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I had never really fucked a woman’s tits since my wife was not really into it, but I soon found out it was not much different than fucking a mouth or pussy. Maybe it was the fact I had been fucking with a condom all night, or the fact that I was sticking my dick in between a pair of tits I had fantasized about for five years, but I was soon ready to cum.

"Yeah, I know," Katie responded in a bit of a sullen voice. Then she surprised me by saying, "Can I come over tomorrow?"

"Yeah, two weeks of fun and sun," the brunette laughed.

She turned to leave again sputtering to herself. "What did my mom do now?"

I tried to imagine this when I gratified myself and I found that his fantasy image rose up before me with no difficulty.

"Then why did I have to stay there?" Erin asked. "Why did nobody visit me except maybe once a year? Why didn't you want me?"

"Lisa. That's her videotaping in the front. She's doing her senior video project, and just sort of following us around while we do our thing today. This is Nancy, by the way, and that's Sam driving"

“What you tell me you can tell him.”

"Uh, actually, yeah, I think that you can." She gave me a look that was kind of cold but I pressed on. "We're in the same Lit class and I was wondering if you could help me out with War and Peace."

She then slowly lifted up the bottom of my t shirt over my head, revealing my full breasts with their erect nipples. She pulled my shirt off, and gently laid it on the nearby night table.

Darla retrieved her drink and took a sip or two. Sitting the glass back on the counter she strolled over to Josh sitting on the edge of the bed and standing in front of him, threw her arms around his neck shoving her big firm tits in his face and whispering in his ear, "Now it's your turn, how do you want to fuck me?"

She was trying to get the sleep out of her eyes when I pulled out of her twat and flipped her over on her belly. I slapped her ass a few times. She started grunting as I spanked her. This just turned me on more. The Dom in me took over, again, as I grabbed my wife and pulled her over my knee. I started to haul into her ass in earnest, now. I just kept smacking away at her ass flesh, and it just got redder and redder! Ten, twenty, thirty? I lost count after that. Amber was crying and cumming! Cumming and crying!

"Well, I think I'll survive but thanks for the offer" I managed to mumble...

Beth looked quizzically at Andy and said, “I don’t believe you. I’ve never seen you with any guys. Challenge! Let’s see you french kiss Dad.”

Matt, between his gasps, "Anal and oral, my little slut."

He took me to the sea shore, hovering just above the waves, feeling the cold spray sousing my nakedness, laughing and holding me tightly, playing on the sand and rolling in the waves, again and again becoming one as his rod and my womb burned with joyful longing for each other. He told me things, wonderful stories of ancient times, weaving word-pictures with his soft rippling voice, making me tremble as he described battles and peoples long since turned to dust, peoples he had known.

I dropped lower, and the covered head of my throbbing penis slipped past her mons pubis and pressed into her crotch. I lifted up, pressing the head of my penis against her pussy. At the same time I released the straps of her bra, and I slid my hands around to her front, cupping each of her breasts in one of my sweat-dampened hands. Her nipples and areolae were swollen and hard.

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Julie smiles, embarrassed, pleased or maybe even peeved at the "just about" I can't tell.

"This is wimp I was telling you about. You remember this little cocksucker?" Rob asked Stephen. Stephen shook his head and gave me a pat on the shoulder.

I sucked on his cock for a few minutes. I noticed he did not return the favor but he was now rubbing my cock. The alcohol had pretty much taken affect and I was feeling somewhat drunk but I kept sucking his cock. However, he suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He tried to look around, but eventually he always came back to my it was something he couldn't help. I became self conscious, but I couldn't cover up much, given the way I was sitting, and the thinness of the robe. In my efforts to shift myself, the part covering my legs fell to the side, showing more of my pasty thigh.

As he rose from her snatch I smiled in acknowledgement of his prowess. The bitch had creamed all over his face! She was releasing her pent-up frustrations like an explosion in a firework factory!

I parked and went into the mall. I headed for the anchor store, which was a relatively high-end department store. I walked directly to the "Formal Wear", it was mid May and very warm. My tan was perfect and I had planned on picking out something that would emphasize that.

Angelo had two oriental assistants that spoke little or no English. In a foreign language he explained that Shayna was shemale. The man’s name was Lee and the woman’s name was Saki. Saki motioned Shayna into an oversized bathroom. Saki then signaled for Shayna to strip and bend over. At this point Shayna knew this had to be an enema!

"I don't like the sound of that, but that aside, how much's he paying you?"

"And what is that disadvantage my little southern belle?"

On command, Sarah pulled the length of chain out of my anus. My sphincter clamped down on each emerging link. Stream after stream of my cum erupted from my cock and into the woman's mouth. My hips bounced uncontrollably, forcing my cock deeper and deeper down her throat. By the time the effects of the orgasm had worn off, Sarah had masterfully gleaned every drop of semen from my shaft.

I started out roughly abusing her tits squeezing them, yanking them, pulling on her rings until her nipples were rock hard. Then I attached screw clamps tightening them until they were digging into her nipples.

Samuel grabbed her hair and fucked Nickelle's mouth, pushing himself all the way down and throat holding himself there as he felt her throat muscles swallowing his cock. He pulled back out of her mouth and slammed back in and could feel Nickelle's moans vibrate his manhood.

"And you reacted downstairs, didn't you?" she smiled, and kissed his cheek.

I massaged her breast through the jumper as we kissed like crazed animals, this wasn't making love, this was going to be pure raw sex. My other hand quickly moved up the back of her jumper, her skin jumped up with Goosebumps from my cold hands, I caressed her silky back until I found her bra but it went no farther, Sarah spoke in-between kisses, "Stop playing….around,….fuck me."

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"YES - YES - YES - CUM - GIVE IT - HARD - DEEP" Carrie blurted out with each thrust, the waves washing over and over, the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had!!

“Um....Yeah. I am a bit hungry,” Ted replies blocking his huge bulge again with his briefcase.

I looked out the window. Last night, it had snowed. Frozen tree branches glittered like diamonds; the world had been transformed into a winter's wonderland of dazzling snow.

I'd been screaming for five minutes maybe more, when he stopped. At first I wasn't sure why, then I heard someone approaching.

His eyes went wide in horror.

Containing her smile, Keyarah opened the door. She looked at Cyrus. He had on a blue polo shirt that accented his arms and brought out the intense grey of his eyes. He also had on black pants that weren't tight but at the same time, they weren't very loose. He looked good. "Hey."

Now I was never good with the girls. In fact, the last date I had, was my freshman year of High School. I was a Virgin, and was as sexually inexperienced as they come. I had fantasized a lot about my first time. Never did I think it would happen like this.

I gazed deeply into her eyes and with a shaking hand I brushed her cheek, she moved closer to me. Bending forward I pressed my lips to hers as my hands slipped around her lithe body to draw her against me. Her tongue brushed my lips; I parted them and moaned in pleasure as it slipped into my mouth. I slipped a hand down her back to cup and fondle her firm arse cheeks as our bodies pressed together. I slid my hands up her back to open the clasp on her bra.

Professor Cage looked gravely at her across his desk. "We have a problem, Miss Brenmyr. It's coming up on the end of your final term here, and looking at the grades I'm about to turn in-" he paused, "- I have no choice but to tell the Registrar's Office that you're failing."

"Mark Ollerton," he says, and shakes her hand. "I’m an architect. The architect of this whole place, actually. I’ve spent more time in here than the owners, even!"

Our new house was an expansive one, with a lot of property because of the zoning in the area. It was also built on the edge of forest land which was part of the town's reservoir system. That was one of the reason's we bought the place: the fact that no one would build behind us...ever. I decided that I would take my beer and stroll into the woods a little bit, find a nice shady spot and enjoy the weather and time away from my host/chef duties.

After a morning conference, rightly or wrongly we decided not to report then to the police, after all they had certainly released our inhibitions and Jenny and Alan were invited to stay on which led to more sexual adventures. What a holiday it was too.

As my hips settled into a rhythm to match that of your stroking hand, you delivered another stinging blow to my ass. My body arched off the picnic table as I gasped out loud. But was it in pleasure or pain or possibly a combination of both? Your body lying against me prevented me from standing straight up but my breasts had risen off the table and the nipples were standing proudly away from my body, tightened into small pink pebbles against the marble-like glow of my pale skin in the moonlight.


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Shiela was his wife- a vixen of sorts and was very influential in high society. If Rs 1.5 crores to Sonali was big money- Shiela was good enough to make the local Indian IT company Sales Directors' flip their entire favors on to Rajesh's company- shamelessly, making other partners grimace, only and just because of Shiela, who would hold the reins- zip of their pants and purse strings for Rajesh.

Emily clasped her hands together, causing her big 40E tits to squeeze together, bulging even more. "Oh, you would! Oh thank you! Follow me, and remember just call me Emily, hun." The sexy woman winked at him and then turned around as she walked back toward her own house. Bobby followed behind and looked at her ass. Her little shorts had the word "BOOTYLICIOUS" written across the back of her full, but tight butt cheeks.

"Tell me," he said, not a request but a command.

Her wetness was becoming more profound, and I knew she would be ready within the next moment or so. Her mouth and tongue were expert in their efforts, and I turned on the internal switch which would allow my release. Like two ravenous animals, we feasted on each other.

We had our drink and I went and showered, as she done also. Then she padded into the bedroom with her hair freshly combed, wearing her housecoat, which she quickly removed and threw on the bed revealing, once more her complete naked body. She saw me watching her and she pirouetted in front of me. "Do you like?" Then lifted the bedding and came into my arms.

Allison began to tell me no, but it was just for form and she knew she was going to get fucked. She did manage to moan that she had never . . .

Panicking a bit, she heard Leon shout something in the distance, subsequently followed by the sounds of two sets of legs running up the nearby stairs. She heard Luis's voice, and then more frantic running.

"Laura..." he began all too carefully; all too out of his usual upbeat, off beat demeanor; keeping his eyes down and glued to my patient file in his hands as if they were retinally welded there. Uh oh. I felt this icky lump in the pit of my stomach at that moment and prayed it wasn't some other body part deciding to relocate itself.

She asked me to drink for the time being as she wants to have a quick bath.

I couldn’t help but laugh, it was funny like right out of a cartoon. The ladies entered the vehicle and were really not that wet, more mildly moist. The smell of perfume took over the vehicle. I was delighted as both women were way more than I expected.

“Hold on big boy,” was all she said. I became aware of her breasts now touching the side of my chest.

"Now open up, honey." Mom spread her knees. "Go ahead, Steven." I lathered up the cloth again and started to scrub between her legs. "Honey, with a woman, there are a lot of hidden places. Just take your hand and make sure that her crack is clean."

"Hi Emma, it's Tara. Listen, I can't meet you for drinks tonight babe, I'm gonna go home. Yeah, I know babe, but we can go wild tomorrow, can't we? Ok, we'll do lunch. Ciao babe."

I then asked,' Cassie darling tell me are you wet?' She nodded and blushed furiously. 'Cassie lick the pre-cum with your tongue' I suggested. Cassie shook her head vehemently. She continued to inspect my genitals. She handled and squeezed my balls. Moved the foreskin of my cock up and down. After fifteen minutes she stood up. I said, 'Cassie come in the bedroom, now it is my turn'. 'No, not in the bedroom. See what you want to see here only' she said. 'Sweetheart you know very well that I can't see what I want when you are standing. You require to be lying down for me to see you properly. Please come to the bedroom'. Without any further ado she let me lead her into the bedroom.

Writer's Note: Here begins part 2, with a bit of part one to help you catch up faster.

"Of course" she smiled "I was always good at carrying out orders."

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We arrived at Cheryl’s house about 8pm. I felt like a stud walking up to this party with a beautiful 19 year old at my side. I noticed guys were checking her out and that made me feel pretty good too. We partied pretty hard until about 1 am. Megan was bombed. I acted more drunk than I really was. I said to Megan “We had probably better take off”. She replied slurring “What!! Youwannatakeoffalllllready. The party’s jusgettin started” I said “Megan you’re pretty hammered but I’ll make you a deal, I’ll get you one more drink and then it’s time to go.” “Cool, you’re the man!!!” she said. I walked over to Cheryl’s liquor cabinet. There was a half empty bottle of Southern Comfort inside. “Perfect” I said to myself.

Janet's voice sounded almost seductive and she winked as she turned and walked away. Pete wasn't sure whether to be excited or horrified. He hadn't said yes. What was he going to do? How would he explain this to his parents? What would he say and how would he be able to interact with the popular group?

"I'm glad it happened" she replied, "now, don't waste time, mum and dad will be home soon, just promise you'll fuck me good."

I wouldn't say I was speechless. I was just caught the slightest bit off guard. She grabbed a small bag off the bar, winked at the bartender and, taking my hand, practically dragged me out the door through a throng of people. We were on the street and headed into a cab and off to the Indian section of town. In the taxi, she wouldn't answer any questions or talk. She just kept laughing and tickling me. My head was spinning a bit, truth be known. Free of the smoke and noise of the bar, under the morse code of street lamps we passed, I took her in.

Stepping closer to the handsome young man, she felt a tingle run around her body. He was a few years younger that she was, but somehow it felt like he had a wealth of lifetime experience beyond hers. He was confidant in her presence when so many men were usually not. To them, she was the woman who could alter their career for good or bad on a whim; the woman who it was vitally important for them to please and curry favour with. That often led to them being weasely and smarmy as they tried to suck up to her in blatantly sycophantic ways.

"Kathy is going to kick me out unless I come up with the rent money I owe. She wants to make me a whore. She told me I could make rent money by standing on a corner in town and selling my body to who ever wants it. If I don't come up with it she is going to throw me out and let her old boyfriend Doug move in. He has promised her he will pay on time."

Summer meant I could work full time, and one day as I took the box of orders to the car to put them in a logical sequence for delivering them, one name caught my eye. Joyce Murray. I had no way of knowing if it was 'my' Joyce Murray or not, but I saved that one for last and raced through the rest of the orders in record time before delivering that order.

But my grandmother, my uncle's mother came on her regular visit to stay for a week. My aunty had warned me to keep away from her during grandma's visit. I was not going to get any milk. That was going to be a torture, but aunty said it is better to suffer a week rather than lose our affair forever. However whenever she could she slid her sari to show her breasts to me. The third day after grandma had come, aunty whispered me to come to the kitchen. I was surprised, with grandma having bath in bathroom, how can we play in the kitchen? By the time I got to the kitchen, she had her blouse already open and thrust her breast in my mouth.

She reached back to wrap her fingers around my hard dong. "I guess this thing won't ever stay down for very long."

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A short time later I got a call at work. When I picked up the phone I thought my secretary said, "I have Mr. Peterson on the line for you."

"She'll do it," Allen said, grinning mischieviously. "Remember, Kathy, you agreed that you would pay, but I got to order. This is my order. Plus three rum and cokes, please."

Monica held her pants around her thighs as she got down on her knees, then laid on her stomach, resting her head on her crossed forearms.

“I suppose,” she pauses, “help me prepare the chapel?”

"You want this?" he jeered pointing his cock at her.

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"Stand up, Professor," came her next command, and he obeyed, knowing he was to continue playing.

Chuck acts surprised. “Me? I’m not the horny bitch with a pussy boy.

We got home late the following evening. Doris ordered a large Supreme pizza, delivered. We had showered and changed to night gowns by the time the pizza arrived. I answered the door in my sheer little baby doll gown. I thought the delivery guy was going to drop it as he stared at me. Then Dori walked in and I could see his jeans bulge way out as I got his money from my purse. I thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. He did drop the money. I helped him pick it up. He held the insulated carrying case in front of him as he walked back to the car. Doris and I giggled and hugged.

"I don't know... the DDC says-"

Tina was squirming in her seat as Carol went on about how they got together and what they did. Tina suddenly stood up and looked at us.

In a short time I was lying back with my eyes closed, feeling quite relaxed and enjoying every minute of my head massage. I felt Jodi take her hands from my head for a moment and I heard a little scuffle behind me. It sounded like she was preparing to rinse my hair. After about five seconds I felt her hands on my head again, running her fingers all through my hair and rubbing all the right places.

“Julie, I love you too. I really love you honey. You’re my sweet little angel and my hungry slut all at the same time. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but I want you forever. I want you to belong to me and no other. I meant what I said last night… there will never be another man in your life. Are you okay with that?” So caught up in the raw emotion he felt for he girl, Jake had no idea how unreasonable and even silly his remarks were.


Karria finishes our business by telling me that she would like to send over three young women of her family the next day.

He was furiously pounding his fist up and down on his cock. The tip was wet.

Bill meantime was working me into a frenzy and I needed to cum again (so soon – amazing) so he pulled my cock from his mouth and jerked me off until my cum spurted high into the air, and landed on my chest and groin.

"Don't move." She said suddenly, turning towards the door of her apartment. "I'll be right back."

During this adventure, the couple encountered a house that was most unusual. It was an old 19th century Victorian style mansion that had the owners really go all out in the Halloween theme. So much so that little Jake was too frightened to approach the house in his search for candy.

I could feel my Aunts pussy pull away from my mouth and I almost screamed ‘No”! But it was right back again as she got turned around and started to lick me as I licked her!

'Is that it?' he asked.

"OK, she stated, I guess I can't play fair with you Jim."

"Ah okay, not that I wanted to remember I was turning forty or anything Caro but thanks for reminding me, do you want to go out to dinner later then?" Just another couple of steps and he would realise that we wouldn't be going anywhere that evening.

She didn’t have a slip or nylons on; she was left with only her panties on. From the look of them I think they were black thong panties. The front covered her bush and the back showed her butt cheeks. My hands felt her cheeks and my fingers went to her waist to pull them off. I pulled at them and slowly they too fell to her feet. She knelt down in front of me and started to unbuckle my pants. My pants soon fell to the floor as well. I was standing there in my boxers. She reached into my shorts and gently griped my penis. Next thing I knew she had her mouth over it. Damn, I was in heaven. I had a very fine mature woman giving me the best head I ever had; I had felt and tasted some of the most luscious breasts I had ever seen. What more could I ask for? I was soon to find out.

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A pause and then what was obviously a very nervous, "Yes." Nothing else.

* * * * *

"Moan once for 'stop and pull it out', twice for 'that feels nice, keep going', me darlin'," he told her.

"Do you want me to hold it for you?"

Enough of that I thought and I climbed the pool steps out of the water. I had the attention of the entire group as the sun glistened the pool water on my body. Roxy was still on her lounge, topless, sitting and watching me. I stood over her and picked up my beer, and while standing nude I pulled on the long neck while the group watched me.

Hell yes I would watch your house for you, I thought. I would watch anything that Samantha and her young daughter Jennifer lived in, and did who knows what else in.

Then her eyelids fluttered and her exhausted body slept. Petal was already dozing with her head on Arky's shoulder. Eve looked at them for a moment, then went off to look for another blanket.

I am amazed at myself for taking the time and putting this recap of some juicy life experiences to paper. Never intended to, but I enjoy reading the exploits and conquests of other authors. And, I don't actually know how it all started within the past year. Hopefully, the relationship will continue to be just that, and not go further to where it could destroy my marriage and family.

Just then the doctor turns to us and says, “I can see you now, please.”

These sexy, young men could not believe how extraordinary lovely and super-curvaceous my mom was.

There was already music playing, fashionable, pop, and dancible. "Let's dance" Camille offered. She swayed her hips to the music, and I watched every move.

You wake up suddenly covered in sweat and trying to get your bearings back to where you are and you look at the clock and its 5 AM and it will be time to be getting up soon for work. You wonder if what you dreamt really happened Sunday or not. But your ass does hurt a little bit.

Deborah couldn't believe that she was finally being fucked by two men at once, and it was even better than she had imagined it from the book she read. She writhed in pleasure as the mens' balls slapped against her body.

“Well, now, what do we have here, Jared?” the elderly man queried. Veronica flushed them a slightly nervous smile.

Ben sprang to his feet. He thought about putting something on besides his boxers, but the idea of Hsu seeing him mostly naked was too appealing for that. He wasn't even concerned about the terrific bulge visible in his shorts. Or that it was there first night in his house. He wanted to see her, so why wait?

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It drove him over the edge so he grabbed her hips and thrust into her with a grunt, fucking her so passionately it nearly drove the wind out of her. She let go of the posts to grip the sheets violently, growling out screams as Anaxes drove into her mercilessly, sweat pouring off their bodies to make a slapping noise as his hips and thighs smacked into hers faster and faster.

After a quick " Oh God! ", she grabs my chin and turns my head up for a kiss. With my mouth still half filled with her creamy milk, she opens my lips with her tongue and tastes away a few licks of it. Pausing two or three times to swallow and taste, she always comes back to me even more eager to kiss and taste. As we now kiss uninterrupted by her swallowing, she raises herself away from my cock. I quickly understand what she wants me to do; lifting myself up too, I slide my shorts and boxers down to my knees to let them fall down around my ankles. But before they even reach my knees, one of Marisa's hand is all over my cock, it's heat encircling the base. Before I realize it, her other hand went down as well and is now teasing and caressing my balls, something she still remembers I love. While she pumps my cock madly, I slide her panties over her ass, uncovering the alabaster white skin that awaits my delicate care as well as the golden patch of furry secrets. Raising a leg after the other above the sofa, she lets me get rid of them. My tee shirt follows the same path quicker than I can follow. Leaning forward a bit, I reach down to my shorts and grab the condom I placed there, hoping that I would have to use it. When she hears me fumbling to open it, she moves her mouth to my ear and says: " Thank you Mike. I don't think I would have been able to get up to get one though... " Realizing that she just found a way to arouse me even more, I hurry up and slide the condom all the way down. Guiding my cock with her hands, she places its head in the many folds of her pussy. Smiling though the kiss as I discover that she's dripping wet; I let her do as she wants.

“OK, let’s call it a loan. Look, you never know but you just might have something around here I would really like. Then we could just call it an even trade.”

She advanced on him like a panther waiting to pounce. She was waving her two used panties in the air. "Well? Did you?"

"Yes, dear," Cody said.

He continued sucking and licking at her tits for a long while and loved the feel of his hard cock rubbing against her bare legs and side. They stayed like this until Traci sat up and they rolled over until Mike lay on his back with her sitting over him. Mike lay flat and stared up at her face and at her tits as they hung down temptingly over his chest.

Granny suddenly sat straight up in her bed, the cold steel look still glazing her eyes. She looked at me first, then at Pops.

I watched as a stranger came trotting up, vaulted onto the stage, looked me in the eyes and then began to unbutton the blouse. He stood to the side, so my face was visible and I began to shiver and blush. He took his time. When the buttons on the front were all undone and the blouse had been pulled out of my skirt, he undid the cuffs and then slipped it off me, leaving me in skirt and bra. I felt hundreds of eyes on me. I was dying of shame. I couldn’t move and couldn’t stop shaking.

Suddenly, Perry announced that it was time to go, with me none the wiser as to what the whole drinking session had been about. Neither of us was fit to go back to the offices, and Perry certainly wasn't fit to drive. I pointed this out to him, and he didn't argue. We quickly agreed with the barman that he could leave his car in their car park and they ordered him a taxi. I decided to walk home.

The door opened and the room flooded with light, he could see everything.

I was a little more prepared when the other hand left my buttock and came crashing down. Harder this time, but also followed by a calming rub. The spanking and rubbing cycle continued for a stretch of time I could no longer measure. Finally, after long silence, he said, "Bend down and grab your ankles."

"Justin, I'll be okay, go get ready." She said firmly.

“It’s ok. We tried couples therapy and everything but nothing seemed to work.” Sheri said.

Lucas persisted, though he was puzzled at Will's reaction. "Well, the fact is Steelman is incredibly lucky to have an athlete like you--not to be sarcastic or anything, but some of us are wondering what we did to deserve the honor."


When she placed both of her hands on my head, I know it was time for her pussy. I knelt in front of her, only inches from her vagina, and patted the towel all around her “V.” I dried her pussy and by now it was time to get rid of the towel: I dropped it and began to explore her sex with my fingertips.

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Men, you will surprise and delight women if you honor and pamper them during this phase of their moon cycle. It is a beautiful thing to mark the beginning of this time by giving her something, or by taking out a sacred object once a month. My husband buys me a beautiful red rosebud at the start of my moon time that blooms open as I flow.

After I finished I walked out into the hall that that passed all of the patient rooms. I noticed the door of one of the rooms was slightly ajar and to my surprise I noticed a man on the doctor's table who lie there strapped down on the table totally naked.

"OK," said Rob walking around and looking at me from all angles. "I want a few preliminary shots. Just pretend you're struggling to get away but don't move too much."

"Please, just let us go!" she gasped. From the a few feet away, Cessily heard her sister cry out. "Why are you doing this?" Cessily begged. The doctor had now picked up a speculum and moved around to the end of the table so that he could better access her pussy.

"As you say, sir!" was the reply as Jarvis left. Spider-man when back to waiting for his next subject. Things seemed to be working as he had been planning. Jarvis seemed completely under his command. And soon a woman would be under his control. He also drank some of the coffee.

Angelica slowly prepared herself for the night ahead. Stepping into the shower, she began to relax and let the hot water from the shower head run down her body. As she began to lather herself, her fingers slowly moved over her luscious mounds and she felt her nipples tighten to rock hard erasers at the mere suggestion of touch. She grabbed her favorite bottle of body lotion/wash and slowly drizzled it down over her body. She felt amazing, imaging it was "his" hands drifting over every inch of her lovely body. She took the sponge from the side of the shower and lathering it up good she slowly massaged her swollen breasts. Feeling sexy as the soap suddenly washed and pooled between her legs, she moved the sponge and brushed it back and forth across her womanly curls. Her clitoris twitching with desire, she placed the sponge right over her now pulsing clitoris. Knowing that he would be here any moment to pick her up for the evening ahead, made her touch herself with more excitement.

"Sorry..." His eyes fixed on hers. He pressed his lips tightly together, then leaned his head in to meet hers as though to gather strength. "It's okay, baby..." she whispered soothingly in his ear, and brushed the hair from his eyes. "...Just let go."

”Well that is obvious,” he said and he sighed, “Come on, we better get you back to bed.”

I took all of him in and he started fucking my mouth, moving in and out with frantic thrusts. I could feel him tense and I knew he was going to cum then. I sucked him for all I was worth and he grew still for one final moment, arching his back gracefully before he came groaning and shouting, grinding his crotch into my face. He pulled out of my mouth just as he was shooting his load and his sweet, hot cum splattered all over my face and breasts.

"Now there is a drug called Pronoxafin, but it will only work if a) you take it regularly and b) that you take the prescribed dosage, if you take too much, it can have the opposite effect, leaving you not wanting sex at all." She added.

Paul and his attorney agreed, reluctantly. I was chosen to conduct the proceedings on behalf of the group. The hotel, as its part of the agreement, provided Paul a room for the night with a security guard to insure he did not leave.

'THUD, THUD, THUD,' as my cock and body crashed into hers, "OHHHHHHHHHH." She moaned at each impact. I just kept pounding that sweet gorgeous pussy of hers, ploughing hard and fast, the heat building, my cock aching to release my seed into my mothers vagina.

This time she did turn and look at me as I sat down

Looking at the mirror she was satisfied wit the effect and walked in a incredibly horny state to meet her father.

"Besides the fact that you are here and knocking on my door?" she questioned with a slight smile to show she was teasing and I blushed at her humor over the fact that rarely people would come to see her, not sure what I was suppose to reply with. She saved me from trying with, "I also see that you have brought someone with you," looking somewhere behind me still out on the porch.

"Be right back. Keep your eyes on the pool area."

Cape Cod Baseball

Corinne Darmon :

title of the song with the lines: "dont you know dont you know you got it over him you got me over him"

Lenka Kalousova :


Maria Jose del Valle :

"You Got It All"

Helga Tolle :


Arlene Farber :


Marisa Rudiak :


Nancy Salmon :


Mischa Barton :

I was the game he would play

Ai Mei Wong :

He brought the clouds to my day

Ana Rayo :

Then like a ray of light

Helena Bergstrom :

You came my way one night

Mary Fanaro :

Just one look and I knew

Belinda Grant :

You would make everything clear

Kay Parker :

Make all the clouds disappear

Mbembo :

Put all your fears to rest

Arzu Bazman :

Who do I love the best

Arly Jover :

Don't you know

Andrea Ferreol :

Don't you know

Anastasia Griffith :

You've got it all over him

Emmanuelle Beart :

You got me over him

Catherine Serre :

Honey it's true

Trisha Berdot :

There's just you

Tresa Gibson :

You must have been heaven sent

Ines Rivero :

Hearing me call

Lois Hamilton :

You were out on a limb

Miyu Inaba :

And you're all that he's not

Chennin Blanc :

Just look what I've got

Suzy Amis :

'Cause you've got it all

Uma Thurman :

Over him

Silvia Marso :

All over

Patsy Kensit :

You've got it all over

Anja Kling :

All over

Nadja Tiller :

You've got it all over

Roxanne Hall :

Now, don't let him worry you so

Caroline Beil :

Once I met you

Debbi Morgan :

I let go

Federica Tomassi :

Oh you can surely see

Alexa Jago :

You're so much more to me

Ai Mei Wong :

Just one look and I knew

Jenny Llada :

You would make everything clear

Lezley Zen :

Make all the clouds disappear

Kasia Ostlun :

You're better than all the rest

Bianca Guaccero :

Who do I love the best (yeah...)

Elisabeth Niederer :

Don't you know

Patti Sheehan :

Don't you know

Fernanda Torres :

You've got it all over him

Sandra Dee :

You got me over him

Torrie Wilson :

Honey it's true (so true)

TC Warner :

There's just you

Jenny-Marie Muck :

You must have been heaven sent

Michelle Garrin :

Hearing me call

Tanja Schwedt :

You went out on a limb

Ina Ray Hutton :

And you're all that he's not (all that he's not)

Aida Lopez :

Just look what I've got (look what I've got)

Paula Prentiss :

'Cause you've got it all (you've got it all)

Essence Atkins :

All over him

Carolyn Pickles :

You've got it all over him

Katherine Justice :

You got me over him

Aiko Morishita :

Honey it's true (so true)

Audrey Campbell :

There's just you

Julia Stiles :

You must have been heaven sent

Julie Strain :

Hearing me call

Paige Peterson :

You went out on a limb (out on a limb

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

And you're all that he's not (all that he's not)

Maria Botto :

Just look what I've got (look what I've got)

Josephine Jacqueline Jones :

'Cause you've got it all (you've got it all)

Tatiana Novick :

Over him

Patricia Pearcy :

All over

Dorota Pomykala :

You've got it all over

Callie Thomas :

All over (uh, huh)

Brigitte Bourdeau :

You've got it all over

Jenny Shimizu :


Lisa Marie Presley :

The Jets sang this back around 1987, You've Got it All Over Him.

Nathalie Guerin :

"You got it all" by The Jets (original song)

Anitra Ford :

you got it all over him by the jets. song back in i think the late 80's.

Bianca Rossini :

you got it all over him

Paulina Galvez :

honey it true

Suzanna Hamilton :

there's just you.

Cailey Taylor :

it must of been heaven sent

Tonya Poole :

out on a limb. ( something like that)

Marisa Petroro :

You got it all

Aeryn Twidle :

by the Jets

Kelly Cornwell :

It's "You Got It All" by the Jets from 1987 ( I think that's the year)

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