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"38F cup."

Big beautiful trees with large moss, growing heavily from it's branches.

"I bet you're a virgin, aren't you?" he teased. "I bet you haven't even let anyone touch those magnificent tits of yours."

As always: Love, Luck, and Lust

She loved the delicious way it felt against her skin, and was more than pleased at the way it clung to her. It displayed her very, very well, and even managed to turn a few heads with its immense simplicity and elegance. The men she met at these events, however, seemed to only see her talent, not her.

She then said, "I had to do my "homework" so to speak. It seems you have a great reputation with a large number of women. And I think you are exactly what I need. This cock of yours that I have been holding and squeezing tells me you are certainly big enough for me. How big are you Tony?"

Then the hands traveled back down to rest on her buttocks, slowly moving in circles.

"Yes, we are. And so are you, Miranda!" Mark said while touching my arm.

Whether it was the four hour drive or the excitement of the moment I don't know, but when I got to the room and stretched out I fell asleep. My eyes popped open at the knock on the door. I hurried to let Betty in.

"No, I don't see nuthin' wrong, with a little ..."

"Busted, Amy. Okay, when we were younger we practiced kissing so we would be ready when a boy tried it. But that was just for practice."

At 02:45PM we enters the cinema and took our seats in reserved seats. The half is almost empty and the people who are there to watch movie are on front seats. And around us only 10-20 people are seating but away from us.

"Damn teach, don't you ever shave?" Mandy exclaimed as she caught sight of Cynthia's extremely hairy pussy. The thick black curls not only covered her pubis, but wandered up her tummy and onto her thighs. Her stomach was plump as were her thighs and her skin was the color of cottage cheese.

Then I started licking her other outer pussy lip, and probing the seam between it and her inner lip. Again, I licked slowly, taking my time. We had plenty of time, as we had planned, before the other guys arrived and we both wanted to enjoy each other before they joined us. I covered the inner surface of the outer lip all the way to the end, and then I started licking her clit hood again. Pamela's cooing turned to moaning, and when I curled my tongue under the hood and caressed her adorable clit, her pussy started trying to wrap itself around my face. "Woowee, that feels good. Lick my clit. Lick my clit some more," was Pamela's plea. I would, of course, but not so much, just yet.

"Please let me cum," he whined and she laughed, kissing him gently on the cheek.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Sarah had fucked before, but Steve touched her in places she hadn't known were there. When he was all the way inside her, she began to bounce up and down, her butt slapping his thighs.

“Really?” the roommate squealed. She had roomed with Gomer for some time and never knew her to have interest in anything but physics and the laboratory.

I felt a glass pressed to my lips and tilted; I had no choice but to swallow. It was mostly rum... I knew it wasn't one of the drinks I had mixed, so they must have retrieved the supplies from the bar while I was in the kitchen.

He expected to feel Sheila's hands encircle him as he wept. He expected her to cradle him to her bosom as she ran her hands through his light brown hair. He assumed she would keen with him, cooing in her melodious tone, "Bernie you'll be OK, I'm here. We'll make it."

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"Yum," she said. "Your cum tastes so good. Can you taste your own cum in my mouth?"

While I tried to adjust to the new darkness, I felt him tugging at my pants and boxers. I left my ass off the seat and then back down as I felt him pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles. I felt my hard-on twitch a little bit when it bounced out of my boxers and felt the cool air against it's hot skin.

Still holding his arm tightly, she led him down the street a few blocks and entered a door between two stores that led to stairs up to apartments above.

As always, it was the dawn chorus of the birds in the trees behind the hut which woke Hal. Without having to open his eyes he knew that the very first colors of dawn were beginning to stain the blackness of the eastern wall through the chinks in the planks. Yet, even though he knew where he was, Hal's head was still full of the most incredible dream of any night of his life. A beautiful witch, a shape changing familiar, the same beautiful woman kneeling at his feet calling herself his slave -- and that was the least part of his imaginings! Gregory beaten down in a sorcerers' duel, the King's hands burnt off, Hal standing under the eyes of the collected nobility as Gregory's robe had fallen upon him! What fever must he have been in to have culled up such madness?

"I never thought I'd be getting ready to do this," Rusty's expression seemed to say as his Daughter gently nodded her head in silent agreement.

When I opened the bag I found a little cardboard box and the push-out packaging that had contained two Levonelle pills, along with the usual side-effect warning sheet that came with them. For those of you who have not had reason to come across Levonelle pills before, they are more commonly known as "The Morning After Pill."

"I do on occasion."

He soon shot his load in her pussy and pulled himself back on the couch to relax and catch his breath. I then pushed Susan away from my dick toward his and told her to clean up his cock while I took my place behind her and fucked her until I added my load to his while she sucked his cock nice and clean.

"So that is why they call them knockers!" Renee exclaimed before dissolving into giggles.

“Well, I’ll bet you would be a pretty good fuck.”

Tina panicked, she was enjoying the money she was getting and even put money down on a used car. How would she afford it without this job.

You start slapping her ass, leaving red hand marks. The sting of your hand is making her next orgasm build. You can feel her pushing against you, wanting you deeper. Right as she starts to cry out you let go.. Fucking her like a man possessed. Slamming your cock into her hard. You explode at the same times she does. You both cum for what seems like hours, and then collapse onto the bed.

Jack looked at her, smiled and tossed the skirt straight up. It disappeared instantly.

"If by Sunday morning you are still determined to join us, you will be given more information about the club and turned over to a Pladgemaster and Pledgemistress who will give you more instructions. You can then count on spending the next three weekends or so at the house in pledge training. This actually includes a lot of instruction and demonstrations of a number of the arts of pleasure and of BDSM techniques plus more information about the club. There are other benefits of membership we won't talk about until then."

I grabbed another beer from the fridge, popped it open and sat next to her on the couch as we watched some silly movie. When I began to talk during a commercial break, she shut the TV off and gave me her full attention. Maybe it was her empathy that helped me open up, venting all my hostilities or maybe it was because she intrigued me with those dark, mysterious eyes. Any way you look at it, I talked; she listened. After a bit, I excused myself and headed for the toilet to pee, continuing my conversation since the bath was the only other room in my studio. I thought she'd simply stay on the couch and listen as I talked. Eleni, of course, followed me in.

The room was filled with the sights, sounds, and the smell of sex. The movie was still playing and the three of us were all licking and moaning. My inhibitions were nowhere to be found, as I slipped further into a lust-filled trance. I wanted to try everything I had ever heard of or read about.

"It's called a Wicked Weasel. Do you like it?" Dianne asked with a gleam in her eye

"Exactly. That's what I'm trying to get across to you. It excites me to see you get naked like that, where others can see, and how horny it makes you while you're doing it. And it's not just because I like to see you naked, which I obviously do, but rather it turns me on to have you do it so other men can see you. Don't forget that each and every time you've gone naked like that, it's been your idea, not something I had to talk you into. To take it a step further, it turns me on to imagine what affect it has on the guys looking at you. If it was me doing the looking, at some other guy's wife who was naked like that for me to see, I can guarantee I'd be getting hard."

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I had always felt some guilt regarding these feelings I had for Jill. As a young teenager I felt like it was wrong for me to peek at my own sister sunbathing in the backyard while I stroked myself with fury. It had always thought it an underlying immoral thing, when I'd itch so badly to catch a moment of her naked and wet body when she got out of the shower. Originally I had thought it was a pubescent phase that I'd soon grow out of, but this desire for my sister continued and grew stronger as both her and I reached our mature, adult lives. Every day I'd put my guilt on hold for the few minutes it'd take me to think of Jill and explode with incestual orgasm. I would constantly set small mental goals for myself in hopes of ridding my mind of these 'wrong' incestual thoughts, but such were never met. I'd promise myself to stop thinking of her once she got married, or once she had a kid. But here I am now at 28 years old and my sister at 32, and I still yearn for her as bad as when I was 13.

Julie took his rock hard man meat into her mouth, using her tongue to flick back and forth on the underside of the head. Her mouth sucked steadily up and down the length of the shaft as Lisa dined on his balls, sucking them into her mouth and gently pulling back till they popped from between her lips.

“Yes. But we are not really close.”

Ben joined her and soon I was very wet down there. First, Ben put a finger in me and moved it around. Then two fingers, then three. Ben kept slowly working his fingers into my ass while Cindy was sucking life back into his cock. When Cindy got Ben’s cock hard again she started rubbing it on my well-lubed asshole.

"Yeah, me too." Marcy replied. "Especially the sleep."

‘But first go and put a plastic stool in the shower stall. I don’t think I can stand very well,’ she said weakly. Eric darted off quickly, an anxious look on his face, but clearly relieved to be able to do something to help. He then had to help her inside, an arm around her waist supporting most of her weight. Helen made sure that his hand was jammed up under one heavy breast and that her hip and buttocks rubbed against his crotch several times. There was no sign of an erection and Helen supposed it was partly because the boy was shagged out and partly because he was worried sick about her.

"I'm gonna fuck you. Fuck your asshole. Are you ready? Huh?"

“Zack, what the fuck are you doing?” Ellen cried out. But he just laughed and pulled up the back of her dress. She could feel the evening's cold air. “Not here...not like this,” she pleaded.

"So slave, you will have no trouble taking Jethro and his fucking guided missile into your cunt then will you?"

“We split two months ago.” Lisa said in a sad voice. “Just me and my pal Victor.” Everyone laughed again at her choice of descriptions to describe her current status.

After I cleaned her up she grabbed me by my hard cock and led me back into the bedroom. Tom was lying on the bed with his big cock sticking straight up. Carla lubed up my asshole and had me straddle Tom's cock as she inserted it into my willing ass.

"Mmm Babygirl you are soaked, more than I have ever known you to be!"

Eric and Vanessa were taking a break and were snuggled up in Sean’s couch, which they had just finished moving in. Sean and Elizabeth smiled at them as the entered the room, quietly watching their friends as they chatted. Or rather, while Vanessa talked and Eric sat silently except for the occasional comment. They really were a perfect example of how opposites attract. Idly, Sean wondered what their roles in bed were. He shook that thought from his mind and made some noise to announce that he and Elizabeth had entered.

I smell their heat, taste their leaving and feel the sorrow in them. But they had neared, noticed and named me. I am Andromeda. Andromeda Grey and I care nought of that.

And then his hands were back on his waistband, popping open those buttons one by one as I watched. One, two, three, four…five buttons and some of the tension went out of his face as his cock was free of its prison. I was pleased to see Patrick didn't wear underwear. Or at least, he wasn't wearing any tonight.

"Fuck . . . me . . . Benny," she panted. "Take . . . my . . . cunt . . .it's . . . yours . . . baby."

There was plenty of room in the shower to accommodate the necessary logistics. Taggart and Alicia left the shower as Bernie got in. Taggart relieved himself in the toilet, and Alicia announced, "I’ll wait to take a dump," as she left the room. Everyone laughed. Bernie left the shower, but Karen stayed inside as Bethany and Ben entered. Karen stood under the water, weary.

George moved his finger in and out of the tight hole. "Like it?"

"Coffee?" she said in a nervous and excited tone.

"I don’t know, I heard it to." Replied Rod, "Sounds like it’s comin’ from upstairs."

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"No it's great thank you " I replied.

"Hi," Tim said with a smile as he offered his hand, "I'm Tim. You look like you could use some company."

"What conversation?"

I stood up, and produced my key from my pocket. "Thirty-six," I told her.

"C'mon it's just one night, but you shouldn't lose!" April pleaded.

He just fucks me hard. It's been months for him, watching and wanting me, after all. The only thought on his mind is the tight pussy he's been plotting how to have.

This experience has truly opened Lulu's eyes to a whole new world of devotion and servitude. By being a puppy, as Lulu is growing and learning just as a puppy would, Lulu is given a remarkable way to show love to her Master. Lulu is allowed to be a silly puppy, a little and vulnerable puppy, and a very affectionate one, with sloppy kisses and playful nuzzles. She gets a pat on the head for fetching Master his slippers and loves getting her tummy tickled, though this often makes her want more than just a giggle.

I sighed, breathing softly. Taking in the peaceful quiet, the warmth of the fire, the nearness of William, the sweet clean oxygen of this, my new home, Cho. Gazing into his blue eyes, my own green ones hazy still from the drugs but my thoughts much clearer now, I extended my hand to him. His fingers grasped mine, holding them tight, as I softly whispered, "I am ready, William. Take me home."

I straddled the top of his thighs. When I leaned forward to massage his back my pussy pressed against his firm ass. I massaged slowly down his back and I didn't stop. I massaged his adorable ass, wishing that he wasn't wearing boxers. He rolled over and I started at the top of his chest and worked my down, paying special attention to his nipples. I was still straddling his upper thighs, but now when I leaned forward my pussy pressed against his hard cock. My caressing hands reached the top of his boxers and my fingers nudged them down exposing more skin to rub. Finally, I grabbed his waistband and pulled his boxers down until his hard cock was freed.

Saturday, October 29, 2000

She noticed. The woman looked right down at the tent in my shorts and uttered a barely audible, “mmmmmm.” She looked up and smiled an absolutely dazzling smile that promised delights unimagined, joys beyond description, and…God damn it I was shaking.

Isaac was frightened, but the command of his little mistress -- and the sight of Abigail's petite white body and sopping wet pussy -- overrode his fears. Easily controlling her weak struggling, he dropped his face to her crotch and started gently licking. She gasped, still whimpering, "No," but he could feel almost immediately that she was responding, lifting her hips to give him better access to her juicy slit. He slowly increased the speed and force of his tongue, concentrating more and more on the hard little nub of her clit. In less than a minute, "No, no, no," became "Oh, oh, oh."

She heard the vibrator move away. A second later there was a click and a low hum reached her ears. A second click, and it went off. It was set back on the bar. He took a step, the crotch of his pants directly in her face. One by one, he undid the snaps on the button fly. His hands moved away, a second later, they explored her body. His hands were rough on her smooth skin. They squeezed her tits, not as hard as she expected. His fingers found her nipples, rolling them into reluctant peaks. Small sparks ran to her pussy. She bit her lip, trying to ignore his expert touch.

"Yes master," was her only reply.

"Undress me."

"Well," Ken hesitated, "she swallowed the first time, but then..." he stopped.

"Allow me my lady to help you pick you're packages up and to help you to you're buggy" Mark said. The whole time he was planning to slip one of them in his pocket.

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"What have you got in this thing?" I asked trying to get my mind of the sweet little budding form before me.

I said " your anniversary present, you decide what you want to do with it."

"Don't worry about it," Kim told him, kissing him. "She just fainted. It happens every time she has a good come." She tugged at Tommy's head. "Eat me cousin! I want to come, too!" She laid back on the blanket, her legs spread.

That was so incredible I want to share. Want her to have that same hot tsunami. So I turn to you and whisper, "make her come."

In the room, I cooled my heels while Pat was in the bath. When she finally came out I was surprised to see she was wearing a very sheer, very sexy, shortie nightgown. Her hair was freshly brushed, she had reapplied her makeup and she smelled heavenly. "Wow! You look good enough to eat."

“Aw, shit...” he muttered to himself. He knew, with a sinking feeling, that he'd hurt her. Suddenly it didn't seem funny in the least. He wiped his eyes and jumped up, calling her name.

Surprised and also a little curious, I made my way to my room. I suppose she had her own sexual needs like everybody else, but a vibrator? True, she hadn’t been with another man in the four years since my father left, as far as I was aware, but the sheer thought of her using a vibrator blew my mind! Denying the image to myself, I quickly walked away, shutting the idea out of my head. Once in the safety of my own room I undressed, got into bed and eventually dozed off, curious at my thoughts of her playing with herself only a mere room away, no matter how much I wanted to deny it.

Unbidden, an image of Mr. Cox standing before her crept into her mind. As her fingering became more purposeful—her index and middle fingers circling her clit with gradually increasing pressure, occasionally dipping into her virgin hole to collect more juices—Nina's fantasy Mr. Cox began taking off his clothes. Thanks to her Internet research on National Nude Day, Nina had seen pictures of nude men, so it wasn't too difficult to visualize Mr. Cox's beautifully naked body.

I was feeling vulnerable again, and nervous. My dress was barely hanging on me; cool air was wafting against my pussy lips. My nipples were hard and pushing out against my dress. I slowly turned my head to look around to see if anyone else was in the station. No one. But as I turned my head, even that slight movement caused my dress to slip down just a fraction. I gasped and she grinned at me. Melanie pointed to the pump. It was only two steps to reach it and I didn’t want to move. I took a breath and looked at her again. She stepped back, giving me a clear path. I took one step and felt it slip a little bit more. Then the other and then I was by the pump. My dress was just hanging on me.

She started but then it was forgotten as the most powerful feeling she had ever had rushed through her as she climaxed. Her whole body shook and her knees went so weak she had to grip the walls to keep from falling, wetness trickled down her thighs. Across the garden Dante ceased his relentless anal assault and stood reaching down, to grab the woman by the hair and pull her up so she knelt before him, he offered her his swollen meat and as Mary watched her headmistress closed her hands in prayer and said grace for the cock that had just raped her married arsehole.

I was so hard and horny I wanted to stick my cock into that ass that she was describing. The younger woman started to swing her ass and then she spoke, "I love it when a man opens my cheeks and licks my pussy while he strokes me but with me it is my breasts that are so sensitive I can cum just with them being touched and licked."


I thought I'd tell you about my dream/fantasy/nightmare for a story tonight.

"Um... Business. I'm not sure what I am going to do yet."

"Can you chug?" she asked.

Gidget was in the bedroom about to paint her toenails when she heard his motorbike sputtered along the driveway.

Jill: About a year ago, right after I lost my job.

David's cock throbbed in his hands at her words. Oh, she was ready. He was insane with desire for her, his own baby girl, but was determined to keep the upper hand. Every time he slid his cock inside her, he remembered how this whole crazy adventure started….

The next day at work, I received a phone call from Don.

"Whatever." I said, turning to get my t-shirt.

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She smiled the catnip smile that was beginning to haunt me.

For a second he considered offering to move and let her have the aisle, but then, maybe she wanted to look at the blackness and the curvature of the horizon. He just smiled back politely and replied, "Sure, be my guest." Instead of waiting for him to stand in the aisle to let her in, she awkwardly climbed over his legs while facing him. Unless her tunic concealed those phony nipples he'd seen some women wear, she wore no bra. Her legs were bare above the anklets and as she climbed over his knees, her skirt hiked up and he saw she wore no panties, even getting a fast glimpse of her hairless pussy.

The week went by quickly, talking to the client, his family, and double-checking the investigator reports, to prepare for the trail kept her busy. The alarm sounded at 6:30 am on Thursday morning. Rolling over, she placed the pillow over her head, she had been up late, putting together all of the details of her opening statements for the morning. Today was going to be a long one, and she just was not ready to start the day.

"How long has this been getting to you?"

Once inside my apartment, I nervously went to the refrigerator got out a bottle of wine and opened it with trembling hands.

As I felt chubby guy's hand slowly working its way up my leg the other guy put his arm around me and drew me closer to him.

Nipple piercing-related factors can lead to serious problems with a woman's breasts: infected milk ducts are a possible risk when dealing with trauma to the nipples. This condition is similar to a problem breast-feeding women can experience.

He got off her and picked up the phone.

"She told me that she had been watching me and masturbating for a week and that she wanted me to know this and to see her before I left. It was like she was thanking me in some strange way, but what is marked in my mind forever is the image of this beautiful, naked, vulnerable, girl staring up at me with her fingers in her bare pussy and wanting me… wanting to see me, wanting to share herself with me, and… and I think wanting to touch me. I can't get her out of my head, and now I think that might be what I was always doing with myself in the mirror. I think I want to have sex with a girl.

"Oh fuck, he's a fuckin' Limey!" I gasped.

The video started, showing a good looking woman in her 30's, conservatively dressed in a skirt and jacket. The video camera followed her along a street until she entered a waiting room, obviously a doctors surgery. She sat a moment until an older man in a white coat came and spoke to her in German before leading her into another room. They sat at a desk before he invited her to undress, which she did, without a screen, removing her jacket, skirt and blouse. She was wearing high heeled shoes, black hold up stockings and expensive matching bra and panties.

"Did that feel good, Lisa?" I asked. "Please no more superficial garbage. Just tell me what you feel."

Thank you

"Helen says Ben likes to beat off in hers so here are mine. Now before I go turn about is fair play. Show me yours!"

I never heard the I want part. The cum shot from my cock through her cleavage to the base of her throat! She let go of her tits and as her wonderful natural DD's spread wide open the cum ran out ward in both directions. She took my cock in her hand and finished pumping every last drop onto her chest!

By the time they woke up the sun had just set and it was rapidly getting dark. "Today has been so much fun," Wendy said, "but what would you think to going out for dinner and maybe some dancing. Back home I really don't get much of a chance to go to clubs like that and I'd like to take full advantage while I have the chance."

"What’s this?" I asked him.

"I won't, my love," he said.

Slowly Frank worked her panties from under her buttocks and down her legs. He stood back and admired his accomplishments.

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She looked at the clock. It was past eleven at night. She wanted to deliver the wallet in person, but going out at this hour did not seem like a good idea. If she called, and he was still there, he might come and get it - but she hoped to meet him, at least briefly, and she could hardly invite a strange man into her apartment at midnight! She decided she would wait until morning, and then try the hotel.

Later that night, the two of us were lying in bed, naked and glistening from the long bout of sex we had just shared. Adrienne was playing with my now limp erection, coated in her drying secretions.

God I had never had a blacked out like this before. Black; holy shirt. Truman drove us. Now I remember it was not a taxi at all Truman my foreman had driven us home. Yes and then he helped carry mother up here. Oh, my god Truman had seen us fuck at the office and he had joined in with us here. I must have passed out just after I fucked mother the second time. I had her on all fours and I was doing her doggie style and Truman was getting a fucking blow job. I remember his cock was so thick mother’s mouth was almost not big enough to get around the head. But where were they now?

Its my "fee" for not getting up as early with her.

I will keep him waiting for my pussy. Let him simmer some. Terry held me close as a slow dance song was played. I pressed my chest to his. His hand slid down, giving him some very quick hand-to-ass contact. To be a Bitch, I slid my leg forward, gently rubbing across his cock. He froze. That was a first for that boy, I am sure. Following it up, I kissed him on the cheek. Then, without a word, turned, to go to the bar for a drink. That would give Terry food for lots of thoughts.

"I've been on a few discussion groups; female readers love your stories," she said.

One of the coolest things about going camping is the kind of adventures a person can get themselves into when one is unleashed to enjoy the great outdoors.

"Yes Madam," he answered.

* * * * *

By the author of The Jessica Project

Opening my mouth wide I flattened my tongue against the base of her pussy and slid it all the way up to the moles. I kept ‘lapping’ at her pussy as she began to relay. Patti had apparently been watching but now satisfied that her sister was enjoying what I was doing I felt her hands close around the base of my cock as her mouth slide over the top 4 inches of my hard dick.

"Am I?" He felt his cheeks and realized he was. He smiled and hugged while Amy and Katherine repeatedly yelled, "Brother!" He said their names over and over.

She started to cry. Marvin held her hand and said: "OK Barb. If that's how you want it than I'm going. But, if you chance your mind, here's my cell phone number. Call me and I'll be there for you. Please understand I have been with a great deal of women but you are exceptional. I never met a woman like you, and I do want to see you again. I want us to be together. I don't want to wreck your marriage I want you to be with me and fuck me and let me fuck you. Do you understand, you can have your marriage and still see me. We would be so great together baby. I can almost feel you around my body and your pussy around my big cock. You loved it too Barbara I know you did."

"I asked if your husband knows you fuck men at the office."

"It is her turn, you know, and I had him all alone too," said Jill.

Goddddddd Yessssssss Elisa I cried.

She said, "If I miss my next period I'll take a pregnancy test and if I am I'll go see my doctor again and he will give me the "morning after" pills."

"Chevy wants to take us to dinner. Are you up to eating?"

"Thanks, Steve, you're a charmer," Julie beamed, continuing to massage Jenna's breasts seductively.

They talked for about ten minutes, then Ted said, "Well, I've had enough of this. I want to take you inside."

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I let your cock slide from my mouth and instantly climb on top of you. The moment you feel my pussy touching your cock, you slam your hips up to meet my ass. Your cock fills my pussy, your pubic hair tickling my clit.

"Move your car Ed!" she commanded. Ed moved behind Ann's car and held his hands up. "Annie! Just get out of the car now," he said in a somewhat softer voice. Ann flipped her middle finger at her husband and put her car into reverse. Hanging her head out the window she yelled, "Move your car Ed or I'll drive right over you AND that piece of shit!"

Strippers worked the crowd after a performance, offering lap dances to customers.

She pulled off my shirt and began kissing my chest. She worked her way down unzipping my pants, and pulling them off. Then she laid me back on the couch and slowly stroked my prominent erection.

As she wrapped her legs around my waist, her dress retreated up her perfect thighs. As we continued to kiss, I placed my hands on her firm, perky breasts and squeezed. I reached behind her as we kissed and slid the zip on her dress down. She let the fress drop onto her thighs. I saw she was wearing a see through black push up bra, except for some lace on it. My hands once again found her breasts as she tore my shirt open. I wriggled out of it, making sure to keep one hand on her to support her fine body. I kicked my shoes out the way and looked down at Kylie's breasts. They were firm and nicely sized, and her nipples were like bullets.

As June walked down the aisle closer and closer to me, about to cement our bond, I couldn't help but think of how it had been taken this long for Summer and I to meet. After all, Summer is June's best friend.

"That would be an absolute last on my agenda."

Tom knew Gordon felt something towards Yvonne and Yvonne somewhat took a liking to him. Tom didn't know how he felt after that, but he was not bothered, because he knew, Yvonne loved him very much and they were linked for life.

Her makeup was perfectly done and all of the colors perfectly accentuated her beautiful face, eyes and skin tone. She was wearing a light blue satin and lace corset with a matching g-string and a short mesh robe that remained open. I suspect the color was selected especially for her, since it was a near perfect match to the light blue color of her eyes. The corset had adjustable garters attached to white stockings, which had the effect of making Erika's beautiful legs appear to be even longer than usual, as if that were even possible.

He pointed his finger toward her dark hole and touched her lightly.

Jerry and I have known each other for more than ten years, going back to when we roomed in college. He was best man at Debby's and my wedding, and I was an usher at his and Carol's. When she first met Carol, Debby couldn't figure out what she saw in him. "They're so different! I mean, it's like Mutt and Jeff!"

He took a deep breath and asked, “How long have you done this?”

"Well me and Dawn have some news, now we have talked about this while we were alone and have made a decision, but we want to know what you think and we'll change our plans if you want" Debbie said holding Dawn's hand tight as they stood, looking at the two on the sofa.

He gasped, his breath hard as he slowly relaxed down to the table before answering. "Yes Mistress. It's so intense, so sharp…yes Mistress."

Lauren took a deep breath and pressed the tip of one finger against the bell push. The trill of the doorbell echoed in the hallway of James' apartment and, for a heart-stopping moment, Lauren thought that he had gone out. Then, just as she was resting her finger against the bell push again, she heard the measured tread of his footsteps on the other side of the door. Her hands felt sweaty and her heart fluttered in her breast as she waited. She could feel the moisture leaching out of her mouth, leaving her tongue thickened and as dry as dust.

"Open up your jacket and let me see you then Lisa, you want to show me your breasts don't you?"

Sue was smiling as her nipples hardened. She trimmed her bush into a one-inch wide landing strip of true blond hair. Her long legs stretched out in the van.

"Bucket" she said "and we only need one spoon."

Dillon shivered. “I thought Burke Carpenter handled that end of the operation.”

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Laurie relaxed. “Oh, it’s nice to meet you. I guess I assumed some giant Bash Brothers owned this place,” she laughed. “If you’d like, please call me Laurie.”

Lance took a butt plug out of the tool box and tried to insert it into my arse. I tried to loosen up my butt muscles but found it incredibly hard to do. It was not my Master I was opening up too. I tried again to loosen up but just could not. Lance tried forcing in the butt plug but failed. My Master slowly rose up from the couch and without saying a word He picked up His whip from the tool box. Suddenly His whip descended with force on my back.

"Now lick my cock clean." Joanne didn't want to be beat again so she started with earnest. The mix of cum and her own juices only made her wet again. She had always been multiorgasm and after what happened tonight, she was even hotter than ever. She could feel her pussy leaking juice as her small tongue licked the shaft of the cock, cleaning it off.

"Yes a bit."

...One of the toga clad young gentlemen was smiling at me, and I smiled back, and lay back as another massaged my foot. I looked at the smiling youth with a seductive glance, nodding to encourage him closer as the other touched my ankle with cold hands...

"Ouch! Point taken, my dear father. So when do we start?"

"I'll suck you until you come again."

Saturday afternoon, she was at my place helping me to finally get my old (and loved) vinyl records in the basement and to set up some new CD shelves. After we finished, we just sat on my sofa and chatted. We were drinking beer directly from the bottles. You should know that we had a great weekend here; it was very sunny and very warm, an Italian spring.

“I wouldn’t think of getting you hard any other way.”

What I like especially about his outfit is twofold. One, the low-cut shorts ensures that some part of my sexy underwear is always showing, leaving no doubt to the average observer that I am wearing a thong, with a remarkably thin strip of material running right up from my gorgeous ass cheeks (sorry about the editorializing, but when you got it, you got it...). When I sit down and lean forward in these shorts, you can see the tiny strip of material emerging from my ass cheeks and tying in to the strings that snake over my hips and back down the front of my shorts. I know this turns guys on. There must be something about women and g-strings these days.

I'm to the point that every waking moment is spent reliving this horrible experience and my nights are black terrors of self loathing and recrimination. I've got to do something, I'm of no use to myself or anyone else right now.

"What is it?"

"You ok Devon?" Dean asked as he heard his sister moan out in slight pain.

I sensed that our conversation was about over and I wanted desperately for it to continue. It was like an erotic confession.

"I don't believe that!" Pacey shouted.

She confronted it.

Then she drifted off to sleep.

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"Yes, we know. But did you ever bang on the wall, to let us know to keep it down? No. Did you ever mention in any of our conversations that you're able to hear into our apartment? No. You might as well admit it Beth: you're fascinated."

"Do you think you'd ever let me find out?"

"Yes, but can't it be just you and I?"

Saturday evening Christine went out with her two friends and they got home at around 11pm. I stayed home and watched some television in my boxers and a t-shirt. When they arrived I was lounging on my bed. Christine brought both girls upstairs. "Dad," she said, "you know Jenny. This is Stacy. Stacy, this is my Dad."

Alison blushed even deeper and then raised her eyes, "Are either one of you...ah...well, pregnant?"

Each one removed their clothes and started to play with their cocks. They were in a circle around Dee who was forced to suck a cock every time it was placed in front of her face. A huge champagne glass was placed on a coffee table so it sat just below her chin, and a short guy approached her and stuffed his cock into her mouth. He gripped her head by the hair and said,

As the flight progressed, they continued to talk. Janie found her companion to be fascinating, both a good listener and an interesting talker. Janie was flabbergasted when she found out her companion was forty-five, she would never have guessed more than early twenties. When she said so, Adriana smiled.

"How cool. Is there anything in particular that you were looking for?"

I immediately got the harness out and assembled the pieces. Then I proceeded to step into the harness and tighten down on the straps. I wanted no loose fit, this cock was to become a part of me for the pleasure we want to receive from it. Secured in place, I got up on the bed…I looked at my lover…he wants to suck my cock, I know he does. I straddled him over his chest. He opened his mouth taking in so much of it all at once and began to suck my cock as if it were real. I swear if it were a man's real cock- he might make me question my ability at oral pleasures…so hot to watch him suck my cock, so deep.

Kyle was bright red, and his cock was rock-hard.


She kept leaning closer and finally figured out what I was doing. She took the cigarette out of her mouth and grinned at me, "What are you doing?"

“With anybody?”

Daddy's breathing grew shallower as I played with his cock. It became short and labored and it sounded as if he was venting the passion built up in his cock out through his lungs. "My thing?" He snorted as he thumbed my clit. "I thought I'd taught my little girl to call it my cock?" His passionate voice soothed me as his finger teased my clit. "Have you forgotten what I asked you to call it young lady?" He asked softly. His hand left my pussy and traveled up over my stomach and stopped at my breasts. Daddy surrounded each one and massaging their fullness through the thin material of my disheveled dress. "My baby has such nice boobs," He told me as he made love to them with his hands.

He poked his head out of the water, after swimming a couple of laps.

"Touch me Terri. Put your hand on my wet pussy." Now she was the one whispering.

Whereas Cinda has sent me a picture of herself, she's never seen one of me. She says looks aren't important when a guy is as sexy as me. Wow...I'm flattered. Hope I can live up to that billing. Anyway, I recognize her from her picture - and try not to slip in my own drool - but she doesn't recognize first. But when she sees me looking at her as I approach, she looks at her watch. Right on time, her smile seems to say...and she knows it's me.

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Jeremy smiled back. "It sounded like it."

"Then you could walk around all day at work, the balls rolling about inside your pussy- your cunt I mean."

I was so close I had to continue. I gently pulled my four fingers out a bit just so I could curl my thumb into my palm. Then I started pushing ever so slowly. Jennifer's asshole was stretching and stretching wider and wider. Jennifer was at the point of making low out of control guttural sounds as my fist ripped into her ass..

I looked through the window and saw my wife at the sink, her back to the two men who had their eyes planted on her sweet ass.

She didn’t answer. Instead she reached out and grasp my hard on through the bed sheet. I moved my hand toward her crotch, but she stopped me. I held my breath.

The little blond girl looked at Joe and wanted to know, "Why do we need her? I do not understand. Do you think that I need help?"

I just looked at her, and then I finally shrugged and sighed. "Ok. I was fantasizing about you."

“Ryan!” Charmaine laughed as her small hand reached to grab it. Her intention was to put the big member away – as if something so large could be hidden easily! When her fingers wrapped around his thickness though, she didn’t want to release it, let alone tuck it back into his underwear. She was so horny! Why wouldn’t he get rid of John?

Sitting down in my chair again I had to catch my breath. God damn she was a good cock sucker! "Come here Kathi" I said a stern but loving voice. "You've been a bad girl bothering daddy at work, come over here and let daddy teach you a lesson you little slut" Grabbing me you threw me across your knees and I felt your hand caressing and squeezing my ass. "Such a beautiful ass,' I hear as your hand lands on my right cheek. The smack seems to please you and I can feel your hard cock against my belly. Stopping every once in awhile to brush a fingertip over my swelling clit. My ass stinging as you count the blows. "6... 7... 8... 9... 10" Crying I start to beg you "Please daddy I'll be a good girl, Let me be a good girl and make daddy happy"

"If I do, this is over and we get to live our life the way we want to?"

I slump down against you and as my body tries to come down from the intense orgasm I feel your cock twitch inside me, letting me know you didn’t cum. I sit up and kiss you hard and passionately as I pull myself up off your cock.

She undid the strap on my back and pulled the bra on. It looked brilliant on her, as her full breasts bulged out of the cups and her pink nipples protruded through. She pulled on her matching thong and laid next to pulling the covers over her, leaving me cold and tied up. She rolled over so that her back was facing me.

I gasped out that one word again, “Mother!”

Jack couldn't believe what she was saying. He thought she always had an orgasm when they had sex. Of course, he always made sure she had one or more. Samantha reading his mind added, "I had to pretend to make sure my big strong husband thought he was king of the bedroom so I faked it."

They lay panting, glistening in sweat, clutching one another, for a few minutes. Finally, Dylan raised his head and looked Aurelia in the eyes sadly. "I'm...I'm sorry," he said. "I...I shouldn't have...."

As soon as his hot tongue touched her nipple, she exhaled, "Ooohhhh, oh God" Yea, baby, mmmm. Suck it, baby suck it. I watched her hand go to his head again, as she crammed her tit into his mouth. He licked all around her entire breast, which drove her crazy, and just about made her cum right then. While he was doing this, I put my hand back on her sopping wet pussy and began to work her clit all around. "Oh, oh, oh, my God!" she cried, "Oh man, mmmm, this is so hot!" Dave was now smashing both of her tits into his mouth, his head moving furiously back and forth so as not to leave either of her nipples out of the action.

At the end of the long table nearest the entrance sat the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I'd always been partial to Latina women for some reason, but the one thing they didn't have was height. Most Latinas are short, but not this woman. She was in her mid-twenties and about 5'10" without heels, long and lean, but no anorexic waif was she. She had lovely curves, nice, rounded hips, a perfectly-shaped bottom, and a great set of c-cups. This was all perfectly complimented by a perfectly-sculpted face with large brown eyes and full lips, framed with long, curly brown hair. She was wearing a tailored business suit that looked perfectly professional, yet did nothing to hide that gorgeous body. I didn't realize that I was staring at her until she gave me a knowing smile and said in a deep, sultry voice, "Hi there. Are you the one who's going to teach me--oh, I mean us--a few things?"

I followed him down the corridor to the room he was working and there was a painting of a woman reclined on a chaise, satin draped around and across her naked body. Her arms were above and over her head, slung backward and her hands were together, bound by something I couldn't quite decipher.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as the cock twitched between her lips.

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"No. I don't think they are finished. The auctioneer is asking if there is anything else the people are interested in."

She wore quite a glittery dress almost full length with a split that almost approached her waist, as she leant it fell open revealing a long thigh, no stockings they would have been visible in the split.

"Let's get you out of these," I said as I started to tug down the panty hose. She stepped back then slipped off her shoes and rolled them down herself. She stepped out of them and stood before me in just those lacy panties.

“You haven’t earned the right to have my cock girl. In the meantime, maybe this will help.” She felt his hand move down the crack of her ass and moaned as his fingers slid over her dripping cunt. She pushed back against him, hold her ass as high as she could to get more contact as he began to rub gently over her clit. His feather light touch caused her to moan in frustration, but his hands controlled her completely, preventing her from getting more friction.

"Is that enough, Allison? Are you ready to go back to class?" Just as she began to stand, he touched a finger to her slippery fuck hole, and her knees collapsed. "Or do you want some more?"

"So Anna ready tp fuck Rod's ass?"

As the horny boy came out of the restroom he saw Bambi approaching from down the hall. Right on cue she ran full speed toward him excitedly. To Ben's surprise she was wearing the same swimsuit as her mother was. Acting the part of a giggly school girl she hugged him tight pressing her boobs and crotch hard against him and squealing, "Oh Ben, it is wonderful to see you; you just have to come out to the pool and see Babbette. We have all missed you so much, besides I need you to rub some lotion on me.

She grabbed her daughter from my arms and tugged her son roughly by the hand making him walk beside her as she hurried away.

I heard the door open.

“Fine” Sky responded noncommittally, as she hesitantly walked through the door.

Arthur clasped her from behind, their bodies joined only at their genitals but otherwise fused by sweat-soaked stretches of cotton. Sandy rolled her ass back at her lover as he thrust forward. Arthur breathed deeply to hold back while one hand worked over Sandy's tits and the other pushed her clit toward his sliding cock. Sandy felt the tingling begin and she shivered despite the heat. Her head hung down over the celery, the Bermuda onion, the tomatoes, the basil, her hair coming undone and falling over her puffing cheeks.

Linda looked deep into my eyes. "I love you, too" she said.

When I got back to the table, Johnny had a large, Long Island Ice Tea waiting for me. He smiled when I chug-a-lugged it down. Wally had told him that if I got tipsy that it would be with the intent of having sex with him. He ordered another. Another went right down the hatch.

"Ok, that would make it easier."

"You can't be serious?!" Her shock, and anger such, at this new revelation, that she'd completely forgotten about her robe as she jumped to her feet, and it was now open up the front to reveal those rippling heaving breast's erect nipples poking through the thin material of her silk blue nitey. It was also now obvious that she shaved, or at least trimmed her pubic hair for a bikini fit.

"Oh, Lysa, now I know why you like that thing. The power I felt, the control; it was so hot. I can't believe you pissed."

"Want me to wash your back?" I jumped, easily three feet into the air. She was standing in the tub, just behind me, her baby-doll discarded, nonchalantly nude. She gestured to the soap.

Cheryl looked embarrassed. "Hi guys," she said giving a little wave and blushing.

Mark and I knew what was coming up. They took Anthony and whispered in his ear to place his cock into Joan’s pussy. Anthony did as told and slowly penetrated his wife. This was a new sensation for him, and Joan.

Annie reached over, grasped Ellen's clit between her thumb and forefinger, and gave it a pinch. Ellen gave a little gasp.

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"Susan our children haven't seen us as man and wife for three years. I told you earlier we have to think of them."

"I think you'll find it was worth it," he said with a suggestive smile.

My name is Jack Riley, my wife is Jill Riley, we have been married eighteen wonderful years but recently thought we would try and spice up our lives by meeting with another couple. We live in Purdue, Indiana. We run a small pharmacy here. Here are some of the particulars you asked about. Jill is 5' 8" 145 lbs. The only way to describe her is "gorgeous", blond hair down to her shoulders, 38D boobs, long legs and an ass to kill for. I'm considered a handsome man. I'm 6' 2" 210 lbs. We are light drinkers, non-smokers, we work out at the gym twice a week.

"Yes!!! Oh, God!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!" she groaned, "Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!! That's it!!! That's ittttt!!! Make me come!!! I'm...I'm commminnnggg!!! Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!" Her hips worked frantically against Bill's hand as orgasm again wracked her and she dissolved into overwhelming bliss.

Like cats, they both moved around the back of the house and slithered through the glass doors into their kitchen. Upon reaching a "secure" area, the heated couple both let out a long sigh of relief, which turned into muffled giggles, then out and out laughter.

"I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and when I found out about her very special equipment, I proposed on the spot!"

The next day was Saturday so David did not have to work. He went to the park early, hoping to see his secret love. All he saw were children playing and some parents nearby, watching. Many of the children were dressed in costumes which seemed a little odd to David since Halloween had already passed. Then again, he thought maybe the families had been unable to celebrate in the middle of the week.

Now, the first male who fucked my new tits, other than my husband, was a friend of Dave's, Shawn. Shawn was a guy Dave used to work with here in the DC area, but who moved to Michigan before I moved out to Maryland. Dave and I had just gotten married and literally just returned from our honeymoon in Martinique, maybe been home a day. My fake tits were only three months old and Dave and I had only fucked Kristen since the boob job. Lots of guys had seen them on our honeymoon, because we were at topless beaches, but only Dave had gotten to play with them. Anyway, we had to drive up to Toronto to get some of my stuff in storage, which I'd had there a year since I'd moved to Maryland. Dave's car, at the time, was just his Mustang, which was about 8 years old or something. It didn't have much room, it hardly had any trunk and the back seat was pretty small. He had good money but he loved this fucking car, and since he took a train to work, he had hardly put any miles on it. So instead of having a normal car as any guy with money would have, he had this stupid small convertible.

Click-click. Sharon, again. This time she was decked out to hit the clubs with thigh high fuck-me boots on (Evan's favourite). That was from the last time she had come up to visit him. The short, school-girl skirt and blouse she had on reminded Evan of the current day's events. His cock began leaking pre-cum and was seeping through his pants. Glancing over his shoulder, hearing Kat safely auditioning for no one in the shower, he unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock with abandon.

I woke up the next morning feeling weak from the loss of blood but surprised to still be alive. I managed to find a hospital and get patched up. Later I filed a police report but nothing ever came of it. Betty was never heard from again.

Frankie rolled on his side, so he was facing her. "Aunt Kay?" he said, sounding a bit tentative.

"It can't be that simple. You guys have a good relationship."

"Tim wouldn't be happy with you if he knew." Robby was trying to act stern.

After enjoying her tasty twat, Dan pulled his mouth from her clit and began to kiss his way up her bulging belly. She cupped her breasts and offered him her long teats. He eagerly accepted a big nipple and, as he suckled on her tit, he was rewarded with a few drops of her warm, sweet milk. She pulled herself into a sitting position, and cradled his head in her arms as he sucked and kissed her breast. When he peeked up at her face, she was smiling contentedly with her eyes half closed.

Someone was gently tugging at her cuntlips as the tongues on her nipples caused her pussy juices to begin flowing. Her breathing was measured with lust and increasing arousal while her body was pleasured and toyed with. Ginny felt her blindfold come untied and she looked up to see her Mistress's smooth cunt towering above her face, wet with arousal. Calista's nectar dripped onto Ginny's face as she could see her Mistress towering above her. Ginny lifted her head trying to reach Calista's pussy with her tongue, but her Mistress denied her. The virgin slave girl felt a warm thick presence against her exposed rosebud and looked down to see Eric holding his cockhead to her asshole. She quickly looked to her Mistress as if pleading for him to stop.

“I sure hope that hard cock is for me” she whispered seductively into his ear. “Are you dreaming about cheerleaders again? I hope I didn’t scare you too much or ruin whatever little fantasy you might be having. But, I have been thinking about that cock all day. Why don’t you turn over and show me you still know how to use it and I can make your dreams come true?”

Ah fuck baby daddy likes that was my first words of the night. Come on daddy baby likes to eat your cock ummm sweet nice and hard but so soft at the same time. I love that little twist at the end of it, AHHH fuck I'm close. Make daddy cummm baby. Not yet I need to have a little more fun and she inserted a finger in my ass again this caused me to loose my nut. She then swung around and planted her pussy on my face I reached up and found her breasts and started the windshield wiper routine on them flicking my thumb back and forth across them. This seemed to help as she ground her clit against my teeth I used my tongue as a small dick and fucked her hole as hard as I could I removed one hand from her chest and placed it at the entrance to her pussy pushing upwards till I found the rough spot shaped like a walnut and tweaked it till she started to shake. AHHH yeeees there you fucker do that moooore AHHH and fell against my body. All sweaty and breathless I rolled her over getting between her legs I lifted her to her knees and placed my cock in her super wet snatch. Again she let out a low purr AHHH Ohhh ahahah breathing was coming rapidly and shallow she tightened up so it felt like a vise was wrapped around my cock I started to slow down but she increased the thrusting by rocking back and forth till she came for a second time. Soon after this I shot my first load of the evening.

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"The Club." He knew the ‘Club’ well, even drank there sometimes and the live bands were the best, but it was not the ideal place for a young girl to hang out.

"Two weeks after we met. We were at his mother's for dinner and I sucked on him in living-room chair whilst his mother was washing up"

It might have ended right there.

Sure was glad my words had made her feel good. For sure I wasn't used to talking about important things with Carly, I discovered I liked it. We rocked the swing in silence. Our hands had gradually slipped lower; my fingertips were touching the ultra-soft skin slightly down her right breast.

After an hour of weeding the spinach rows, the sun was getting higher and I was sweating. I had finished two rows of spinach and decided to go back to the house to get a drink of water. Just as I opened the screen door, Sherry was walking out. I saw her mother at the kitchen table peeling potatoes. Sherry said, "Hi, Pete" gave a little cordial smile and kept walking. She had a book under her arm. She was wearing the tightest cut offs I'd ever seen and a yellow tee-shirt that was cut just below her tits, revealing her stomach. The shorts were the low cut type and accented her hips and ass. She knew I was watching her as she swayed her hips just enough to tantalize me. Talk about knowing what she wanted.


Kay looked over at me and smiled as if she were seeking my approval. One look at the state of my cock gave her my willing answer. She winked seductively as she opened her mouth as wide as possible and lowered her head over the huge cock.

Then I decided, my cock was probably wet enough to fuck her ass. I pinched her nipples a bit, and told her bend back over for me. When she did, I showed my approval with a spank. Without warning, I started driving my cock inside her ass. It was so tight, I could barely get any in, but I kept pushing deeper and deeper.

She didn’t seem to be bothered that I was actually fondling her fantastic ass! Then I took another plunge. My cock was getting hard, and I desperately wanted her! I used my fingers to take the edge of her pants, and pulled down exposing of the cleft between her ass cheeks. She just wriggled a little and moan how wonderful it was to have such a caring “brother”.

Haiko was quite beautiful, and since his wife had died years ago he often found himself dreaming of his daughter. She was the object of his horniest dreams. Of course he never did anything, for he did not want such adventures to trouble his family.


"Jimmy," Pooja called from her dressing room, "can you come in here and help me for a minute!?!"

She obeyed, exposing me to the luscious sight of her finely shaped ass and rear view of her succulent pussy. 'Fantastic,' I thought, as I took in the sight.

"It's pronounced 'Pry-ick'," he sniffed. "And you should treat me better, Coach. I'm the only thing standing between you and financial ruin."

”But not in bed.”

Paul lunged playfully after Alana who reacted by sprinting down the short hallway shrieking loudly.

I guess I've being doing this now for nearly five years, ever since I was eighteen. I've stopped before, this was actually the second longest I've been stopped (I managed a whole year while I dated this kinky girl from college), but I've fallen off the wagon now and need to feel the buzz. Need to experience the excitement of entering that creepy, cold building and locking myself behind that big door and stripping naked and waiting to see if it is my lucky day or not. But what is lucky? Is it just feeling the excitement and anticipation of my debasement but not actually having to go through with it? Or is it actually taking a cock in my mouth and pleasuring it and feeling the intense shame of doing that. Doing it to a complete stranger, usually an older man who'll hold contempt for me in his eyes as he fucks my face. I've never decided, maybe today will finally answer the question. I doubt it though, I'm an addict, and I don't think I'll ever be able to kick the habit fully.

"Is this what you want, Crystal?" I said looking into her eyes while sliding my hand slowly onto her bubbling ebony pussy. I let my hand encompass her entire shaved mound as my fingers caressed the folds of her slit while my middle finger grazed her opening.

Michelle had moved next to Amber and they posed in front of Jake in all their nude glory. Lindsey had moved him backward slowly into the shallow side of the pool. Now his waist was well above the water and when Michelle and Amber dropped to their knees before him they were perfect level to his cock without water getting in the way.

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When she had eaten it all and licked the stick clean I tossed it aside and picked up the other half of the popsicle, already melted somewhat despite having been left in the shade. I took a few slurps to refresh myself then held it up in front of her as I had the first one. But instead of bringing it to her lips I lowered it slowly, watching her head tilt down as she followed it with her eyes. When I touched the icy tip to the depression in her collarbone she gasped.

Teri, have you been to other weddings or catered affairs in Sedona?'

"You sure do have a lot of questions. I just get this feeling that they will go on and on. Let me ask you something. How old are you, thirty something?"

Again, the laughter erupted, tears streaming down both of their faces. The elf looked angrily back at them.

"Thanks Wendy, how are you this morning?" I said looking into her sparkling eyes.

Finally, I said, "Kathy, I've missed you so much it hurts."

"Why didn't I tell them? Why didn't you tell them? She's your mother, after all."

Her father's eyes followed them up the stairs. George was careful not to look at her legs as she scampered up before him, drawing him along by his sleeve. She pulled him into her room and shut the door.

But in the two years we had been married, things had kind of simmered down in bed. That's not to say that the sex still wasn't great; it was. It's just that we had tried just about everything possible that two people can do together. Taking an initiative to try and get both of our libidos out of the rut we were in, I signed us up for a week long trek through the mountains. That's another thing about Danielle - she would like nothing better than to spend weeks on end hiking through the woods, enjoying nature. Her looks reflect that: Her dark brown hair, contrasted with her naturally olive skin, and her emerald green eyes make her appear like she could be an earth goddess who rose from the soil.

Cynthia felt Lee's cock begin to pulsate and then the first blast of hot cum blasted into the back of her mouth.

The first thing I did was strip down to nothing. Then I started fondling the latex panties I'd ordered. The material felt like sin itself as I fingered it, and as I slid them on, my penis came to attention. I could barely fit it into the briefs. When I looked up at myself in the mirror, I was taken aback. My body, which was athletic and muscular anyway, was totally accented by the red latex stretched across my bulging cock, and I ran my fingers across my hairy chest.

Urine coursed down the legs, the arms and the breasts of the five friends. It drenched the pubic hairs, it streamed flat the hairs on Edward's chest and the even scantier ones on Neil's chest. Edward opened his mouth and drooled out a mixture of Eliza's and Samantha's urine down his cheek. Just as he never inhaled cigarette smoke, neither did he swallow the fruits of his passion. The five of them collapsed on the sheets, a mass of naked, stinking damp bodies, slightly chilled by the plastic underneath and clinging to each other for the warmth of their bodies, shivering from the cooling urine.

I went on “If you don’t we won’t do it again.”

Ron looked over at Sandy and whispered, "I thought you said she was asleep."

He explained that this place was a resort for the rich to explore there dark sides and that Elizabeth would be part of those proceedings in the next 46 hours.

"Yes, Master."


Her head move back and fourth with tremendous force. She tried to blow Ian but could not keep up with the motion, even squaring Ian with the top of head. Ian fell down onto a couple of empty boxes and held himself in pain. Claire was now meeting with Angelo’s thrusts. The sound of flesh slapping flesh was interrupted by Ian’s insistence to get his. Angelo pulled out and with his dick fresh from her ass she sucked his cock.

Chuck was starring down between her cleavage looking at her flat tummy and the small patch of blonde hair between her legs. Dawn was starring at the big cock only inches from her face and saw a tiny amount of pre cum leaking from its head.

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But, their recovery time didn't last long .........

Up to this point, she spent most of her days relaxing by the pool, doing light cleaning, and doing normal sorts of things. I sent her out to do shopping a couple of times wearing cute dresses, but nothing revealing or anything like that.

Shutting the stall door, I pull my shirt up and bring the cups to my 36D bra down exposing my nipples. I twist them between my thumbs and fingers gently, then harder making it pleasurably painful. Impatience sets in and I yank my skirt up, pull down my panties and plunge my fingers up my cunt. I sit on the toilet thinking about what I read with two of my fingers pumping in and out of my cunt and my thumb frigging my clit. The other hand is working over my tits, squeezing my nipples, I fantasize about how being pulled around by nipple rings, like the girl in the story had been by her master, would feel to me.

"Do it slut! You know what I want to see, do it!"

'We can't stay here,' Sissy said.

Slowly he ran the tip of the blade down the side of her face, a thin crimson line chasing after it. Her eyes flew open unseeing, confused. He smiled sadly at her before sweeping the blade across her neck. He paused, tense. Then, as the blood blossomed from the wound he exploded. She gave a strangled cry, one lone trickle of her own blood leaking from the corner of her lips. She thrashed weakly, her eyes unfocused. He ran his hand though her hair, soothing her. She paused and gazed at him. Time passed, how much, he did not know. In her eyes he saw the realisation that dwelled there. With a sigh she accepted her fate, eyes fluttering closed. Capturing her lips one last time he tasted the blood. He slipped out of her and dressed himself quietly.

I nodded my understanding. He placed his warm hands on my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them gently. His eyes focused on my breasts as his touches became firmer. "Let's see how your breasts taste." He said as his mouth came down on my breast. His hot mouth fastened on my breast, sending shivers through my body. "Mmmm." I felt his tongue flick my nipple and then lightly bit it. "Your nipples are very hard. Wonderful response." He said, moving onto my other breast. His hands kneaded and caressed my breasts and nipples skillfully as he murmured his approval.

We take off our clothes, and Jude's dick is hard, mine is still a bit soft with surprise, but she takes care of that. She's summoning us both to the couch and tells us to stand on either side, so she can see us up close. She says she wants to lick our dicks, and would we like that? Duh…

It hadn't been deserted two hours ago when I had hurried here to pick up the present for my little sister's birthday. There had been cars and people, safety in being one among many. Now I was alone, except for those footsteps.

When she was finally spent, Dianna collapsed atop him and lay there. Rick wrapped his arms around her slim torso, but other than that, he didn't move. He couldn't. He was too used up. Eventually he fell sleep with his lovely companion lying on top of him.

"Sheikh, for you and your friends, only the best will do, and you shall have it. May I suggest our shish-ka-bob. It is made with lamb that has been marinated for 12 hours then impaled on metal swords with fresh vegetables and roasted to perfection and served over steaming couscous. However, everything else on the menu is also excellent and I will personally make sure the cook treats your order with the utmost respect and care." The owner assured them. He then signaled a waiter to bring the menu. "This young man, Amir, will be your waiter. His English is much better than mine, and he will see to your order. Have a pleasant evening and if you need me–I will be available. Just feel free to call on me." Then in heavily accented English he turned toward Joseph and Richard and said, "I hope you enjoy the evening and that I will have the pleasure and opportunity to see and serve you gentlemen again and often. When you do come in again, please remind me that you are friends of Mr. Muhammad and I will consider it an honor to personally see to your comfort."

When I was as ready as I was going to get until they cut my nuts off, Kelly came back and crawled into my lap. At eighteen, she is still small enough to cuddle nicely in my lap. Maybe a hundred pounds, I don't know. Just over five feet, I would guess. Had no idea about her tits, but I thought I detected some delightful swaying as I watched her walk toward me. No bra! Ah!

"I'm very free."

Maybe I should back up a little and give you a little background information. Michele is 25, nine years younger than me. We had a typical courtship and were married just over a year ago. She never confessed the desire to take lovers to me during all the time we had been together. Anyway, last month we watched a porno together and the plot revolved around a bored housewife and the lovers she took every afternoon. Her husband came home every evening and made love to his wife, oblivious to her activities. One scene had him coming home and going down on her after her lover had just left. The wife had a guilty look on her face while he ate her out. You could see the dried semen where her lover had shot off on her pussy.

"I sucked your cock this night already"

Ponni reluctantly consented. This her husband will never know. But if he knows about her regular meetings with Velan, he will surely take it out on her.

"Samantha, truth or dare?" Trevor asked.

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Josh: A thousand dollars? Uh ... I'd use it for a holiday, I think. Or at least put it towards that.

Jennie sat in the chair and Melissa knelt next to her Mistress' feet.

In a few minutes, she was shaking like crazy again, screaming, "Fuck me harder, you bastard, because I want to cum for you." With that, I picked up the pace, so that she could cum, and I was hoping that I could cum. In a few minutes, I could feel her pussy muscles take my cock and squeeze, as she started to come, and it was only a few seconds later, that I came like crazy, as well.

I realized that that was almost a bad move when she came back with, “If you keep asking you may as well work the whole shift.”

“You fell asleep.” He said gently, “I didn’t want to wake you, are you alright?”

I hastily unbuttoned his shirt and flung it aside, revealing his very sexy, defined upper body. I pulled him to me and kissed him again, running my fingernails down his back and then around to his belt, which I quickly unbuckled. With my tongue in his mouth and his hands on my breasts, he hardly noticed what I was doing until he felt my hand squeezing his rock hard cock. I stroked him slowly, rubbing the tip each time my hand slid up, making him groan softly. I pushed him against the wall and pulled his pants down as I kneeled in front of him. All he could do was close his eyes and enjoy what was happening. I gradually began to guide the tip of his cock into my mouth, tickling it with my tongue to tease him. He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, grasping it gently as I sucked him slowly at first, then faster as he got more into it. The feeling of his cock hitting the back of my throat excited him, but I didn't want him to come. Not just yet. I sucked hard as I slipped his large cock out of my mouth one last time. He pulled me to my feet and looked at me with lust-filled eyes, both of us enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing against my bare thighs.

"I'm going to get some ice to cool me down." she said, grinning back at me as she slipped on a thin robe over her lingerie.

I tried to keep rhythm with her movements. Each move sent intense sensations through my body. My breathing became more heavy with each thrust.

Right now my personal favorites are tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams.

You knew how much I hated those affairs. Mingling with stuffy, self-obsessed people I didn't know. Mostly only notable for their overweening egos...

She blushed, and looked down again.

"Yes." I responded.

It had all started when he'd picked her up tonight for a friend's party and she'd acted distant and cold as soon as she'd opened the door. Tina was a pretty redhead with a porcelain complexion and a curvy figure straight out of the fantasy edition of Playboy. When they'd met, he'd figured she was just like every other white girl, getting her kicks by slumming with a black brother and he'd been more than willing to oblige, but after a few hours, she'd actually seemed like somebody he wanted to get to know better. But after seeing her wrapped all around her white ex at the party tonight, he couldn't quite remember why he'd had so much faith in her. Looking back, he knew he should have fucked her good and hard that first night and been done with the issue.

"Yes! ER No! ER that is!" she stammered as Rose began to unfasten Abe's shirt while sitting on his lap.

He turned as if looking for someone or something and realized we were the only two in there. He smiled and walked closer to me. He placed his arms on my shoulders and saw right through me. He leaned in and kissed my mouth briefly. The kiss was soft and tender. It felt sweet and a moan escaped when he slowly pulled away by pulling at my bottom lip. I knew this was an innocent kiss. All he did was put some hope into me. Part of me wished it was more than nothing to Andy. I shook it away and waited for him to go.

"Yes," George said.

Bobby had commented to Dennis that Dennis' mother was a fox but he really had been secretly comparing her to his own mother. Both were attractive middle-aged women that had borne children in their teens and had looked after their figures as they grew into their thirties.

"Perceptive, aren't you?" said Michael as he opened the door for her and they walked outside. "So who is this friend you have waiting for you?"

Debbi watched Miss Baxter long enough to be sure she was following instructions. Then she went into the bathroom and had a long hot shower herself, thinking about all the fun she was going to have in the future Let's see, there's Ginger from Social Science class; little Lisa Chang from the dorm... She loved fucking straight women. She fingered herself while imagining the possibilities.

Dupris moved to Natalie’s head as the judge drew his cock from her mouth. Yvette marvelled at the extraordinary girth of the old man’s cock. It was at least as thick as a beer can.

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"Quite frankly, that's one case. There's no telling how long your mother will take - it could be six months, six weeks, less, more. It's not an exact treatment. The only bright side is that if things work out well between you and your dad, six months might seem like too little a time."

"Oh, Don Michael, do you mind if I ask Nina in? She's in training, and I would really appreciate it if I can continue training her this morning."

"Oh the one that I chose for you?" Ben said teasingly. Amanda said nothing only a mild glare. The female attendant showed her the 'try' room.

Donnie had been watching Jordan's surprise with interest.

After relishing the delectable juices, I went to the chain that was connected to the block and tackle and detached it from the hook that held it in place. After lowering it enough that the wooden bar holding her hands was on the mattress, I stepped between it and the wall and moved the bar with my feet while continuing to lower the chain. As she was dragged across the mattress, her nightgown was pulled down so it once again covered her. When I finished, Katie was lying on her back, no longer hanging upside down but just as helpless as she had been when hanging against the wall while I ate her pussy.

"So, is it Daryll?" She queried.

“Sure, like I’m gonna streak for them. I happen to wear that teddy you gave me for Christmas a coupla years ago. Wearing it right now, as a matter of fact.”

We lie like that for a long time, with him kissing and caressing me. I feel his semen trickling out of my bottom, to mingle with mine on the beach towel.

“That was quite refreshing my dear.” He said with a smile.

Sophie was about to answer him. "SMACK! My palm crashes down on your left cheek." The sound was just like flesh slapping flesh and Sophie jumped. "The pain is so sudden and sharp, that you cry out. Not because it hurts, it scares you. You struggle, but my other hand is in the small of your back holding you down. SMACK! I give the right cheek the same slap. A soft moan escapes you. Then you feel my palm once again, rubbing your ass and stroking your thighs. Then I begin to talk to you. "You have been denied this kind of pleasure. But I am going to teach you how stimulating and intense it can be. Until the time I allow you to get up, this ass belongs to me.""

Finally we were both naked. The last thing to be removed was my underwear, and when they dropped my cock was literally vibrating and pulsing with my racing heart. We had another lengthy kiss. I love that moment of being naked together for the first time, kissing, standing up.

"Eddy only has a little dick, couldn't be more than 3 inches long, and he couldn't get it up yesterday, thank goodness. He basically beat my butt because he couldn't get it up!" I joined Jeff in laughing about Eddy.

Mandy sat up.

The Woman laughed as my aunt pulled my mother away. "No my fucking days are over.....but your child's are just beginning."

"Was it good, Kate?" James asked.

“I’m off for the night Buffy. I’ll see you at nine for the meeting. Bye.” Sarah walked out of the kitchen and across the dining room that was filling up with hungry SIT’s. Giles walked in behind them, reading a book and accidentally walked into Sarah.

"Then I'll do it for you. Do you think that they will let me have a copy of the film to take home?

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Willow frowned. "Why didn't she like them?"

Jason got off on his floor and I rode up to the top. I was getting butterflies in my stomach again. If I saw her I would have a heart attack, but if I didn’t see her I would be disappointed. The doors finally opened and I got off and walked around. I thought maybe she would be staying in the penthouse suite, but I saw no one, so I figured she was somewhere else. I got back on the elevator and went down to two more floors and found no one on either of them. When I got back on this time I decided to go down to floor 11. If Jason had a good feeling about it, maybe I should give it a try. I walked around the whole floor and didn’t see anyone again. Disappointed, I was walking back to the elevator when I heard people talking. My heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest, I was so terrified. But I gained composure and walked around the corner.

"Good girl My sub, remembering to tell Me at such a moment!" He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. "Where is the toy I told you to bring?"

The girls lay in bed for a while softly rubbing each other until the phone rang next to the bed. Jaime giggled and ran her fingers over Heather's tight little ass as she reached for the phone. "Hello this is Heather can I help you?" Heather smiled down at Jaime as she flicked her tongue up and down over her soft flesh. Jaime kissed her ass and teased her fingers inside the wet pussy of her sorority sister as she listened to one side of the phone conversation.

"Yes, my little soon-to-be-ex-virgin! It is now tomorrow!" I threw off the cover, reached up and pulled her taut, naked body down on top of mine. She melted into me, moulding every curve to as tight a fit as she could.

Straightening his tie, Melvin didn't see Bridget Briswell when he stepped into the elevator until she tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up, saw her and smiled brightly. She didn't look pleased.

"You wouldn't." she said, daring me.

Leaving the statement unsaid he feels as if the left side of his body was pierced. Falling back on the desk she quickly scrambles over his body. Seeing her letter opener she tries to impale it into his chest. Dizzy with pain the flicker of metal catches his attention. Catching her hands before she was able to give the final strike they struggle.

"Unzip My pants and take My cock out, bitch"

“I am going to slap you around a bit okay, And shove you down on my cock. I’ll throw in an extra fifty okay?”

Opening the box and taking out a gold chain and diamond solitaire pendent necklace,

"I hope so."

"When I'm home she fucks me to death and spoils me rotten. Why should I care what she does when I'm not there? How about you?"

With both controls halfway up again, she began to rock on the Sybian, fucking back at it and I started moving my cock in and out of her mouth. She leaned forward as far as she could and without much effort, I began to slide the whole length into her mouth and down her throat. Faster and faster I went, trying to match the crescendo of her approaching orgasm.

Looking at the two nurses, one watching her expectantly, the other looking like she was sucking a sour lemon, Lauren nodded slowly. The words on the paper were a little confusing to her exhausted brain, but she thought she understood the jest of it. The concept of going back to another Christmas Eve of her lifetime was ludicrous of course, but it was a nice thought. Most of her Christmas Eve's had been spent alone. Since being diagnosed with inoperable cancer eleven months back, she'd been lamenting a lot of the decisions she'd made in her lifetime. Regretting the things she hadn't tried, or done. There hadn't been a single day when she'd been cognizant enough that she hadn't wished for a chance to just try again. How funny that someone would give her a gift like this. Though it couldn't be for real. No one could travel back in time.

“Mom you should be careful, you’ve had a nasty fall, you could pass out in the bath or something”

"Fuck you – you sent us down there to die anyway," Lisa snaps back. This is where Lisa and I differ.

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"I like this feeling Charlie, is it always as hard as this in the morning," she asked.

I had known Carolyn as a coworker for about a year and we had been pretty good friends during that time. I was a single man and she was divorced recently. She had very delicate features and shiny,short,thick dark hair. Huge dark brown eyes and very pale creamy skin completed the look. She was medium height, slim of build, especially in the hips but not boyish, just slender. She was almost completely flat chested and would not have needed a bra except for the very prominent,large, dark nipples she wore bras to cover.

After tiring of this nastiness, Mika got off of Stacy and stood up while Stacy lay on the mat rubbing her lower back. Mika stood with her feet on either side of Stacy's face, and coolly announced "I think if you kiss my feet and say you're sorry for that comment – I will stop abusing your miserable ass."

She came back to him. “Are you going to cum?”

"Yes baby...oh yes...fuck my cock with your tits...mmmmmm...wrap those big mounds around me...make me cum, baby...oh yes!"

He slipped out of her fingers as he knelt in front of her, pulled away her jeans and got his first view of her beautiful and welcoming pussy. He slid the palm of his hand up the inside of her thigh as she flicked her jeans away with her foot, his fingertips not stopping as they pushed at the flesh of her mound. She was nicely trimmed, with her lips bare, wet and protruding. Adrian's hand pulled gently at her lips, bringing some pink into view and begging his tongue to taste her. It was impossible to resist.

Her mind was frantic, but her body was soon relaxing beneath his ministrations. Her heartbeat rose a tiny bit, and so did her breaths. She found herself snuggling closer into him as his tongue continued to lap at her ear, every so often murmuring something reassuring. She knew she couldn’t trust him, she knew that he was evil. But she couldn’t stop herself… it felt good. Luridess had never had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. Who wanted to bother with a hermit, a looser, anyway? Especially when there were tons of gorgeous, willing people in the world?

"It's standard procedure," she replied as she led me to her car, opened up the rear door and placed me in the back seat. The door slammed shut and I watched her walk back to talk to the male officer standing in front of my car. The tears began streaming down my cheeks as my magical night had suddenly become a nightmare. After what seemed like forever the female officer finally returned to the car. Instead of getting into the driver's seat though she opened up the rear door and slid in next to me in the back seat.

"You, maybe, okay. But college girls are way out of my league."

"They too are for you." After she got the words out, he stopped pinching so hard, but kept firm pressure on her nipples. Pulling on them, gently twisting them. She leaned her head back against him. Moaning softly, loving his touch.

After her TV show was over she came out and was very pleased to know that her program was fixed. She ordered the pizza and made two more drinks. I don't drink much but I enjoyed that drink just knowing I was alone with Kathy in her apartment. She sat down opposite me and with a smile on her face she stuck her bare foot in my crotch. I got a hard-on instantly and I know I blushed.

It was funny. The birds were suddenly quite loud, but I still couldn't see them.

He consoled himself by slowly dry humping her, sliding his slick penis back and forth between her legs. The penis was a bit low, so it was actually squeezed between her thighs.

"Well now," I began, "we've fancied each other for a long time. How far are we going, now we've tasted of the forbidden fruit?"

Oddly, Hellboy nodded, never speaking. Drawing in a breath, he turned and meandered into the woods, heading down shore so I could have some privacy.

Suddenly, I heard Jane gasp.

Patty said, "I'd love to go back to work after I get this house settled."

“As if!”

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Grabbing the pair of pantyhose I had shed the night before, he wrapped my wrists and tied them together, as I screamed at him to stop. Straddling me with a look of triumph, he forcefully placed the dildo in my bound hands.

If I had only been so lucky to have the chance! He through me over the sofa, my face down into the pillows and my knees pressed hard into the rug. He ripped my panties away from my body in one hard jerk and he slapped my ass hard.

I was really looking forward to spending Saturday together, and Yolanda had gotten permission to go out to a movie or meal after the game on Saturday.

Today was her third day home from work. She had received a call from the personnel manager asking her if everything was alright. She lied and told the woman that she had simply been getting over the flu and that she had been advised to rest at home for a few days. The young blonde padded barefoot into the house from the pool wearing a short, white terrycloth robe over a pair of silk panties, her full breasts left to sway naked beneath the robe. The robe barely covered the flair of her hips and the cool air felt good on her tanned legs. Although it was only noon, she had a can of beer in her hand and had left an empty can of beer out by the pool. Julie was not a drinker, and the alcohol relaxed her, and even less than two beers had made a slight effect on the young, exquisite blonde.

En route, Benoit stated, "I've never been with two women at the same time. Nor with a pregnant woman."

"Has she? I have been receiving the best of care while I'm here. What was her concern?"

"You love the feel of my cock in your cunt don't you." I said strongly.

"You know what I mean. I'm wearing my "Sleep Walk" outfit home, just for you."

'What the fuck is there to talk about?" She asked angrily. "I'll see you in the morning, maybe."

The three naked men lay on the floor for a while. Finally, David said, "I don't think we're getting to the bar tonight." They laughed.

"Time for you to get up," she teased. "If I have anything to do with it."

"We've had an attempted hijacking. We have casualties---fatalities on board. I need vectors to turn and clearance to descend and proceed direct Pittsburgh for landing. Do you have me?" Ken replied.

Julie got a look of disappointment on her face and replied "If you want to we can!"

She was playing his cock like a flute. She was hitting the right spot. She put her fist around his erect cock and squeeze. His screamed with an intense multiple orgasm.

To avoid accidents, she rested quietly across my shoulder as I carried her down the wooden steps but once I reached the bottom, she again tried to get free. Besides squirming and thumping her knees against my chest, Katie kept up a stream of curses and questions. "Who are you? What is this place? You bastard, what are you doing to me?" I still gave no answers.

"Then he began to shake and pull on it! That's when he began to get an erection and started to masturbate! You wouldn't believe how that thing grew! I wish I had had a camera! That thing should be in the movies!"

"Thank you for sharing that with me Ann. I love girls who volunteer such delicious little facts like that. Always be open with me. I want to know all about your family and your feelings. I will tell you about mine too. It makes the whole process so much better and more exciting."

The bulk of the actual fable is taken directly from the Grimm brother's story.

Weather she wanted to or not Tina was going to fuck her sister hard. I took hold of Tina’s hips and slid my cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. Tina in turn, fucking her sister. I quickened my pace as I felt my balls about to erupt into Tina. Karen had taken hold of Tina’s hips and was pulling her deep into her pussy. Karen cried out as she had another orgasm. I pulled out my cock, cum shot onto Tina’s ass and back. Both girls gasped for breath. Karen took hold of her sister’s head and kissed her passionately. Tina didn’t react at first but slowly responded to her sister’s kiss. Tina’s tongue slid into Karen’s mouth then kissed her face.

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"Anything you say, Auntie Jen," I replied with honest enthusiasm.

Dhipa introduced them to the Doctor in a bewildering flood of names he knew he hadn’t a chance of remembering. Some shook his hand, some just nodded. He was as polite to each as his befuddlement would allow.


"You almost killed Jens"

Misty said "Oh god mom its great i can feel him in my bowels. I want to feel his hot cum dripping from my ass."

Miss Tomlin erased the board, then crumbled in to her chair and sat staring at everybody. Quickly she blurted out, “Please class read your books; you three will go with me to the headmistress’s office.

They ate in silence, giving each other hot looks. Holly wanted him; there was no doubt about it. He was very attractive and from what she could tell, so far, he was intelligent too. She decided she was going to forget her rule of no sex on the first date with this one. He may think her a slut, but Holly believed in grabbing chances when she could. With her decision made, Holly relaxed and decided to seduce him.

"You'd do it with us again - both of us?"

A couple of hours later I was told to report to the Head Nurse before I took my afternoon break. When I got there she told me to come with her. She took me back into the empty office and sat on the couch and I had to lick and suck her until he came.

"Put your cock in me. I want to feel it deep inside." Who was I to argue with that? I stood up and drove my cock into her, placing her legs over my shoulders. It only took a couple of thrusts before she began to cum. She pulled my ass to her, driving my cock even deeper inside her. All her muscles tensed and she blasted off. She reached up and put her arms around my neck, nearly causing injury. Then, just as quickly she went limp, like Raggedy Ann. She exhaled deeply.

Lori wasn't sure what to do. "I...I don't know..." she said, hesitating.

While she was playing with the dick, Renee told her to look at the balls, too. Amy looked back down, and with her holding the dick up, there was the little sack of balls just as they had described it. Amy put her hand under the bag and lifted it up just a little. Sure enough, she could feel two balls, like little marbles, rolling in her hand. Then, as she played with both the dick and the balls, Amy felt the dick start to stiffen.

Still no words have been spoken. As if reading my mind you reach for the radio dial. A familiar tune is playing as you crank the dial:

"Okay honey," his mother said, moving in for the kill with the good ol' hand thermometer. "Are you sure you're feeling okay? Nathan, we better call the doctor, Frank's starting to enjoy school. It could be fatal."

Rob's expert mouth sucked and nipped at her exposed clit before finally clamping down on it with his teeth, glancing up to his lovely slut wife as she jerked and shuddered beneath him. He could feel her fingers curling tightly into his hair, those lovely thighs trembling close to his ears, her hips bucking uncontrollably up against his hot mouth. Glancing to the clock ... 13 minutes ... then back to watching her enjoy his mouth, sucking a bit harder, grinding his teeth into her throbbing little pearl.

"Yes", he replied and quickly repeated his story. "I'm sorry to be such a pain but if I don't get in touch with them soon they will miss the correct exit off 495 and add another hour to their drive".

'Hi, Jill. Bet you don't really remember me, I'm John and this is Anna: Anna, Jill.'

I close my eyes and become lost in imagining what's about to happen... When I open them, I see your massive cock in my face......

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“Well this is a surprise! What are you doing here in town?”

"You wear those?" David asked picking one up.

"I...I don't know," Lori admitted. "Look, Marie, I'm going to eat something, and maybe walk some more, then I'll come over. You sure it's OK if Donnie and I stay there tonight?"

Acting nervous was no problem. Hell, I was plenty nervous for real.

“Excuse me!”

He kissed her goodbye, and she said she'd call him later. As she was just about to get out of the car, he stopped her.

I laughed, "Of course, its not the North Pole."

Then she took control, pushing his hands away firmly and squeezing her hot body against him. She started to drag her nipples across his face. Moans turning to naughty laughter as he began chasing her breasts with his lips.

She complied and placed her hands on the curve of her buttocks, elbows almost touching, thrusting her breasts forward. He pulled her forward between his legs and opened the lips of her pussy to examine them. "Niko has very good taste. His decision is a good one. I'll see that everything matches."

"I'm going to take this thick cock and place it at the entrance to that soaking wet pussy," Randy began. Precum oozed onto the tip as he masturbated. "I'm going to push just the tip in and make you beg me."

"I had started going out with Keith, but was never really sure which one of them I was with so one night after my third orgasm I simply said that was wonderful Keith or is it Ken?"

Oh, she was smooth. With those few words the claws retracted and they started to preen. She kept it up. Complimenting their dancing, their hair, how gorgeous they were. Soon I started to feel like the odd man out. With those few compliments the three of them started acting like old girlfriends. Tammy must have sensed that I was starting to feel left out, either that or she wanted to assure her place in the pecking order. She came over and sat in my lap with an arm around my neck she pulled my head right into her cleavage.

My fingers played with her, stroking, rubbing, her legs parted wider. It was a good thing the top was up! One finger in her, then two.... hot..... wet.... tight! WOW!!

Anne had a husband, or rather, her husband owned Anne. Her devotion was misplaced, because he used her as a doormat. Sal and she had had several heart to hearts during their meal breaks and it was always Anne who ended up crying in misery.

"I need to get all these books put away," Paulette told the young man when they arrived in a room with walls lined with empty shelves. "My husband decided he needed a medical library here at home," she explained. "Unfortunately, I'm the one who gets stuck setting it up. Start with that box there. Those books go on the first shelf."

Meet the Boys.

"Yeah, you too dude!" he said as he ambled toward the front door to check on something.

"Well, thanks for coming back," I joked with the new man.

"So how long are you going to leave it up there?" asked Trey. The thought was starting to turn him on. "Fuck! She has had that plug up her ass all day," he said to himself.

' problem', said Michael.

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