Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Sofie Grabl :

Are there any jobs that I can do and still have my 8-month old with me

Angie Harmon :

Try getting a job at a daycare that will let you bring your baby with you. You would probably have to take a few classes to learn CPR and the basics of taking care of babies.

Jane Seymour :

There aren't many real "work from home" jobs.

Zora Holt :

If you have any arts and craft skills, you could make things and have someone sell them at fleamarkets for you.

Bik Wing Chung :

You could babysit other peoples children, if that is allowed in your area.

Veronica Carothers :

You could do laundry or housekeeping for other people.

Natasha Henstridge :

You could buy and sell things on ebay. This is a tough job to make money unless you are very good, but it is possible.

Marina Golovine :

You could build websites for people, but you need to learn HTML.

Lisa Wolf :

If you are an expert in something, you could sell your services as an expert. Make sure it is something that you can advise over the internet or via a phone call.

Sela Ward :

Or you could just become a telephone psychic, or a phone sex line worker. I know that sounds terrible, but I'm just trying to give you all your options.

Gabrielle Richens :

babysit other childern from your home

Reiko Ike :

try opening a daycare of your own or find a job with a daycare in the job site. or have a family member whom you trust to watch the little one while you are working.. i believe most of the "work at home sites" are scams because they "sound too good to be true" seems like you would be wasting good money that is needed else where.

Jane Alexander :

it's hard trying to work and take care of a baby, specialy if you can't afford daycare, or if you don't trust putting them in daycare. if possible find a family memeber or a friend whom you trust and see if they can watch your little one while you work. Some daycares do allow you to bring your kids with you, but it's tough being with them all day specially around other kids, it'll be harder on them as they get older and seing their mommy playing with other kids to. finding work at home jobs is almost impossible unless you got money to spend and waste on scams.

Alexandra Neldel :

You could work at a daycare or consider opening your own. Its worth a try.

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