Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tennessee Real Estate

Clara Rainbow :

Why do people think the Darkness is a joke

Rita Coolidge :

dont sit and curse the darkness turn on your light

Bik Wing Chung :

lol what are you talking about??

Cinzia Mambretti :

I think it means night time

Nancy Vaughn :

because they wear lycra? who likes a guy wearing lycra...with the exception of the legend Freddie Mercury!

Moe Ishikawa :

Because that style of music was popular in the 80's

Lori Singer :

I don't know, but the Darkness is definitely no joke!

Gay Rowan :

I wondered the first time I saw their video, because they looked and acted like they were making fun of 80s hair bands.

Vickie Benson :

Are you talking about rock band The Darkness ? Go see em live. No way are they a joke. Although the guys love a joke

Julia Brendler :

and dont take themselves too seriously. However , THEY ROCK.

Michelle Bauer :

You mean as in dark side, dark magic, that kind of darkness? I have no idea why they think it is a joke. Maybe they have not gotten seriously hit with evil forces yet. Or maybe they are liberals: a liberal is someone who has not yet been mugged.

Nancy Ferrara :

hey are so afraid of it

LaGena Hart :

you know like when you band your finger..some people laugh uncontrollably..

Amy Lynn Baxter :

they are so afraid of it..they figure if they laugh at it or make jokes about will stay out of their minds..

Lia Tanzi :

but Little do they know

Christina Moore :

that is what brings the Darkness to them even more

Greta Gibson :

yah if the lead singer got invisalign i would probably like the band more

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