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I lowered myself and felt the first sensation of the being taken....

I got up and got the ruler. As I positioned the ruler at the base of his cock, I thought to myself that I had never touched David in any intimate way before. His cock was hard and heavy and felt good in my hand. I couldn't get my fingers to meet around it.

"To me," she said, "things like kissing and sex are just ways of showing love."

I looked at the duffle for a moment. I had used it for gym class, sleepovers, family vacations. I never thought I'd be using it for something like this. The zipper was broken, but I couldn't have worked it with only one hand anyway. I stuffed as many changes of clothes as I could manage within the folds of the black canvas. Enough to get me through a week at Lance's apartment, or wherever I wound up.

How could she respond to that? The answer would take a life time. Even as the memory played through her head she cursed the shyness and shock that had held her speechless. Chauncy took a long drag on her cigarette, tossed it past Beth to the street and sighed heavily. John walked up and put a possessive arm around Beth. “Don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t the silent treatment. Have a nice life Bets,” she said before rolling up the window and driving away.

"Actually, we've been to a lot of plays at the Mountain Playhouse over the years and they've always been quite good," Gloria Bobar commented. "In fact, Frankie talked about trying out for the theater's company this summer."

The more I watched the petite blond, I kept thinking 'this is really pretty bad x-rated moview -no fancy sets, nothing. She had a firm little body and some nice sized tits, for a woman I guessed to be in her 40's. She was no great dancer, but she clearly knew how to sell her body. It wasn't long before she was down to nothing but thigh high nylons, high heels, and the zorro-type mask. She stopped her dance and reclined on a bed. The camera jerked and then moved down to the level of the bed. It zoomed in on her shaved pussy and then her tits. Donny quickened his strokes.

"My God girl, your surrounded by hundreds of horny young university students and you haven't even noticed how their eyes nearly eat you up? Every time you walk out on the campus they're mentally stripping you. If you haven't noticed I certainly have."

I spread my legs a little further, my heels dangling over the edge of the table. I pulled the black length out of me, and it glistened in the light, as I grimaced and then buried it to the hilt inside my hungry pussy. I threw my head back once more as I fucked myself deeply. It felt awesomely good. The fact James was watching me and wanking made it even sexier. I felt incredible, and kept fucking myself now, quite hard.

"Oooooooo," she moaned as his finger slipped effortlessly into her wet pussy.

"Can you breathe freely?"

"I guess for the money," I answered. "That and perhaps a little bit of curiosity."I stretched the point but I didn't want Greta to think it was only for the cash.

As Reed fucked her tight ass vigorously, her hands tightened. Soon, it was banging against the wall loudly shaking the whole bed.

'Yeah, what did you make?' I asked.

"A prostitute? You got to be kidding! Your roomy was a whore?"

Claire stopped grinning and shrugged. "I've tried it."

"Hi, Janet," Ethan said, blushing in embarrassment. She was wearing a short, tight, black skirt and a white blouse.

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And with that, she moved to his bedside, flung the covers back and looked at his rapidly enlarging cock. Although she did not know it at the time, it had begun pumping back into place as soon as she walked into the room, her full C-cup breasts giggling a little as she walked.

It began to be a game to both of us. She began to perceptibly enjoy it. She would wait until I came in the room to start working out. Several times when I was busy, she had missed her exercise show, but did the workout without it. When I came into the kitchen, she would stick her ass out, wiggling it in my direction. Then she would grind against me as I dry humped her. If I made any move to talk about what was going on, she stiffened up, and enjoyed it less.

This is the 5th part of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica.

To say I was depressed as my 30th birthday approached was a mild understatement, I felt as if there was so many things I had not done. I had gotten married when I was eighteen and my husband was only my second lover and also the second time I had ever had sex, the first being a quick grope when I was sixteen.

He tugged again at my panties, the black silk g-string slipped over my ass and into his hands. I wanted to see how far he would go if I didn't say a word.

After about three months of what I'll call a "sexual slowdown" for the lack of a more appropriate term, my husband was selected to attend a work-related convention in a city about 200 miles South of my home town. Since he planned to drive to the conference, I decided to leave the kids with my aunt and have him drop me off at my parents place for a short visit with them and some of my old friends that I hadn't seen in years while he attended the meeting. He took several extra days off so he too could visit my folks before proceeding to the meeting. Knowing that I would be spending several boring nights alone in my old bed, I secretly decided to pack my "my little black friend" and a vibrating egg in my personal bag to keep me company while he was away.

The three men excused themselves and went into James's office, closing the door half way.

Brian was telling me how lovely my ass looked in the candlelight as he softly caressed me. Then, SMACK!!! Brian began spanking my ass, keeping his fingers inside of me the whole time. As humiliating as it was, with each smack of his hand, my pussy clenched around his fingers and I was crying out for him not to stop. I could not believe that I was actually cumming out of my mind from being spanked. I was ashamed, but I didn’t want Brian to stop, I wanted more.

Astride horseback, the small band of renegades thundered towards the small village, hoof beats lost amid laughter and roguish jokes. It was fairly close to midnight as the men had been out drinking and were planning on settling in an Inn close by to enjoy the festivities the following day. Suddenly Caelan held up his hand, pulling his horse to a quick standstill. The others followed suit and merriment and laughter suddenly turned to quick wit and scanning glances, the only sound the shifting of horse hooves and the steeds' deep breathing in the night air. Eyebrows furrowing, alert eyes scanning the surrounding forest, each one searched for whatever it was that Caelan had supposedly heard along the trail. With another sweep of his hand, the young leader in Caelan broke in small group into a sweep formation and they stealthily moved through the forest in separate directions, a lone whippoorwill whistle their communication in the night air.

"Yeah, and don't let Melissa write her adventures to her friends cause obviously, that gets her horny," says Walter.

"It's ok Danny. I've had a lot of experience...but this was a wonderful one. I'm so glad I was your first. It makes it special for me too...and I loved having you in me like that." She reached back and covered my cock with her hand. Within a minute it no longer fit and my stiffness found her wet pussy. My memory of that night is of spending a lot more time in her than out of her.

Then it hit me. I hit the crest and then went into a freefall that seeming like it would never end. My vision blurred and waves and waves of almost unbearable pleasure flowed outward from my groin to all parts of my body. Spurt after spurt after spurt jetted into my sister, filling up and overflowing Bhabi's spasming pussy. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. Gradually, our motions slowed, and then we were still, making soft "Ohhhh" sounds.

"Oh, my lady, you're very late. My lord will not be happy by this. I am sorry it is to you that will be punished. I will not ask what it is that you did for it is not allowed, but know that I will keep your punishment a secret." His sincerity was genuine. She had always liked Phillip and this wouldn't change her opinion of him. "You must hurry in, Gwen. He is already very angry about your tardiness. Whatever you do, do not try to make excuses. Just take the punishment and try not to anger him further, please."

I silently nodded my overwhelming consent. Slowly she eased her hand up over my balls and gently pushed my hand away, replacing it with her own. She wrapped her cool fingers around my meaty shaft and began running her palm up and down my length.

He broke the silence and said, "May I ask you a question?" I looked up to see him grinning at his friends. I wondered what could he possibly want to ask. I said, "I guess so. What is it?" Then, if I hadn't been on the floor already, he would have floored me with the next thing he said. "If you let me remove you clothes I will show you my full body massage." Not only was I shocked but so were his friends. They just stared at him with open mouths.

We went straight to my room after dinner. I sat on the bed and read for a little while with him snuggled up against me. “I think your brother likes me,” he said out of the blue.

"Things are different now you realize. If I am to go with you, you must acknowledge this fact." she stated firmly.

"I'm not sure I can wait," I responded still trying to catch my breath and painfully struggling to fit back into my shorts.

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“Holy shit!” Josh whispered as she brought her moist finger to her mouth and began sucking on it seductively, licking it clean with a wicked smile. Any inhibitions she had were now lost, her body and mind drunk with vodka and lust. She was no longer ashamed and now revelled in the control she had over Dave, knowing that she was giving him the show of his life.

That had been the end of her real concerns, she realized. Earl hadn't tried to find another playmate, nor had he questioned her about her absences during the day. He hadn't been upset about the wet spots in their bed in the early evening when he told her that he wanted to fuck her, and he had reached the point where she welcomed his mouth covering her pussy as she sat upright and let her lover's semen fill his mouth. Sex was so much better and more frequent now than it had been just a few months ago, and she owed it all to this man who she felt entering her now, with her husband's blessings.

"Just fuck me baby, stick it up my cunt."

Trude came up to me, grasped my head and kissed me passionately. Her tongue forced it's way into my mouth and I quickly learned about French Kissing. Trude took total control. Without a word she showed me what to do. Guiding my mouth and hands to her nipples, bringing my face to her sweet pussy and having me eat her to orgasm. Trude kept her hand on my cock gently stroking it, playing with it, sucking it.

"Yes," I groaned, "God yes."

Jessica continued to lick all around the sides of Vito’s thick tool. This caused his cock to fly all over the place, often springing back to bounce against my wife’s face. Jessica kept this up for quite a while, obviously enjoying toying with his dick.

I moved closer until my balls rested against her ass, with the length of my hard-on against the soft curls covering the cradle formed by her cunt lips. I leaned over so my cock pressed between my stomach and her twat as I sucked one of her inviting nipples. As it hardened, she placed her hand on my head, and, with a smile in her voice, said, “You’re making my cunt all wet again. I hope you’re going to fuck me.”

"No," Bane answered in an emotionless tone. "Go ahead and lay down." The warrior filled a glass with water and took a long drink. The girl remained in the same spot, watching in puzzlement as Bane fought her internal, silent conflict. The Dragon finished her water and slammed the glass on the table. "I said to lie down!" she yelled.

His whole face looked like a glazed donut, and she was sure he was hiding a bloody nose or fat lip under his hand. She looked down in embarrassment, and gasped.

Slowly I caressed the area between the lips with my tongue, until my tongue came to where they are close together. There I probed into the seam between them, licking the entire area many times over until I reached the place where the inner lips meet and form her clit hood. Because the hood protects the most sensitive part of her pussy, I gently licked across the top, indirectly caressing her clit. My arms were still around Katie just under her hips, holding the nightgown out of the way and supporting most of her weight so she could move around freely, including fucking her pussy into my face. In between her moans of pleasure, she continued to curse and revile me.

"Come on Peeper," she said, grabbing hold of my ball sac, "let's go – same venue, one more lady!"

"Good. Take off the dress, everything."

Ron hadn't been around either Pam or Beth much since they got to the island, and he was glad. Even though no one had really even gotten cleaned up before dinner, they both looked sexy as always. The only problem was that Ron felt like Beth could read his mind whenever he looked at her or Pam, ever since he managed to totally embarrass himself with her playing Hang Man.

"Oh Mr. Smith, your so good, I'm almost there fuck me hard, now."

-"Why do you say that?"

I cant hold back any longer as my moans turn into squeals, my knees bracing around your head, holding your mouth tight against my exploding sex. My climax seems to go on forever, one enormous orgasm continuing with each lash of your tongue, and just when I feel it begin to subside, you take my small clit between your teeth gently and nibble on it.

Uncle Bill chuckled at the thought of his cousin getting his wife half tanked up before giving her the news.

They went out on to the street just as someone rode past in a horse drawn vehicle somewhat larger than a trap, pulled by a beautiful pair of greys. In the passenger seats behind the driver were two girls and a boy, all in their late teens and obviously brother and sisters. In fact the two girls looked virtually identical, and the three youngsters were clearly close relatives of the man in early middle age who was driving the horses.

Janice pulled Tim tightly to her, her heals digging into his buttocks, forcing him as deep as possible into her. She could feel her already saturated hole fill with her husband's seed. Suddenly an unwanted thought raced though her mind. It was no longer Tim between her legs, but rather her fantasy lover taking his pleasure inside her body. Without warning, a second, even more intense, climax rushed through her. She had never had two climaxes this close together. Hell, she was lucky to have one good one.

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I didn’t like being called boy, but what the hell. “Oh yes”

I had been hanging around the house when my best friend Scott rang me up and told me to come over to his place. I was bored at home so I jumped at the opportunity. Scott had the hottest mother, she was in her early forties but had a great body. She was slim with small breasts but she oozed sexuality. She had golden brown hair in a sexy little bob and cat like green eyes. I was so turned on by her. On top of that her washing line was inside so I was regularly ducking past her hot lingerie hanging up to dry.

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed the story. Do tell me how you like it, I am open to criticism.

Jack momentarily remembered feeling a bit of interest, but that passed as he quickly finished his store duties and then locked himself in to count the cash and finish the bookkeeping.

I pulled out of Corrie and told the girls to come inside. When we got into the bedroom I instructed both young women to get on the edge of the bed on their hands and knees. When they were in position I moved in behind them admiring their gorgeous young asses and pussies right there for me to do whatever I wanted to do.

"Yep, spit it out."

Now, standing before me, dressed in black, you are almost worthy of being fucked by Maitresse.

At first she teased herself, lightly grazing her pussy against my parted lips. There was only a slight musky taste but she was wet and my lips quickly became slick and slippery. Then I pushed my tongue out, and my mother pressed down harder. Soon almost all her weight was on my face as she desperately ground against it. I could hardly breathe but my mother was totally focused on reaching her orgasm.

I opened my eyes and sat up with a start. I smiled to myself, knowing that I had let myself get carried away again. Wow…what an incredible day.

While this was happening to Kim, fortunately with her loud moans, didn't hear Nicole getting off to a mind blowing orgasm that almost knocked her out. I was watching Nicole do just as she had done while watching her Dad Don, and Kim fucking. Her fingers were but a blur as she stood beside me, I didn't have the heart to stop her. She groaned and moaned, but she was in sync with Kim and it went unnoticed to Kim, but certainly not to Kitty.

Smiling seductively, she said, "You'll just have to wait and see."

"I would love to." I said with a big smile.

"Danny," she pulled her mouth away but still held onto me as she wept, "That is the nicest, daftest and downright silliest thing anyone's ever done for me."


Stephan felt the older man's cock swell and begin twitching. The sensation of Ed blasting against his hypersensitive prostate set him off again, catching him completely off guard. A wave of ecstasy slammed through him, this one so powerful he couldn't even vocalize. They lay there, curled into each other until their breathing had returned to normal.

Later as I was hunting the floor for those who seemed interested. I wasn't wearing anything too extraordinary on this night, just a fancy pink top and a pair of Lycra pink thongs and some spiked high heels, and a sort of see-through white skirt that wrapped tightly around my hips. I noticed the man and woman who had come to me while I was on the stage and decided to walk over to them and say a word.

They looked at me and smiled. All three of them started to feel me up and rub my dick as dad watched. I felt Jenny start to finger my arsehole. Suddenly the doorbell went. "Don't worry, I'll get it. You carry on." Dad said.

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"I dunno, but I thought it would feel good," I lied.

I smirked, but didn't answer.

"But mom, isn't Nia from a wealthy family. And doesnt' she make more money than Uncle David did."

Jason has long since gotten his own apartment not far from here, but still drops by my house unannounced and more frequently than I care for. I don't say much about it because I owe it to his father, to keep an eye on him while he's out here.

The bathroom door opened. Lydia emerged, wrapped in a lavender towel. I had to will myself to keep breathing as I saw her enveloped in the familiar puff of steam, its wafting tendrils embracing and caressing her in ways I could only fantasize about.

“ Yes, please, this has me a little freaked out.”

"That's it? 'Oh?'"

Even though I told myself I’d let it go, I couldn’t. I wanted this girl so badly, that I couldn’t think about anyone else. I vowed to go one more Saturday morning, and then be done with it. I figured if I was meant to see her again, I would, whether it was at the bookstore, or not.

You take her hands in yours, feeling grounded by the familiar sight of her face and touch of her warm hands.

The ever alert Becky commented, "Will, wait a minute. You've had more to drink than anybody. Let me drive. I want to use my driver's license anyway, to prove to the store that I'm a woman who can buy alcohol, and not just a little girl." With that comment Becky turned to me with a big knowing grin.

"Too bad, missy. It's too late for that. You can't just come parading in here and ask a guy to tattoo your cunt, and then strip down for him and tease him with your pretty slit and your perky tits and then expect him not to want to finish the job. I'm going to do this, and I'm going to enjoy it, and you're just going to have to sit back and take it."

We disengage from the oral sex, and sit up facing each other. She picks up her glass of port and dribbles some of it over her breasts, then lies back with her head on the pillows. I take a moment to look at her gorgeous inviting body.

"Professor Summers, how about tossing a coin, if you can't make up your mind." One of the girls piped up. I smiled relieved. "I have a coin if you want to borrow it." I nodded.

So what was a horny girl to do?

The metal gate swung open and hit the other side of the fence with a loud "thud." I looked around again quickly, making sure no one noticed what I was doing, and walked up to the window by the side of the house and pressed my ear up against it. From outside, I could hear a faint "sssssssss" of water running from what most likely was a shower. The window was open a few inches, so I quietly pushed it up one more, then two more. Finally I had lifted the new door high enough so that I could fit through.

Nicole nursed his penis until it began to shrink. Finally, she let it slide from her mouth, slid up beside him, and laid her head on his chest. She felt his hands moving through her hair.

“Thanks” he smiled down to her. She moved her head up and kissed him on the cheek. They sat in silence again, Sarah was safely nestled in his arms, Brian was stroking her hair. “Brian?”

"Come on Dave, you can confide in me." She said and gave him her most honest looking face. "Well, my mom caught me masturbating last night and, and, and..." He began to cry. Huge body shaking sobs wracked him as the tears filled his eyeglasses and clouded them, making his shirt and tie wet.

When satisfied with it being as clean as possible, I draped it over my shoulder and removed my boots and tossed them on to the bank, I then removed my trousers and wash as much of the dirt from them as possible. The cold water felt great on my sore, raw cock, I got up and laid my clothes out on a boulder so they could dry.

”Guess I will see you tomorrow night,” Tara said before I could leave. Tomorrow night? Oh, the party. I had completely forgotten about.

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After about an hour, as they were finishing up, Kelly came back into the room with another smaller stack of paper. When every one had turned in their questionnaire she said, "OK. Now I'm going to discuss a few of the club rules. These pages have them down in writing and after we're done I'll ask each of you to sign a copy. These rules are for your protection as much as that of the club, so listen carefully and if you have any problem with any of them, say so at once. Maybe all you need is a little explanation, but we want to be sure that these are rules you can live with."

She quickly covered my dick with her mouth, and suddenly I felt a very warm, wet sensation as she sucked me off. It was my first blowjob, so I was quickly overwhelmed. I grunted and threw my head back as I came in her mouth. I came just as strongly as before, and it felt much better with my Mom sucking me. She didn’t release my dick from her mouth even after I came, she swallowed my cum and continued blowing me.

A sentence appeared on the screen and brandy is voice spoke to her from the speaker, reading the sentence as it appeared: "hello, and welcome to your first-class"

We stood there in the train depot, breathless. Unable to move as we looked past the eyes, into each others souls, and longed for the depth that we knew we still had yet to discover.

"We'll continue to work on your game," he said after we both downed some more of our drinks. "You can't be a good CEO with such a poor game." I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He nodded slightly, confirming his decision.

My mind struggles for words. And then it is done. His cock rips through my ass, savagely shoving me forward, driving home a sticky wetness into my darkest places. The bubbles detonate with an intensity that turns me into a statue. Unable to move. Unable to speak. Unable to hear.

I considered lying but didn't. "I'm sorry. Yeah, I was trying. But I'm glad I didn't. I mean I'd like to be your first and everything. You know that the whole cousin thing doesn't bother me at all. I really like you, I mean in some ways I love you but…"

In the park there are two paths. The main path leads to playgrounds and strollers; the offbeat leads to cigarettes and seduction. She chooses the second.

"Well, Clark will be here soon."

Suddenly her body stiffened in anticipation & a flood of her salty-sweet love juice drenched my tongue as she forced two fingers past my tight ring to trigger an uncontrollable blast of spunk from my balls which she brought to the boil at exactly the right moment. Digging my fingers into her arse & holding on for dear life as I struggled to swallow the juices she poured over my open mouth while her tongue lapped at the fountain of spunk cascading from me.


This work is written as adult entertainment and is not intended to be accessed by anyone under the age of 18. All persons and events portrayed are fictional and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely co-incidental.


"OK. What about sizes…mmm…cups. There's different kinds right?

Saturday night came and Jason and Amanda once again drove to the movie store. They returned the movie they had watched the night before and rented The Unlikely Spy. Once again it was not a movie either would enjoy, but they rented it so that it would please Amanda's parents.

“It must taste of deodorant.” I commented.

Wilber felt his own knees growing weak from sheer disbelief as he tried flinching his eyes open and shut, trying to process the impossible sight of the brunnette's pink pussy that looked as if a greased torpedo had been shot through it.

" too big" she cried.

A few hours later, a few reassuring phone calls, and I knew exactly how my night was going to go. I always worked it out first, that way I didn’t get stuck in some lameass party with no action, and no energy. Better to be safe than sorry, besides, it was only 5. I decided that a good meal would be a good start, and began to cycle through who I owed meals to, or who owed me meals. Remembering a particularly pathetic evening spent at the local 24-7 fast food joint, I recalled the name and number of Suzie. Suzie was the typical knockout redhead with the body of an angel and the mind to match. A mind she'd constructed purely for the art of teasing, which she did way too well. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend and went to the restaurant to get some breakfast when she'd pulled over, picked me up and given me a ride, as well as paid for my lousy breakfast when my wallet was "misplaced". She was a sweetheart, and as long as everyone remembered that, she'd stay cool and not a teasing little girl.

The Kamula people had a different culture than we. For one to share their spouse with the chief was considered a great honor. I was much older than Dekapowe's teenage ebony skinned wife but my alabaster white skin fascinated him.

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“Hey Mrs. K, you wouldn’t get me another beer would you?” Stacie asks me.

Tim shook hands with her, and when he did, he felt electricity run up his arm. "Ah...hi," he said. "'re right, I...I am Tim Jackman."

Finally, I heard Chris grunt and knew that he was getting close. I then heard Jan cry out, "Please do not come in me as I am not protected." Chris must not have heard her though as he pushed all the way inside her and grunted out that he was coming. He held her close as he pounded out the last few spurts of his come.

He slowly began to move inside her. All the way out, all the way in. ALl the way out until the tip of his penis barely touched her, thrust hard back in. He kept that pace up until she came around him again. His desire stoked by her thrusting back at him, he yanked off the nipple clamp and began to slam into her.

Jill and Tammy went in the house and proceeded to the living room. The house was pretty quiet. "Where are your mom and dad?" "Oh, they left this morning for a convention out off state they'll be back Sunday night."

I'll get pregnant! " last two days he explored inside me several times.

Michelle puts on the shoes; black pumps with 3 ½ inch heels and matching leopard print accents on the toes and heels. Now she surveys the complete package, as she turns slowly in front of the mirror. She practices kneeling and bending down, as if to pick up something from off the floor. Michelle can feel the plug slide an inch or so out of her ass as she kneels. It is a wickedly erotic sensation. As her hand touches the floor, the lacy tops of her stockings slide into view from beneath the tight skirt. Luckily, these are long stockings, she thinks. The naked flesh of her thighs has remained hidden from view, though just barely hidden.

I started to read it to myself but you begged me to read it aloud.

Then before I could think, before I could reason, he had grabbed me roughly. He is a strong man; even though I had struggled fiercely against his grip, he had overpowered me.

I knew that my ass also showed signs of use, and as Janice soaped my chest down to my tummy, I knew she'd soon by showering off my genitals as well.

Of course, it was my duty to escort a guest to their sleeping quarters, so I was given the task of escorting June to her room after Jack aroused her.

She carried on sucking and wanking away on his tool…

"Come on Andy. . .You might not get such a chance to impress the girls again," Susy grinned and guided my dick towards her gaping wet hole. She wrapped her legs around my back as my cock head parted her slippery lips, just in case I was getting cold feet.

A young Marine in Guam found out about Mom the hard way. She was on duty at the hospital late one night when the MA's brought him in. He was a big kid, 6'4", 240, drunk and very belligerent. He'd started a fight at the EM Club, and the MA's had been forced to use their nightsticks. It took three of them to get him in the car. He had a couple of good-sized knots on his head, one of which was bleeding profusely and needed stitches.

I moved one hand down between my slick thighs and began stroking my clit as my head bounced on Steve's cock, I twisted my head a little, moving back and forth, increasing the sensation as Steve approached his climax. Our young voyeur had taken out his cock by now and I could barely see him pumping away out of the corner of my eye. The man behind Steve was also still at work, although, judging by his face, I could tell he would most likely come before the other two.

After that, Jeff would often feed and fuck then feed his sweet baby sister. They continued to play in the afternoon and if their dad went out on a date, he would go into his sister's room and fuck her at night. She had become his little whore, her body was his, he could feel her and feed her and fuck her anytime he wanted and she loved it.

"Thanks," I said softly, "come back whenever you want."

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“Yes, but it ought to have a name, I think.”

We headed toward the trees where we thought we could get some shelter until the rain let up again, as it was becoming very clear either we could not be seen in the storm by passing cars, or they just didn't care to pick up a couple of drowned rats.

The intensity of my thrusts increased with each passing moment and I reached down and rubbed her asscheecks as I fucked her. She was going crazy screaming and moaning and asking for me. I could not stop myself even if I tried. I fucked her hard and faster making her big tits flop around. I reached under her, squeezed, and pulled on her nipples, making her more excited.

"Good, now spread your beautiful legs", he says.

I stood and smiled, my penis waving in front of me, turgid and lusting for her. "Was that nice, Captain Leg Man?" she asked.

The spanking stopped and his hand returned to my pussy. His fingers rubbed my clit while his thumb slipped easily into my pussy. It wriggled inside me, moving quickly in and out like a small cock.

They were also problematic situations. The more of Kathy's swollen breasts I saw, the more I missed having sex. In all the time since Anne's death, I had had sex with a woman exactly four times, never more than once with the same lady. Each of the four was a wonderful woman in her own right but compared to my Anne, each was missing something I needed, a certain loving quality.

Juan's rhythm slowed and quickened and I could soon tell he was a great lover. I would really have been thinking of fucking him but that stopped when I saw what happened when Lily tried to push her way in. She was continuing her rimjob and looked ready to cum.

“Relax,” he told her, leaning over to kiss and suck on her neck again. He slowly moved down her throat to her breasts, tugging and sucking her nipples until they stood out, hard and sensitive. She almost wished he would bite her again, the experience had been so incredible, but he moved away from her tits, down to her stomach, running his tongue around her belly-button.

He looked over at the guy in the suit, who nodded before he continued. "We know who you are, Linda. We know you're just a normal housewife, you work part-time and you're just trying to make the best of a bad situation. We also know that you're special, that any normal woman couldn't have done the things you've done. We know. BB showed us pictures." I was beyond being shocked anymore. I just nodded my head and listened to what he had to say. "We've got a solution. We'll sell you Laci, she's everything you asked for and we'll sell her to you for the night, but you've got to do something for us." I was still listening, nodding as they spoke, but aware that the hammer was going to fall. These type of people didn't do anything for charity.

"Nobody will have to know!"

"Well yes, we are close, and I like us being able to talk. But I don't want you to feel bad. Just don't worry about it."

"You're first client," I said, my heart pounding, "is me. You can begin working off your debt this very afternoon."

She nodded her head and I said, “Tell me what you want me to do Linda.”

'Are you not freezing?' I asked, looking at her hands.

"Al…?" her voice was soft, unsure, and she felt as though she was in some kind of dream which was sure to turn into a horrible nightmare because nothing could possibly be this wonderful.

"Ahhhh, I'd love 2 dicks in me. One fucking my pussy while I suck off the other." She said.

"Ahh mom...." he went on the defensive. And then recovered with, "I just meant... I'd rather be here with you... you know, make sure you're okay...and maybe catch up a little....since you keep making me go out...who knows....if you're REALLY nice to me...I might even offer you a ...full... massage, (as I felt his hands on my shoulders, and my body began reacting more fiercely to his presence and touch ..), not just a shoulder rub...for all the fantastic things you do...for me..."

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In response, Carrie gave a muffed grunt and rolled over, exposing her lovely breasts and lushly thatched pubic mound. Was that a tiny pearl of moisture between her legs glistening in the sunlight? My breathing quickened and my cock gave a randy little stir, but laid low for the time being.

My rigid cock sprang up as it was released and pointed directly up at the ceiling. I looked over at Denise whose big blue eyes widened even further as she stared at my big fat erection, she and I being the only two aware of its existence. As she looked at me, her hand slipped between her legs and began rubbing at her glistening pussy. She beckoned me over and lowered the duvet back down. As I strode over towards her my big hardon swayed from side to side, Denise's eyes watching its every move as though she were watching a tennis match. I opened the bedclothes and slipped between the sheets, all the while shielding my throbbing manhood from the camera and crew. I had seen my fair share of soft porn on TV so I new what these scenes usually involved and I rolled on top of her and kissed her. She turned her head and whispered sexily in my ear, "Just kiss me for a while, then suck my tits, I'll take it from there." I did as I was told and after kissing her for around 5 minutes my tongue traced down her chin and along her neck, inching ever closer to her massive tits.

Mikey plunged deeply into his teacher, groaning as he re-stretched her vaginal walls, which so futily resisted his thickness. He thrusted and stroked as Kimiko watched and Ms. Stark bit her fist to keep from screaming out in a heady mix of pleasure and pain. Further and further he advanced and Kimiko wondered just how much would fit!

"More like you, so certainly more my type" I replied.

"Lie still bitch," I harshly commanded.

Were he lays you down and tells you to open your eyes and its starting to get light outside and you can just see him you smile and say hi hunni! You cant think of anything else to say then he kisses you on the lips and cuddles you pulling the cover over you two! And while he is cuddling you he whispers in your ear that he loves you, you just murmur the same back and tell him that was fantastic and wow omg that was fantastic! He cuddles you more and kisses you and you 2 slowly drop off to sleep in each other’s arms dreaming of the next adventure!

Now I was on a mission. I was time to make a baby and with that focus I began stroking with greater urgency, making sure I got as deep as I possibly could with each stroke. It didn't take much longer for either of us when I uttered the first words I'd spoken since we got to the bedroom.

Across the room, I see that Julian is giving Stephanie another instruction. She crawls towards me, and plants soft kisses up my leg until she reaches my pussy. It’s fairly obvious what she’s about to do, but I don’t quite believe it until her tongue flicks out around my clit. I suck in my breath and lean hard against Master. Without looking, I know that he is watching me closely, enjoying my reactions.

Some insightful comments from a guy who should know. A guy who cheats and gets away with it. It's not for everyone, it's not for me, but if you are going down that path recognize that for every bit of excitement there's a whole lot of guilt and concern and danger.

So you have yourself a character, full of genuine, realistic qualities. Maybe you even have two! Now you can take a stab at the story. I like to look at a story that I’m writing as a sexual experience, and one a little more thorough than a typical teen misadventure. The story has to build in intensity and sexual tension from the very beginning. You can’t have 20 paragraphs of the most average, uninteresting, nondescriptive, nonsexual events, and then BAM! He’s fucking the girl he was just sipping coffee with. The reader just isn’t ready for that. Most people don’t open a story and immediately get wet/hard. You have to work for it. Toldja you were a masochist!

A wee while later Dagmar returned with a tray containing a box of juice, glasses and an ice bucket. After pouring them both stiff drinks bloodied with cranberry juice, she collapsed onto the couch tucking one foot under her. " So I was thinking," she said as she fixed drinks for both of them. That we hang out here until about 10'ish, and then go to a bar I know before moving on to the club."

“It didn’t taste bad and I was thirsty,” Krista said licking her lips and wiping her face on her arm.

Alternating between women, I savored the individual feel of each woman and watched as April responded not only to my cock, but to Gabrielle's fingers. I noticed that Gabrielle would grind her clit against April's ass when I was fucking April. The fury rose, in all three of us, until April rose up, moaning and coming. I quickly pulled out of Gabrielle and moved to dive into April, but in her ecstasy, I missed and being far too gone to do anything else, I ground my cock over Gabrielle's hand and April's pubic hair spraying my cum all over them.

“Because I told Amber my Fantasy was to have you,” with that she went back down trying to take the cock all the way down her throat. She made it almost, never taking her eyes from his as she gagged painfully on the intruder in her throat. That was it, with his cock buried in her throat, and the revelation that she wanted him that bad he couldn’t hold on any more. He had waited years for a girl to actually take his load, and now the wait was over. His cock pumped stream after stream of cum into her mouth, so much that she couldn’t get it all down her throat. Small streams crept out the side of her mouth leaking onto her breasts. She sucked on the very tip cleaning up his mess like she was an old pro.

"Cassie," she said in a little voice. I smiled at her.

"Kathie is just about as hot a woman as there is!" he thought. "I sure as hell wouldn't mind getting a little of that sometime! I guess I'm going to have to call her!"


April was laid on the top of the covers, naked and her legs spread open, her massive breasts heaving as she breathed hard and smiled to her naked brother.

As I get out of the car I see you by the door, that pink summer dress your wearing blowing softy in the night breeze. As I climb the steps I see you have that look in your eyes. As I step in and you shut the door I turn around wrapping my strong arms around you, my lips finding your sweet lips, mmm they taste so good, my tongue parts them finding, searching for yours. finding it they become entwined in one another. My hand slides down your back finding your sweet ass, you know I love the feel of it on them, as I gently squeeze them pulling you closer as your tongue follows mine back and I suck it, mmmm so hot, so wet and so good.

It started on the day of the picnic.

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"Say it louder… Beg me for it," he said louder.

“Louder. I want you to scream it. I want it to come from your soul, from deep within.”

Kelly slid down the dancer's legs and started to lick around his cloth covered prick; she fondled his balls with one hand, grabbed his arse with her other, then looked over to me and winked right before she pulled his thong off, then opened her mouth and took as much of his shaft down her throat as she could. With her hair pulled up by the dancer, he started to give her a throat­fucking to the beat of the music, and she was taking it all.

I rolled off Helen and lay on my back gasping to recover my breath. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it pulse in my head. Helen was exhausted. We lay unmoving for many minutes. Slowly our breathing became more normal and the heart rate slowed. Helen propped herself up on her elbow and looked into my eyes. "Well, how do I fuck?" She asked. "Is that what you called that?" I asked back. "So I'm told." She said. "It would seem as though I have been misled. I have had sex quite a few times in my young life and was told it was fucking. Never have I had sex like that." I said. "Sex is sex, making love is just that, but fucking has got to be hot. That was hot my Tall Cool friend, and that was good fucking." She replied. "Was it that good when you fucked Karen this afternoon?" Talk about the direct approach, "It was good, different, she might have sex more often than you do, but you are far more passionate than she is." I said to her.

"I'll bet it turned you on even more to see him jerking off just inches from your mouth," I said, not wanting Olivia to lose the momentum of our dirty talk.

"Shh," Jordan murmured. "I've got you. You're safe."

“We shouldn’t!”

I hold that hand then below your nose and mouth, letting you draw in that same scent, hoping to sweeten your dreams just before I wake you.

I didn't press her no matter how intense my need became because a painful change came over her during this time. The work started to dry up. The agency stopped calling and she started getting depressed. It wasn't the money; I had a job and she had invested well. That they didn't want her anymore tortured her.

Hazel handed Rachel the finished memoirs about her nursing sessions with HJ. Rachel’s mouth opened in amazement as she read about Hazel and Maggie’s nursing of their young babies and then relieve each other by mutual tit nursing and drinking the sweet milk from each other’s fully engorged breasts and move down to their fiery cunts they kept clean-shaven to tongue each other into much needed orgasms. Rachel was also too embarrassed to mention what was happening to her, feeling a little guilty because it was happening while nursing her infant son.

"Nothing much," Ryan answered, "just watchin' the rain, waitin' for somethin' to do." Both girls giggled at his answer. Ryan was amazed at this; he sensed that they had planned this conversation. Normally, he'd think he was being played, but from the sexy whisper earlier that day, he was just turned on by the almost-scripted conversation.

Sarah awoke in the morning and her first thought was of her dad. This is probably not all that unusual as many young women think of their fathers often. But now when Sarah thought of her dad she thought of his muscular body. Of his face kissing hers, his cock pounding her young pussy, and of his thick, hard penis spurting a fresh load of cum into her womb or into her eager, waiting mouth. You see this wasn't a normal day for Sarah; it was the third day of her sexual affair with her father.

Mimi took my hand and led me through the house, showing me the kitchen, the dinning room, and the rest of the rooms on the lower level. Throughout the whole tour she never let go of my hand.

"Alright, that's enough, let's go." Sandy broke away while taking his hand and heading for the exit.

Debra opened her mouth inviting Tommy's tongue into her own and pushing into his. Her hands slid over his back feeling the taut muscles there, as his slid onto her denim covered ass. Tommy squeezed her ass and Debra moaned into his mouth. She hated to do it but pulled her arms from him and pushed him back. Tommy had a hard time deciphering the look on her face and started to apologize. Debra stopped him by putting her finger to his lips in a shushing gesture. Then untucking her shirt Debra grabbed the bottom of it and pulled it over her head. Tommy's eyes opened wide in shock as he made a sort of grunt, whistle, barking noise that Debra got a lot when she was younger whenever her boyfriends saw her tits.

“So how do you want to do this?” questioned Chrissie in a sedate voice. Inside she was well and truly worked up now, she could feel that same sense of foreboding give way to an intense need for sexual release. The cameras alone made her feel hot, the person adjusting them to face the bed made her feel even hotter.


Looking back at him was a dazed young woman, with strands of hair falling across her forehead. Her blue dress was torn at the hem, and her legs were a bloody mess. But she was definitely a woman, not that anyone in the crowd would have taken the time to study her. They had more important things on their minds.

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"You are going to get us killed, goddamit." I growled at her, pissed off again. She just beamed at me. Pissed me off even more.

As she felt her orgasm hit her, Sarah moaned, "Yes, yes ohhh yes Sir, please."

"Okay, so Sara is a declared bitter rival... Theo, I'm not sure if I want to know, but what do you think?"

'Fucking hell,' Stefan swore again. 'Look at that body.'

"Yeah, that's what I meant." Kathy smiled wryly, a high spot of color on each cheek.

I felt a hand on my ass again pressing forward. Gunnel wanted me for some reason to stay deep inside. I soon found out why. Gunnel put Karin's legs up around my waist. She had to hold them in place.

Knowing she had at least three hours by herself before Mark got back from his football match, Emma began to look through the other magazines and found herself stunned, shocked, occasionally disgusted but mostly very turned on by the pictures that she found in them: women and young girls being fucked in the mouth, pussy and arse by dildos and huge cocks; heavily pregnant women being anally fisted; women being pissed on and pissing on men; people being spanked; girls covered in slimy spunk; tits being fucked; men being fucked; shitholes being tongued; everything that she had ever imagined, and more.

Billy moved to his desk and with both arms gathered the pile of loose papers. He looked aimlessly about for a better location for them before finally settling on the foot of his unmade bed. "I'll be right back with another chair," he said, darting from the room.

The swimming pools and lakes were close to closing down for the summer when Jenny and Andy went to the beach for one last time on the last Saturday in August. It was a hot, steamy day when even a dip in a pool or lake wasn't quite as refreshing as one would hope. Nonetheless, they played and swam amongst the other people who were there, enjoying the water and being together in the warm sunshine.

"Fuck her ass." She was pointing the gun at Donna. At these words, Donna tensed but did not get out of the swing. I reached for my pants. "What are you doing?" Bobbi asked with the muzzle now pointing at me. "Getting a condom and some lube!"

"You want to shave my pussy Paul?"


My mother sighed, “I didn’t tell anyone what you did for a living. Not even your father. They still think that you’re a lawyer.” My mom walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

white_russian: I miss you. I want you. I want to do you right now. What if I just walked into your office and shut the door...

He is sure she's having one continuous orgasm since he entered her. She bucks, she purrs, she scratches at his back with her nails, anything she thinks will get him to fuck her the way she wants it. Lewd, crude and hard. He tries to do just that.

The three fucked like rabbits until John Peacher and Fred Berrybush got home Friday night. While both women found sex lives with their husband to be good they found they could not resist each other or Aaron. It seemed that when one or both husband’s were gone at least two, if not three of them were getting together. Things slowed down when Aaron went to Missouri University 125 miles away. But, they got good at sneaking time together whenever they could. Aaron was dating at college but looked forward to time with Mommy Whore and Neighbor Whore.

He panted to a halt. Cum dripped from Anna's chin and she was furiously rubbing her clit hoping for more . But it was over. Finito. Nada Mas.

'Here are your heels,' Becky says handing you her own court shoes, 'now where are my old pumps,' she says rummaging in her bag. Triumphantly she pulls out a ragged pair of shoes and slips them on her feet. It's a brave gamble. You sigh with relief and sit on the sofa in an attempt to slip on her shoes. But you've got another problem - Mr Wilson. He can't stop staring at your eye-catching legs and as you struggle to squeeze your dainty feet into Becky's court shoes the slit in your skirt drops rewarding the amorous Mr Wilson with a daring flash of white thigh and lacy hold-ups. You blush convince he'd seen your boys briefs. But that was the least of your worries. The shoes are a size too small and you struggle to squeeze your feet into them. Both Wilson's look at you oddly as you wince and jam your toes inside. After a fearful battle with squeaky leather, silky hold-up and soft skin you stand awkwardly. Your thrown off balance and totter precariously. The Wilson's keep you talking as you step carefully from foot to foot. Mmm! After a while the leather stretches, they feel nice and you feel more complete. As Becky chats you again long for her panties as you feel like a beautiful jigsaw missing a piece.

Her arm twitched.

Anyway, Uncle Austin is in the Air Force. In 2024, he was promoted to colonel and assigned to the Air Force Intelligence office at the Pentagon. The house right next door to my parents' house was for sale, so Austin and Kat bought that house and moved in. Their son, Reginald (he goes by Reggie), is my age - he was born a month after I was.

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Taylor smiled at her, and bent down to kiss her chastely on each nipple.

The black dressed woman took my cock into her hands. She looked at it like a price object.

I picked up the telephone, almost forgetting how, and placed it to my ear, saying, "Betty speaking...'

Carrie watched him walk away and then got up too and said, "and I have some shopping to do. Do you want to come along, Nadine?"

Even with all that had happened during the day, it still took Tori a while to settle down to go to sleep. The door that separated her room from Jake's kept calling her. Finally, rolling over and turning her back on the door, she punched her pillow down and counted sheep until she fell asleep. But even in her dreams, Jake was never far away.

Chapter One

"So you love me so much." She was speaking in baby talk. "Do you want to give me a kiss? Huh?" Then she turned back to the black organ (keeping her eyes looking into my own eyes) and pressed her pursed lips against the shaft. A glint came to her face as she read my terrible pain from my face. With a smacking of lips, she completed the dick kiss. However, once she removed her red lips (I couldn't get over how different she looked in make up), she moved her pouty angelic face up to the head of the cock. Then again pressed her pursed red lips against the mushroom end. She again finished with a loud kissing sound.

Then I got up and took a sip of my wine, Frank immediately sat down in the armchair saying that he was "pooped out" to which I reminded him that the night was still young, he replied that he still wanted me somemore but needed to rest for a few minutes. During all this, Joe, my husband, had sat in his armchair observing what we did, his only participation was to give us words of encouragement. I now turned to him and said that while Frank was recuperating, did he want anything from me. All he did was smile but he crocked his finger at me, indicating that I should go over to him. I crawled over to where he was sitting, then he stood up and started to undress, seeing this I helped him just like I did for Frank and also sucked him off. I knew he enjoyed it whenever I sucked him because he has told me many times before that I was the best cocksucker he has known. I sucked him until he too ejaculated and I managed to swallow everything.

“You turn me on so much, Kay and I make love to you guys all the time”, I blurted out,” You’re our fantasy couple.”

“I hereby challenge you to a pissing contest.”

"Bring you some oil man, I want to bust that ass open."

“Yes, that would be nice.” Said a slightly less nervous Phillip.

Walking back over to her, I asked "No comments on how I dressed for you, slut?"

"I've never been so full of cock in my life!" she screamed

As I writhed with Teichmueller's tongue buried deep inside of me the German was peeling my clothing off piece by piece until he had me naked on the bed.

"My money! It's all gone! Oh no. It's all your fault." Maria accused Barbara.

She looked up at me again and smiled. "Close your mouth baby," I told her. I took hold of my cock and ran the end all over her lips. "Put your tongue out Sania." She did. I slapped the head of my tool firmly down on it several times, making a lewd smacking sound. "Now baby, open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lips."

"You see, dad? Do you understand now? My slut, my bedroom. Now as you can see, my cock is still hard and I haven't had my cum yet. But, I think I've proved my point. So, why don't you get the hell out of here while I bang mom and get my nuts off?"

"We could go and see a movie and maybe have something to eat." He told me.

Shit. How the photographs must have made me looked so consenting, willing, keen even. I hadn't resisted, had I? Why not? Why hadn't I put up a fight? It would have ruined their pictures at least.

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Laughing Tom replied, "And you would like to know if I would mind if we made a slight detour towards where she is shooting. Sure, who am I to argue about going to see one of the most beautiful women and one of the best bodies in the world".

Waves and waves of pleasure come crashing down on your whole body, but nowhere stronger than in your pussy. Again and again you peak only to be brought back to the top by my non-stop piston movements. You can feel your strength ebb and flow. You no longer can open your eyes. Your body trails off after two minutes. Your body calms as I remove my erect manhood. I begin to lightly kiss your body and travel back up. I stop at your lips. There I stop to hold you in a passionate embrace. Your body winds down after ten minutes. Well you think, your weekend certainly was different.

He forced his leg between mine, kicking them wide, and grabbed my skirt and pulled it up. His hand rubbed along my crotch, mashing the satin into my body and sending a thrill up my spine. He dragged the silky fabric back and forth across my clit, and as my treacherous body started to respond, lubrication flowed forth and soaked my panties. I moaned, slumping against the cabinet as waves of sensation washed over me. I badly wanted to sink onto his hand and let him make me come. My arms had already started to reach for him, and I was kissing him back fervently. My mind was berating me for my weakness, but it was fighting a losing battle. My body wanted him.

Phoebe could feel the evening air blow across her anus, sending shivers of wonderful sensation, as he exposed her further committing her to the course that she felt she wished to pursue. Lovingly, her pussy once again sought his seed, unbeknownst to her, uselessly, because he had already impregnated her. Cellular division continued in her womb as she fucked seeking the ultimate reward, orgasm. Her pussy moved up and down his shaft, seeking orgasmic relief. The tentacles of orgasm wrapped themselves around her uterus squeezing tight before releasing in an explosion of delight that sounded deep in her throat as a sonorous guttural scream, announced her pleasure. Jane's resonant moans echoed hers, while her twat thrashed against her son's tongue. Each woman now immersed in the powerful depthless intensity of passion, until they collapsed against each other pussy spasms still racking their bodies with shivers of gratification. John's powerful spurts added to Phoebe's juicy wetness.

“I wore this just for you, because I know that it’s your favorite.” Brittany wondered if she was laying it on a little to thick.

I rubbed my cock up and down across her pussy lips, mostly by feel; she was not one of those who maintained a closely cropped cunt. I slipped my cockhead between her pussy lips, feeling the wet warmth. I couldn't play around too long, I was pretty heated up from the discussion and the work she'd done so far.

"Hard. Hard," she said. "Ram your cock in."

The heat and sensual tension in the air just filled the room. Kris came closer to me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and we locked our lips in a wet tongue-lashing sensual kiss. After tasting each other for a long period of time, Kris whispered in my ear, "Remember what I said? I'm not ready to have you in my pussy yet, but I can tell you that it will be soon." In our emails to each other, Kris expressed that although she desperately wanted this meeting, she was not sure about having me fuck her yet. Since I love eating pussy, I had no problem with that. With that, she snaked her body down to my erect cock. On her knees, she was at the perfect height for facing my cock. She let her lips kiss the head softly. Opening her mouth, her tongue slid out and licked the slit at the tip of my cock.

She looked at my hand barring her way and then looked around to see if anyone was about "No." she said. "No he came too quick, I need to though, I need to come, please."

As for him, Steve's excitement was clear, but even Lily was getting off on letting us watch. She kept going for minutes on end, and I began to wonder if she intended to let us see this all the way through! When Steve began to reach the point of no return, I got my answer. Lily bit her lip, shored up the strength in her arm, and then quickened her pace to a rapid jerk.

Meg, who's been increasing in confidence, turned crimson and fell silent.

After watching them dance and caress for about 20 minutes out there, I decided to get some air and then try to get her to come home. After about 10 minutes I returned to find neither of them around. Alarmed I searched for hem high and low and didn't find anyone who saw them.

"Yeah you're right I was only kidding. Stay in bed and I'll serve you breakfast." I told her.

It was Amber clad in a long soft blue spaghetti strap dress. "Wow! I must say you look amazing Becky."

"Shopping? For what exactly?" My free hand began playing with her hair, and I felt her tremble on my lap. She loved with I played with her locks.

I turn to Cyndi and say poor Doug, he's hard as a rock but no ones playing or stroking his cock....she looks at me and looks at your hard pulsating cock and says "well maybe I could help him with that..." You immediately thrust your fingers inside once more as if you are saying yes, than release. You unleash your mouth from my pussy so that we can repostion each other to give access to all areas....

"Most of our girls like bare skin, and all of our boys prefer it. They say it makes the job more real to them, plus it makes it feel even better."

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"So, can you handle your man with another woman?" Diane was smiling, she already knew the answer.

Holding I looked deep into her eyes, we both knew what we wanted I kissed her lips as we collapsed on the bed, to us everything seem to have stopped all our focus was now on each other, kissing fondling as I reached for her shirt and removed it tossing it to the floor, she slipped my shorts down and removed my tank top. Next were our unmentionables and now completely nude our bodies started to become one, I placed my hands on her breasts and felt the stickiness of the gentleman's fluid upon her ivory skin. I told her, I heard everything sweetheart, I knew what you were doing in here earlier." She looked at me with tears in her eyes, "are you disappointed in me, Bri?"

I knew the mailman hadn’t come yet but I ran out to the box anyway. Inside was a large brown envelope with my name printed on it. I opened it. Ten brand new crisp one-hundred dollar bills. One thousand dollars. Wow!

"Yes Master." She immediately got up and began taking off her clothes. Even though I have spent some time in the sack with her, I was still stunned by her fabulous body. As she got undressed I couldn't resist getting up and sucking on her tits.

“Well, let’s not be late” I muttered.

"At first, I couldn't believe my luck. I mean what man haven't fantasied about seeing two women going at it. But, to see my boss, and her assistant, both women who I've dreamt about since I started working here." he paused, blushing, "Forgive me."

Josie wasn't coming to her senses anytime soon. A month passed - a month Randi spent alone on the city bus, alone on weekends, waiting impatiently for Josie's brief late night post-date phone calls. Instead of growing use to her time alone, Randi grew sadder and more lonely as she listened to Josie's explicit descriptions of her wild romps. So, when Josie offered to set her up with a friend of Greg's, Randi told herself she'd accepted to teach Josie a lesson - to show her that she wasn't the only girl on the planet who could get wrapped up in a guy, and to make her suffer the same feelings of jealousy she'd suffered. In reality, she'd agreed on the date because being with Josie in a crowd of people was better than not being with Josie at all.

His mouth found her breasts, and one hand found her clit, rubbing it vigorously as he pushed faster into her pussy.

Sara was clearly enjoying the scene. It seemed as if she was getting off solely on the sounds of our love. With her eyes rolled back in her head and legs spread wide, Sara was using two hands to pleasure herself. One hand was gently massing her clit, with the fingers of the other sliding slowly in and out of her hole.

When Joy came in to hand me the mail, I asked her.

Suddenly, I understand.

After a few minutes, Sally had to come up for air, then it was Ted’s turn. She had finally taken him all in her throat a week or so previously, and she was excited about showing off. She skipped the preliminaries with Ted and simply engulfed his cock with her lips and slowly filled her mouth then her throat with his long, fat cock. When she felt Ted’s wiry pubic hairs ticking her nose, she knew she’d done it, and a surge of lust raced up and down her spine.

Ray moved over to the lounge chair and began undressing. Ann moved over to her husband and slowly pulled down his underwear. His cock sprang out and began to rise to meet Ann's mouth. She grabbed the base of Ray's cock and slowly started to stroke it. Her small hand couldn't reach around Ray's huge cock. She slowly jacked his cock and rubbed her thumb across the mushroom shaped head. A small drop of pre-cum appeared and Ann's small tongue flicked the head of Ray's cock and took it in.

*KLUNK* Whoops, there goes her alarm-clock radio; a wall of renegade titflesh had jiggled wildly, insanely wobbling as she struggled to contain her fleshy femininity, knocking her radio to the floor. Violet was a hazard around delicate objects, her Girls almost never stopped jiggling! But none of that mattered. It didn't matter if the boys thought she was some kind of sex-monster. Let them ogle her in lustful shock. So what if the girls giggled both behind and in front of her. She didn't care anymore.

I rose from the floor and placed myself on the sofa next to her. I started kneading her fingers and rubbed her hands. I massaged them from her knee to her shoulder. She was more relaxed now. It showed.

I told him to "fuck my wife anytime you want make her belly swell, be father to her baby".

Sandy lived on the 20th floor of a city block. The views were spectacular at night with all the city lights below. She told me to make myself comfortable on the leather lounge while she changed and made us a drink. When Sandy walked back in the room my cock was immediately back at full attention. She was dressed in a sexy teddy which barely concealed her perfect looking breasts. She was carrying just one drink with two straws. She straddled me as we sipped on the cocktail. I am not sure what it was – but I did not really care at that point. It was making me feel a little giddy, in a happy kind of way. Her ass was rubbing against my hardening cock. We kissed long and passionately for several minutes before she invited me into her bedroom.

I continued to watch, fascinated, my eye roaming from one scene of debauchery to another. Near a couch, two men held the naked body of a girl horizontally between them, her knees up, rocking her back and forth, while a third man stood between her legs, his cock in her, fucking her without moving. On a table under a bright light, a girl lay on her stomach, naked and motionless, while a man wielding a ink gun applied a large tattoo to her bottom. I could only read the first two words: “Property of.” Another girl stood over a small basin, legs wide apart, letting a guest shave her pubic hair with a razor. He was taking his time, shaving a small area, then rinsing the soap in the basin before returning to his work. One girl was sitting on a low chair backwards, her arms and legs firmly tied to it, while a line of men with hard cocks out waited their turn for her to suck them off. Her mouth worked obscenely on each penis, licking and sucking until she was rewarded with a spray of sperm. By now, the fluid from several men was running down her chin onto her breasts.

He said, "Don't say that I didn't warn you. He let go of her, giving her the oppurtunity to sit up. She watched him unbuckle his belt then pull it off of his jeans. He scooted across the seat, until he had her pushed up against the door, then he grabbed her arm and yanked her toward him. He was so strong that he lifted her body completely off the seat, making her fall face forward across him. He slapped his arm down across her back, pinning her against his lap. She bucked and kicked when he lifted her skirt.

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Even the fact that she is a mother to me made me disappointed because she is a very strict and conservative particularly just with me, it made me exiting whenever I thought of her sexually. The mere fact that it’s a taboo to think like that ignited all my cells and hormones. Just those thoughts steamed me. I felt like having a cocktail whenever I thought of her. Then, imagine what would be my position when I see her. Think of the situations she comes closer to me and touches me (even its with mere affection). At these times along with the lust and fire I have developed, there is also a sense pride inside me being a son to her. To this goddess of beauty and charms...

* * * * *

It was a luxury suite, white French Provincial furniture with a canopy bed.

"Shut up, cunt!" he said. "I think a night in the cellar would do you a world of good. Help get your head out of your ass."

Almost instantaneously, my prick rose even further. My heart began to beat like a trip hammer and I realized that I was now getting just as aroused as I used to during the period immediately after our marriage.

"Yeah, you sure know how to perform for an audience, Annie. Do you still like having an audience?"

"I'd have given you what you wanted," Dr. Stuart declared.

I turned around to face the other members of my group. Anna, Shawn, Ruby and I started the activity "Freud Today." We had only answered the first question when someone tapped me on my shoulder.

Without saying a word, Mistress placed pillows under my chest and stomach, giving me extra support as I kneeled for her. I felt her gently take my left arm by the wrist and move it behind my back. I held it there calmly as she took my right arm and placed it on my back next to my other. I was kneeling on my sweet Mistress' couch, my head down, my hands behind me, my ass thrust outward for her use. Then I felt the cold click of the handcuffs, reminding me that I was her helpless bitch.

He had another reason that he had been looking forward to Christmas. Ever since the accident, Leigh had stayed in constant contact with his family. They had been writing to each other every week, since he arrived back at the farm. She had promised to come visit him at Christmas. As the days passed with Christmas drawing nearer, his heart beat excitedly each morning when he opened his eyes and mentally counted how many more days until he would see her again.

“I can’t go in and out, so you will have to do this,” he said.

I smiled weakly, but had no idea what to say to her. I had nothing which would sooth her fear without confirming all the rumors she'd heard that I preferred remain rumors, no matter how true. Theresa stared back at the floor for a moment, then glanced at Simon's elbow between my exposed knees, her eyes following his forearm as it disappeared beneath my skirts to where it must be, and indeed was, stroking me gently, spreading my wetness. She looked suddenly away, her face growing crimson.

"Thanks for coming around Paul, Dave promised to fix the damn thing before he left but he forgot."

Mom turned away and slammed the door as she left, but even then I couldn't help looking at where my mom's skirt had rucked up to display her silken thighs.

He thought realizing that this was a perfect opportunity to both get off and to live out some of those thoughts that had been consuming him the last 6 months.

"That we did the unthinkable"

Liza felt the first wad of his cum splash the back of her throat, followed by a spurting stream of the salty fluid as Ed came in her mouth. She gulped it down as he continued cumming until it finally subsided. Ed continued to make her suck his cock until he began to go flaccid in her mouth.

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I figured I was still dreaming but I just dropped my head back down and groaned as she began sliding the palm of her hand slowly over the head of my cock, whispering, "what you did yesterday, not making love to me, was so wonderfully unselfish that I couldn't just ignore it. Besides, I just love watching this thing get hard, Mark. It's incredibly exciting. It felt wonderful inside me. Even if it was for just a few seconds. You got me so horny that I masturbated for two hours straight last night, thinking about us, thinking about you, your cock, closing my eyes and remembering how it felt deep up inside me. And now, thanks to you, my vibrators are both broken so I guess I had to come play with something. Besides, I think I owe you this. Hmmm, your cock is so thick, I can feel the blood flowing through it."

"Scotch on the rocks."

I turned. Justin was leaning against the wall some distance away, wearing a light-colored shirt. I covered the few steps between us on rubbery legs and stood in front of him. I looked into his eyes, dark and liquid. He smiled, and I knew this was for real. He hadn't lured me here to humiliate me or beat me up. He wanted to get his rocks off and I was the one to do the job.

I pressed the doorbell. In a moment Mike's mother opened the door.

Jessica wasn't aware of it at the time, but they had a small audience from the rest of the bar, with the landlord locking the doors so that he too could watch. Taking hold of the guys cock in front of her, she leaned forward to engulf it to gasps of disbelief as it all went down her throat. She looked up to see what Melanie was up to, finding that she was bent over a chair, sucking one guy, while another fucked her from behind.

Megan noticed that Mr. Smith had been starring at her wedding ring during the interview and she finally mentioned that she had been married since college and told him how they had met and about her husband’s job.

She reluctantly leaned forward, pulling herself off Jacen.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jackie said, voice rising.

Turning, I see your beautiful big brown sensual eyes, I smile, saying "Only for the sexiest man in Vegas it is!!"

"What the hell?" I mumbled, shocked but not outraged. I snatched my fingers away, and looked at them. They were smeared with the thick, warm, wet, sticky semen that my lover's own intense passion had produced. I had a man's cum on my fingers!

"Truth" Nevada responded.

"There'll be a few stragglers, but most of them will be gone by five after the hour. I have to deliver these files to Jim." she said. "I'll be right back." She picked up a stack of file folders and left the office.

He smiled at me. He was gorgeous. I could practically feel his eyes burn a permanent place in my heart.

“Where’s your Mom?”

"Make love to me, Chris."

Pammy sighs as she mops up the drink thinking, 'Now she's late. I'll give her another 15 minutes, then I am out of here.' She dislikes being in a bar, out in public generally, alone. It's not bad with friends, she can usually keep in the background, but just waiting in a bar, the biggest broad here, makes her ill at ease.

It wasn't until it was time to bring the goats in that I realised that things would never be the same again.

Grinning at her acting out the dominant sex-bitch, he bent to his task and soon brought her off, her right hand gripping the back of his head, her left squeezing and pinching her breasts as she watched him.

As Mrs.. Aiyer stood up to get out of the bath, she noticed my cock was still standing to attention.

"Indeed I was" Rob dropped back down between Beth's knees and continued where he left off. It only took him a few minutes to get her back to the stage she was at before, at which point Rob backed off a bit and teased her, taking her to the brink of an orgasm and then throttling back. Finally he attacked her like a starving man, working her over until she climaxed violently. Her hands gripped Rob's hair almost painfully as she bucked her hips and came all over his face, Rob happily lapping away at it.

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"Mmmm," I manage, snuggling. "Wonderful. But I suppose," I reluctantly add, sighing, "we'd better get moving on wrapping these presents. If I can move."

I watched, fascinated as Sue quickly unbuttoned her blouse and started to strip. I could see that she was a little nervous, what with Davis and me looking at her, but she took a deep breath and continued. The jeans were next and I felt my erection twitch beneath my own pants as she unzipped herself and shimmied the garment down her long, slender legs. In just her black bra and panties, Sue sat back on the bed and looked down at the carpet. She was waiting for Davis to make his move.

The look in my soft blue eyes tells you that I’m not playing games… that I intend to have you in JUST that way. I arch my back into you, pushing my breasts closer to your mouth. With my position on the car, it brings your lips tantalizingly close to my nipples as they harden beneath the soft material of my dress. A shuddering groan is ripped from my throat as your teeth close about one nipple and gnash it gently between them. My fingers lace into your hair and hold you against me tightly.

"Very nice," replied Megan. "And I like the way her pussy is shaved like that! I think I need to shave mine."

"Fetch," he ordered.

"No, really," she insisted. "I'm not saying that you didn't make a deal with Ted, but I don't really know what for. Besides, all of his deals have a catch. For all I know, whatever wish you make will backfire."

I entered her pussy with my tongue. I entered her ass hole with my middle finger. I licked her wet cunt, hard.

"It's still awkward, I -"

"I'm coming Milla. Can't hold back anymore!" When Prieto pulled out his cock, he straddled Milla's body, moving forward and kneeling on one leg, he jerked off his long dick until it spurted out long loops of his load splattering on Milla's chest and tummy. Milla watched with all excitement. Then she took his cock, swallowed it into her mouth and his climax seemed to go on longer than any climax he'd ever had before. His cock flooded her mouth with his warm cum as the muscles of his massive thighs tightened like a bowstring.

As we made our way through the terminal, holding hands and dodging people, heads turned to admire Jackie in her short, full skirt that hit her at mid-thigh when she was standing still. But, of course, she was not standing still. She was striding to keep up with me, and her 4-inch stiletto heels caused her lovely behind to sway sensuously, and her skirt to flounce as she walked.

"If I'm ever going to try using it, it's going to have to be on this trip." laughing she stripped down, got her robe and vibrator before getting a glass of wine and heading to the hot tub. Giggling like a sixteen year old, Karen found herself feeling liberated as she stepped naked into the cold.

When I fucked my mother from behind, I would slap her ass with my hand and I started noticing that she wouldn't yelp like it hurt, but would give a soft sigh or moan of pleasure when I did it. So I decided to ask my mother about it and she told me that she did like it and it felt real good to her.

“I mean it and I can prove it.” Amit still did not give up.

Bonner shook his head as though shaking off a punch to the jaw and Candy’s breath seized. “She ran that way. Got away,” Bonner rasped, pointing clumsily over his shoulder.

"To the bedroom." He replied as he pushed her by the hips down the hall. Past pictures of his wife and his children to the bedroom he and his wife shared. He gently pushed her towards the bed, where she sat, and laid back. He removed her sandals followed by her jeans. He began to remove her panties, but she stopped him.

“I’m leaving.”

As I sat back down I could see how flushed Marie was. Her nipples were standing straight up and her pussy was glistening with her wetness. All self-consciousness was lost, as we were now comfortable with each other and ready for more. The next hand was won by Bill, with Marie having the low hand.

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He kissed my lips and hurried from the room. I followed more slowly. By the time I reached the top of the stairs he was by the front door waiting for Ian to come from the kitchen.

"You'll not be tasting my sweet pussy if that's the best you can do. Get that worthless tongue of yours up my ass and fuck me good!"

“Wow,” was all he could manage.

Stan was a grad student and the house manager of a legacy guy's boarding house that has held students for over 100 years. He had a suite in the basement all to himself, but he made a point to spend some time up in the common room, because it was the hub of social activity and Stan wanted to make himself available to the guys and to make them feel at home. Girls were hanging out up there all the time, and Lydia and Helene no less than any others. So when they asked to come over during fall break to use the big screen to watch a video they planned to rent, Stan had no reason to suspect anything untoward. He said, "No problem. The house is usually unlocked, so just make yourself at home." When the girls got there, they had brought groceries enough to feed the whole house had it been full rather than totally empty for the holiday. Home-cooked meals are few and far between in a college town, and Stan couldn't say no when they asked him to join them. He found himself eating the most fantastic plate of blackened grouper with julienned vegetables, served al dente with a cilantro-peach salsa and couscous and an authentic Chianti. At first Stan resisted the wine because the girls were underage, and his religion encouraged respect for the laws of the land. But because the girls had worked so hard and because they were so enthusiastic about waiting on him, Stan gave in.

"Except in that story, they end up with gifts neither can use- except their mutual love. In my idea, it turns into a gift for both of them. It ends with her sharing a mouthful of his chocolate laced cum with him, smearing the chocolate all over their faces."

“Ooh, that’s an offer I can’t refuse,” said Tricia, and flounced over to the bed. She simply straddled my head, covering it with her skirt, and shoved her cunt down onto my mouth. I was struggling to breathe, but the smell of her freshly fucked pussy and my come was intoxicating, and I set to my task readily, slurping at her clitoris for all I was worth. I worked a finger round to her arse too, and rubbed gently at the tight opening. She was squeezing my head between her legs hard now, encouraging me to lick harder – it didn’t take her long before she was shuddering to another climax.

Yes, I came several times.

I walk behind you and undo one of the hand cuffs and place the key in your free hand.

"We get time to ourselves," I said.

"Yes Mistress," she managed to get out.

Rocking my hands under her lightly, dancing my tongue inside as I lift it out. Then sliding my hands from her and holding her pussy lips open with my thumbs, and gliding my tongue inside her slit. Licking up each side, slowly tasting and devouring her. Slowly reaching under my bed and grabbing something. Turning the dial aimlessly with my thumb as she sits up a bit, her moans louder as I continue on her clit. Raising my hand and placing the surprise along her hole. She moans out loud in delight as the vibe buzzes softly around her opening. Looking up into her eyes as I curl her clit around my tongue and suck it between my lips, moaning softly as my hand pushes the vibe in a little, feeling her legs tighten around my head. Wiggling it into her, feeling her pussy tighten around it, then sucking harder at her little clit as I push it all the way in and turn up the power. Her body wiggling along the bed as her hands reach out and grab my hair, pulling me to her pussy.

Chuck rolled onto his back, “I’ve got to rest. My jaw is so tired it aches.”

I took out my small string based whip and ran the strings over her open crotch.

"Grab that slut, Jim. Grab him and hold him still."

Mom shrugged.

"Sarah...daddy's back for more sweetheart," as he crawled onto the bed.

I entered the house and it was totally quiet and I knew you had done as instructed. Our daughters would be away for the weekend so you would be all mine until I told her otherwise.

"Yes, Mas-"

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No sooner had he said the words than your first orgasm of the night rocketed through your body. All of us heard you scream out as your pussy absolutely clenched the massive cock inside you. At that point The Dom was starting to lose it as well. He grabbed you hard, digging his hands into your ass and started to fuck you wildly from behind. "Okay everybody," he said, "let's get this party started. I 'm about to fills this little slut's pussy with my hot cum and after that it's a free for all."

She looked past him at the bed. “Let me put the condom on,” she said, lifting his cock.

I spent the rest of the evening on tender hooks not able to settle at anything.. Would this turn out to be a pleasure or hell for me. Eventually as it was getting late I went to bed. In the dark I started to again imagine my wife in her lover's arms, caressing his muscular body. Kissing him with passionate duelling tongues as he caressed her breasts before slipping his fingers under her white panties and into her moist waiting slit. I shuddered as I can for the third time that evening. Just then the phone rang. I lent over and picked up the bedside extension. It was Sue to say they were having such a good time! She would not be home till the morning. I listened to Sue, one hand holding the receiver, the other covered in the cum I had just ejaculated. All I could think to say was have a good time.

“Ladies” she said smiling “let us not dwell on how much we all dislike men and how useless they really are, let us discuss how or if each of us had achieved our goals and if each of us are ready for the ceremony tomorrow night.” There was a general nod of assent from everyone. Alyssa straightened on the couch and flashed a stunning smile. “Ok then let us all fess up, Kate since you were so worried about what you were going to do last time we met why don’t you tell us.” I felt myself blushing but cleared my throat and sat up strait on the overstuffed chair I had claimed. “Alight” I said “with Cassy’s help I was able to obtain the necessary seed from her twin brother Chris.” There were grins and sounds of approval from all around. Alyssa turned next to Cassy and raised an elegant eyebrow. Cassy blushed deep red but she also straightened and with a shy smile said “I also was able to obtain the necessary seed from my brother, if I have read the text correctly it doesn’t matter where the male seed comes from in the end.” We all nodded it was very clear in several of the pages of text that the male genetic contribution was of little concern once the conjunction had taken place.

It was cooked and eaten within 30 minutes. They were sitting side by side on the couch when he put his plate down on the coffee table.

I think the next sound was my jaw crashing onto the floor. I stood and stared at Dominic who, if he was kidding, was showing absolutely no signs of it. Talk about your awkward silences and pregnant pauses! Finally, Dominic chirped in again.

"Taste me some more, Daddy."

She cried out as he entered her. “Oh, God, that’s what I need. Fuck me, please! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard! Ram it in me you bastard! Fuck me like a whore! As Terry continued to pound away at her cunt, Bruce moved in front of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face up. She looked so incredibly slutty with Steve’s cum still all over her face. He got down on his knees and shoved his cock into her still hungry mouth.

We talked for a bit longer and then he asked if I would like to meet his wife. I thought that sounded like a good next step and asked when we could meet. It turned out she was at the bar and he waved her over. The three of us talked for maybe 15 minutes and then they excused themselves. I figured she had signaled that it was a no go. I also decided that too was fate. The next morning I had an email from Jim.

Paula was in the bath when I got home from work and I teased her about 'sharing' a shower with her, but she smoothly rebuffed me. She seemed to take forever, but I guess she wanted to make sure her legs and such were carefully shaved. I ran through next, but needn’t have hurried, since Paula seemed to take another half-hour to fix her hair and makeup.

"Oh, hell, I was lying, it isn't rigged."

Ted grinned, 'Swallowing is the best part of sucking cock. It's the reward for giving a guy a good blowjob. Now, excuse me, but I've got to take care of this.' He gripped his hard cock and began jacking himself off. I watched as Ted pumped a large load on to his stomach and chest.

“What is it John? I really need a good fucking tonight.”

"Quit with the fucking psychology shit. Drop the damn guns or she dies."

Readers, I have merged this story with another called "Hermaphrodite Obsessions", for more on the two characters Chris and Terri you should go back and read the two chapters of that story. Thanks MV.

I, on the other hand, was a complete dog. I grew up with a rich hidden fantasy life that included Angie, to my everlasting shame; after all, she was a very pretty girl and I had lived in the same house with this sweetie for my entire life. Growing up a red blooded teenager, I took a guilty sneak-peek at Angela every so often; but now that she had moved into her own place, chances of that were gone. Oh, well...I'd call to check in and say hi.

"Let me see you finger fuck yourself" I told her and the fingers of her hand obligingly disappeared inside. "Does that feel good?" I inquired.

As he got to his feet, I slipped one of the brass knucks on my right hand. Then I stepped in close to him and jumped on his toes. I landed on the edge of my heel and he screamed. Damn it that HAD to hurt. Then I put all my meager weight behind my shoulder as I tried to lift him off the ground with my fist. I actually raised him up on his toes. What did the job though was the muscle relaxant. His abdominal muscles had been relaxed also and my fist just sank into his gut. Seemed to me that my arm was more than wrist deep into his belly.

"Marie must have a bunch of her girlfriends over," he thought. "Good, now I can get the bottle and have a nice eye full."

But...but...I'm a man! Right?

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For several seconds it seemed as if the world stopped turning; crickets fell silent, owls couldn't hoot. Abruptly Liz shook her head, straighten up tall, because she'd ever so slightly leaned forwards, then headed for the door.

He faltered. He stood staring at her red curls and the small of her back. He watched her rump as she moved around the table.

She shifted in the tub and the small waves that the movement caused bounced off of the sides of the tub and returned to wash over the tops of her breasts. She was becoming aroused again. In spite of the orgasms she had already had, she could feel the familiar tingling and she slipped her right hand beneath the surface of the water. Her left hand moved to her breast and she began to lightly pinch the hard nipple. The oil in the water helped her hands to slide easily over her skin. Her breathing quickened as the hand in the water slid between her legs and she began to stroke her outer lips with her fingertips. In her mind the memory of the story continued.

“Then for God’s sake give him the damned company,” She cried, “We can start all over somewhere else.”

His eyebrows went up in surprise but he steadied himself. "Oh, Laura's here?" He tried to say it as nonchalantly as he could. Rebecca smiled and nodded. Chris began nodding, but it was just to cover the fact that he didn't know what to say. "Sure I'll have lunch with you...and Laura."

He put his arm around her. "You're shaking," he said.

"Debbie would do anything to stay home and raise kids. She hates working. She wants to be a homemaker. She'll clean, she'll cook, she'll watch the kids, and I'm sure she'll fuck your brains out if you let her be a mommy. I know she thinks you're cute," she said, accenting the last statement with another deep suck.

She turned around and looked up at him with those large deep brown eyes, a little flush in her cheeks, and whispered, "I hope you don't mind…but I've always felt really attracted to you. I know you probably think I'm too young, but I just want to be with you, just once."

"Spread your legs a little more," Lorraine directed. Then she worked in a copious amount of the thick lubricant. I had involuntarily grasped the bedspread with clenched fists.

A picture of Dale filled his mind. Dale joking with him, teasing him. Dale fixing him coffee… that indulgent smile curving his sweet lips. Dale working with him, side by side, laboring through his exhaustion. Dale under him, their bodies joined, his words of love filling Rick's ears and his heart.

His hands were back on my hips as he started pumping new depths into my pussy. I could feel the table creaking beneath us and I felt his cock swelling even more as I thought he was going split my pussy open.

"Boo, does your Deja have a tattoo of a black rose right above her pussy?"

"It's not proper, a young man should rub a lady there."

"Well, tell me about yourself young man," Sally said after they had ordered.

Moments later, the Contessa was beside her and was clamping her, face to the wall, to the clamps on the wooden framework that faced her.

I realized that Julianna was correct, I was enjoying the sensations that she was creating. A moan of pleasure gave Julianna my answer and her finger returned to the prostate massage.

Ron held me close and I almost melted in his arms when he started to tell me how every man at the party wanted me. How sexy I looked in that Dress. How he was undressing me with his eyes all evening. How hard he got thinking about having me!!!!! He was gently kissing my neck and ear as he unzipped my dress. I wasn’t about to stop him and decided that Sam must have had second thoughts. Ron just kept telling me how beautiful he thought I was and how he and all the others wanted me. I could feel him getting hard and I thought about how big he was when I saw him earlier with one of the ‘working’ girls.

Diane then turned again and strutted away, wiggling her ass as much as possible, while continuing to walk around the perimeter of the living room.

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"To Whom does this slave belong?"

And suddenly, he felt his ass tighten around her clitoris and a numbing energy crept up his body from his asshole to his head and toes, expanding slowly at first, and then more rapidly.

Please, cum in my slut mouth, give me your fucking cock sauce! Give it all to me! Cum in my whore mouth, I'm your fucking sperm bank, master, please!

The position was one that was sought after by many, but one in which only a few lucky professionals ever found themselves. A position funded by the federal government, it paid well, the hours were stable, there was no stress at all, and the people she worked with were a great group. And, one added benefit of the job was the four day work week, ensuring that every weekend was at the very least a three day holiday for her and her family.

"Try it on," William urged. "My friends would not believe what I saw."

"I wish you were."

I wanted to watch Jerry fuck Marci so I leaned over and told Marci. I pulled Jerrys dick out of Marcis mouth and reached up and kissed him and told him to have fun. Marci climbed up on his lap with her tits in his face and said, "Put him where you want him." So I made sure she was good and wet and then started rubbing her cunt with Jerrys cock. She lowered herself down on Jerry and the look on their faces was great. New cock and new cunt fucking.

Internet games, God what an idiot. "Okay, so I'll hold on to this till Friday and you and I both won't have to work."

"Yea, is Pam around? I talked to her a little bit ago about this Nissan 300ZX that you have here."

Donna had been a god-send for Nicola. She was vivacious and cheeky and adventuresome. She was just two months older than Nicola's twenty-two years, but she seemed to her to be marvellously mature and sophisticated.

I arrived at Amanda's door at the appointed hour. I was showered, shaved, and dressed in blue shirt, tan slacks, and brown loafers. I was also wearing my only pare of blue boxers. I carried the supplies in a cloth bag.

The first was a bubbly blonde with perhaps the biggest boobs that Rick had ever seen- and as a director for the TNA network, he'd seen a lot. The tits in question were straining inside the tight confines of a white t-shirt, tied in a knot to emphasize their overhang. The 44-inch cleavage pushing the shirt outwards almost made the words printed on it unreadable, but Rick could just about make out "Bikini Carwash Company."

Seconds later, I did, giving her a pearly necklace which she proudly wore for the next few minutes.

"First flight?" he asked. She nodded. "We'll be there soon." He looked down outside his window and saw the skyline of Columbus below him. He saw the Olentangy River snaking its way around the city and the unmistakable shape of Ohio State's football stadium. He sighed softly and thought they'd only have another fifteen minutes to go.

Anyway, I need to hide Leon - where's the best place for most things - under the bed!

I accepted the job, and a few months later had no regrets about interning with a smaller company. I got along magnificently with the full-time employees and gained tremendous experience. With Kevin though, a certain electric tension, small at first, was slowly mounting. At meetings I would catch him staring at me from across the room, only to look away quickly when I caught his eye. One night our group had to stay particularly late to finish a project for a corporation that had moved up its deadline. One by one the other group members left, until it was just Kevin and I, who had to finish the final analysis report. I called him over to my computer to check the program I was working on, and as he stood and leaned over me to see the screen, I could feel his body heat from his nearness and slowly inhaled the warm musk of his cologne. His hand brushed mine on the mouse while I was still in this stupor, and I slightly jerked it away, surprised. I tensed, praying he hadn't noticed, but I felt his breathing quicken behind me and he coughed. After a while of strained silence he pointed out where my mistake was, and he pulled up a chair next to me to help me correct it. While he leaned over to point things out on the screen my legs would brush against his, and I wonder if he was aroused the same way I was from my bare skin below my business skirt rubbing against the cotton of his pants.

On occasions I used to gift you with dresses to wear. In fact soon we were shopping together. I used to tell you what looked good on you. After a while you used to ask me for my opinion when we went shopping. It had become such a habit that I now realise how wonderful it would had been that you used to step out of the changing room to pose for me in the new dress that I used to choose for you. Sometimes you used to choose a few and then I used to see you pose for me. You never seemed to dress in anything I didn't like.

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