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Over the course of the next few weeks, I treated my son to this performance almost every night. It was the thrill of doing something that I shouldn't, something that is taboo in almost every society, that really turned me on. Being spied upon is only exciting if you know you're being spied upon. That my own flesh and blood was fantasising over his mother was tremendously stimulating to my erotic thoughts.

"What did I tell you?" He repeats.

"Oh my God," he smiled broadly, "How long has it been?" He extended his hand.

When Rachael pulled out of Michelle she was surprised to see Alicia atop Rick, riding him like a wild animal until the two of them both climaxed.

"Hey listen we're sorry. We didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable," Joel apologized.

He sort of groaned, but reminded me that he loved me. I think he loved my cocksucking skills more than anything, but appreciated the compliment.

“Yes my Lisa, you can cum for me, but I want you to look into my eyes as you do. “ He said.

I did

Then he waited for the call. This would make or break his plan. If Susan or her girlfriends didn't call, the plan was done. He waited, two days passed. It was now 9 days to the wedding and there was no call. But then it came in, 8 days to the wedding.

This wonderful woman had responded to my shopping for the open French bra. She had purchased a whole new wardrobe of sexy underwear. Together we decided that she would be braless, with long suspenders and stockings, but that she would wear panties in an attempt to stem the flood. She wore the same close fitting floral dress that she had worn at tea. She looked stunningly beautiful.

Yes this was what swhe wanted. A real man to take control. Wrapping her fingers around the base she began to stroke up making more precum leak out as she wrapped her lips around the base.

She trailed kisses down the girl's cheek, and her tongue began to dance over her neck and around her ear, tickling and teasing. Vivette's arm slid from the sofa back to fall around her shoulders, caressing her skin, and easing down the straps of the simple vest top Laura was wearing. Her fingers slid under the girls top and she caressed her full breasts.

That evening was Monday and when he drove me towards home, he stopped at our usual place and we got into the back seat. He actually wanted to go to my house since my husband wasn't there but I told him no, he would have to wait until Wednesday. So we started making love in his back seat. Bud surprised me by turning me around so I was facing the back window.

“Well what did you guys do why your Mother and I were working our butts off on this Holiday weekend.”

"Hi babe, how you feeling? Follow all the instructions?"

"Come on." She braced the other hand on the counter and spread her legs. Then she pushed that sweet ass of her back slightly.

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When she had finished, and licked her lips to get any she had missed, then she began to rub the cum on her tits, massaging herself with my sperm. I moaned as I watched her do this, and she smiled at me.

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N: Well I might not post you picture to all if you let me touch your tits.

“Ok, you’ve got this big vein covered dick in your ass. You’re begging me to fuck you with it until you cum. My sister is on the phone hearing everything that’s going on and you’re dreaming of the chance to suck dick after dick; to have your face fucked by all those strange men…..Ooops, there it goes.

"You must be tired from traveling. You didn't even take off your clothes." She spoke softly and had a trace of a foreign accent but damned if Cav could place it.

Mark and his wife Linda, had been married for about 10 years. They had a very active sex life, which could be attributed to the variety of sexual encounters that they both shared and enjoyed immensely.

Without thought Susan obeyed the girl climbing up onto the soft bed and turning around took hold the cold thick brass tube frame of the bottom bedstead in her sweating hands. All the time her heart thumped alarmingly in her chest and her breath became even more ragged as she waited for the girl to make a move. As she knelt there waiting for Raven her eyes fell upon the unlocked door.

"Daddy. Tell me what a bad girl I am. Daddy please." The last word dragged out as a pleasured moan.

Kate drank the last drop of wine from her glass and asked Joel, “Joel, were you really looking at films this afternoon? I think you were with a friend.”

"I guess I can see that, but again why me?"

He didn’t want to think about death ever again, but there it was, thrown in his face. The Festival and his parents, the men from the cave lying broken in the dirt, the blood and carnage … even the Midori. Death was everywhere. He had to forcibly remind himself that it was war. It was expected to suffer casualties in times like this.

He slipped on his pants and shifted the car down the street. I didn’t see anyone, he reported when he returned.

Once he had given what he felt was ample attention to the one nipple he gently moved to the other one. She nearly cried out in pain when his mouth left the first one. Once he had found the other one, her head fell back and she felt that dampness once again begin between her legs.

Cathy finally came out of the bathroom and both her and mom went into the kitchen, Julie pulled me aside.

We discussed the day-care plans a little over dinner, and I mentioned my new project and let them know for the first time there probably would be some travel involved. The kids asked about the travel, and of course wanted to go along. I told them when they were older, at least 10. Karen announced that she was totally moved out of her old place, and only had to do some clean-up work the next day.

As usual seeing his gorgeously, youthful tanned and toned body and his delicious, mouthwateringly hard cock made Sarah shudder with desire and expectation.

"You live with them?" he asked.

I told her yes and would come back for her name.

I was hurt, I was shocked, I could not believe that just minutes ago I had felt wonderful about being a woman with these four men about to have sex with me. Now he, this stranger, this Hank has to turn it all dirty. He has to call me names, he comes in has to be-little me. I smiled at him and said, “Honey I’m here to make these two friends of mine happy, if it makes them happy to hear me being called a bitch, or a cunt, or a nasty ass whore, that’s ok, but I’ll tell you one thing Hank, If I am happy, I am much more fun to be with, and if I am happy you will be very happy when you leave here. If you want a real good ride, or in your case a real good fuck, you be nice, if you just want get your rocks off, well you can have that too. But by being nice, I have a feeling you will like it a whole lot better, what do you think?”

"For you to stop talking."

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“I’d love to go,” Kendra replied. “My boyfriend will be fishing with the guys this weekend, and I thought about driving to Kansas City to see my parents, but they are attending a convention and won’t be back until Sunday. Are there any trails to ride bikes? I ride a mile or two a day and I don’t want to get out of my exercise routine over the weekend.” “Yes there are,” Joy replied, keeping a grip on her corporate composure. “The weather will be about 10 degrees cooler than it is here, so I suggest you pack warm clothing.” Joy answered, but thought to herself, ‘and a hot, skimpy teddy with a pencil-thin thong so I can bite those damn luscious chocolate ass cheeks of yours!!’

Janie didn't know what to say, she was so delighted. John's body was great -- in shape but not overdone, the perfect amount of hair on his chest to be extremely sexy. She scratched her fingers down John's chest and was glad to see him smile back at her. Janie stopped as she reached John's belt.

In the morning the Duchess locked the study door. To her knowledge there was no other key for that door, and it was still safely hidden in the vanity table when she returned to her room the previous night. How it came to be unlocked was a mystery, though she suspected Leonardo or Marlon might have lockpicks. Or perhaps there was a skeleton key she was unaware of. These old houses usually had one. But Leonardo and Marlon had been her ever faithful servants for years and would not keep that sort of thing from her. But what was even more troubling than that, one of them had crept in while she slept.

"Are you the devil?" She was in awe of his magnificence and strength, drowning in the deep green pools of his eyes. Every instinct shouted 'beware', yet all she could think about was the feel of his hands toying with her nipples, generating a quivering heat between her thighs.

'It isn't! Never was! Bob Mitchell is a friend of mine. He is in on the ruse for me to snare you. I first saw you about three weeks ago. I fell in love with you, - with your bum - with your lovely legs. I told him I wanted you and we cooked up the scheme together.' 'Will you please stop talking and fuck me? I can feel all your hot cock inside me. Finger my ass and pinch my tits. You make me feel so dirty - so wicked. Make yourself into a piston engine. Oh! Yes! Yes! That's better. Oh! Yes! I love it. I love you! From now on you will only have to wink and I will drop my knickers for you - unless they are paper ones then you can just eat them off me. I will guarantee the crotch of them will taste lovely, Eric, my Love! Go - on! Fuck me!'

"You'll get me sacked, you dirty bugger, if anybody finds out I'm doing this!" I whispered in a low voice as I curled my fingers around his trembling cock.

"I hope you remember how to fuck, mom. There's more to it than just sitting on my cock, you know."

We had arranged an office picnic to Gorai Beach. The office had booked a bungalow. It was a one day picnic. The bus was arranged, and we reached the picnic spot at about 8.30 am. The bungalow was beautiful it had a big garden in front a big hall room, with a single bedroom on the ground floor a big kitchen below and two big master bedrooms with toilets attached above. Everyone dumped their baggage in the bedroom below and bedrooms on top were allotted one for the females and one for the males.

‘Okay with you?’ Kavita carried on further when she saw that Anita fell silent. ‘ By the way what do you do when Amit is away for a long time? Dildos?’

That was all I needed to hear. I exploded inside of Marie and filled her full of cum. I fell on top of her and kissed her as my cock went limp.

Continued in Part 4

"Finally awake, sleepyhead? Breakfast ends in half an hour. Let's get going. I've already called for our cart," she said with a smile.

Wrapping my hands around your feet, I gently rotate the toes of the left away from the toes of the right foot. This causes your knees to bend slightly and come open. With a push up on the soles of your feet, your knees spread wide, giving me a clear, open path to your pussy, which is glistening wet in the soft light.

With this I was untied and strapped face up on to the massage table.

My wife and I live in a semi-sprawling ranch-style home, meaning there's only one level. That always worked out well, because no matter how inebriated my wife, guests or myself become, there's always someone to make sure that everybody gets to a bedroom.

White, gooey cream oozed from the bottle of sunscreen into my hand. Dropping bottle on the towel, I spread the lotion in both hands and proceeded to apply it to my legs. I paid attention my thighs, calves and the bottoms of my feet. Once I got past that the next part of my body needed covering.

Alana Grant then wrapped her arm around the quiet, docile young woman standing next to her and presented her to Master Damien and Michelle. “Damien, Michelle, this is Kiersten. She works in our household, and she serves us both. We decided to bring her along to help entertain us –and you - for the evening.”

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That hadn't happened though, and she was wondering when she would have the chance to patrol the town. At least there she would be able to see some of the townspeople and maybe get some positive reinforcement.

I went and sat on the bed next to her. "Lauren, are you alright?"

"But you never paid any attention to me!" she yelled at him. She felt the tears well up in her eyes as she faced what she had kept locked hidden within her for the past six months. "You never let on that you noticed. Stop laughing at me!" she screamed in rage. "Why didn't you at least fucking let me know that you knew?"

“I-I-I was…” Then it came out with a rush, “going to say I want to make love with you.”

We met Bob at the dive boat and got on our way as Lisa and Brad headed off for a relaxing day at the beach. The dive captain and mate were more than happy to see Bob and especially me, and it wasn’t because they were having a slow day either. There I was in cut off and a virtually sheer white bikini top. Let me say I had a lot of help getting onboard and storing my gear.

“Just out for a night on the town with the hubby, he’ll be back here any minute with the car.” She managed to chatter out between breaths.

She groaned in gratitude and opened her legs to give him access.

"Oh God, it's him," she groaned, her eyes peering beyond my shoulder. "Why does he show up at every place I go?"

I said, " Im in your bathroom cleaning."

"Does anyone know we're here?"

Oh God damn, it felt good! I knew my lady love was feeling good also, as her face was extremely flushed and her eyes indicated that she was only in partial touch with reality at the present time. Her skin was so smooth and it was literally glowing at the moment.

"Really comfortable. I couldn't believe it."

I was impressed when we drove up to the hotel. Helen had picked out a nice quiet hotel away from the falls. We unloaded our luggage and went to our rooms. We got cleaned up and went to dinner. It pleased me to listen to Helen and Eileen talk. It’d been a while since I’d seen Helen so happy. Eileen seemed happy to be with us. We went back to our rooms after dinner, and Helen made sure I fell asleep very happy.

“Oh yes, and some even blacker than mine.” He moved closer and rubbed his cock all over my face. He climbed up on the table, kneeling over my face. He let his balls settle down over both my eyes then rubbed his shaft over my nose while he traced my lips with his cock head. I couldn't help myself. I began to lick his cock and suck on it slowly. As I tasted his cock, I felt it grow hard. He reached down and pressed my forehead down making my mouth open automatically. He shoved his cock into my mouth, then sat on my face so I was staring up at his ass and my nose was up in his ass crack.

"So?" he shrugged. "She already knows you're in here with someone, and I doubt she thinks you're just holding hands with him."

Jim wrapped his arms around her lower back and could immediately feel his cock growing in his swimsuit. He stared at her face, now only inches away from his own, and was very aware of their mostly naked bodies pressing together.

We all rested for a few minutes by sitting at the table. No one said anything for a few minutes, then we all just kind of looked at each other and we all busted out giggling.

"Nope! Girl's night out," she giggled. "My friends and I are just out having some fun. I'd ask you to join us, but..."

"Any thought!? It's all I've been able to think of!"

Cara had no clue what to do, so she kept still. Sandy spread her legs and started playing with herself, telling her she was so hot and could not wait for satisfaction any longer. While running her fingers through the folds of her vagina, spreading her wetness, she started repeating many of the things they had been talking about, saying how turned on she was by Cara's stories, how she could imagine herself in Cara's place, how she would have liked to have been there with her, how the way she told the stories brought it so vividly to life for her. Sandy told Cara how sexy she was, how open, how free with herself, until she built up, her breathing quickening, the speed of her touching becoming faster, until she said, "Oh, Cara, oh God Cara this is so hot!" -- and came, right there, in front of her.

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As her own orgasm neared, Brenda could see his chiseled thighs lifting his cock into Jenny from below. His balls squeezed at the end of each thrust, and then the contoured shaft coming into view before disappearing again. His hands were spreading her ass cheeks slightly, revealing her asshole and pussy for the first time. She could see his cock moving in and out of her and saw her ass cheeks flinch with each stroke. As the thrusts became deeper, she saw his fingers spread her even further, one finger moving over her anus. Soon, their moans were constant and she couldn't hold off anymore. Brenda closed her eyes and came in quick and glorious spasms.

She looked like she was going to cry. He moved his hands up and held her tight, close to him and rolled her over onto her back. He lay on top of her and pulled his cock out and pushed it back in again. She whimpered and writhed under him, trying to escape the pain. He held her tight and kissed her neck, gently pushing back inside her. He slowly penetrated her a couple times and started going a little faster.

"Debts? What fucking debts? I don't owe nobody nothing. What the fuck are you talking about? I don't gamble. You stupid fucks got the wrong guy. You've made a mistake. Now let me and the women go and maybe, just maybe, I won't kick your fucking asses. Shit. I was getting worried there for a minute. Don't worry baby. We're gonna be alright. These dumb-fucks made a mistake. I don't have any gambling debts because I don't gamble. I don't owe nobody nothing. I don't have any debts to pay to no one. Now get the fuck outta my house you fucking faggots, and leave the keys to the cuffs with one of the bitches. They'll let me go while you fairies get a head start. Hahahahaahahahahahahahahaha," the coach laughed at the sudden twist in events.

Papa kneeled in position behind me, aiming his cock at my asshole. He started to slowly inch his cock into my virgin ass. The pain was terrible. I tried to struggle off but both men had their steely grips on me. "No, it won't fit in me." I thought that the torture would never end. With great consternation, Papa worked the full length into me. Finally, with a soft plop, Papa's cock was in me, all seven inches of it.

Suddenly Lisa cried out as I felt her sheath begin to ripple along my shaft, it began to milk me as her first cock induced orgasm arrived. I plunged my cock all the way up her and fucked her deep with short sharp movements for a few moments before my cock erupted and filled the depths of her cunt with it’s first load of cum.

Sam burst into tears, the young secretary sneered as Venetia took his leash, he kissed Greta's feet again and again, Venetia pulled him off sharply "Come now Sam, no more crying, you must act like a man, this behaviour will not be tolerated, it's time to get you assessed"

"Stand up and turn to face your bed." Mom ordered me, "Now bend over."

He remembered. Dianne and I had gone to the company Christmas party the year previous. As it turned out, the restrooms where located a considerable distance away from the ballroom where the party was being held. I'd delayed going as long as possible for two reasons, one because of the distance involved, and two, because I also needed a smoke. The hotel had a small courtyard that had been designed just for that purpose just a few short feet away from the restrooms. Dianne was engaged in some lively conversation with one of the guys I worked with.

As agreed, I put on my hat and pulled a scarf tight around my face. I was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Only my eyes were showing slightly but she will see enough to know it's her lover and not a real intruder.

A slight cold tremor went through me. “Baby, don’t come inside me – you have to stop.”

She brought out strawberries and cream for dessert and surprised me by sitting in my lap and feeding me. When she took one cream covered strawberry and brought it to her mouth, sucking the cream off before slipping it sensual between her lips, I lost it. I picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom, throwing her on the bed and attacking her. She giggled as I hurriedly worked at the buttons on her dress.

She just moaned her approval. Her little nipples responded and pointed out as I sucked over them. Then I continued on down around her navel and her stomach heaved with her heavy breaths. I parted her legs and licked down the inside of each thigh being careful not to touch the little mound in the middle at this point. Soon she instinctively opened her legs wide and raised her knees to fully expose the inner folds of her now glistening snatch. I took my first big taste from the bottom slowly all the way to the clit and she was delicious. She moaned loudly at the first ever tongue on her pussy. I carefully circled her clit and it became engorged. Now her juices started to flow and she wiggled under my mouth. She brought her hands to the back of my head and I knew she was already feeling the beginnings of her first big "O". I stuck my tongue in and out and took long laps from bottom to clit. Her snatch was even tight on my tongue and I decided to put a finger in her to see if she could ever accommodate my dick later. She was very tight and I couldn't believe she was not a virgin.

“Stop! What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Deanne screamed, twisting her head from side to side and fighting against the straps holding her in the chair. “Don’t cut my hair!”

"Sex," she said flatly.

"Only up to here please. Now talk to me. I care about you and I want to know what brought this on."

"Oh, Bobby, as soon as I leave you're going to start working on Helen and maybe, just maybe, if she leaves you with any 'inspiration' you might work something out."

Erica was still married at the time, Janie just out of a very nasty relationship. One evening after a long night of drinking, dancing, and fun they stumbled back to their room laughing about various guys who had been making their best sales pitch to join them on their drunken stupor back to the cabin.

"I've wanted to do it." Admitted Ryan, " but I haven't found a girl my age willing to let me try." Well if he was telling me secrets I figured it was only fair I did too.

The woman unzipped his pant leg and Lauren saw that the zipper went down to the knee. His neatly groomed package was in full view, but the waistband stayed fastened, so the triangle of cloth fell free in front while his trousers stayed up. She saw the restraint was satin, not leather as he had said, tied around his full penis just behind the head. She could barely believe her eyes; it was shocking and she blushed, but it was all so clean and the scent was fresh, oriental and spicy. From the corners of her eyes she saw other woman bending over other guests, spilling out of their bikini tops, asses wriggling alluringly in the warm sun.

Jackie then hitched her fingers into the waistband of Heathers thong and pulled them from her arse but only till they were half way down her thighs and restricting her ability to open her legs too far. Jackie just looked at her open cunt and the tight little pink pucker of her arse and wondered just how many cocks she had had up there over the years, it looked so un-used. Jackie stretched her hand out and lightly ran her finger over her arse hole and down her moist cunt and eased it inside feeling how warn and wet she was. She removed it and licked the juice off it noticing just how sweet it tasted and how it made her own cunt twitch. She ran her own fingers through her own cunt lips and wet her fingers and eased them back into Heather much to her joy as she grunted into the bed cover again.

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Sharon introduced me to Marcia and said that since I had gotten a chance to see her with no cloths on, it was only fair that she get to see me with no cloths on. . Drunk as I was I tried to get up off my chair and two of my friends grabbed me and tied to the chair I was sitting in. As I sat there helpless my other friends pulled my cloths off and I was left there with my dick on display for all to see.

Pam turned her eyes up to him. She was crouched on her knees over his lap with one hand around his penis and one hand around his balls. He was staring down at her with excited eyes. She leaned forward, squeezed the shaft of his penis tightly, closed her eyes, and pressed her red lips to the round head. The feel of the spongy head on her soft lips sent a shiver through her body.

She pulled me up into the Lay Z Boy recliner and pushed one leg over each arm, leaving me spread eagled. The two men sat down on the sofa, sipping at their drinks, and watched the "show". I knew this was something Marlene had wanted to do, and was curious whether or not I would like it. I wiggled my hips at her and said, "Make me come, honey." I held my breasts in my hands and pinched at my nipples. She knelt in front of the chair and gently pried my pussy lips open, then began to lap at my clit with her tongue. I could feel her breasts pressed against the back of my thighs. God it felt so good! I love to get eaten after fucking. Michael has a beard, and she felt so smooth and different, so feminine! For a moment, I just rolled my head back with my eyes closed and enjoyed her responsive pussy licking. Then I looked over at the guys, and they were both hard again and were both wanking on themselves as they watched her eat me.

"Well, I think we should both be alright in your bed," I told her, eyeing off the queen sized bed. I noted that a grin split her face and smiled back at her. Heather started pulling off her jeans and I followed suit, peeling mine down my legs. Heather pulled off her top, then released her bra, strolling about the house in just her panties. I caught myself staring. Her alabaster skin was beautiful, like a porcelain doll. Her breasts were larger than mine though not overly big (probably a b-cup I decided) and her nipples were the palest pink I had ever seen. They were barely discernable from the flesh of her breast. She strolled into the bathroom and with my line of sight broken, I snapped from my reverie, quickly pulling off my top and releasing my own bra.

Mike's cock became second nature, a higher baseline of pleasure to me. He started moaning and his cock pulsed large twice, a few second, then three and four. I felt his load inside me and his cock soften slowly. He left it plugged as I reached for kim's hair. I pulled her head up to where her ass had been and let Mike push his cock in her mouth and she sucked my balls. Jerking my half-erect cock I felt the rest of my piss straining to get out. Mike got down to suck the cum out of my ass. I began pissing Kim's forehead as she closed her eyes and aimed my dick at her mouth with her hand. She let the piss fall out of her mouth as she sucked in my cock and let it stream down my balls and ass. My stream tapered off and she dropped to my balls, and further their tongues met at my taint, a crossroads of cum and piss.

I put on my khaki shorts and blue short sleeve shirt. The shorts were baggy, but long enough to prevent accidental exposure. Intentional exposure was an entirely different matter.

"I'll do your back," Mike offered, so I handed it to him and lay face down on my towel. His hands began rubbing lotion slowly along my shoulders and the back of my neck, I got that tingle again between my legs but couldn't do anything about it. He rubbed warm lotion all over my back and then moved to the area just above my swimsuit bottom.

Kat slid down into a boneless heap at his feet, cum drying in a sticky mass across her breasts and on her chin. Andrew reached for the robe from the arm of his chair and fastening the sash around his waist turned towards the door. Pointing to the blood soaked towel, he gave her instructions.

He tells me I am heading in his direction, that after my appointment he would love an impromptu drive-by meeting so we might enjoy a glimpse of one another before the larger adventures we are planning...I feel the tingle begin to build in my nipples and clit while imagining more than a drive-by. But I quickly stifle the thought, there is a red light ahead and I slow down and save his message in the cellphone. I get to my appointment on time and an hour later I'm back in the car, heading south and in his general direction.

"Already wet," she said. "And smells good."

The guy tried to turn her but she wouldn't turn like he wanted too. He pulled back abit and started talking to her but he never looked over in the direct of where she was looking otherwise he would have seen Kait's hand in my pussy. I watched her and licked my lips as my eyes would close with each pump of Kait's finger. Her thumb rubbing my clitoris.

“Trust me Matthew, it can wait.”

"Get on your back, Tanya," he panted. "NOW!"

"Yeah, me too. It would be embarrassing."

I reached up to tweak Mallory's nipples, causing her to moan and lift her hips off the deck, her clit slamming against my teeth. I nibbled gently at her love button.

A few minutes later Cara, listening through the partly opened door of her parents' bedroom, her shorts and panties around her ankles, two fingers buried in her soaking pussy, the fingers of her other hand teasing her clitoris, heard her mother give the short, tight, quavering moans that she knew meant her mom was coming hard, followed very soon by the grunts of her father as he climaxed deep in Molly's pussy. The sounds pushed Cara over the edge and she shuddered to her own climax in the hallway.

I turned the movie mode on and turned on the camera, pointing it at her beautiful face and panning it down slowly to our panty encased midsections. I had her lick her lips seductively while I filmed her and slowly gyrated on her.

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I didn't take more than a few strokes before my lubed-up pole was sliding in and out of mom's pussy like a well-oiled piston. I would pull out enough to expose my purple cock head, then ram in until I could feel the bump of her cervix. When I hit the end of her vagina this way, mom would let out a sharp gasp and open her eyes a little wider, as though surprised and delighted that my cock could reach so far.

"Got it in one. You and I have some things to talk about, but we'll sort it out later."

The Secret Service agents knew what was up, and shook their heads, but one of them, a female agent, had the same fantasies about the President. She understood, and started getting soaked herself, as she listened to the First Sister, fucking herself with a dildo.

“I just can’t decide who gets to wear the clothes.” He said.

Just as Derek had been all of those times before, Eric was incredibly dominating, but unlike he elder brother, there was a sort of gentleness to his fury, the kind that Emma worshiped. Indeed, she knew that this was the fuck she had been waiting her entire life to experience. Through his frenzy, the ravenous pounding of his fantastic dick into her, Emma knew that unconsciously Eric was treating her as though she was a temple to be respected and adored.

"Now your very wet," said the man behind as he expertly massaged her pussy.

“That’s the clit. My my, you have good instincts.”

"Will you do anything I ask?" "Anything at all?" He asks.

Carrie stopped talking. She was too busy for speech. Opening her mouth, she dropped down all around his jerking length.

As we finally separated Lynne became aware of my presence. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "The same as you my dear," I replied. "Getting first class service."

“Who said anything about the contest?”

One morning I was killing time in there, basking in the musk, getting ready to shower and go see my girlfriend. Everybody had already showered and left for early classes. I had a killer hard-on and was contemplating a good wank when in walked my next door neighbor, coming back late from practice. "You might want to pick someplace more private to play with that," he said matter of factly as he stripped off his shorts and tee. I paused for a second, caught a little off guard by my own lust and the sudden view of Steve's very muscular, and very naked body.

Reluctantly, he put the money back in his pocket. He started to say something, but I held up a hand. "It is blackmail if I take money from you, Sahib. Personal matters of yours are not Rahman's golden goose."

"You too" was all I could say, ashamed to look in his direction. I had betrayed myself, my boyfriend, and my career by putting myself in this position. And I betrayed myself, for letting this asshole know I was very attracted to him.

Slowly the passion consumed us. It grew of its own accord. Our movements continued, as we were lost in the kiss/embrace. As each moment passed, our coupling continued and the passion grew with the slow rocking of our bodies until it consumed us entirely. We came as one; only the orgasm was powerful enough to break our kiss as we gasped in animal pleasure. I filled her and her body drank its fill each contraction by our bodies continuing the dance that began with Frank.

Mike moaned, pulling me back onto him and thrusting deeper into me. His breathing was raspy, "That's the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen."

"But my boss..." Christine began trying to protest.

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"So, when you got to your house you both went in and Mr. Parker followed you upstairs to change your blouse?" Detective Harris asked.

It was amazing how she could say things that could mean any number of things. But whatever she meant, I knew the answer. "That would be nice," I answered.

Carol, squirming against him, whimpered with happiness. "Oh, God, Lee! You never stop wanting it, do you?" she murmured, moving her ass against his swelling cock.

His chin hit that same spot on the table that June's declaration had caused, and he knew that something was up, as well as his growing cock.

"A guy I was talking to about Sarah said there was a cute girl in here waiting to get an anonymous lay and I've been so lonely lately that I decided to go for it. I can't believe I came inside of you!" He covered his eyes with his hands and buried his face in my neck as he started to cry. "Why does everything have to be so god damned complicated for me?? For five minutes I had forgotten all of my problems only to find out they're worse than ever!" He was fully sobbing now and his body jerked with each inward breath.

She Stopped. Still maintaining eye contact, she slowly, wrapped a condom on the end of his cock, and using her mouth, rolled it back onto his manhood. Slowly she started to fuck his cock with her mouth, slowly to begin with, but slowly picking up speed, as she took it all the way in, he could feel the back of her throat, as her lips kissed his balls. She kept her mouth tight around his shaft.

After high school Valerie went off to become an actress.

Then she said in a determined voice, "A faggot-punk like you could never satisfy a woman like me."

"I can't, Mr. Crabby. I have a toothache."

When we came out of the water we sat down on the beach, I could not help but see in the moonlight his large penis.

The black man took out his cock, which was huge, and began rubbing it against J.'s waist. The shorter, balding guy had a smaller cock, but he began pumping it in his hand like a jackhammer, squinting as he watched the other men rhythmically thrusting.

Derrick opened the closet door. "Come lick Faith's pussy." He whispered to Phyllis.

Using all the skills I possessed I gently nursed that fat, fleshy cock of his while I alternated stroking his thighs and kneading his beefy butt. My own cock was leaking copious amounts of precum and begging for release. I got to my feet and Bob immediately fell to his knees and undressed me. You would swear he hadn't had a meal in over a week, the way he fell upon my cock. It was soon sunk into the back of his throat while his sexy lips brushed my pubes.

"I told her everything, Daddy. She got very excited. I knew she was fingering herself Daddy, as I told her the sordid details. I told you earlier she finds you attractive. By the time I finished, I knew she had cum. She is a good fuck, Daddy. Her pussy is still young and tight and she has a willing ass. She's not much at sucking cock yet, but I've been working with her. I know you would enjoy fucking her, Daddy, just as I know she would do anything, to have you do her. "

Danny moved a stool closer to the chair and stood on top of it and held his very large cock up to Teddi's face. I watched her lick and then start sucking on it eagerly. She looked hot with her mouth full of cock. I kneeled down on the floor and licked her pussy sticking my tongue into her as far as I could but being careful not to tease her to much I did not want her to cum to soon. I moved my lips lower and started licking her exposed ass hole, sticking my tongue into her and making her nice and wet.

One afternoon I finally had my chance to meet her face to face. I had to take a cape I was working on to meet with final approval; it was her design so I would have to go directly to her office.

She was wearing a gypsy outfit and began to dance around the day bed. He was dressed as a gypsy as well. As if on cue the music changed and he took her in his arms, kissing her lips, and then her neck, his hands pulling at her clothes. He bared her breast and then lowered his mouth to her left nipple. His lips surrounded it and his tongue circled it sucking it fully into his hot mouth. Then he attacked the right breast in the same fashion. She arched her back sighing with pleasure. He lowered her to the bed and she helped him remove her blouse his mouth was covering her soft skin with kisses and bites. When he reached her skirt top he grasped the top and drew it down off her legs revealing her love mound and the black wisp of hair.

"That's just a fucked up thing to do, Man!"

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Neither could I resist showering with them at the end of their session.

"That would be the perfect thing to do. Very hard though and especially difficult to do if you invest yourself in what his reactions might be."

"No ... no, ma'am, I'm certainly not offended. Surprised, maybe, startled yes, ecstatic, absolutely but offended ... no, ma'am."

"You don't know, do you?"

With amusement he saw her spread her legs slightly, maybe unconsciously awaiting his probe.

He lay down on the bench and started his workout. He started at 220lbs for a warm up. He would gradually work his way up to 280 by the time he was done with the bench press. There was no doubt he would keep Chris close to him and see if the kid had what it takes. If he does, he'll take him under his wing and groom him to be his successor. If not. no loss. He let it go for the moment. He felt really good despite his fatigue.

I had been giving this some thought since I saw Sam at the airport. He had rejected me when he got off the plane and he was making his life here at an apartment rather than at home with the girls and me. The more I considered it, the angrier I became.

It had been a week now since I fucked my mom. A lot of thoughts were still racing through my mind. I replayed the video tape over and over getting myself off time after time watching it. I used the spy camera to look in on my mom from time to time. I just knew I was going to have to take this a step further. Even though it has only been a week I knew I just had to get back between my hot moms legs again.

She answered, "No, he will think you are just another client."

"First of all," I said sternly, then added more pleasantly, "it's Sharon, not ma'am, and secondly I completely agree with you."

"That's even better, isn't it Sarah? She's going to be kneeling right above your head now as she licks you, you're going to have a perfect view down there between her legs as I move behind her and slide my cock in to her. Would you like that? Maybe I'll pull out before I come so that you can swallow some of it, then I'll shoot the rest over her pussy so you can lick it all off. How does that sound?" I speed up the dildo a little.

Pulling away from her slightly, Michael looked into her eyes and saw the fiery green flash he knew so well. "There you go babe," he whispered again. "Just relax and enjoy."

Daddy moaned again. Smacking my lips I grinned then crawled between mommy’s stretched legs. Mommy was writhing and trying to speak but I wasn’t ready to hear her overbearing bossy words. Tonight would begin the time when Mommy would do anything for daddy and me.

Oh Christ, he'd waited for years to hear a girl ask that. Why were the girls he went out with so reticent about him playing with their ass? He'd started to wonder if there were any anal girls out there, and now he had one, naked in a glass pod.

She nodded her blonde head, and licked her thick red lips slightly, giving me a little surge through my cock. She turn and picked up a phone, I couldn't hear what she told the other person one the other end of the line but, soon after she hung up the door leading to the back office opened.

“Been a long time since I touched a woman like this. Thirty years since one as young as you. Let me see them titties.”

I could see her approach through the screen door. Those were still the days when a woman alone could leave her doors unlocked, even in a fairly rough neighborhood like hers. I knew there were those around who kept an eye out for her. It was a bit surprising to find her wearing a long bathrobe; she had always dressed when I came before. Immediately, I wondered if something was wrong.

“Oh no, oh fuck I’m going to cum,” he thought, reacting to Kristy’s command to hold the dress tightly.

"Oh, honey, that ain't even the end." Larry promised.

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