Thursday, August 03, 2006

Star Trek Armada

Angela Ferlaino :

can you play a better beat on the drums than me

Dira Paes :

I hate you

Erin Ashley :

Who could beat that???

Kristina Rodriguez :

no becuz you are da bomb! you rock, best player ever! o ya! i worship you! go, go, go! whoo hoo! (I should get 10 points for that).

Nadine Seiffert :

My hubby is the drummer for Overkill, so I think he has got your beat beaten!

Melanie Kinnamon :


Phyllis Stengel :

I just paradiddled the hell outta you.

Carrie Olson :

i can probably play the dabla (arabian drum) better than you :)

Delia Lindsay :

yooh r tha worst drumist

Keegan Connor Tracy :


Alice Davis :


Embeth Davidtz :

Not bad for a beginner ;^)

Angela Castilla :


AJ Khan :

boom-boom bop, b-boom-boom bop, st t st st t st.

Eileen Atkins :

Bop b-boom-boom, bop b-boom bop, st tst stst

Cecilie Thomsen :

giackida doom-doom cha

Jennifer Aspen :

boom boom bop boom ti ti ti ti ti ti ti crash boom dun dun tsss ba ba ba ba ba da da da boom boom crash crash crash crash crash crash crash bang ting ting boom crash!

Susie Cusack :

Whew that was tough but i think i got you BEAT!

Liya Kebede :


Michelle Perry :

boom e and a boom e and...boom..boom..

Becki Cross :

boom e and a boomboom and...boom..boom..

Katherine Justice :

boomatee boom boom boom e and...boom..boom..

Lana Kinnear :

boom boomatee boom boom boomatee...boom,boom,boom,boom,boom

Lynda Carter :

uh, that took mad skill. i don't think i could do that. HAHAHA.

Etsuko Shihomi :


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