Thursday, August 03, 2006

Santa Clara California

Rebecca Ferratti :

Why do birds always poo on my truck

Aida Lopez :

you have that problem too??

Trinity Striver :

check for a target sign

Allison Stewart :

maybe baecause your truck iz ugly

Kelly Howard :

what color is ur truck?

Carla Gugino :

park ur truck in a garage, or away from the trees

Penelope Ann Miller :

Your vehicle is merely a target for them while they are in flight!!

Aleksa Palladino :


Amparo Grisales :

mabey because it looks like a toilet to them

Gesa Thoma :

your truck is large and they are attracted to the colour of it

Marvy Mayor :


Monique Kavelaars :

um because they like to share their s*** with u..... i dono

Emmanuelle Beart :

but i know they dont fallow ur truck everywhere.....

Florence Laigle :

b cause they think its a good target

Bik Wing Chung :

maybe you should try gettinga car cover. that way the poop will never get on your car no matter where you park

Lavinia Wilson :

maybe your truck is an attractive color?? :)

Julie Stone :

maybe they are attracted to the color.

Michele Drake :

I don't have an answer, but your question made me laugh. Sorry :)

Inger Ebeltoft :

birds love u

Teressa Macky :

To birds.... THE WORLD IS THEIR POTTY!! hehe!!

Imogen Millais-Scott :

lol major, my mom had that problem 2 i think birds rather poop on car(especially clean ones) than the ground (couldn't they have asked us about that agreement?)

Justine Priestley :

Why is your truck always under the birds? It's just the way life is, I have the same thing happen to me. Go figure!! Nothing you can do about la la...more important things in life to worry about, that's for sure! :-)

Laurina Hanson :

You must be parking it under something like a tree or garage or someplace birds roost. Try putting a giant rubber snake on top of it. It works. Don't forget about the snake and drive off or forget for the first time and run into a tree trying to get away from yourself like I did. That hurts like hell man. Ouch.

Donna Desmond :

They like you !

Debrah Farentino :

Do you park near awnings or trees (especially trees)?

Paulina Porizkova :

I have a mulberry tree, and I can't park near it. The birds sit in the tree and eat, then poo in a radius of about twenty feet as they take off. You can actually observe the "poo radius" on the ground!

Kristiane Kupfer :

i have a black truck and my pops has a white van and same thing happens to both, i just think birds are some crapping animals

Billie Neal :

We got a lot of trees close to our house and birds fly and poop on our car. Its black. I think they see nice things and want to irk us. Its either a threat or a sign that they love you. LOL.

Jenny Robertson :

why dont you make some invention call it the "invention that i invented".make it shock the little birdies after they poop on youre truck,maby that will teach them to not poop on youre truck ever need to thank me for this,it was no prob..yay

Fabiana Udenio :

Your car is a target for birds, especially after you get it cleaned, and yes, they know. It's sort of payback for when you were young and you threw rocks or chased birds at the park.

Leigh Taylor-Young :

It may be a comfortable place for them.

Trine Dyrholm :

I say its coincedental. But who honestly knows......

Anne Graf :

The Scoop on Poop -

Shaila Vaidya :

I am an Automotive Cosmetics Expert and back in 1999 I went on a mission to solve this issue.

Alison Doody :

I too have encountered this along with dealing with it on dealership lots after I do my work.

Emily Booth :

Birds do not purposely pick a color, a car, play bombing runs, etc.

Julie-Ann Gillitt :

It took many months of deep research to figure it out but here it is.

Joleigh Fioreavanti :

When a bird flies over a car, the sun reflects and blinds the bird. No different then when we pull up behind a car or pick up truck with a cap on the back and we are blinded by the direct ball of the sun. Some humans will actually go into a trance like state when this happens.

Julia Vaidis-Bogard :

When this happens to a bird it loses bodily functions and takes a full dump. It is why a bird dropping a car is always twice as large as those you find under tree's, etc from birds just pooing when eating.

Yolanda Jilot :

Its kinda like headlights in a deers face, the deer freezes. More or less do the same to a bird when flying and it will poop.

Patsy Kensit :

Might sound odd but my research took me all over the internet and even down to the local zoo to talk to bird experts.

Alissa Shanley :

Now the car side:

Morganna :

Always keep a spray bottle of windshield washer fluid and a clean micro towel in your trunk. Rain-x (orange) washer fluid is best to use as it has rain-x in it to allow the towel to slide easier and it will leave a light layer of a wax like product behind.

Joanne Boland :

But when you get hit by the birds, spray/soak the spot down and let sit for a few minutes to penetrate good. Then just wipe away. NEVER scrub or use muscle to remove the spot as this will only scratch the finish, cause the item to harden quickly and be more attached to the surface and can drive fine parts of the poop into the paint. There are acids in this that will destroy moden day car finishes in a matter of a few days.

Valentina Vargas :

Do not use windex or similar items in place of washer fluid. Any brand, bug version or ice version will work. Washer fluid products have a special alcohol that will not effect your cars finish, other products are not this safe.

Jenny Westbrook :

Basic car wash works also but gets tiring washing the car daily.

Callie Thorne :


Marisa Ryan :


Felicity Buirski :


Honor Blackman :


Melissa Carlton :


Rosi Chernogorova :

This is a game that birds play all over the world--it is very popular among the young teenage equivelents----translated from international bird-speak it is called BOMB BAY AND AWAY--it was invented in Detroit, Mich just about six years after the introduction of assembly line production by two rather bored Blue Jays named Spark and Doodle---without giving away too many details (I've seen the movie Birds)--suffice to say---they get more points if they are among the first fifty to hit the freshly washed vehicle---this game is not only extremely pleasing to birds but they feel it gives them the opportunity to make a political statement at the same time on the way in which they are treated by humans---------- hope this helps to "clear some things up" for you---but you'll have to wash your own truck -------Larry J Byrd

Alex Brett :


Sonja Savic :

My pop's say that's good luck.. mayne ain't he weird..

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