Thursday, August 03, 2006

Star Trek Armada

Angela Ferlaino :

can you play a better beat on the drums than me

Dira Paes :

I hate you

Erin Ashley :

Who could beat that???

Kristina Rodriguez :

no becuz you are da bomb! you rock, best player ever! o ya! i worship you! go, go, go! whoo hoo! (I should get 10 points for that).

Nadine Seiffert :

My hubby is the drummer for Overkill, so I think he has got your beat beaten!

Melanie Kinnamon :


Phyllis Stengel :

I just paradiddled the hell outta you.

Carrie Olson :

i can probably play the dabla (arabian drum) better than you :)

Delia Lindsay :

yooh r tha worst drumist

Keegan Connor Tracy :


Alice Davis :


Embeth Davidtz :

Not bad for a beginner ;^)

Angela Castilla :


AJ Khan :

boom-boom bop, b-boom-boom bop, st t st st t st.

Eileen Atkins :

Bop b-boom-boom, bop b-boom bop, st tst stst

Cecilie Thomsen :

giackida doom-doom cha

Jennifer Aspen :

boom boom bop boom ti ti ti ti ti ti ti crash boom dun dun tsss ba ba ba ba ba da da da boom boom crash crash crash crash crash crash crash bang ting ting boom crash!

Susie Cusack :

Whew that was tough but i think i got you BEAT!

Liya Kebede :


Michelle Perry :

boom e and a boom e and...boom..boom..

Becki Cross :

boom e and a boomboom and...boom..boom..

Katherine Justice :

boomatee boom boom boom e and...boom..boom..

Lana Kinnear :

boom boomatee boom boom boomatee...boom,boom,boom,boom,boom

Lynda Carter :

uh, that took mad skill. i don't think i could do that. HAHAHA.

Etsuko Shihomi :


Acrobat Reader Download

Lauren Taylor :

yahoo music - company history

Alice Davis :

LAUNCHcast is an online radio station that plays music based on user ratings. With a Yahoo! account, users can gain access to thousands of songs sorted by both artist and genre. The service uses the voting feature as a means to build a play list based on the user's favorite kinds of music as well as their favorite artists, albums, and even songs. The website also features artist profiles with extensive selections of music videos, photographs and biographical information.

Amy Davidson :

Free accounts are limited to playing 800 songs per month. Unlimited access and additional features are available to subscribers of LAUNCHcast Plus, a premium service. LAUNCHcast Plus is available in the United States and Canada. LAUNCHcast Plus is also available in the United Kingdom, but only to BT Yahoo! Internet customers.

Marine Delterme :

Commonly referred to simply as "LAUNCH" (and rebranded "Yahoo! Music" or simply "Y! Music" in February 2005), it began as a magazine by the same title that was issued in both standard print format and as an interactive CD-ROM. Eventually the print version was eliminated and subscribers were only sent the CD-ROM version. It contained video interviews, live performances and special video segments by music stars as well as standard (but interactive) music magazine features. Eventually the magazine was purchased by Yahoo! and integrated into their website.

Anna Bolt :

At the present time, Yahoo! LAUNCHcast radio only works in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, Netscape 7.1 and in Yahoo!'s Messenger and Music Engine programs. There is a petition to Yahoo! asking it to allow LAUNCHcast compatiblity for other browsers such as Firefox and Opera, but Yahoo! hasn't shown any particular concern in porting to any of these browsers and systems.

Jana Bellan :

On September 14, 2004, Yahoo! purchased Musicmatch, Inc., makers of the Musicmatch Jukebox software. As of Musicmatch 10.1, Yahoo! has rebranded Musicmatch Jukebox as Y! Music Musicmatch Jukebox, and integrated it with the Yahoo! Music Engine store. The main difference is the branding and physical program now.

Paige Peterson :

In 2005, Yahoo! Music became the first major online music service to provide a $5 per month unlimited download service similar to the Open Music Model, albeit with digital rights management.

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Clara Rainbow :

Why do people think the Darkness is a joke

Rita Coolidge :

dont sit and curse the darkness turn on your light

Bik Wing Chung :

lol what are you talking about??

Cinzia Mambretti :

I think it means night time

Nancy Vaughn :

because they wear lycra? who likes a guy wearing lycra...with the exception of the legend Freddie Mercury!

Moe Ishikawa :

Because that style of music was popular in the 80's

Lori Singer :

I don't know, but the Darkness is definitely no joke!

Gay Rowan :

I wondered the first time I saw their video, because they looked and acted like they were making fun of 80s hair bands.

Vickie Benson :

Are you talking about rock band The Darkness ? Go see em live. No way are they a joke. Although the guys love a joke

Julia Brendler :

and dont take themselves too seriously. However , THEY ROCK.

Michelle Bauer :

You mean as in dark side, dark magic, that kind of darkness? I have no idea why they think it is a joke. Maybe they have not gotten seriously hit with evil forces yet. Or maybe they are liberals: a liberal is someone who has not yet been mugged.

Nancy Ferrara :

hey are so afraid of it

LaGena Hart :

you know like when you band your finger..some people laugh uncontrollably..

Amy Lynn Baxter :

they are so afraid of it..they figure if they laugh at it or make jokes about will stay out of their minds..

Lia Tanzi :

but Little do they know

Christina Moore :

that is what brings the Darkness to them even more

Greta Gibson :

yah if the lead singer got invisalign i would probably like the band more

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Astrid Posner :

Why younger generation in India go after Western Music Why not they love their heritage

Sonya Walger :

cuz they are fed up

Jennifer Thomas :

Cuz their music is better

Katie Holmes :

It's not only in India but even everywhere else. I believe it is because of the cultural hegemony of the Western civilisation, and the other reason will be the feeling that classical music lost its link with the present.

Charmagne Eckert :

You are 100 per cent correct. In fact, we Indians are consciously trying to forget our heritage, which is richer and more advanced than any others in the whole world.

Anita Kay :

Im not indian, but any country in the world would still be legible for your answer. Its just taste, you cant expect newer generations to love the same things. Media and advertisements will also help influence preferences. And as far as Indian classical music soothing your nerves and gives peace. Many genres also do the same thing, including the western genres.

Claire Danes :

You can have both. In my generation from the Sixties, the Beatles introduced us to Raga music of Ravi Shankar, and it caught on.

Jenny Westbrook :

I often like to watch 'Namaste America", if I'm up that early on the weekend.

Joan Allen :

But I'm an American, which doesn't answer your question.

Cynthia Dale :

Maybe the youth of the Subcontinent just want to hear something different; Another factor is that English and American values and social modes have splayed to many areas of the world.

Ivory Stone :

Indian people I meet here speak English very well.

Delma Walsh :

So they have early on been exposed to British and American cultural influences,which probably includes the music.

Zooey Deschanel :

I'm American and when I was younger enjoyed Indian music

Shonda Farr :

as well as Japanese and Spanish music. It's not that I don't like western music I just wanted to learn about what others did.

Danielle Carin :

in the end I feel it opened my eyes that all people can and do make wonderful music no matter where they come from

Belinda Balaski :

Well classical Indian music is very boring, no base, no variation of tone, appeals to a small section of people, needs to have a developed ear for music, not for the average person. I prefer western music, it is far more catchy.

Sophie Olson :

you cannot force young, modern people to like classic music.

Claudia Karvan :

in my opinion, indian heritage is dull and rigid, too hierarchic and too superstitious.

Zoe Lund :

it's no surprise that your young people are looking to other cultures.

Caroline Schreiber :

no offense to indians, but I don't understand their music.

Bernadette Penotti :

The western world was quickly built like a science project by slaves and race of human beings that were not reparated but, segregated against. The orthodoxy of the society is freedom. The music evolved from lamentations and poetry that was manifested in music. From bitter comes sweet! Now, remember that all the world was imperialized by the West; there are many wailing mute all over the globe from this system. What do you think will happen when they hear jazz, blues, soul, rythm and blues, rap, hip hop, rock n' roll, and reggae? Yes, they hear someone else bridging with them, sharing their pain, motivating them to conquer their fears! Do you think that it was just the blunt in Bob Marley's mouth that made him a king in his genre

Point Of No Return

Julia Jennings :

Which is proper English

Leesa Rowland :

Those who.

Moeko Ezawa :

If either is followed by the word "choose", it is proper.

Doreen Jacobi :

Those who

Angela Doria :

You're talking about people, so it's who.

Nicoletta Machiavelli :

Proper English? .............Good Grief!

Beatrice Dalle :

both are correct.

Kellie Overbey :

I actually think it depends on the verb...

Dominique Swain :

those who chant makes more sense than those who do chanting ( ?...see, sounds funny)

Elizabeth Harding :

And then there are those who do knitting as opposed to those who knit ( I would choose the 2nd)

Stephanie McMahon :

I guess it really comes down to your sentence you are constructing...

Tara Ellison :

It depends on the use, but you could use both.

Karin Swenson :

ex: Those who pertain to this question.

Nancy Brilli :

ex: For those whom pertain to the question.

Amy Robinson :

ex: There are those that assume they know the answer.

Claire Mills :

I do believe proper English would be:

Susan Gilmore :

Those who do whatever... (becuase you are referring to people)

Lola Gans :

Had you been referring to an inanimate object, such as a car, you would say:

Sabrina Salerno :

Those that go faster than whatever....

Jane Curtin :

Those who....."those" refers to people, therefore use "who", "that" refers to inanimate objects, concepts, etc, not people.

Voice Of America

Angela Scott :

What is a turn in music

Catherine Black :

Do you mean a turnaround? If so, then they're generally played during the last two measures of the 12-bar blues progression. I can't really explain how to play a turnaround in text but there are many sites that will explain turnarounds in detail.

Cady Huffman :

put on.

Emeline Becuwe :

Are you asking about an embellishment in the music like when you are playing on the piano?

Christine Arnou :

a turn is a musical term in which you basically play the note above, the note written and the note below what is written as an embellishment to the passage of music. It is typically indicated by a "S" lying on it's side over the staff of music. An inverted turn (the note below the one indicated, the note itself, the note above it, and the note itself again) is usually indicated by putting a short vertical line through the normal turn sign, though sometimes the sign itself is turned upside down. If the turn symbol is placed directly above a note, it is performed exactly as outlined above. If it is placed between two notes, however, the note before the symbol is played, then the turn, and then the following note. So the turns could be written as a

Cherry Gillespie :

C D E (all as quarter notes)

Fantasia :

But then played as

Brinke Stevens :

C edcd E (with the C a quarter note, the edcd as sixteenth notes and the E as a quarter note)

Giocanda :

The lower added note may or may not be chromatically raised.

Julia Brendler :

The exact speed at which the notes of a turn are played can vary, as can its rhythm. The question of how a turn is best executed is largely one of context, convention and taste.

Crystal Celeste Grant :

Hope that helps!!!

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Joan Collins :

I just put in new spark plugs & wires it is now idleing to low what to do ( I may hav tightend to much )

Clarissa Mercado :

what is it????

Jackie Sawiris :

If it is running smooth just adjust the idle.

Nadine Garner :

is it posible that you did not put the wires back properly?

Bessie Chan :

What year model. May just Drive it awhile and see if the Computer adjust for this.

Thaimi Alvarino :

what happen was u did not check sparks calibrated or cables may be on the wrong place

Lisa Ann Hadley :

did you check your gap if its too low or too high it will idle low

Jena Malone :


Caron Bernstein :

Set timing with a timing light according to your manual specifications, then adjust idle on the carburetter or throttle body. Keep in mind that the reason for the tune-up was to improve performance , do everything by the book.

Santa Clara California

Rebecca Ferratti :

Why do birds always poo on my truck

Aida Lopez :

you have that problem too??

Trinity Striver :

check for a target sign

Allison Stewart :

maybe baecause your truck iz ugly

Kelly Howard :

what color is ur truck?

Carla Gugino :

park ur truck in a garage, or away from the trees

Penelope Ann Miller :

Your vehicle is merely a target for them while they are in flight!!

Aleksa Palladino :


Amparo Grisales :

mabey because it looks like a toilet to them

Gesa Thoma :

your truck is large and they are attracted to the colour of it

Marvy Mayor :


Monique Kavelaars :

um because they like to share their s*** with u..... i dono

Emmanuelle Beart :

but i know they dont fallow ur truck everywhere.....

Florence Laigle :

b cause they think its a good target

Bik Wing Chung :

maybe you should try gettinga car cover. that way the poop will never get on your car no matter where you park

Lavinia Wilson :

maybe your truck is an attractive color?? :)

Julie Stone :

maybe they are attracted to the color.

Michele Drake :

I don't have an answer, but your question made me laugh. Sorry :)

Inger Ebeltoft :

birds love u

Teressa Macky :

To birds.... THE WORLD IS THEIR POTTY!! hehe!!

Imogen Millais-Scott :

lol major, my mom had that problem 2 i think birds rather poop on car(especially clean ones) than the ground (couldn't they have asked us about that agreement?)

Justine Priestley :

Why is your truck always under the birds? It's just the way life is, I have the same thing happen to me. Go figure!! Nothing you can do about la la...more important things in life to worry about, that's for sure! :-)

Laurina Hanson :

You must be parking it under something like a tree or garage or someplace birds roost. Try putting a giant rubber snake on top of it. It works. Don't forget about the snake and drive off or forget for the first time and run into a tree trying to get away from yourself like I did. That hurts like hell man. Ouch.

Donna Desmond :

They like you !

Debrah Farentino :

Do you park near awnings or trees (especially trees)?

Paulina Porizkova :

I have a mulberry tree, and I can't park near it. The birds sit in the tree and eat, then poo in a radius of about twenty feet as they take off. You can actually observe the "poo radius" on the ground!

Kristiane Kupfer :

i have a black truck and my pops has a white van and same thing happens to both, i just think birds are some crapping animals

Billie Neal :

We got a lot of trees close to our house and birds fly and poop on our car. Its black. I think they see nice things and want to irk us. Its either a threat or a sign that they love you. LOL.

Jenny Robertson :

why dont you make some invention call it the "invention that i invented".make it shock the little birdies after they poop on youre truck,maby that will teach them to not poop on youre truck ever need to thank me for this,it was no prob..yay

Fabiana Udenio :

Your car is a target for birds, especially after you get it cleaned, and yes, they know. It's sort of payback for when you were young and you threw rocks or chased birds at the park.

Leigh Taylor-Young :

It may be a comfortable place for them.

Trine Dyrholm :

I say its coincedental. But who honestly knows......

Anne Graf :

The Scoop on Poop -

Shaila Vaidya :

I am an Automotive Cosmetics Expert and back in 1999 I went on a mission to solve this issue.

Alison Doody :

I too have encountered this along with dealing with it on dealership lots after I do my work.

Emily Booth :

Birds do not purposely pick a color, a car, play bombing runs, etc.

Julie-Ann Gillitt :

It took many months of deep research to figure it out but here it is.

Joleigh Fioreavanti :

When a bird flies over a car, the sun reflects and blinds the bird. No different then when we pull up behind a car or pick up truck with a cap on the back and we are blinded by the direct ball of the sun. Some humans will actually go into a trance like state when this happens.

Julia Vaidis-Bogard :

When this happens to a bird it loses bodily functions and takes a full dump. It is why a bird dropping a car is always twice as large as those you find under tree's, etc from birds just pooing when eating.

Yolanda Jilot :

Its kinda like headlights in a deers face, the deer freezes. More or less do the same to a bird when flying and it will poop.

Patsy Kensit :

Might sound odd but my research took me all over the internet and even down to the local zoo to talk to bird experts.

Alissa Shanley :

Now the car side:

Morganna :

Always keep a spray bottle of windshield washer fluid and a clean micro towel in your trunk. Rain-x (orange) washer fluid is best to use as it has rain-x in it to allow the towel to slide easier and it will leave a light layer of a wax like product behind.

Joanne Boland :

But when you get hit by the birds, spray/soak the spot down and let sit for a few minutes to penetrate good. Then just wipe away. NEVER scrub or use muscle to remove the spot as this will only scratch the finish, cause the item to harden quickly and be more attached to the surface and can drive fine parts of the poop into the paint. There are acids in this that will destroy moden day car finishes in a matter of a few days.

Valentina Vargas :

Do not use windex or similar items in place of washer fluid. Any brand, bug version or ice version will work. Washer fluid products have a special alcohol that will not effect your cars finish, other products are not this safe.

Jenny Westbrook :

Basic car wash works also but gets tiring washing the car daily.

Callie Thorne :


Marisa Ryan :


Felicity Buirski :


Honor Blackman :


Melissa Carlton :


Rosi Chernogorova :

This is a game that birds play all over the world--it is very popular among the young teenage equivelents----translated from international bird-speak it is called BOMB BAY AND AWAY--it was invented in Detroit, Mich just about six years after the introduction of assembly line production by two rather bored Blue Jays named Spark and Doodle---without giving away too many details (I've seen the movie Birds)--suffice to say---they get more points if they are among the first fifty to hit the freshly washed vehicle---this game is not only extremely pleasing to birds but they feel it gives them the opportunity to make a political statement at the same time on the way in which they are treated by humans---------- hope this helps to "clear some things up" for you---but you'll have to wash your own truck -------Larry J Byrd

Alex Brett :


Sonja Savic :

My pop's say that's good luck.. mayne ain't he weird..

Wrought Iron Fence

Marie-Luise Schramm :

need help with statistics classDESPERATE!!!!!!!!!

Helen FitzGerald :

Not if u sneak out at 2:00am.

Wimie Wilhelm :

sorry this is in Italian, but it's the best explained I have found.

Danielle Summer :

Yan Nam :

When you have made an idea on the concept, you can always take some data tables and look for the standard deviation using an Excel spreadsheet which has this and other statistical functions on it: it will help you getting familiar on how it works.

Michelle Meyrink :

Well, the standard deviation is a measure of dispersion, that is to say, a measure of how much the data in your sample are different from the mean. You're assuming that the data have a normal distribution (remember the Gauss bell-shaped curve). Well, with the SD you're comparing the shape of your curve with that model. A "tall and thin" curve indicates data that are very clustered about the mean; a "flat broad" curve means that the data are scattered and probably the mean is less informative than in the first case (you're stretching the confidence limits).

Lee Garlington :

You can find the formula and much more in the nice site at the link (I don't think I could manage math notation here).

Anabelle Lachatte :

There are LOTS of good web sites about standard deviations. However, maybe I can make it easier to read them.

Grace Renat :

Suppose you take a population, like all the boys in your school, and measure their heights. Some will be tall, and some will be short. Not all will be the same height. If you add up the number of boys that are between

Drina Pavlovic :

a. 4 feet and 4.5 feet

Ivory Stone :

b. 4.5 feet and 5 feet

Elise Muller :

c. 5 feet and 5.5 feet

Angie Ojciec :

d. 5.5 feet and 6 feet

Marcelle Larice :

e. 6 feet and 6.5 feet

Terri Firmer :

you can then plot these numbers. This plot is called a histogram. If you make the divisions a, b, c, d, e smaller, so you have more numbers to plot, then the histogram will be smoother.

Greta Scacchi :

The histogram will probably be shaped kind of like a bell, with very few really tall boys and really short boys. Most boys will have a height in the middle.

Jenny Agutter :

The MEAN is a measure of the the middle of this histogram. The STANDARD DEVIATION is a measure of how wide this histogram is; that is, how many boys will be very short or very tall, and not just a medium height. The STANDARD DEVIATION is said to describe the "spread" of the distribution. The STANDARD DEVIATION tells something about the chance that a boy you pick at random will be of medium height.

Asia Argento :

The STANDARD DEVIATION has a funny formula that is a bit confusing at first, but easy to use really.

Stella Carnacina :

Lets suppose that the height of the boys are described by the numbers

Isabel Florido :

{H1, H2, H3, ...Hn}

Lisa McCune :

i.e., you have the heights of n boys.

Laila Goody :

The first thing you do is find the arithmetic average of the boy's heights:

Jessica Brytn Flannery :


Marielle De Palma :

Then, you find the squared distance of each height from the average height, Hav:

Paula Jacobs :


Nikki Fairchild :


Susanne Wuest :


Diane Arcand :

and so on until

Dinara Drukarova :


Sally Phillips :

These squared differences are then added, and divided by n-1 (not n : the reason for this is technical and you can learn it later). Let

Christine Boisson :


Rocio Durcal :

[ (H1-Hav)^2 + (H2-Hav)^2 + ... + (Hn-Hav)^2 ] / (n-1)

Lynn Harris :

The number V2 is called the VARIANCE.

Jillian Kesner :

The square root of the variance is the STANDARD DEVIATION:

Luise Helm :


Anicee Alvina :

Let me see if I can answer your question in English. :-)

Keiko Aikawa :

I'm sure you have an equation in your notes or book that you can just start plugging stuff into. It probably looks like this:

Roxanne Kernohan :

s = square root of (X - X bar)^2/(n-1)

Buffy Tyler :

But if you want to know why it works, keep reading.

Ana Gabriel :

You have a list of numbers. First, you need to find the average, or mean, of those numbers, by adding them up and dividing by how many there were.

Karin Hofmann :

Now, if you subtract each number from the mean, you get a new list of numbers. These are the deviation scores, and tell you how far above or below average each number was. If you add them up, you will get zero, because some of them are positive and some negative. That's not very interesting, so we square them to make them all positive. Then we add up all those squared deviation scores.

Dragana Mrkic :

You probably got a pretty large number, and not the one we want, yet. We want the Standard Deviation, which is sort of like the average deviation. So just like you divide by the number of scores to get the average, you need to divide the sum of the squared deviation scores by something. Sometimes we divide it by the number of scores, like you would think, but for complicated reasons it works better if you divide by one less than that. So if you started with 5 numbers, divide by 4 now. (Be sure to check your notes or your book to see what your teacher said you should divide by.)

Letitia Farrell :

We're still one step away. The number you should have now is called the Variance. It is also a measure of how spread out your numbers were, but it's bigger than we want. Remember how we squared the deviation scores earlier? Now we need to undo that by taking the square root. What you get is the Standard Deviation you wanted.

Fourth Of July

Mercedes Ortega :

What was music like in 1990

Linda Gearheart :

NWA, 2pac, biggie

Clara Rainbow :


Savannah :

80's was hair metal.

Eva Derrek :

90's was more rock and roll / beavus and butthead

Susan Glanville :


Michelle Fairley :

Yeah, you could understand the lyrics back then.

Sonja Kirchberger :

It was awesome. Grunge was big then.

Anita Brown :

Listen to

Colleen Cooper :

Disharmonic Orchestra

Meredith McGeachie :

Pungent Stench

Patsy Kensit :

and Deicide (they're all christian bands).

Christine Boisson :

Gansta rap.. 2PAC, and such. The great ones.

Alejandra Marin :

nothing like the 80s.

Inga Busch :

Absolutely fantastic, have loads of 12"'s from the year and will never part with them!!!!

Teri Geary :

it waz mostly all rock and roll, or heavy metal.

Solveig Andersson :

Like pulling 20 tours in Nam back to back. Wasn't there but I heard it kinda sucked.

Melissa Williams :

Birth of Grunge: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains. Some really good stuff came out in the 90's. And Bevis & Butthead/ Ren & Stimpy ruled the TV!!!

Verna Bloom :

it sucked

Mossie Smith :

Music in the 90's was a lot better than the sh** they're making now. DJ Quik, Too Short, MC Eiht,ect...

Kristy Carlson :

The music of 1990 was more '80s like.

Barbara Nedeljakova :

The #1 song for that year was Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor.

Teresa Sherrer :

If you look at the list of the Top 100 songs, the artists are more closely associated with the 80's rather than the 1990's. Artists like Bon Jovi, Wilson Phillips, Madonna, Bette Midler, Bell Biv Devoe, Billy Idol

Susie Silvey :

it was good but nothing compares to the 80's.

Honda Engine Swap

Gwen Somers :

Why it takes longer to boil an egg on mountain than at sea-level

Julie Strain :

Altitude causes lower presser, making water boil at a cooler temp, meaning it takes longer to fully cook the egg.

Corinne Dacla :

The first poster is right. When the water boils, it takes the heat with it. If water boils at a lower temperature (due to lower pressure in this case) it will take away heat you wanted for the egg.

Elisabeth Volkmann :

The air in the mountains are exert less pressure on hot water than the air at sea level. Because of this, water molecules boil faster at a lower temperature in the mountains than at the sea level as they need lower amounts of energy to overcome the lower pressure they experience.

Molinee Green :

Actually, the boiling point of water is lower at higher altitudes. So in effect, an egg will boil quicker, though not completely.

Katrin Brockmann :

The reason that altitude affects the boiling point is that the air pressure is less the higher the altitude. Since the volume change upon going from the liquid state to the gaseous state (in other words, boiling) is so large, pressure makes a big difference. Expanding against a high pressure takes a lot more energy than expanding against a low pressure, so you have to put a lot more energy (as heat) into the system to boil at lower altitudes.

Susan Lucci :

That answer takes very little science to answer, just one of logic:

Patricia Tulasne :

Since there is more air at sea-level than higher altitudes, things heat up quicker. Up higher, there are less air molecules to pass the heat from a fire, for instance, into the water to boil. Therefore, Less air to do the same work, longer time to boil.

June Gilbert :

Boiling point of anything is dependent on pressure.... higher the pressure lower the boiling point...

Virginia Watson :

When you try to boil an egg on mountain.. coz the pressure there is quite low.. it take longer for water to boil and thus egg.

Lisa Gibbons :

Boiling is where the water reaches the same pressure as air and becomes water vapour.

Beth Littleford :

From Charles' and Boyle's Laws, the higher the pressure, the higher the heat (and hence temperature) required. Therefore at the top of a mountain where the air pressure is lower, the pressure required to become water vapour drops and the temperature drops too. As the boiling water is no longer 100 deg C but maybe 80 or 90, it takes longer to cook the egg/or meat fully

Patricia Bursiel :

Water boils at 185 degrees Fahrenheit on top of the mountain while at sea level its 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kim Scolari :

If the temperature of the boiling water on the mountaintop is 185 degrees Fahrenheit, then the time taken to cook the egg will have to INCREASE to get our hardboiled egg. It is no different to cooking a piece of steak or cooking the potatoes. You can cook at a low temperature for a long time, or a high temperature for a short time.

Pamela Prati :

It is time and temperature that does the cooking. It has nothing to do with whether the water is boiling. You have to measure for temperature and time, as these are the two factors that determine when the egg is hardboiled.

Elizabeth James :

really, i didn't know that

Jill Terashita :

it's all about pressure. water boils when vapor pressure is the same as atm. pressure. at mountain top that's less so the temp of water, etc. is less so it takes longer.

Sophie Lorain :

the water does not get as hot at the top of a mountain so it takes longer

Dita Von Teese :

Go better than that. If you lower the pressure enough the 'Water' will boil while it is still ice! This is how freeze dried food is made

Degenerative Joint Disease

Cecilia Dopazo :

Who loves Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, the stones, Rage against the machine, gwar, metallica, ac\dc, IDO

Carol Peters :

go AC/DC ! yay

Helen McCrory :

metallica is the best

Keyla Wood :

y didnt u have britney spears she so fits in that category

Catherine Blythe :

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrianne Palicki :

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerri Green :

my father, not me, my father!

Stephanie Pasterkamp :

Yeah, well me too. Is there a club that I dont know about? If so, send me an email, memebership requirements, and whatever else I need.

Isabelle Vitari :

1) coop - Good rock, first shock rocker of the new generation. 80s success was a big surprise. I'm happy for him.

Berangere Bonvoisin :

2) Aerosmith - Early stuff is beyond Awesome. After quitting coke their stuff got way too sugary sweet. They lost their edge, but I still love 'em.

Kirstie Alley :

3) Stones - See #2.

Amy Adams :

4) RATM - Raw, punk influences, sick live shows. First of the breed and spawned 100+ copy cats.

Susanne Columbia :

5) Gwar - The live show is the band at it's best. Not much to chew on musically though.

Nancy Tribush :

6) Metallica - I could say see #2, but I wont, because they caught the "let's go mainstream" flu while still rocking the Jack and coke. Great band. One of the best ever regardless of it's present state.

Trish Schneider :

7) AC/DC - Phoenominal! Never changed or comprimised to fit into a certain era, and they have spanned many era's. One of a handful of bands who had/has two great lead singers.

Rae Dawn Chong :

You have great taste.

Bik Wing Chung :


Rose Ashton :

I miss rage against the machine so much. I'm kinda over that cooper,aerosmith,stones phase. i and is it just me or is the music starting to seem a little too loud for metalica?

Year Of The Dragon

Svetlana Vovchenko :

Whose more talented ashlee simpson or a monkey

Halle Berry :

A monkey, even a retarded monkey is more talented...hell a dead monkey is better.

Lisa Baur :

monkey...hell i outsource my homework to monkeys in Malaysia and I am now an A+ student

Karoline Barsch :

The monkey!!

Angie Ojciec :

hmmm... i'd have to say ashlee... i dont think monkeys can lip sync

Amanda Seyfried :

the letter aaaa

Melissa Chimenti :

a monkey, and they are cuter!

Noa Tishby :

A monkey but if i could choose i would say a penguin. PENGUIN

Camilla Overbye Roos :


Megyn Price :

Definitely a monkey.

Julie Strain :

Monkeys can jump around like crazy and they can even sing better than her!

Alicia Alonzo :

Also, monkeys don't lip sync

Caroleen Feeney :

thats mean

Wendy Bednarz :

good question tho

Stephanie McMahon :

is hard to pick a winner!

Eva Derrek :

A monkey. A retarded monkey. A retarded. chain smoking monkey. A retarded chain smoking monkey with only one leg. A retarded chain smoking monkey with one leg that is also blind. It probably looks better too.

Jeanna Fine :

Ashlee Simpson!

Pamela Gruen :

depends what monkey but if its a chimpanzee yea there way more talented.

Dany Carrel :

Ashley Simpson, because monkeys cant lip sync

Lisa Barbuscia :

Dumb...Ashlee, cuz she can talk and think, while the monkey doesn't as much as her. So, the amount of hate u have 4 her is creepy, now go die...

Leigh Scarritt :

Well, Ashlee Simpson is a more talented lipsyncer, but a monkey can throw his own poo, so I'll have to go with monkey.

Tina Turner :

monkeys are much smarter and cuter, and acutally have better hair as well.

Kelli Brown :

The monkey.

Pms Color Chart

Jenifer Kingsley :

Is the Reverend Horton Heat really a reverend

Sofia Vergara :

he's the reverend of all things rockin.

Michelle Borth :

rockabilly is gay

Stephanie Fong :

It wouldn't surprise me.

Cecile Bois :

YOU, yes YOU could be a reverend too!

Paget Brewster :

Veronica Carothers :

Yes he is an ordained Minister. However, he no longer practices, since most of the time he is on the road.

Isabel Pisano :

Yes... In all honesty, yes he is.

Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst :

Only Almighty God is ?Reverend?, or deserving of godly fear. Only Jesus Christ deserves honorific religious titles:

Priscilla Almeda :

(Matthew 23:6-10 They like the most prominent place ?do not you be called Rabbi ?do not call anyone your father on earth ?Neither be called ?leaders,? for your Leader is one, the Christ.

Lauren German :

Clergymen are actually worse sinners than lay people, because clergymen should know better.

Caroline Tresca :

(2 Tim 4:3) For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings

Caroline Munro :

The scriptures actually warned about this coming clergy class who love their titles; the scriptures call them a composite ?man of lawlessness" and give true Christians this warning:

Ally Sheedy :

(2 Thes 2:3,4) Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself

Beatriz Savon :

Even so-called abstaining from marriage is actually part of the clergy's ?teachings of demons":

Sarah Torgov :

(1 Timothy 4:1-3) However, the inspired utterance says definitely that in later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons, by the hypocrisy of men who speak lies, marked in their conscience as with a branding iron; forbidding to marry

Charo Lopez :

Which religion has absolutely no clergy-laity distinction and rejects honorific titles? Jehovah's Witnesses, who are also the only religion following Jesus' command to preach globally!

Natasha Wightman :

(Matt 28:19,20) ?Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you"

Lisa Wolf :

LOVE the Rev.

Candice Rialson :

I may not know, but achtung heiss is truly clueless.

Julie Strain :

Yes he is

Development Fine Motor

Reo Matsuo :

How come the disk of the sun seems bigger in the early morning hours

Jeanette Linne :

outcome of the rays!

Clare Carey :

because the earths atmosphere acts like a lens, so the lower the sun or moon to the horizon then the larger they appear :)

Kandeyce Jorden :

because you are viewing it through earths atmosphere it bends the light and magnifies it

Rihanna :

Because of the thicker layer of earth atmosphere(clouds, ozon,mist)that the sunlight has to travel through.

Amy Adams :

It happens because of the refraction of the light.

Meg Wynn Owen :

In the mornings, the sun is "lower" and the light has to travel through a thicker layer of air, meeting the air boundary at a bigger angle, so it will change it's direction considerably.

Stephanie Pasterkamp :

Later, as the sun moves "up", the angle decreases and the light changes its direction the less. At noon, when the sun reaches its higher position the angle is 0 and the light goes straight without changing its direction.

Lena Farugia :

The changes in the light's traveling direction causes that we see the sun disk bigger in the mornings and in the evenings.

Rita Wolf :

From where?

Jemma Redgrave :

When the sun (or moon) is low on the horizon your eye has things with which to compare it: trees, buildings, hills--for me, Maui (just had to rub that in there, though I actually did take a photo of the moon over Maui night before last).

Traci Bingham :

When the moon is high in the sky, you can only compare it to the sky, which is pretty big.

Fire Place Mantel

Juliet Cadzow :

How do you go about getting a band together when the newspaper doesn't work

Romi Koch :

I have been trying to get the newspaper to work for years

Mim Parker :

well, for one thing, this website is a REALLY good place to post stuff. just post it on here, tell people what town you're from, and i'm sure answers will start pouring in. another thing is, do you have any friends that would be devoted to learning stuff like that? alot of the instruments would take less than 1/2 a year to learn.

Yvonne McCord :

good luck with your band!

Yan Nam :

Go to all the popular music and musical instrument shops, bands usually place notices there. Go to the venues that play the music you play and make connections, place flyers ect. Basicly its about mooving in muso circles and going to muso places and you should get your answers. If youve written songs promote yourslef and others with the same taste will seek you. Good luck with it all.

Amanda Detmer :

ask around go have a look at music stores, you need more than just newspaper, look up old friends, see if they know anyone with musical talent, attend small town gigs, talk to the bands who play there, things like that.. hope that was helpful...

Jerri Manthey :

Alot of musicians are not computer literate even in this day and age. Some take pride in being so. used to be an excellent site to hook up with other musicians. Since they fell apart I havn't really found a good site. If you do web searches on the instraments that you want and the area that you want sometimes you can get lucky. However most people who are without a band for long enough are that way for a reason.

Gabriele Lafari :

A better way to hook up with a band is to go to where people jam. There are always people looking to form impromtu groups. Sometimes you get a groove going and you jam again. The next jam session turns into a band. Sometimes you don't and keep looking.

Whitney Pinardi :

Music shops also often have a builletin board with musician wanted ads.

Rosenda Monteros :

Another way to hook up with other musicians is to go to live music in your area. Musicians support thier friends who are musicians and go to their shows. Get to know some, let them know your looking to hook up and they will likely know some other folks or even a complete band looking for your instrament or vocals.

Esther del Prado :

As for Pop, well good luck. Most Pop bands are put together by record execs. Chosen from studio musicians with a front man/woman who's primary skill is entertainment. There are exceptions. Destiny's child for example started as a reguler band basically. Instead of starting in Pop make a name in Rock or Folk or Blues and get folks attention that way. You'll hit the pop charts by accident if your good enough. Once you have a name, even if it's just a local name you'll be able to do whatever music you want too and find people willing to play it with you.

Diane Lane :

wow if you want to form a band and need people go to churches, live music locations on the weekends, look for music studios, music lesson locations they usually know someone who has potential and could work out for your band. Private music instructors call them and ask if they know of anyone. If you want your band to grow and be successfull you have to hit the pavement and the phone. Newspapers, Web, will only get you those who have computers or buy the paper. Usually a good musician will have no easy access to neither but will be at a church, or pay for lessons, and usually do gigs on the weekens to pay fo them so might try checking those out.

Carla Harvey :

Your first error is trying to do pop music! lol Actually, try these sites as I have had success with...

Call Center Outsourcing

Morag Hood :

Using the Mohs Hardness Scale, what is the hardness of a nickel (as in piece of money worth 5 cents)

NBushe Wright :


Katie Blake :

Reference here:

Tori Spelling :

Leticia Huijara :

Look under Miscellaneous.

Corrinne Russell :

Hope this helped, please don't forget to choose a best answer! :-)

Jill Schoelen :

Rather than giving you the answer, since you already have it, I would rather teach you how to find the answer without using the internet!

Summer Makovkin :

What materials do you have that have a known hardness?

Fumie Kudo :

Your fingernail is about 2.5, so you know the nickel is harder than that.

Debbie Nassar :

A copper penny is about 3.5, so you know the nickel is harder than that!

Rosalind Halstead :

Window glass is about 5-5.5, and a typical knife blade is about 5.5. My knife scratches the nickel, but my nickel won't scratch glass. It may be less than 5 in hardness. If I had a piece of fluorite I expect I would find that the nickel and the fluorite would both barely scratch the other. The nickel should be a hardness near 4, and less than 5. Keep in mind that some minerals have a range of hardness. It may vary by as much as 1 depending on the impurities in the mineral.

Ciara OCallaghan :

The lesson here is to learn what common items you have to test with, and if you have a test kit, to be sure you are familiar with the different hardnesses, and be able to interpret the scratch. There is a difference between a dust trail and a scratch. Be familiar with that.

Elizabeth Cromwell :

Look at this page:

Lisa Bingley :

Jessica Hahn :

To remember Moh's scale:

Madeleine James :

The Geologist Can Find An Ordinary Quartz (that) Tourists Call Diamond

Dana Gillespie :


Ava Cohen-Jonathan :


Chelsey Hampshire :


Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst :

Okay...there's probably a better one but I forgot it.

Heidi Sjursen :

The relative hardness of minerals is determined according to the Mohs scale of hardness. In the Mohs scale?named after the German mineralogist, Friedrich Mohs, who devised it?ten common minerals are arranged in order of increasing hardness and are assigned numbers: 1, talc; 2, gypsum; 3, calcite; 4, fluorite; 5, apatite; 6, orthoclase (feldspar); 7, quartz; 8, topaz; 9, corundum; and 10, diamond. The hardness of a mineral specimen is obtained by determining which mineral in the Mohs scale will scratch the specimen. Thus, galena, which has a hardness of 2.5, can scratch gypsum and can be scratched by calcite. The hardness of a mineral largely determines its durability.

Joey Heatherton :

In metallurgy and engineering, hardness is determined by impressing a small ball or cone of a hard material on the surface to be tested and measuring the size of the indentation. Hard metals are indented less than soft metals. This test to determine the hardness of metal surfaces is known as the Brinell test, named after the Swedish engineer, Johann Brinell, who invented the Brinell machine for measuring the hardness of metals and alloys.

Walt Disney World Resort

Mariana Lobo :

does anyone have the song lyrics to

Cora Frost :

Yes: I do.

Claudia Mehnert :

I just left Bobby's house:

Karin Konig :

The service was today.

Tina Wiseman :

Got me thinkin' about how fragile life is,

Irene Wan :

As I drove away.

Beatriz Savon :

You know Amy was his only love,

Cornelia Groschel :

In a moment she was gone, long gone:

Iman Dean :

It could have been me or you.

Nadja Regin :

Oh, baby, there's no time to lose.

Alana Evans :

So I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Jill Clayburgh :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Liya Kebede :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Faith Hill :

An' turn down the lights.

Kellita Smith :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Gloria Reuben :

An' rock you all through the night,

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Fiorella Faltoyano :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Elisa Schwarz :

I drive off when the sun comes up:

Linda Thorson :

I get back when it's gone down.

Nathalie Presles :

There's so much I wanna do with you,

Jessica Simpson :

But I can't be around.

Oona-Devi Liebich :

Whoa, time has been just like a theif,

Marthe Keller :

It's stolen too much from us,

Stephanie Champlin :

So one it's gone we can't make it up.

Bik Wing Chung :

So tonight, let's get back in touch.

AJ Khan :

I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Kirsten Russell :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Michele Drake :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Bik Wing Chung :

An' turn down the lights.

Danai Skiadi :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Patsy Kensit :

An' rock you all through the night,

Jutta Hoffmann :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Stormie Shelbie :

Like it's the last day of my...

Wendy Anderson :

Life is a rainbow, it's a spring snow,

Mariia Vovchenko :

It's the mornin' dew.

Annette Bening :

An' I don't wanna waste another minute,

Aurelie Anger :

Without you.

Patti Oatman :

I just left Bobby's house:

Isabelle Bouchemaa :

The service was today.

Sarah Kozer :

Got me thinkin' about how fragile life is,

Anya Hoffmann :

As I drove away.

Trisha Todd :

You know Amy was his only love,

Grace Avila :

In a moment she was gone, long gone:

Keyla Wood :

It could have been me or you.

Catherine Loveday :

Oh, baby, there's no time to lose.

Oxana Orlenko :

So I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Imelde Marani :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Zara Collins :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Raquel Merono :

An' turn down the lights.

Virna Lisi :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Jule Ronstedt :

An' rock you all through the night,

Danitza Kingsley :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Corey Chang :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Simmone Mackinnon :

I drive off when the sun comes up:

Olivia Donegan :

I get back when it's gone down.

Janet Margolin :

There's so much I wanna do with you,

Daisy Rojas :

But I can't be around.

Myriam Nedellec :

Whoa, time has been just like a thief,

Ashley Graham :

It's stolen too much from us,

Claire Stansfield :

So once it's gone we can't make it up.

Stefania Casini :

So tonight, let's get back in touch.

Marisa Berenson :

I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Stella Porter :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Leila Frechet :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Holly Pelham :

An' turn down the lights.

Sophie Huber :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Zoe Hendry :

An' rock you all through the night,

Nandita Das :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Celine Bonnier :

Like it's the last day of my...

Julia Huet-Alberola :

Life is a rainbow, it's a spring snow,

Hudson Leick :

It's the mornin' dew.

Maura Monti :

An' I don't wanna waste another minute,

Kristine DeBell :

Without you.

Agnieszka Sitek :

So I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Monique Mannen :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Isabelle Roelandt :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Madeleine Le Roux :

An' turn down the lights.

Cara Jo Basso :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Asami Jo :

An' rock you all through the night,

Elizabeth Berridge :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Clara Rainbow :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Kerry Mack :

I'm gonna love you,

Patricia Quinn :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Julie Strain :

Oh, oh.

Debbie Revenge :

I just left Bobby's house:

Erin Karpluk :

The service was today.

Haydee Politoff :

Got me thinkin' about how fragile life is,

Bik Wing Chung :

As I drove away.

Zara Collins :

You know Amy was his only love,

Keegan Connor Tracy :

In a moment she was gone, long gone:

Anneka Di Lorenzo :

It could have been me or you.

Finola Geraghty :

Oh, baby, there's no time to lose.

Rashina Kessler :

So I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Emmanuelle Beart :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Blanca Guerra :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Jennifer Brooks :

An' turn down the lights.

Harriet Harper :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Hope Clarke :

An' rock you all through the night,

Elia Galera :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Sarah Wynter :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Christine Boisson :

I drive off when the sun comes up:

Susanne Columbia :

I get back when it's gone down.

Janina Flieger :

There's so much I wanna do with you,

Kitty de Hoyos :

But I can't be around.

Marissa Ribisi :

Whoa, time has been just like a thief,

Drea de Matteo :

It's stolen too much from us,

Patricia Vico :

So once it's gone we can't make it up.

Katherine E Miller :

So tonight, let's get back in touch.

Angie Barea :

I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Stephanie Jones :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Miyu Inaba :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Lucy Akhurst :

An' turn down the lights.

Anna Jimskaia :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Valeri Glandut :

An' rock you all through the night,

Alejandra Marin :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Moe Ishikawa :

Like it's the last day of my...

Christine Boisson :

Life is a rainbow, it's a spring snow,

Crystal Lett :

It's the mornin' dew.

Sonja Jeannine :

An' I don't wanna waste another minute,

Lorissa McComas :

Without you.

Susan Penhaligon :

So I'm gonna bring home a dozen roses,

Terri Poch :

An' pour us a glass of wine.

Christine Boisson :

An' I'm gonna put on a little music,

Bik Wing Chung :

An' turn down the lights.

Tamie Sheffield :

An' I'm gonna wrap my arms around you,

Carla Harvey :

An' rock you all through the night,

Jodie Fisher :

An' I'm gonna love you,

Carrie Leigh :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Rainer Grant :

I'm gonna love you,

Ann-Kathrin Kramer :

Like it's the last day of my life.

Micaela Nevarez :

Oh, oh.

Colorado Debt Consolidation Loan

Viviana Gibelli :

what will happen after going in grave to the person who do not worship god

Mirren Delaney :

that corpse will be wormfood just like every other dead corpse.

Traci Lind :

no he will be thanked by god saying atleast that you did not troubeled me on earth

Lone Helmer :

It's a difficult question: as you never know what a person's relationsship is with God like the robber who was next to Jesus on the cross who asked for forgiveness of his sins just before he died - he went to heaven with Jesus. In the bible it also says that those who are not with God are against him.

Bik Wing Chung :

God judges people on their acts, not on their praying or worship. Even when people have done wrong in their lives and show remorse God will forgive them.

Annette Badland :

they will go the hell unless they ask for forgivness while on this earth

Diane Salinger :

Maybe this is not the correct place to be posting your question, try the religion section.

Jeanette Biedermann :

Whether you believe in a God or many Gods or the great Spaghetti Monster or Tjukurrpa or reincarnation, when you die your body will go through the same processes as someone with different beliefs (with the possible exception of Micheal Jackson, who probably won't decompose)- what happens before death will vary a lot depending upon your religious belief- that will make the difference as to whether you are optimistic or apprehensive or at peace.

Natalie Sutherland :

To me, living life as an ethical person, with compassion and empathy and doing good deeds without thought of reward, is about creating happiness while I'm alive, an existance I am sure of, rather than banking on one I have no evidence for.

Florence Henderson :

Of course I am purely selfishly motivated- I want to be surrounded by happy people.

Marie Gillain :

wait in the grave for the judgement day

Laura Harrington :

Oh it must be horrible. Your body decomposes and you are faced with the same non-existence you experienced before you were born. Remember that? It was horrible. I sometimes lie awake at night dreading the time before I was born.

Digital Video Recorder

Lori Heuring :

Is it scientifically possible to be born without a navel

Monika Verbutaite :

I don't think so. A navel is the last little remnants of the umbilical cord. Without the umbilical cord, a fetus cannot live. So, no

Marie-Josee Croze :

I have a friend who doesn't have a navel. He had hernia surgery when he was about 6 months old and his belly is smooth as can be...

Donna Young :

I don't think it's possible to be born without a navel, ad the umbilical cord provides the sustenance for the baby during pregnancy.

Marie Matheron :

My friend HAD a navel, but now he doesn't... understand? LOL

Laura Bailey :

dont think its possible realy is it? you need the umbilical cord for the baby to survive :)

Stefanie Dreyer :

no you can have one so small it's unseen but you will die

Agnes Pontier :

without one

Christine Boisson :

No, it is not possible to be born without a navel. When they start growing people completely in tubes, those people maynot have a navel, but we won't know til it's done.

Anna Katerina :

I'm just glad you are askig about it because of the book and not KyleXY

Gillian Davison :

no if you didnt have an umbilical cord you wouldnt have you geens and your life

Isabelle Mergault :

No, it's not possible.

Delphine Pacific :

That's weird. What did she do, carry around the placenta so it wouldn't detach from her body thus giving her a belly button? I don't believe a normal human baby can be born alive with a navel.

Terrea Foster :

Technically everyone is born without a navel, they're born with an umbilical cord which later becomes a navel when the cord stump falls off and heals!! But it is also possible for someone to have no recognisable navel after removal of cord stump as occasionally the cord does not come out of stomach but somewhere else on body.

Tina Krause :

no its impossible

Josiane Balasko :

The navel is fundamentally the port for the Umbilical cord. The Umbilical cord is the ISDN connection between the foetus and the placenta. The cord supplies the foetus with the essential nutrients to survive. Therefore, I believe that it is impossible to be *born* without a navel. Even when scientists overcome extreme religious sentiments and start growing humans in tubes or whatever, they will still need to supply the growing human with nutrients... and please don't suggest the rectum as the entry point!

David Hamilton Gallery

Leda Matsaggou :

i need help with limewire When i try to click and drag the songs to my ipod it does not let me Help me plz!

Eve Myles :

Maybe because it's illegal and you shouldn't be using it in the first place! :p

Felicia Taylor :

it works with my ipod

Lucia Sanchez :

Try importing it into itunes first

Monika Kramlik :

the songs you download should be in some folder. in your limewire library, right click any song file and look at its properties [or description, i forgot which one shows up]. it should show the location of the file. then go to itunes and go to file and then open and then find the folder with the song files in and click open and it should show up in your itunes library.

Kathleen Duborg :

In iTunes just open a new file to your library. if you have a shuffle get it to your library then click and drag it over there.

Rebecca Atkinson :

First download the sond u want then do what i said in paragraph 1. dont listen to the girl in front of me!!!!!

Emma Cunningham :

try copy and paste functions

Ione Skye :

Try uploading the songs to the I Tunes program, then upload them to your Ipod.

Lilia Zilinna :

go to the folder the songs are in (most likely c:\programfiles\limewire\shared) then you can drag and drop

Ann Marie :

i don't know ? but is lime wire safe i have and im scared of it

Romy Schneider :

you can't use limewire to upload to your ipod, you have to use the apple Itunes software, or some other software that allows it (i personaly only know about Itunes).

Paola Senatore :

Take the music from limewire, and import it into the Itunes library, then you're problem will be fixed.

Gisela Muller :

you have to add it to your iTunes library first.

Susan Curtis :

to do that here is my process:

Yan Nam :

you just go to add file to library and find your limewire folder, mine is called shared, and i have it on my desktop shortcutted. it took me a while to figure out how to put them in my library too : )

Seung-chae Lee :

k.. mine is in this location: computer>documents and settins>amanda1 [my computer user name, look for yours]>Shared

Bridget Carney :

shared is the folder with all of your music

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Blanca Lewin :

I sing in a choir, a new person has come in she sounds like a screech owl

Mimi Lazo :


Trula Marcus :

I was gonna suggest you talk to the director, but that's gonna be a touchy subject if they're related! Good Luck

Hansi Linder :

The more she sings the better she'll get. She probably just needs some training and encouragement. What a great way to show God's love!

Hitomi Kobayashi :

I think you should talk to the director, even if the are related. If the director is a good director. Tell the director that some of ya'll wanna quit. Which do you honestly think the director wants:

Vanessa Wagner :

To lose lots of his good singers, or

Anita Pallenberg :

To lose one bad singer, even if it is a relative...

Jennifer Warren :

Hopefully your director has some common sense. Besides, people can be more brutally honest with family anyways.

Marie Laurin :

Of course, if you let her stay, she could get better, and I agree with Gene, it'll show God's love. It's up to you. Good luck!

Fay Masterson :

i know how that feels so try ignoring her and think clearly of what you are singing.

Nobuko Miyamoto :

Well, if you really think that a "Screech Owl" will affect your proformance in the choir, then by all means, do as you seem fit. If not, I dont think you should just quit because someone sings bad. If everyone does that, think how discouraged will the "Screech Owl" be.

Katarzyna Figura :

you could ask to switch places with someone else in the choir, or, even though she is related to the director, put it tactfully that maybe being new to the choir, that she could use a little extra one on one, the only other thing i can think of is to send an anonymous note to the director voicing your opinions.

Cecilia Bergqvist :

hold a tape recorder next to her as she sings then leave the tape on the directors desk and a note in several peoples hand writing everyone take a word ,, sorry but inthusiasm is not enough sometime we like soand so but this is her voice ,, we had to test in,,,, for range and for tone when i sang in my church choir maybe suggest all are tested for range and tone ,, maybe shes over her head in the wrong octive ,, good luck

Julie Strain :

The Bible says, "Make a JOYFUL NOISE unto the Lord." I don't know, but if you really love to sing in the choir (and I am writing this under the assumption that you are talking about a church choir), I would suggest biting the bullet and sticking it out. She will either get better or you will become adjusted to the new environment (or she will bevome frustrated and disinterested because she is not getting better). Any way you look at it, accepting this person (flaws and all) will only help you to become a better person in the end.

Maria Schalkhauser :

One thing about a choir is every voice makes it what it is. Even if she is so bad, she'll learn from those who are good. If she's throwing you off key, wear a discreet ear plug. Or you can ask to be moved. Just tell the choir director that you think you'd do better in a different spot. This girl is a new girl and you should be trying to help her fit in and not criticizing her. Maybe she's not the great right now because she's nervous.

Jennie Garth :

It's probably best to do nothing. If she is as bad as you think she is, the director will be talked too unless the director decides she isn't worth it. Moses must have sounded horrid too and he knew he couldn't speak well.

Sheet Music Online

Sofie Grabl :

Are there any jobs that I can do and still have my 8-month old with me

Angie Harmon :

Try getting a job at a daycare that will let you bring your baby with you. You would probably have to take a few classes to learn CPR and the basics of taking care of babies.

Jane Seymour :

There aren't many real "work from home" jobs.

Zora Holt :

If you have any arts and craft skills, you could make things and have someone sell them at fleamarkets for you.

Bik Wing Chung :

You could babysit other peoples children, if that is allowed in your area.

Veronica Carothers :

You could do laundry or housekeeping for other people.

Natasha Henstridge :

You could buy and sell things on ebay. This is a tough job to make money unless you are very good, but it is possible.

Marina Golovine :

You could build websites for people, but you need to learn HTML.

Lisa Wolf :

If you are an expert in something, you could sell your services as an expert. Make sure it is something that you can advise over the internet or via a phone call.

Sela Ward :

Or you could just become a telephone psychic, or a phone sex line worker. I know that sounds terrible, but I'm just trying to give you all your options.

Gabrielle Richens :

babysit other childern from your home

Reiko Ike :

try opening a daycare of your own or find a job with a daycare in the job site. or have a family member whom you trust to watch the little one while you are working.. i believe most of the "work at home sites" are scams because they "sound too good to be true" seems like you would be wasting good money that is needed else where.

Jane Alexander :

it's hard trying to work and take care of a baby, specialy if you can't afford daycare, or if you don't trust putting them in daycare. if possible find a family memeber or a friend whom you trust and see if they can watch your little one while you work. Some daycares do allow you to bring your kids with you, but it's tough being with them all day specially around other kids, it'll be harder on them as they get older and seing their mommy playing with other kids to. finding work at home jobs is almost impossible unless you got money to spend and waste on scams.

Alexandra Neldel :

You could work at a daycare or consider opening your own. Its worth a try.

Office 2000 Cd Key

Petra Sexton :

which is a better song---ONE-or-MASTER OF PUPPETS

Maggie Ford :

I like "Master of Puppets" much more - whether it's metal, hard rock or whatever - it's just a better song. "One" is probably the best song on "Justice" but that's not saying much in my opinion - it's my least favorite Metallica album after "St. Anger."

Keyla Wood :

Dave Mustaine was definitely in an early version of Metallica, but I think he and Kirk played together for a period. Check out the fantastic "Some Kind of Monster" documentary for more insight on that whole episode.

Rita Cecchi Gori :

i personally like master of puppets more

Dominique Lorenz :

i looked this over wikipedia : the band used a few transient guitar players, such as Brad Parker and Jeff Warner....

Glori Gold :

Jeanne Moreau :

Master of puppets for me, as well... Sorry:)

Keyla Wood :

Poor Dave was kicked out 'cause of too much drugs, so Kirk came... Not bad thing from this point of view, because i think that Megadeath gave a lot to modern music, just as Metallica did

KC Winkler :

master of puppets is much better. and justice is a great album but One is the "one" that got radio play and brought them into the radio spotlight that consequently got them to sell out

Kelowna Daily Courier

Danni DVine :

Is Steve Perry from Journey Gay or not

Caroline Hoermann :

I hope so, i love that guy.

Laurence Masliah :

i am gonna go out a limb here and say no. they just wrote gay tunez... hehe

Stephanie Biddle :


Sarah-Jane Redmond :

I would have to say not.

Jacqueline Lorians :

No his been Married twice his first wife was seen in his Video "Oh, Sherry" that was his wifes name he wrote alot of song's about his wife and family.

Maria del Mar :

Contrary to what the guy above me said, Steve Perry has never been married. Sherrie Swafford, who is in the Oh Sherrie video, was his girlfriend at the time, and I think he has had other girlfriend(s) since.

Maria Welton :

I remember reading an interview where he said something to the effect that he never got married because he didn't feel it would be fair to his wife because he was so devoted to his music and wouldn't be able to put her first.

Barbi Benton :

So, in conclusion, no I don't think he is gay. But who cares if he is, he's still awesome.

Herma Vos :

Come on people! No hes not and IF he were why would it matter?

Annie Jouzier :

Someone once asked this question to Fan Asylum--Journey's old fan club who continues to operate fan clubs for a number of different artists to this day. Their official answer: NO!

Anne von Keller :

Steve has never been married. He was very much in love with Sherrie Swafford--who the "Oh Sherrie" song was written about and video starred. Even after their breakup in 1985, she continues to hold the rights and royalties to that song. Steve gave it to her.

Stephanie Beacham :

It would be a few years before Steve fell in love again. And he did have a girlfriend by the name of Robin for about 10 years. She went on the FTLSM tour with him, and was introduced to several fans. Also on that tour was a young lady by the name of Shamira--who some say in certain circles--is Steve's grown daughter from his college sweetheart. However--that is something Steve has never publically awknowledged.

Nancy Bridgeford :

He once said that if everyone knew about his privae life he wouldn't have a private life!! I totally agree with him.

Bianca Guaccero :

But anyway in answer to your question--No Steve isn't gay.

Karen Mok :

Some say though that he never married because Sherrie was the love of his life.

Digital Voice Recorder

Pamela Gruen :

What was your "most liking" performance at the mtv movie awards

Chiharu Komatsu :

Not a big pop fan but Christina Aguilera did awesome...singing and dancing at the same time takes alot of skill... she's got soooouuuul.. the goth group seemed like a true band instead of those cheesy rent a the lead singer was a good screamer

Laurence Ashley Taboulet :

Definitely Christina's performance!!!

Josefine Preuss :

Christina's performance of Ain't No Other Man was amazing! I can't wait for her new album!

Sabine Urig :

you guys.....whats happened, u know whos REALLY best, afi!!!!!

Sin Yi Yip :

I loved Gnarls Barkley too! OMG! I visited their website, and it's cool. I was just mentioning to someone the other day that I need to pick up their cd. I hear it's really good. They are so fresh and innovative. Not cooker cutter like a lot of those pathetic artists out right now. Aguilera was great as well. Glad to see her back, her body looked fantastic as well as her voice. She has staying power because she really can sing.

Sue Bernard :

A.F.I was my favorite :] Davey looked sweet ?

Emmanuelle Beart :

i thought afi was the best, in my opinion

Shawnee Free Jones :

I really didn't like AFI. I like the song a lot but i think maybe i just don't like the guys voice live. I also didn't really like the Christina performance either. I mean, she did really well, it's just that i wouldn't have chose that song for her to sing. I did LOVE the Gnarls Barkely performance though. He sounded just as good live as on the CD! Oh, and the Star Wars costumes...odd, but funny!

Salma Hayek Gallery

Isabella Jantz :

what board game is the best game today

Kristi Polit :

Hex , takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master

Eva Derrek :

battleship, now and always followed closely by risk and reversi

Aisha Hinds :

Chess. It's ancient and has infinite possibilities. It also strengthens your concentration.

Karin Lorson :


Marie Liljedahl :


Amber Heard :


April Hailer :

My opinion only, but I have a strong opinion on the answer to this question.

Elisa Servier :

In Western Cultures: Chess. In Eastern Cultures: Go.

Patsy Kensit :

Both are "open" games in which nothing is hidden from the players, so there is absolutely no luck involved.

Amanda Walsh :

There is no limit to the levels to which both Chess and Go exercise the mental capacities; truly infinitely.

Fritzi Eichhorn :

Anyone who claims high-ranking Chess or Go Masters aren't athletes just doesn't know the effort and training involved to play in tournaments. They must train rigorously, both physically and mentally.

Deborah Fallender :

The Game of LIFE

Marianne Dupont :

monopoly, i like money

Jeannie Bell :

My favorites now are the Cranium games, Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, Scattergories, Catch Phrase, and The Game of Life.

Lauren German :

the game of life

Ai Mei Wong :

sequence by milton bradley........keeps you going

Robin Sherwood :


Marguerite MacIntyre :

Puerto Rico by Rio Grande Games. It combines resource management, rewards good timing, and requires a balancing act between economics (crop plantation) & development (building factories, warehouses, and buildings). The beauty of the game is there is so many things to do in a turn, but yet, so little time/resources to do all of it in the same round. Do you choose the Builder role to buy the Wharf to start shipping your own corn to score more points or do you pick the mayor role to get more slaves to work your factories/hospice/warehouses/plantations or would you just pick the trader role to start selling your tobacco to get money? There are 8 different roles to choose from, each different and unique, and with it, every turn, every player must choose a different role that will fully utilize and develop their small patch of land (more plantation or buildings?).

Lisa Tnne :

It is a game of skill (no dice throwing or card shuffling) and very little luck. With that, it is of no surprise that it is currently the number 1 game on the internet.

Shelly Cole :


Ingrid Rogers :

Chess is the most time honored game today. It makes you think, challenging your reasoning and decision making skills. Improving your mind while you have loads of fun! ;)

Susie Hall :

I recommend THE SETTLERS OF CATAN, you can play it online at It is online where u can play with other players.

Lauren Pellegrino :

Try it. Its very good.

Anya Hoffmann :

There are a lot of good board games.What you consider to be the best would depend on what your interests are. One of my favorites is chess.

Kitty Carl :

I have played hundreds of board games and I would recommend these three as my all time favorites:

Mercedes Ortega :

1. SETTLERS OF CATAN - this is a great game with friends who enjoy strategy games. The rules are simple, the gameplay is fun, the strategy is endless. Each player competes for the resources of a newly colonized island and tries to develop towns and roads to become master of the island. A good amount of card-trading and haggling is involved for added fun. The board is randomly laid out each time so it's always different and challenging. (90 minutes. Best with 3-4 players, ages 15 and up)

Nicole Eggert :

2. TOP SECRET SPIES (also titled 'Heimlich & Co.') - This is a simple, yet complex board game which can be played in less than an hour and is good on a rainy day. As in any spy story, the action in this game can be turbulent and confusing at times. The players search for top secret information on seven spies, hidden in a safe, which keeps being moved from place to place. Whenever an agent is able to crack the safe, more information becomes available. Always keeps you guessing as to the idenity of the other players' spies. Equally good as as a 2 player game. (45 minutes. For 2 to 7 players, good family game, ages 10 and up)

Sandy Ratcliff :

3. SHOGUN (also released as 'Samurai Swords') (Note: I'm referring to the big box set released by Milton Bradley in 1986). Think of this as the ultimate 'Risk' - each player plays a 16th century feudal Japanese warlord battling for control of Japan. Players allocate money to buy troops, build castles, hire mercenaries, and even hire ninja to assasinate enemy generals. Each player builds armies of powerful bowmen, samurai, spearmen, and gunners. The game gets increasingly fast, exciting, and dangerous as it progresses. (3-4 hours, Best with 3-6 players, ages 15+)

Lavinia Wilson :

All of them have great re-playability. Enjoy!

Sibylle Rauch :

Simpson's Operation

Ai Mei Wong :


Buying And Selling

Eva Derrek :

Converting to Islam

Hylette Adolphe :

you have to kiss a magical black rock in mecca`

Karen Mistal :

You freakin idiot.

Christine Boisson :

Why would you convert yourself.

Tai Collins :

Isn't religion at least sacred today?

Nancy Stafford :

Laura Hayes :

Converting to Islam from what? If what you are converting from has anything to do with your name, then you're converting to about the same religion.

Sua Lee :


Pascale Devigne :


Alice Davis :


Jonna Giovanna :


Mizuki Kanno :

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammad, His last messenger.

Adrienne Sachs :

The purpose of this hand-out is to correct a false idea spread among those willing to adopt Islam as their faith. Some people have a wrong notion that entering into the Islamic fold requires an announcement from the concerned person in the presence of high ranking scholars or shaikhs or reporting this act to courts of justice or other authorities. It is also thought that the act of accepting Islam, should, as a condition, have a certificate issued by the authorities, as evidence to that effect.

Janet Arneau :

We wish to clarify that the whole matter is very easy and that none of these conditions or obligations are required. For Allah, Almighty, is above all comprehension and knows well the secrets of all hearts. Nevertheless, those who are going to adopt Islam as their religion are advised to register themselves as Muslims with the concerned governmental agency, as this procedure may facilitate for them many matters including the possibility of performing Hadj (Pilgrimage) and Umrah.

Gloria Paul :

If anyone has a real desire to be a Muslim and has full conviction and strong belief that Islam is the true religion ordained by Allah for all human-beings, then, one should pronounce the "Shahada", the testimony of faith, without further delay. The Holy Qur'an is explicit on this regard as Allah states:

Christa Campbell :

"The Religion in the sight of Allah is Islam." (Qur'an 3:19)

Shawn Weatherly :

In another verse of the Holy Qur'an, Allah states:

Bobbie Tyler :

"If unyone desires a religion other than Islam (Submission to Allah), Never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (their selves in the hell fire)."(Qur'an 3:85)

Julie Dawn Cole :

In addition, Islam is the only religion prevailing over all other religions. Allah states in the Holy Qur'an:

Francoise Viallon :

"To thee We sent the Scripture in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety:..." (Qur'an 5:48)

Patricia Fulton :

Mohammad, the Prophet of Allah (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), said:

Corynne Charbit :

"The superstructure of Islam is raised on five (pillars): testifying that there is no God (none truely to be worshiped) but Allah, and that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah, performing the prayer, paying the Zakah (poor-due), fasting the month of Ramadan, and performing Hadj".

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

The Shahada can be declared as follows:

Terry Donahoe :


Olga Kokorina :

The English translation is:

Susanne Uhlen :

"I bear witness that there is no deity (none truely to be worshipped) but, Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah",

Kim Hopkins :

However, it would not be sufficient for anyone to only utter this testimony oraly either in private or in public; but rather, he should believe in it by heart with a firm conviction and unshakeable faith. If one is truly sincere and complies with the teachings of Islam in all his life, he will find himself a new born person.

Pati Blankenship :

This will move him to strive more and more to improve his character and draw nearer to perfection. The light of the living faith will fill his heart until he becomes the embodiment of that faith.

Pantera :

What would be next after declaring oneself a Muslim? One should then know the real concept underlying this testimony which means the Oneness of Allah and meet its requirements. One must behave accordingly, applying this true faith to every thing one speaks or does.

Maren Schumacher :

What do the words of the "Shahada" signify? The significant point which every Muslim must know very well is the truth that there is no God (deity) to be worshipped other than Allah. He - glory be to Him - is the only true God, Who alone deserves to be worshipped, since He is the Giver of life and Sustainer and Nourisher of mankind and all creation with His unlimited bounties. Man must worship Allah, Who alone is worthy of worship.

Maria St Clare :

The second part of the Shahada (i.e., Wa ash-hadu anna Mohammadan rasul-Allah) means that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the servant and chosen messenger of Allah. No one must have two opinions about this matter. In fact the Muslim has to obey the commands of the Prophet (PBUH), to believe him in what he has said, to practice his teachings, to avoid what he has forbidden, and to worship Allah alone according to the message revealed to him, for all the teachings of the Prophet were in fact revelations and inspirations conveyed to him by Allah.

Stepfanie Kramer :

What is the meaning of worship? It simply means rendering sincere service, showing reverence for Allah. In a deeper shade of meaning, it implies total submission and complete obedience to Allah's commandments both in utterances and actions of man whether explicit or implicit.

Tara Strong :

Worship fall into two categories:

Mary Ann Mixon :

Visible (manifest or outward)

Dee Dee Rescher :

Invisible (concealed or inward)

Alexandra Gilbreath :

Visible worship includes acts such as uttering the two parts of the "Shahada", performing prayers, giving Zakah (the poor-due), recitation of the Holy Qur'an, supplication, adoring Allah by praising Him, purifying our bodies before prayers, etc.

Virna Lisi :

This type of worship is associated with movement of the parts of the human body.

Magalie Aguado :

Invisible worship is to believe in Allah, in the Day of Judgement (in the Hereafter), in the Angels, in the Books of Allah, in the Prophets of Allah, in the Divine Decree of destiny (that good and bad are determined by Allah alone).

Patricia Perez :

This type of worship does not involve movement of parts of the body but it surely has bearing on one's heart which subsequently affects one's way of life.

Gabriela Canudas :

It should be borne in mind that any worship not dedicated to Allah alone will be rejected as one form of polytheism and this causes apostasy from the Islamic fold.

Caroline Hayes :

The next step for a newly revert to Islam is to purify himself by taking a complete bath. He should then resolve to comply with the principles and rules of Islam in their entirety. He should disown all forms of polytheism and false beliefs. He should reject evil and be righteous. Such rejection of evil and being righteous is one of the equisites of the motto of Islam - that is, Laa Ilaha Illallah.

Sonja Richter :

Allah states in the Holy Qur'an:

Sally Hawkins :

"... whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy Hand-hold, that never breaks..." (Qur'an 2:256).

Taylor Love :

We have to consider that when we declare from our heart that "there is no god (deity) worthy to be worshipped but Allah", it implies on our part love, devotion, faith and obedience to the rules of Islamic legislations which are legally binding on all Muslims. It is a requirement of "there is no god worthy to be worshipped but Allah" to love for the sake of Allah and to reject for the sake of Allah.

Eva LaRue Callahan :

This is the firmest anchor of belief which materialise the meaning of "AL WALA" and "AL BARA". It means that a Muslim should love and be loyal to his Muslim brothers. He should, as a practice, dissociate himself completely from the unbelievers and refuse to be influenced by them, both in worldly and religious matters.

Kira Reed :

We conclude with a humble prayer to Allah that may He cleanse the hearts and souls of those who are genuine seekers of truth and may He bless the community of believers. Aameen.

Bridget Carney :

This is an ammended copy of "HOW TO BECOME A MUSLIM" originally prepared & published by Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance - Riyadh.

KC Castillo :

For more detailed information about Islam, please contact the office with the address given on the front page or the nearest Islamic center in your place.

Veroushka Knoge :

there are no rituals or achievements. all one has to say is ash hadu an laa ilaha illallah wa anna muhammadan rassulillah. you don't really have to practice all religious belief to become Muslim, you become Muslim first, practice beliefs later. I'll list all the sites down for learning about Islam below if you are interested.

Isabelle Huppert :

There is no special requirment to enter Islam other than "There is no god but God Almighty"

Sally Rand :

Everything comes after it. If you are a Christian then you say "And Jesus is His (God's) prophet".

Pamela Pond :

Read the references of Jesus in Quran, understand it and then say "and Muhammad is His (God's) last prophet"

Jenny McCarthy :

When I was really young in the school, I remember how the teacher started from letter A and we learned the rest with time.

Jaye Macaulay :

After all we are all human.

Cynthia Wood :

hope this answers your question.

Francisca Merino :

Are you not Muslim already? I ask because I read a previous Q of yours that asked about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). But whatever. Anyway, like some people said, you take the Shahada, preferably go to the nearest masjid/mosque and talk with the imam, who will guide you on the 'rituals'. What do you mean by achievements? there's 5 pillars to our religion.Faith is the first, which is the declaration of your faith. Prayer is the second. 5 times a day. Zakat, which is charity. Fasting during Ramadan. Hajj to the Holy City at least once in your life. If you want any more info, you can email me. I can tell you as much as I know. I read a lot about it, and what I don't know, I can ask my parents, who are pretty religious.

Mireille Saunin :

You have to say the shahada (declaration) "ash hadu an la illaha illa Allah wa ash hadu ana Muhammad rasool Allah" (I bear witness Allah is the only diety worthy of worship and Muhammad is his messenger)

Danyi Deats :

then you should start learning how to establish

Michou Pascale Anderson :

salaat/ ritualistic prayer and from there you fulfill the rest of the pillars of faith: saum (fasting) in Ramadan, zakat (charity) hajj

Ute Willing :

to keep learning about Islam and get information in Simple English Terms please visit:

Nadia Kaci :

Michigan Real Estate

Isabelle Vitari :

What is the first song/band that had a remarkable affect on you

Christine Boisson :

Kutless or Relient K

Gerti Schneider :

The Cars

Romina Mondello :

Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet With Butterfly Wings. It was the first song I heard that I liked that wasn't at least 20 years old.

Charlotte Lucas :

backstreet boys

Tiffany Sinclair :

I would have to say As I Lay Dying, specifically the song "94 hours". I know most of you are gonna hate on me for liking a screamo band but they have a very pro-god message. The song is about the death of jesus, and how seeing the suffering Jesus went through at his crucifiction has renewed his spirit.

Sandra Cassel :

94 hours of regret for me to realize what i held

Salome Kammer :

unfading beauty, not just a face

Carolyn Camburn :

i held its innocence within my heart, now i won't let go

Corinne Dacla :

the torment of your eyes has awakened my soul

Betty Chen :

the pain of a moment's time will forever beg your forgiveness

Mandy Moore :

on a side note, it also has a wicked 20 second double-bass solo

Beate Jensen :

Nirvana-My dad's played their tapes for me when I was just a little kid. Its definitely affected my music taste.

Gina Smika :

Slipknot got me totally into metal. Now I lsten to a wide range of metal bands. Also System of a Down had a large affect on me and I learned how screwd up our world really is.

Nanou Garcia :

MCR, if you listen to them for an entire day on a long road trip, they grow on ya. Seriously happened.

Carla Harvey :

When I was really young, the only band I knew was New Kids on the Block. They scared me into listening to only classical music until about 7th grade!

Geraldine Moffat :

pink floyd's dark side of the moon album

Juleah Weikel :

Song: All along the watchtower Jimi Hendrix

Soledad St Hilaire :

Band: The Beatles

Melanie Moore :

the first band to really have a remarkable affect on me was nirvana. kurt cobain was a musical genius. i mean here it is 12 years after his death and nirvana songs are still extremely popular.

Olecia Obarianyk :

The song I learned to rock out to: Soundgarden's Spoonman. Back in '93 or so.

Julia Malik :

There are two for me, from when I was very young. Honey by Bobby Goldsboro and Don't it make my brown eyes blue by Crystal Gale. I know how to play honey, and it is sort of creepy after I read all the words.

Karen Holness :


Britt Helfer :

wango tango.

Giada Colagrande :

i thought, wow...this is what life is all about...what does it all mean basil?

Custom Built Home

Julie Benz :

there is this song I hear during the seattle mariners game I hear in the clubs, who is it by

Mel Harris :

Lol I don't know if I can help. lol but maybe... is it YMCA by the Village ppl??

Maroussia Dubreuil :

You're probably talking about "Yeah" by Usher (featuring Ludacris and Lil John). Go to and you can listen to a sound clip to be sure (it's on Usher's "Confessions" album).

Lee Remick :

It's funny you ask this question because I live in Seattle and asked a friend the same thing a couple months back. EVERY time I go to a club I hear the synth-riff from this song in one remix or another, and I just went to a Mariners game last week and noticed they'd started using the riff as well.

Hayet Belhallouffi :

It's not just the Mariners where's it's played (although I happen to be a Mariners fan in San Fran). It's now played in EVERY single baseball stadium, and was in some college & NBA basketball arenas this spring too.

Karoline Kunz :

The tune is "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation.

Tami-Adrian George :

I've heard it so much in a sports context that I almost forget that it's a hardcore Euro-techno track.

3d Home Architect Deluxe

Valeria Solarino :

how can i become a rapper and what does it takedo you know any famous rappers or soon to become rappers

Daisy McCrackin :

lol it takes alot i kno that. yu can become a rapper by learning how to flow. i dont kno any personal but my friend knows paul wall and mike jones, and he met dre, the game, and snoop. and soon-to become rappers, no but i know alot of good ones lol. ? good luck =]

Sylviane Duparc :

1. you gotta be a gangsta

Lydia Andrei :

2. you gotta grow up in the projects

Emma Samms :

3. you're IQ has be bigger than 80

Michelle Barry :

if you are asking that question you dont need to be a rapper, you need to be the one thats buyin the music. naw if you got the talent start by going to a local studio some people have them at their house in the bathroom not kidding either thats a start

Sharon Kane :

I think u just have break into the music biz and be good at what u do. I want to be a rapper too n freestyle and all that stuff but u can't be taught it's something that comes naturally. But anybody can spit a verse THATS EASY, but it matters what u tryna say and what message u put in it and if it's HOT. Iono know famous rappers but I did meet some but I am a soon to be one so holla atcha gurl!!

Patsy Kensit :

i know a famous rapper is lil boosie because he join a 5 times rapper with c-loc and it take a long time to be a rapper.

Elisabeth Lund :

It takes a lot to become a raper. You have to know exactly what you're doing.

Rachel Fielding :

1.You have to have a back-up plan!

Dorothea Schenck :

2.You have to have the mind and patience!

Regula Grauwiller :

I know three rap groups out of Waycross. Ga that are about to become a rapper.

Whitney Houston :

1.S.E.G.A Boys

Camille Keaton :

2.Camoflauge Gangstas

Laura Schuhrk :


Free Phonics Worksheets

Cibby Danyla :

How does one convert any music file (mp3,etc ) into a wavfile

Louise Smith :

You have to find a conevertor to download, maybe they're some at

Lauren Hutton :

You can do it with the sound recorder on your comp if you have one you just have to record the song to it and then save it as a wav.

Randi Ingerman :

Switch ( ) is a good program to convert m4a, wma, mp3, ogg, wav, etc.

Carla Harvey :

Burning to CD and ripping in wav format (or one easy to convert to wav) is another idea.

Paola Montenero :

Now here's the mega trick. It will work on ANYTHING. Analog recording. If you get a sound capture program, you can record music while you play it, whether on your computer or not, copy-protected or not, part of a video or not, streaming or not, (if you use the line in, you can record tapes too) you get the idea.

Paloma Duarte :

The RIAA would frown upon music theft using this.

Sonia Martinez :

"dBpowerAmp Music Converter

Tracy Torres :

Version: 11.0

Git Goo :

This is a great easy to use music converter.

Margaret Gomoll :

Pros: With a simple right click menu you can convert any music file from one format to another(after you load the codecs). It is fast, efficient and easy. The best easy to use converter that I have found and I have tried dozens.

Mitsutomo Saiko :

Cons: You have to individually download and install each codec you want to be able to convert. The downloads and small quick and easy, but there are alot of them."

Juliette Andrea :

a program called CDex will allow you to convert between wav files and mp3s as well as ripping cds.

Maria Jose Cantudo :

Available to be downloaded from it is freeware, does not contain malware or spyware and is only about 5 megs to download. overall a top program!

Gabrielle Rose :

get sonic digitalmedia plus v7 it convers any thing or get windows audio converter

Sugar Free Chocolate Chip

Merry Rozelle :

equations (word problem)

Lisa Robert :

YOu said there were three types of cable.. Therefore there were 3 cables made.. ONE OF EACH.

Anoushka :

On the wires.. there also was one of each of the Black, White and Red cables....

Michelle McClatchy :

You make them long and then cut them to lenght...

Carol Connors :


Sarah Holcomb :

if you let me find my TI and do a quick reduced row echelon form ,, I'll solve it

Moe Ishikawa :

the solution for your equation is as follows:

Susan Wood :

X= -73.33

Monica Molina :

Y= 46.66

Jessica Pare :

Z= 90

Abigail :

you can check it, it works in the equations,, but I doubt those are the answers, give me a min and I'll get it

Keyla Wood :

there we go

Patricia Bellemore :

20 blacks

Alyson Beal :

20 whites

Kaori Aso :

10 reds

Kimberly Hyde :

the problem was your equation, that kind of confused me...

Katerina Orlowska :

let me explain

Rebecca Staab :

instead of counting the wires used in cables you should count wires by colors ,, blacks in first plus blacks in second plus blacks in third = blacks total

Francine Locke :

so here is your final set of euqtions:

Isabelle Teboul :


Eva Longoria :


Tamara Simunovic :


Daniela Costa :

good luck

Masako Natsume :

You're close, but we have to be careful about mixing up the wires and the cables

Jennifer Aspen :

Wires in A cables = 3b + 3w + 2r

Yuka Tachihara :

Wires in B cables = 1b + 2w + r

Kareen Bourjade :

Wires in C cable = 2 b + 1w + 2r

Carrie Westcott :

If the number of A cables is x

Mascha Rabben :

the number of B cables is y

Angela Bettis :

the number of C cables is z

Ruby Moreno :

(3b + 3w + 2r)x is the number of wires used in A cables

Amanda Cleveland :

(1b + 2w + r)y is the number of wires used in B cables

Amber Tamblyn :

(2 b + 1w + 2r)z is the number of wires used in C cables

Elisabeth Filarski Hasselbeck :

But, we only know how many of each color wire was used, so we have to group all the b terms, all the w terms and all the r terms to make the equations

Claudia Wenzel :

So the equations to solve are

Gillian Hills :

3x + y + 2 z = 100 (these are all the terms for black wires)

Linda Myrberg :

3x + 2y + z = 110 (all the terms for white wires)

Kelly Ripa :

2x + y + 2z = 80 (all the terms for red wires)

Francesca Fowler :

I think this gives you 20 Cable A, 20 cable B and 10 cable C

Ute Lemper :

60 + 20 + 20

Ingerid Vardund :

60 + 40 + 10

Jeannine Louise :

40 + 20 + 20

Samantha Mathis :

There are 20 of Cable A made

Olivia Pascal :

20 of Cable B made

Shary Guthrie :

10 of Cable C made

Carmen Rodriguez :

It is a equation problem, but your logic is wrong, your 3 equations will render a negativre figure, if you actually try to solve it

Kisako Makishi :

Make the number of A cable be "a", number of B cable "b", Number of C cable "c" The equations should be

Meagan Good :

3a+b+2c = 100 Black

Kiriko Shimizu :

3a+2b+c =110 White

Jae-yeong Jin :

2a+b+2c = 80 Red

Debi Mazar :

then solve the A, B C

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