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-Certainly not, said mrs Nicholson.

"Ugghh, daddy yeah daddy yeah!"

"I'm, uh, late for an appointment." I stammered out. His flashlight hadn't moved and I knew that he was trying to check out my tits. Since I was sitting at almost eye level with his crotch I could also see growing evidence that he was enjoying the view. The thought that he liked my body sent little electrical shocks down my spine.

"Annabelle." Shit, even the name was classic English rose.

For the rest of the afternoon it was quite difficult for her to concentrate to her work and she was really happy, when the two hours had passed.

“Uh, do you prefer to keep those on?” Todd asked, unsure of himself now.

I started to cry, then laugh. In some weird unthinkable way, I couldn't wait until Easter!

Drew complied and, after a few attempts, penetrated his tongue into her rectum.

The door chime sounded at 7:15 and when I opened the door my eyes were filled with a vision of beauty. I hadn't seen Amy since she was 13, back then she was a skinny little teenager all legs and arms. Now she was 19 and strikingly beautiful. Her hair was auburn and flowing off her shoulders, she had the look of being care free with a broad happy smile across her face. When she came through the door and wrapped her arms around me pressing her body to me I could feel her breast against mine. A pang of guilt struck me as I felt desire for her.

Dear Sarah,

'Please,' my mother's voice was hoarse. 'Please, I... I don't know what you mean, really.' My mother stood awkwardly with her pronounced bump and she took me into her arms. She cuddled me as close as she could and tried in vain to get her arms around me fully. 'Don't cry, baby,' she crooned softly, 'don't cry. Geoff Chambers gave me a lift from town, that's all.'

“I’m sure you did. I know Carol. If she’s going to make love to a man, she’s going to make sure he licks that pretty ass of hers,” Sean said, his eyes tilting down to Greg’s crotch. “Why don’t you take yours out too.”

I tried to scream out that he was a stupid ass-hole for believing her, and that he’d better get her the hell off me, but all that came out were a few bubbles around her wrist.

"Yes daddy, I think so."

"You wouldn't know it from looking at her but Kesha is a little freaky. She's always had some fantasies about what it would be like to fuck a white guy. I'm not the jealous sort so I figure, why not? But I want to make sure it's someone we're both cool with. You know I'm down with you, man, and Kesha thinks you're kinda cute."

Daryl pulled out of Emma and his prick was spurting all over the place. He must have shot a big load into her, though, because Emma commanded Christian to stop fucking me and suck Daryl’s cum out of her pussy. Christian pulled out of me, and I resented that, too. That he was so weak-willed he would do whatever Emma told him to do.

"Neither. My husband is out of town on business, but I will take you up on eating me after he makes love to me. It will just have to wait until he gets home day after tomorrow." She stood up, "Come on honky, this time I'm calling your bluff. You can follow me home and if, when I get there, you don't pull into the driveway behind me we'll both know who the bullshit artist and closet bigot is, won't we?"

“Here, wrap a sheet over your shoulders, you are cold,” Jayne said as she began to pull out a tucked edge of the bed sheet.

He reached for me and I sat up some and he has his arms around me and kisses me, so I lean against him as he leans back and I’m now laying on top of him as we keep on kissing. So this is what sex is. This is probably the best couple minutes of my life.

Dr. Hartwell invited the students to gather round the table that Rob was laid out on. The women seemed to move first and quickest, taking up front row positions on either side of Rob’s prone naked body. The guys were more hesitant, their erections quite obvious showing through their pants. Despite the display she had put on for these same students last time, she couldn’t help but feel self-conscious, standing naked, between Robs legs.

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In normal circumstances, elven folk were not overt carnivores, most often, they consumed their limited meat intake in stews, and less often, pies. However, after the fever of battle and the strong emotions of the day, the boar was showing much sign of depletion. Many elves were seen with chunks of the meat upon their platters, just as often as the humans at the gathering.

Nellie was lost in her own little world, focusing on the heat that was rapidly spreading through her body. After the treatment her body had received, Nellie couldn’t take it anymore. "AAHHH," Nellie cried as her body was overcome with spasms. Nellie's cry and her clenching pussy caused Rick to go over the edge. "Oh, fuck!" Rick cried. Nellie collapsed, exhausted, on top of Rick. Rick knew this was not the last time he would visit with this beautiful brown skinned woman. Nellie knew that, as long as she was with this master who was now her lover, she would never have to worry about being hurt again.

Fifteen minutes later Alexis still had not cum, and I was in dire need to join in the action. I noticed that Dee-Dee's 5 inch dick was to its peek. I made Alexis stop what she was doing and had her start riding Dee-Dee. I took position where Alexis was, and entered Dee-Dee with ease. Alexis had Dee-Dee's hole nice and lubed up, but Dee-Dee still managed to squeeze down on my shaft as I entered her. With both women facing me I fucked Dee-Dee and kissed Alexis as she rode Dee-Dee's hard dick. I was close to coming and as I stroked Alexis I could feel her dick swelling up and becoming hot with the heat from the traveling sperm about to erupt. Dee-Dee herself was very close to orgasm...

"It means, I'm out of air," Jinx said quietly.

"Sure do, loser. Get between the toes, I still found dirt there last time."

Bethany's mother Dawn greeted me and eagerly let me in. I had always had the hots for Bethany's mom, even during the time I had been screwing Bethany. Her mom was a petite blonde who always looked so neat and reserved, and many was the time when I thought about what it would be like to get her in the sack.

Lynn groaned as his cock slowly plunged in and out of her rectum. The plunging became rapid. She knew as the pounding quickened he was going to cum soon. Don let out a loud roar as he shot his load for the third time today, this time deep in her tight ass.

It was almost midday when she next awoke; lying in her bed she had an idea. Mark had been right, it would be a shame to waste the honeymoon tickets, and they were paid for. ‘I know,’ she thought with a smile ‘I’ll use them, if nothing else I’ll have a holiday and fuck Mark off’. With that decision made she slipped from her bed, still naked she flitted around her bedroom packing a bag before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

“No, it’s okay. I mean, I didn’t have to come right?”

‘I’m sure she has!’ I thought as Sue’s eyes ran over my body. You could see the lust in both their eyes. I decided to play it coy and see what happened.

I was in heaven. No matter how many times any of them did this to me, it was always exciting. Every time was as good as the first.

"I brought a first aid kit." Beth said as she supported him down to the ground and removed her backpack.

Michelle looked up at the men and began breathing a little faster.

I heard your orgasm first.

“No let me finish,” Suzanne cut him off. “I’ve been thinking about our conversation last night about you going to Washington D C. I know you’re going to run a background check or a security check on me so I’m going to tell you all of it. I love you so much that I’d rather have you hear it coming from me than read it in some old dumb report.” Buck could see the tears welling up in her eyes and dreaded what he thought was coming. Suzanne continued, “I told you I was adopted. That happened when I was a baby. I have no idea where I came from or who my parents are. At about age 6 my adopted father started molesting me. At age 10 I told one of my teachers what was happening and my father was arrested but never charged. My mother new about it and did nothing to stop it. About a year later my brother who is 3 years older than I am caught him molesting me and when he tried to stop it my father beat him up. He was again arrested but never charged.” The tears were flowing freely now down her lovely face and Buck wanted to stop her but knew there was more he needed to know. “He continued to molest me off and on until I graduated from high school even though his penis wouldn’t get hard anymore. I wasn’t quite 18 when I graduated and that’s when I left and went south to Florida. That’s where I meant David my ex-fiance.”

Nick smirked. He turned the TV back on to the weather and turned the volume up.

So now, here I was, thinking about my daughter's intimate regions as a 'pussy.' When Susie left, I managed to compose myself and something occurred to me – I had been without any sexual gratification in two years. Two years? The last time came in Russia, when I bought a prostitute during a trip for my best friend's Bachelor party. Wow! That was a blast, but that's neither here not there.

"So what do you think the guys are doing?" V asked.

When Phil came back from the bar with his pint and a packet of salted peanuts, I asked him "Phil, can I tell you something without it getting back to Denny or Beth. I don't want to put her on the spot."

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