories, Catch Phrase, and The Game of Life.

Lauren German :

the game of life

Ai Mei Wong :

sequence by milton bradley........keeps you going

Robin Sherwood :


Marguerite MacIntyre :

Puerto Rico by Rio Grande Games. It combines resource management, rewards good timing, and requires a balancing act between economics (crop plantation) & development (building factories, warehouses, and buildings). The beauty of the game is there is so many things to do in a turn, but yet, so little time/resources to do all of it in the same round. Do you choose the Builder role to buy the Wharf to start shipping your own corn to score more points or do you pick the mayor role to get more slaves to work your factories/hospice/warehouses/plantations or would you just pick the trader role to start selling your tobacco to get money? There are 8 different roles to choose from, each different and unique, and with it, every turn, every player must choose a different role that will fully utilize and develop their small patch of land (more plantation or buildings?).

Lisa Tnne :

It is a game of skill (no dice throwing or card shuffling) and very little luck. With that, it is of no surprise that it is currently the number 1 game on the internet.

Shelly Cole :


Ingrid Rogers :

Chess is the most time honored game today. It makes you think, challenging your reasoning and decision making skills. Improving your mind while you have loads of fun! ;)

Susie Hall :

I recommend THE SETTLERS OF CATAN, you can play it online at It is online where u can play with other players.

Lauren Pellegrino :

Try it. Its very good.

Anya Hoffmann :

There are a lot of good board games.What you consider to be the best would depend on what your interests are. One of my favorites is chess.

Kitty Carl :

I have played hundreds of board games and I would recommend these three as my all time favorites:

Mercedes Ortega :

1. SETTLERS OF CATAN - this is a great game with friends who enjoy strategy games. The rules are simple, the gameplay is fun, the strategy is endless. Each player competes for the resources of a newly colonized island and tries to develop towns and roads to become master of the island. A good amount of card-trading and haggling is involved for added fun. The board is randomly laid out each time so it's always different and challenging. (90 minutes. Best with 3-4 players, ages 15 and up)

Nicole Eggert :

2. TOP SECRET SPIES (also titled 'Heimlich & Co.') - This is a simple, yet complex board game which can be played in less than an hour and is good on a rainy day. As in any spy story, the action in this game can be turbulent and confusing at times. The players search for top secret information on seven spies, hidden in a safe, which keeps being moved from place to place. Whenever an agent is able to crack the safe, more information becomes available. Always keeps you guessing as to the idenity of the other players' spies. Equally good as as a 2 player game. (45 minutes. For 2 to 7 players, good family game, ages 10 and up)

Sandy Ratcliff :

3. SHOGUN (also released as 'Samurai Swords') (Note: I'm referring to the big box set released by Milton Bradley in 1986). Think of this as the ultimate 'Risk' - each player plays a 16th century feudal Japanese warlord battling for control of Japan. Players allocate money to buy troops, build castles, hire mercenaries, and even hire ninja to assasinate enemy generals. Each player builds armies of powerful bowmen, samurai, spearmen, and gunners. The game gets increasingly fast, exciting, and dangerous as it progresses. (3-4 hours, Best with 3-6 players, ages 15+)

Lavinia Wilson :

All of them have great re-playability. Enjoy!

Sibylle Rauch :

Simpson's Operation

Ai Mei Wong :


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