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The highly sexed Saskia loved nothing more than getting good oral sex, whether from a male or female, and forcing someone she hated with a passion to do it turned her on even more and it wasn't long before she climaxed noisily with her legs wrapped around Sam's head. Saskia released her legs and let Samantha slump to the carpet exhausted while the three Ferguson's recovered their energy - they weren't finished yet!

"You bet we will," Linda said as she pointed to Joe. "You. Over here." As he walked over she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "Yeah," she said. "You'll do," she said as she began stroking him into complete hardness. When he was fully erect she let go of him. "Strip and come with me." She walked over to a couch and said down.

That smile, was a window. A door. A glimmer of hope.

She kissed me on the forehead and smiled at me, made a small chuckle, and said "That's OK."

“I can’t. I’m embarrassed. Talking about this has given me a hard-on.”

She left it pressed against his skin and, for a second, there was no sensation but when she lifted it away his blood rushed to fill the void from which it had been so rudely expelled. The pain centred on the stripe she had inflicted on him but this time it seemed to trigger every nerve in his body. The next stroke caught him whilst his body was still in an agonized rictus. He desperately needed to scream but his whole body was paralyzed by pain. His muscles refused to relax and as he awaited the final stroke cramps added to his anguish. She made him wait and wait. Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead and his shirt was plastered to his body, and then finally it came. This time it was lower, across the back of his left thigh, but the tip sought out his now flaccid penis with a wicked flick.

Hubby groaned at the sound of her words, he'd never ever heard her talking like this!

I pulled my car into Mistress' driveway and shut off the engine. Looking in my mirror, I was horrified at how bad I looked. Surely Mistress would not want her submissive slut looking so spent. I tried to quickly dry my eyes and make myself look a bit more presentable, but I did not want to take too long, as Mistress would be displeased if I sat in the car too long.

I gather our clothes into a little pile in front of you and kneel down. I run my hands up your legs, across your hips, onto your stomach. My nails scrape lightly against your skin. I watch your face all the while. My hands go around your hips and squeeze your ass, nails digging in this time, and thrust you into my mouth.

He house was an old farm house in the middle of no where. Rustic and warm. We stepped inside and she invited me to sit down at the table. She started dishing up dinner.

The students finished showering and most had settled into bed. Luke turned the lights off and said goodnight to the group of students before returning to his desk. The only light left on in the large room now was his desk lamp. It let off enough light for him to do his work, as well as to see the beds nearest to his desk.

I just rolled my eyes and slipped my arm through his.

"What's the matter with how you've been acting?" Jason asked. He grinned. "I sure don't see anything wrong with it."

A shudder ran down the length of her body as his penetration proceeded. She raised herself on her arms.

“Come on Jean, we’re going to be late!” He hissed, impatient as always.

Carefully he opened the door and looked inside. It was quite and nobody seemed to be inside. He entered the pool. It smelled of disinfecting substances and the air was hotter than outside. Sweat was on his body when he entered the inner rooms of the pool. Wood planks were put around the walls of the room. To his left was a small sauna and to his right a wooden bench. It was more like a bed than a bench. A solarium machine hang over the bed and Mark switched on the bright light.

I reached behind the seat and gave Jane her bag. She quickly reached in and extracted a long white cigarette.

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[20:35] *Kaer attempts to move 6 feet to the gates and tries to ensure they are clsoed*

The emergency room admitting clerk wouldn't give me any information for quite awhile, until I finally made her understand who it was that I was looking for and that this injured cop was my husband. She treated me with much more courtesy after that, but I'll never forget how helpless I felt as she made me wait like that.

"Thank you for a wonderful day. It has been a very enjoyable day for me. I can't tell you when I have enjoyed myself more. I am indeed fortunate that your furnace went out. Fate was kind to me today."

Half an hour later, I was back, with the Daily Mail – and a duplicate of the key to the door in the lane. I had already tried it out to make sure it worked, and it was now safely jammed under the driver's seat of the car. I was sure the St Clairs seldom used that door and that I should be able to come and go unobserved, if I was careful.

"Oh, not yet, I don't think," Sara said. "You go ahead."

When we reached the sinks in the back, she passed me off to the person who was to wash my hair, someone named Cherie. I seated myself, and after being draped with a fairly short, clear cape, Cherie leaned me back into the sink. As she wet my hair and I began to feel relaxed, I noticed Roxie had returned, and was leaning against the wall in front of me, a few feet away. She was so gorgeous; I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to squeeze her tits. I started to lose myself in the fantasy of pressing myself up against her body, while I lowered that weird zipper in order to slide my hand down into the front of her pants… Something caught my eye, and I snapped out of my daydream to see that Roxie was looking at me, smiling. As we locked eyes, she pointedly moved her eyes lower, to stop on my crotch area. I was horrified, and knew that she was looking right up my skirt at my shaved pussy. She raised her eyes back to mine, and just kept smiling. I was embarrassed, and at the same time strangely turned on. I could feel my nipples poking out underneath my skimpy top, and straining against the plastic of the cape.

He began to frig her clit again with one hand as he sucked and she felt the juices begin to flow again. She pleaded with him to remove the cuffs, promising she would make it worth his while. He finally agreed as long as she left the blindfold in place. She promised and he released her from the bedpost. She gently pushed him down on the bed and went through the same process he had put her through. She slowly undid his belt, doing everything by touch, as she was unable to watch. He shifted so she could easily remove his slacks, and then again as she hooked her fingers in his boxer waistband and pulled them down as well, brushing her hand against his raging hardon as she did so, bringing a moan from his lips this time.



Allen said, "It sure turned David and me on, Kathy. You make one helluva stripper. I never imagined that you would take your bra off. That really got David going, I'll tell you. Her tits and ass are knockouts, aren't they, David?"

"You guys sure talk a lot - me, I don't like to waste a good buzz."

It was spring of my junior year, I was single and Brianna had just broken up with another worthless frat boy because he couldn't handle sharing her with her girlfriend Hannah. Brianna had her annual spring formal and needed a date, so I gladly offered my services as a loyal and trusted friend. She accepted and made our plans for the dance and after. We had gotten a 2 bedroom suite at a nearby resort and spa for the night of and night after the dance. The plan was for the 4 of us (Myself, Brianna, Hannah, and Hanna's date Mike) to get a limo to the dance, to the resort, and the 4 of us would spend the weekend relaxing there.

"You are mine ALL weekend..."

Chapter One

Can't get there from there, I thought, but she proved me wrong. I felt it all the way to my balls, which were already reawakening. I pulled her up and kissed her deeply, as we stood facing each other. I lifted her by her armpits and lowered her against my cock, which still wasn't hard enough to hang her on, so she slid down onto the floor like a damp rag. I followed with my tongue and licked her pussy for a while longer, while she reached up between my legs and fondled me. Now I was starting to feel rock hard. I kneeled between her legs and aimed my cock at her vagina's opening. Megan arched her pelvis up into me. Twelve months in Vietnam put a hell of a lot of drive the pump that was pistoning in and out of Megan's welcoming pussy. I made no attempt to sense the signals Megan was sending, I was a man on a mission. So much so that I can't tell you when I sensed Megan suddenly catch fire and start to match my every move and even my mood. She wasn't as loud as Margie down the hall. But she continually hummed the shades of her emotions. I tried to blend with her but it's been too long since I've sung harmony.

My name is Dan Jackson, and some would say –me included- that I am the luckiest sonofabitch on earth.

Her fears were aroused when on the following Monday evening when they were very quiet in the diner he told her to go into the back room but to wait for him to come in before she undressed. She guessed he was going to do something different tonight. She was right. He told her to take her skirt off and he would like to look at her panties. She knew this was going to be something much different but just undid her skirt and let it slip to the floor. Now she was standing in her blouse (without her bra) and just her panties. She didn't wear stockings - they were far too costly - and her panties weren't very sexy as she couldn't afford that sort - these were cotton panties from the cheap store! She was very self-conscious because she knew the hairs between her legs would be showing around the edges of her panties but she also knew there wasn't much she could do about it.

“Yes, go ahead and slide that hard cock into my ass.”

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That did it for me. "Yes I have as a matter of fact Gran." At which point I dropped to my knees in front of her again, pushed her legs further apart, placed my thumbs either side of her sopping bush and spread her fanny as best I could. She gasped loudly and seemed about to say something but I simply buried my face in her muff and started sniffing round for her hole - I tell you no lie but if Dr Livingstone emerged with a mule train and caravan of natives I would not have been surprised. Instead I found a cavernous cunt - no other word for it I'm afraid, a simply massive hole with crinkly, long lips that hung down some three inches - curiously a bright pink, almost vermillion colour. When I pulled them apart I looked into a gaping void - topped by a disproportionately tiny clitoris - if you weren't looking for it you wouldn't see it. And it would seem that my Grandpa Ernie never looked; for when I latched on like a starving infant and began the Alphabet tongue play, Granny set up a terrible howling: "What are you.. what is.. what are you doing? That's wrong, it's a private place!" Curious logic you'll agree. Here we were naked in a state of arousal in her private shower and she cries 'Hands (mouth) off!' when I get down to the button licking department. Not to be dissuaded I simply upped the ante by plunging my thumb up her. It literally did not touch the sides so I joined in with the first two fingers. Private or not she set to with gusto - leaning back against the wall and carrying on with a mewing, gurgling, staggering commentary. Somewhere along the line she claimed that I was evil and debauched - the evidence certainly concurred. Eventually disaster was bound to happen and it did when her orgasm hit. The screaming and swearing were simply astonishing "Suck me Suck Me SUCK ME oh my cunt my poor cunt suck my cunt you cunt." The disaster happened though when she lost control. First of her bladder - I didn't mind that, I just drunk it all down in a fit of passion regardless of source. Second she lost control of her legs - doing a fair impression of an elderly Elvis staggering down the wall and catching me a fearful crack in the chops with her knees.

One day, in the teacher’s room, two male gym teachers were joking amongst themselves about something funny that had happened that day. Curiosity got the better of me, so I asked them what was so amusing. They seemed reluctant to share the anecdote, and said that it involved a funny incident in the boys shower after swim class. Of course, that only made me more curious. Finally, after making me promise I wouldn’t repeat it to anyone else, they told me. Apparently there was a grade twelve student who had a reputation for being extremely well endowed, to the point where the gym teachers who had been witness to his physical ‘asset’ in the locker room had nicknamed him ‘Hugo’ (pronounced “Huge-o”). That day, a young girl from the girl’s swim team had accidentally wandered into the boy’s shower area just as the boy in question was rinsing off in the nude. The two of them came face to face, and, witnessing the size of his endowment, the girl shrieked and ran away. As they retold the story, one of the teachers inadvertently revealed the boy’s name -- it was Sean! When I heard his name, I blushed every shade of red. Luckily, the two of them thought it was the story that had shocked me and not the mention of Sean’s name!

There was only one way to know if this was enough to get my pick of girls, and I was glad to try it. After a week of confident Shawn it seemed like time to put myself to work. And I knew just the girl.

Chrissy was reaching between her legs with one hand and even though the contest was forgotten, her ass stiffened, her back arched and she came with a guttural groan. I couldn't stop banging her though! I couldn't stop! "Ohhh Goddd! Ohhh Fuuuckkk! I'm gonna cum too Babe! Ohhhh...Get ready, it's cumminggg!"

"Well, it's my boyfriends birthday today and I want to be perfect for him. "

A soft moan escaped my lips and Ken took that as an indication to continue. I knew in my mind I should have stopped at that moment, but I did not. Even as the thoughts crossed my mind I heard my voice in an almost inaudible whisper say, "Damn, I haven't felt anything this good in such a long time."

A few girls were furtive lesbians who were getting theirs in shower stalls and the tiny cots of Harper Eight right under my nose—but I didn't know that then. I knew there were lesbians on campus—they formed groups and sometimes held rallies—but I was not up to admitting that they shared dorm space with me, watched me towel off, or lusted for me in the closeted chambers of their hearts. I mean, my high school had harbored no lesbians or gays whatsoever. We didn't even consider Ms. Fisher, our boyish-looking PE teacher to be a lesbian. Why, she was just a Tom Boy who had never quite grown out of it, or so we thought.

Am I EVER going to be satisfied? Shit!

After the lights went out and she drifted off to sleep, I snuck over to her bedside and grabbed the prize my eyes had been on all evening, her cotton red panties.

Anna nodded. She guessed what was coming and couldn't wait! Monica wanted to make love on the lawn, the two of them naked in the snow. Maybe it would warm Anna up sufficiently to stay out in the garden long enough for Monty get downstairs.

But where am I? You wonder as you take in the assortment of goodies near the bed and already begin to fantasise about what you'll do with them. You hear a soft cough and turn. I stand in the doorway wearing a hot pink nighty, my hair loose around my shoulders, my feet bare. I smile slowly and my eyes twinkle. "Hi Baby. How was your day?" Walking toward you I stop a foot away and grin. "I thought you could use a little stress relief, or something."

I have told you about my attraction to Jeff.

Shawn didn't want to disappoint so he thrust faster and deeper inside her pussy. Her tits looked like a bowl full of jell-o, just shaking and wobbling all over her chest and arms. Her tits moving really got Shawn to go harder and faster pounding her.

After we made our choices we proceeded to the elevators and she selected number 22. She winked and said, "My apartment is up here. It's one of my perks for the job I do. Instead of a lavish salary, I get a place here in the building." I was impressed, but then I wondered how many other "dates" she had met and entertained before me. As quick as that thought came in, it went out because here I was a 30-year-old guy who has a dating life not worth mentioning walking behind one exquisite full-figured (not to mention very sophisticated) mature lady who would make a blind man see.


Nodding I said "since high school. But we didn't run in the same crowd back then."

I take your wrists behind your back and handcuff the rings together so your hands are behind your back. So now your blindfolded and chained and still wondering what's going on when you feel my presence behind you breathing on your neck. I whisper into your ear that it would be wise of you to follow the rules. You say yes sir as I slowly wrap one arm around your waist. Then I forcefully bend you over and tell you to stay like that. As you do I chain your necklace to the chain on your ankles pinning you bent over and blindfolded. Then I begin to spank you. After each slap you whimper. I ask you if you like it and you say yes sir, I want more. So I spank you until your ass is pink. I take off the chain and push you onto the bed. I kiss up your body, from your toes to your ass to your neck. You feel my weight on the bed as I climb up behind you. I settle my cock between your legs and position it at the opening of your love box. I tease you by sliding in a little then taking it out. You beg me to fuck you. Please master, please fuck me.

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"See? Fast learner..." Traci gasped. She leaned over the top of the lounger, her B breasts hanging just above my head, as Stacy fingered her good. "Oh yeah... oh fuck.. oh yeah..." she began to mutter.

"I had better ring this man."

“After much research, I found out why this sword is so sort after, you’re right it is a lousy blade but it has one thing going for it, it protects the one that wields it.”

"Gary, You will pay George his money next week without fail, and then, as a reward, we can spend the whole day fucking each other. You can eat me again, I'll suck your cock for you and you can fuck me in the ass - I've always wanted to try that. Would you like that honey?"

"It's going to be a fun month," he mused.

'What are you doing in there?' she teased in a motherly voice, noticing that he was smiling and something seemed different about him.

"Azizah, please don't feel harshly toward your husband. He had to do without sex for so long while you were still in Malaysia. Men have needs which only sex can satisfy and Azman just couldn't help himself."

"Hello. Call me Kathy."

Smiling he thought to himself... Next time I think I'll wear it myself instead of her, NOW that would make her smile!

One second her hair was past her shoulders, the next instant her lovely curls would be bouncing on top of them. She’d appear taller for an instant, then shrink an inch or two. All very subtle, and only noticeable out of the corner of my eye. Dreams are like that I suppose. Or maybe it had something to do with the way we both write. Hard to say. I sipped my drink and idly wondered if this was Jessi; the writer, or Jessi; the character in one of her sexy stories.

"Luckily I have friends. I bet you've heard of the Pimpmaster? Guess what? He's my best friend. He's on his way here now. Said he has an innovative way to make you pay. Sounds like fun to me. More fun than I had with Tyrone and John Woo."

He pulled back and looked into my eyes for a few moments. My breath was coming quickly from the excitement. “Would you”, he paused, “like to get more comfortable?”, he asked. I whispered “Yes”.

"Oh yes, well I thought I should let you know, and I rather thought you would like to come as well, cheeky really because I was hoping you might give me a hand to get it all ready, if you could that is I know your busy, what with the children and your brother and everything."

She showed me to the mailroom and gave me the pile of mail to distribute. Office to office I was free to roam about the building. If a judge didn’t have their door closed, I was allowed to go straight inside and deliver their mail. I approached Judge Freeman’s office and it was ajar. I lightly knocked on it but heard no response. The judge had fallen asleep in his leather chair while reading some legal paper. Who could blame him?I placed his mail in his inbox and left.

etc. etc.

She threw up her hand and said, “Honey, over here!".

"There's one more part of the test. You only get to experience it if you can last very long on this machine. You've lasted for quite a while, so you can undergo this one last test before becoming my student." Betty almost forgot the horrible stretching in her legs. She was so close! She almost didn't notice when Marcel got out a pair of scissors and started to cut at her leotard. "What are you doing!?" she yelled.

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"I love you. You're wonderful," I told him before kissing him and falling asleep.

"That's fine with me. I'll shave and shower and be done in twenty minutes."

Next she moves herself down on top him, her pussy slowly sliding along the length of his raging hard-on. Her left hand reaching between her legs, she grabs a hold of his massive erection, rubbing it against her fiery young cunt.

"Me too." Desiree downed a shot of schnapps and threw herself on her bed beside Melissa. Desiree was wearing a nighty, the see-thru material fell just above her panty. Her panty wasn't a fancy thong, but simple flowery, Walmart brand. The material had crawled up between her crack. Desiree reached behind her and pulled the material out of her crack. "I hope you had a good birthday."

"Oh, Michael", I sighed, and put my head on his shoulder as he caressed me. I reached down and held his penis, moved my hand slowly on him, felt the tip pressing against my stomach. I heard him groan. I stood on tiptoe and slipped him between my legs and then clasped him between my thighs as we embraced. I could feel the rigid length of him under me, my soft lips hugging his shaft, and as we held each other tightly he started to move his hips so that he slid slowly to and fro, to and fro, my heart pounded in my chest. Oh yes, it felt almost as if he was inside me! I could feel my own juices seeping, mixing with the water and anointing him as I gripped him tightly between my thighs.

The started to walk towards me - it took every ounce of my concentration not to cum. As they approached me the girl with the camera - pointed to her camera and then my cock and said (I assume in Spanish) that she would like to photography my cock. I couldn't believe that I was now standing less than ten feet from a girl masturbating - I hadn't even done this with my girl friend. She took one picture of me, then pushed her friend close towards me. Her friend walked up to me and stood along side me for the next photo. They were both giggling almost uncontrollably. I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying. I just smiled and kept on wanking. The girls changed places for one more shot. Then after another giggling exchange of Spanish the girl next to me got down on her knees and acted like she was going to give me a blow job. Her head was less than a foot from my cock. Her friend was laughing so much I she could hardly take the photo. Again the exchanged places. This time the girl at first put her hand on my hip and then to my total surprise with her other hand to hold of my cock. At first she just held it lightly and looked laughingly at the camera - then she slowly started to move her had up and down my shaft. She stopped pretty quickly though after the photo was taken. Her fiend then walked over - I was now standing, masturbating with two girls less than 5 feet away from me. The girl with the camera then pointed to one of the stone circle wind breaks - she wanted to take more photos of me. we quickly walked over to the circle where I though down my sun towel on the sand. I lay back on the towel with my legs wide apart - they just watched and took photos - they weren't giggling anymore - the mood of the moment had changed from pure funny to sex.

When we entered the pizza place it was empty except for the two employees. A young man of no more than 20 was in the kitchen and a young woman who looked like she was 19 at the oldest was handling things out front.

I look into your eyes, "CUM FOR ME- NOW" I demand, as I pinch your hard nipple sending you over the edge. Your body bucking against my massive cock impaling you, sending wave after wave of awesome pleasure coursing thru that gorgeous body. Your pussy massaging the entire length of me, I can't hold back any longer, and with such force, I spurt my cum deep inside of you. The feeling of me Cumming deep inside sends you rocketing over the edge into another teeth jarring orgasm. Your pussy stroking the entire length of me, gripping me like a hot glove, contracting along its length.

The voice was not Leasa’s.

Traffic was awful, and I arrived at the bar a little after 6:00. I was afraid that the door would be locked and that I wouldn’t be able to get in. Fortunately, the door was still open, although my bartender friend was just getting ready to put out the “closed” sign. The money was safely put away in my car. I wasn’t sure how the evening was going to end, but I wanted it close.

"Bradley, you can come in but you will have to participate."

Now, at 30, they were still best friends and still at opposites ends of the spectrum. Tyson was 5' 11", with a lean muscular frame, and broad shoulders and a commanding presence. Donald was 7" shorter with a potbelly and slouched. Tyson was black. Donald was white. Tyson wore the latest fashions. Donald looked like his mother dressed him. Donald had a great job. Tyson moved quickly between jobs. Tyson had a life. Donald had hobbies. Donald had his virginity. Tyson had taken at least a dozen others. What they had in common and what kept them together were movies, video games, music and a fascination with the stories about each other's lives.

He pumped my ass, I screamed in pain and pleasure.

By the time Darlene had returned, I'd finalized Robert's bill and seen him off. Thoroughly satisfied, Robert had promised to return, taking several business cards with him. Off to a semi-slow start perhaps, things were looking up.

After calming Ronnie's excitement about her 3rd birthday party in a month, I let you give Ronnie her last kiss goodnight before I turn the light off. Since it's my night off and tomorrow is your day off, we talk well into the night. It's like we're 16 again. I comb your hair as the cleansing masks dry on our faces. (You know I always envied your curly hair.) You lament the fact that there is no one out there with whom you can share your life. (Haven't you noticed that you already are?)

Much to my enjoyment, Toni continued her flirting, moving even closer to me she whispered, "That's not an answer, do you sleep in the nude or not?"

As Claudia and I neared the dance floor, I could see Jake was in his element. They were at the back of the floor in the dim lighting of the club. I moved us sedately around to near them. He saw me with his wife and smiled as I continued working our way closer to them. He held Linda so tightly that her breasts were crushed flat against his chest and her leg was between his thighs. I almost smiled when I saw what appeared to be a thickening at the thigh of his trousers. Linda was certainly giving him the full treatment. I looked over at Claudia to see if she saw how those two seemed to be enjoying each other. Maybe she did. She had this little thin smile on her face, but made no comment.

Laughing Jill continued, "Jack and Dan have the almost the same build. Jack is 6'2", 200 pounds. Dan may be an inch taller. My man, Jack, has that dark haired Italian look, and Dan has that sandy haired surfer look. That's the best way I can describe them.

She didn't realize that she was staring until Rose nudged her in the ribs, "Slide down a bit." A bit embarrassed, she moved over closer to the edge and settled back down onto the warm dock.

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"That goddamn pizza parlor's timing sucks!" Carol Ann panted. She'd been just about to come when the doorbell rang.

“Why? What’s going on?”

After Jerry and mine's little slutty interlude at the party neither one of us said anything about it for a few days. Finally, one night we were watching TV and kind of kissing around—just being affectionate.

Ginny grinned at him, "It looks like you men have really bonded. That is so sweet. You must have been a wonderful father. I see you have everything under control, I am going to change and go see my sister.

'Of course I know that' I said in a hurt tone. I wondered what they would say if they knew that I had already fucked four women and one of them was a virgin. To avoid making them suspicious I listened to them with rapt attention.

'You need some new underwear' he said. 'Something that befits my whore. Something more appropriate than this schoolgirl stuff you wear.'

"Oh, nothing too difficult I shouldn't think," I replied. "I don't know whether we'll repeat what happened here tonight, but whenever my wife and I come to your restaurant, you should remove your underwear before serving us."

Agde really is a small town with more than 30,000 people at the height of the season. There are shops, supermarkets, restaurants in fact everything that you would expect to find in any seaside town. Chris who had been before had told me that people would be shopping nude but I really didn't believe him, it couldn't be, it was all exaggeration, but I couldn't have been more wrong. There they were in the supermarkets naked. With so many people around I was shy at first and wore a pareo when shopping. It was tied round my neck so as I walked it flapped open in the breeze showing that I wasn't wearing anything else and displayed my smooth, shorn pussy but hid my breasts. However I soon dispensed with it and went naked like almost everybody else. But I wasn't quite the same was I? I was shaved so that my sex lips were always fully visible, never hidden behind a bush of horrid hair and I was proud of it and took great delight in showing it off.


As Meg got in the car, I could see the tears in her eyes. She was going through an internal struggle that I could not help her with. As I left the airport, her eyes widened as she saw me take the road home. She sat there biting her lip and staring at me intently for a minute or two and then sighed.

Her legs opened wider, giving her hands better access to play. Her lips moistened even more, as she slipped a finger into her cunt. She gave a low moan of sheer pleasure thinking back to an hour earlier when her fingers had entered her lover in the same manner.

"My God, woman, are you sure this is your first time?" she chuckled, kissing me so sweetly.

After arriving at the apartment, Kali and Cam fooled around on the couch for a few minutes and Kali suggested they go to her room. Cam readily agreed. Just as planned, Kali positioned the action at the foot of the bed where they stood and kissed. Kali began to rub Cam through his shorts and Cam began to unbutton Kali's top. After a few minutes of kissing, ear nibbling, neck sucking and deep tissue messages, Kali was satisfied he was fully excited. She unsnapped his shorts and pulled both his shorts and boxers to the floor. His full member hung perpendicular to his body under the sheer weight of its mass. Li could not believe her eyes, it was as big a Kali had described, she could barely get her hands around the end of it. She immediately thought of the horse organ nickname and thought "how appropriate."

"Wes?" I queried softly, my entire body frozen in shock.

Chase begins to squirm and tremble as she succumbs to Michelle’s relentless ministrations. She emits a short, sharp cry when she comes, drenching Michelle’s face and hand with her juices, and squeezing Michelle’s fingers in a vice-like grip as her cunt spasms and contracts in a long, sustained orgasm.

"Yeah... mmmm..."

She splayed her legs outward in the air and let the wildling slowly slide in and out of her border. With each thrust he loosened her more, allowing her to encompass more of his length. Ailis cries grew louder as her nails tore Firfel's back.

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"You want it? Come and get it." she said laughing.

"Does that mean that you'll do it?"

She was no slut however but it never stopped some boys from saying she had put out. It was far worse on the occasions that she was taken in by the sham affections of some boys. Getting what they wanted had been like winning a trophy and they couldn't keep their victories to themselves. It was no wonder that she grew to loath her parents. They had given her a name without any knowledge of its consequences and were losers that made them bad parents. She wondered how things might have been had they actually made the fortune they craved for. Messalina doubted they would have been content. They would just have found other investments to fritter their wealth on. The more she thought about it they weren't just unlucky losers but gamblers. Like any addicted gambler they had been destined to just place bigger bets until they lost it all.

Reclamation of a Reluctant Sadist

"Suck it, baby," I tell you.

I arch my back as the first orgasm of my day shoots from my cunt through the rest of my body. I bury my fingers in my pussy as far as they will go and cry out as I spasm with pleasure. My hips buck as I clench my muscles around my hands and trap them in my smooth cunt.

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"Well then I'll stay right here and help you think about it."

I began to wriggle my hips, to shy away from my tormentor, but it was to no avail. Again he pressed, forcing wide the opening with his thick, course thumb, plunging deeply into the darkness beyond.

"Damn Don! Don't stop. The noise is me getting my vibrator. "

My name is Kim and I was exactly twice that, 44.

"After last night, I was thinking of keeping you for myself." She leaned in ever closer. "Besides, I've been wanting to feel your cock rammed all the way up my ass all morning."

“Yeah, real nice.”

Mrs. Green, after another long sleepless night, dressed and left for work earlier than normal. She feared that Bobby would be able to read her mind and never forgive her for her wicked thoughts.

“Wow, Sara your tits are beautiful,” she said as she began to stand. “Can I touch them and see if they feel as good as they look?”

At last, Avil lay on her and they kissed long and sweet.

At last I settled beside him and we made some small talk as the bus rolled on down the highway. He was a student too and on his way to the airport to go to California.

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My Veron warriors are glad to help out the ladies, especially since all of the Voren females who can be are already pregnant.

Jessica was sitting on the front steps and rushed him inside. he wasn't sure if it was so the neighbors wouldn't see him or because she was so excited to show off her web page.

I slip my tongue over the head of your cock, taking that pre-cum into my mouth and savoring the taste of you. I take the tip of my tongue and softly tease just the rim of the head of your cock, around and around, paying special attention to that sensitive skin on the under side.

"Why? Dammit, you owe me an answer."

“Well I hope you feel better now Sweetheart. I think it’s time you go,” she said, but as she tried to leave his hand grabbed her arm and brought her back to him. “Aren’t you going to let me return the favor,” he asked as he gently ground his naked penis into her jean covered mound.

She pursed her lips, as if to blow a kiss.

"I like to kneel on a hard floor," Sally explained matter-of-factly. She didn't seem to care if I thought it was a bit unusual. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't bashful about it. I shrugged and led her into the kitchen. "Also," she said as she got down on her knees, "I'm not wearing any panties and I will be cumming. You don't want me to make a mess on your carpet." Another fleeting smile.

* * *

“What are you doing?” I pulled my self back.

Chapter 2 – My Exhibitionist

Months ago, just after we met, I told Adam that I dreamed of losing my virginity in a glamorous hotel. That instead of waiting for marriage I only wanted to wait until I was 18. Why 18? My tendency towards dating older men left me with a deep seeded need to 'protect' them from jealous boys and girls my own age who would love to start trouble if our relations took an illicit turn.

"Well that and…….." She hesitated. "He wants to use our mouths…….you know."

It was a Friday afternoon, I tried to call Debbie to see if she had any plans for the evening. I couldn't get a hold of her, and since I was behind in my work I decided to work a couple of extra hours. About 7:30 I was pretty well burnt out and headed for home. Halfway home I decided to head to the gym for a workout. I haven't been there in a couple of days and figured now would be a good time. Late Friday evening probably not a lot of people there, so there would be no waiting for the machines. I got there, changed into shorts and a tee shirt and proceeded with my workout. I do the machines first, then end up with 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. While on the treadmill I noticed that just about everyone was gone, except these 3 muscle heads, Phil, Bruce and Todd. The 3 of them were over with the free weights, lifting huge amounts, admiring themselves, the usual muscle head routine. I've never talked to them, as I wasn't in their class. Apparently they all had entered multiple body building competitions, and had won a variety of trophies, which were on display in the gym's lobby.

Joanne sobbed loudly and closed her eyes in shame as TJ finally left the room. She couldn't believe how she gave herself away like some cheap whore while her fiancé who has never had sex with her was tied up just outside the door. Joanne could only imagine what was going through poor Alex's head as he was forced to hear his extremely chaste girlfriend having sex with another man.

Tonight was going to be different. Finally, she would tell him that she had wanted to feel his long hard cock inside her pussy for months. They had a plan to meet at their local hang out and Angelica decided that tonight it was now or never and she needed to make her move.

* * * * *

I sighed, “Okay, the only thing is, this has to be a real secret. Like even if you’re being tortured you can’t say a word!”

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Chapter 2

"Now that you're well lubricated down here..." Kyra's tears didn't stop,

“Mmmmm you want my hot cum all over your tits?” he hisses through his gritted teeth.

“Sorry, Mum. Well, how about if we give each other some finger, for a bit of relief?” asked Jess, quickly pressing on. “I mean, I know it’s quite good when I’ve done it to myself, though I’ve never allowed any of the fellows do it. Enough of them have tried to persuade me to let them, though.”

I took my drink and turned around and watched all the dancers on the floor. The music was great and the beat was strong. I soon found myself swaying to the beat.

The only real problem was that Wanda wanted to know what I thought of the other lady's breasts. I told her that my reaction to the tits of a lady whose name I did not even know was not really important.

Debbie was delighted: "Go Mandy; go, girl!"

'That was some hot hole, and I have you to thank, Jill.’

Carol looked at her watch saying, "Its just after ten this fine beautiful morning. I think we need to wake you up." Having said that she threw back my covers and jumped on the bed next to me.

“Smart ass! You know how much I love it.”

"Honey, I think this boy needs to finish his dinner and move this discussion home." Her tone was throaty and sexy. She beamed that smile at me. I watched Allen's face. He had a bemused smile on his lips. I guess that meant that not only did he know what we were up to, but he had no objections. I certainly didn't object to the ministrations of her toes. I wolfed the last of my food.

So, the first thing I did was shaving it. I sat myself down on the floor in front of a mirror for I could not see my own pussy because of my large boobies and my fat belly. I took my time, first with a scissor clipping most of my gray pubic hair as possible, then spreading my legs as wide apart as I could get and began to lathering my pussy with shaving soap. Fortunately, I had a razor blade in provision.

His released her and walked across the floor to the corner, flicking on the lamp in the corner. Sandy turned and faced the man in her playhouse. She couldn't help but stare at him, he was.... massive! His shoulders were huge and wide, his chest was enormous, he was easily 6 foot 3 inches tall or more, every inch of him seemed to be exaggeratedly large. Secured around his hips was one of the old blankets she'd used to make the dog's bed, knotted at his waist and barely covering his knees. Sandy gasped when she noticed the gaping wound on his shoulder, the same wound the dog had had!

I felt someone get back between my legs. I felt the dick enter my pussy. He grabbed my legs behind the knees and held them up and started to pound away. I soon figured out that the second time took a lot longer when he was still fucking me after about 10 minutes. Eventually he stopped, pulled out and shot his cum across my belly. I felt it pool up in my belly button.

Alicia held my arms, pulling me against her, her tits flopping on her chest as I gave her my cock. I felt her heels beating my lower back

I hooked the edge of my underwear in between my thumbs as I slid them down my hips. My fingertips delicately grazed my outer thighs and I moaned in a half-sigh. His name escaped past my lips as I imagined that it was his fingers caressing my skin and not my own. I saw his face behind my closed lids and his image didn’t disappear as I focused my attentions on the pleasure that was assaulting my body. I silently kicked my panties away from my feet as I stared at my cleanly shaven center. As my fingertips brushed against the top of it, where my thighs come together, I moaned out deeper as I felt my nipples become even more erect.

I could feel him holding it, rubbing it over my pussy. 'Hell yes!' I thought. What a feeling that was, the velvety head rubbing over my folds, just on the verge of him slipping it into me.

-Tell me about yourself, Miranda, he said.

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The land had been in her family for years and left untouched. Her parents were going to build a home there but time ran out for them and the land sat empty as she and her siblings figured out what to do. They all had homes and families of their own, she was single with no children, had a great business and a plan for building a home for herself. They were thrilled for Julie and were excited about the house and of course had designs on being there for summer weekends. It seemed each day one of them would call and say, "hey what about doing this....". Some of the ideas were great and some she laughed at with them. But all in all it was wonderful for the family, they felt this was what their parents would have wanted as well.

We stepped inside and I immediately turned my mother around and started kissing her. She indulged me by kissing back for a few glorious seconds before she pulled away and put her finger to my lips.

"Other outfits?" I asked.

Armed with the information from the file Tonya Teaser set off in pursuit of her man. (Well in actuality her man was at home, and by all accounts a very happy man). Again I digress, and that's not to be confused with cross dress, and I don't care what anyone says, that was not me in the mini skirt. Let's try this again.

She relaxed slightly into the chair, remembering that it had been a present from her old private Tutor. The only sign of her irritation was the soft drumming of her sharp fingernails on the worn leather arm.

“You like it in your cunt, whore?”

"Right, well you'd better control yourself, then, Mr Wanker," she laughed. "Now first picture - ooh, a youngie! How young, wanker? Nineteen, 20?"

"Well you never know, stranger things have happened," she said.

Kalina nodded and smiled. Her hand traced gently down my body, brushing against my nipple and along my flat stomach. I held my breath as her fingers touched my mound rubbing gently in small circles.

Nancy made dinner, she and her daughter ate, and Dawn helped with the dishes. Nancy was surprised when Dawn went back to the computer once the dishes were finished.

I shook and screamed inside my dark prison, totally lost in the sensation, the heat and pain in my backside completely subsumed into wild fierce pleasure. Writhing and trembling, gagged and bound, I gasped inside my darkness as the pleasure consumed me.

The wedding started at 6pm and was quite an event. Laurie looked stunning in her rather provocative gown which showed off a fair amount of cleavage. I guess you could say it was a tasteful dress but at the same time, eye opening. Man, she was a hot piece of bride.

"It's suicide, Castle. If you go by yourself, you will be taken. Do you have any idea what those women can do to a man?" Damien pulled the emerald vest off of his shoulders turning his back to you. You'd seen them before, the marks of the beatings the man had been forced to endure. The whip marks were scoured deep into his back. The pain must have been terrible to bear. But Damien had born it and had made his way to freedom despite that pain.

"Not really," I replied.

"Jeff?" Glenda said and then moaned.

Once there, the guys all changed outside, in the pool shed, and me and Julie went into the washroom, in the house, to change.

Terry moved his hand inside her pantyhose, inside her panties and down to her pussy. He rubbed her clit some more before inserting a finger into her dripping cunt. Lyn put her hands on the copier and felt Terry’s hard cock press against her ass.

Wanda giggled back. "I got some ... special ... help calming down," she said without mentioning the details.

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Taking a page from Ray's playbook, I sat at the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. Anna Nicole sat on my cock until it was fully in her pussy. She then rocked back and forth, while I twisted and kneaded her nipples, which was incredibly erotic to her. After no more than a minute, she cried out in orgasm yet again. Now I took a risk. Pulling her off my stiff, wet rod, I put the head of my cock up against her rosebud virgin asshole. She pushed down on me slowly and gasped when just the head of my cock penetrated. Little by little, I pulled her onto my massive meat, until I was buried in her asshole. She was breathing hard, unsure of this new sensation. Afraid of pain that never materialized. Anal sex never got good press. Before long, though, she was loving it. I told her to rub her clit as I pumped her asshole hard, holding her hips. She obeyed. "It feels so good, Dave," she cried. I'm sure it did, because shortly after, as I filled her ass with hot cum, she sighed deeply and moaned, "Oh God, I'm cuming again, I can't take much more of this!" My friends, it was quite a night. We fucked at least three more times in every possible position. Anna Nicole never looked at me the same after that night. She knew that she might never get fucked like that again, that no man would desire or please her more. Parson my immodesty. It was flattering, but a little sad. She looked at me with reverence, and the intimacy of lovers who share a secret they can never tell. As for Ray's night with Terry, well that's a story for another letter. After all these years, Ray and I are still friends and the girls are long gone. The memories, though, will last forever.

“I am sorry. She is unlike anyone else I have ever met. Carla has such awesome strength, a commanding presence and the tools to make me obey. I cum so hard for her.” She confessed.

It was perhaps inevitable that the next time that Dalitha visited her aunt’s flat, it was a different occasion to all those that had come before. Dalitha herself had half-expected it to be different, although she had shied away from any coherent thought of how different it might be. The memory of her close encounter with Fluff’s vagina remained with her; seemed, in fact, to be imprinted on the tips of her fingers where they had touched her. The memory of that droplet of vaginal juice still seemed sticky on her fingers. Her nights were spent in lonely agonised masturbation, not focused on anything specific but bringing her to gasps which she hoped her parents hadn’t heard and a hot sweat that she hoped would go before the morning.

The water was warm, and the thrumming spray felt wonderful as it worked the tension and fatigue from her muscles. Her mind moved back to the lone figure sitting on her bed. She could not get that poignant image out of her mind. If it had not been for her semi-nudity it might have been a Rockwell painting. There was no question the Roxanne could touch her heartstrings without even trying, but was she in love with her? That question stood out again even though she was trying very hard to ignore it.

snip! came the sound as Janice's bra was opened and then pushed aside by the shadow's knife. To make his point, he gently dragged the knife's edge over Janice's now erect nipples. "Not one word..." he reminded her.

Ok Gary get over it, he wasn't opening the door for his girl he was just first to reach for it and was being polite, Sheesh!!!

"Well, it just happens that I have to go to Atlanta on business for a few days. I'm flying out in a couple of hours. The cab should be here any minute." She paused for a second. "Did you make up with Lucy?"

Bonnie’s nipples gleamed in the bright light bathing the room as Christina licked her way down Bonnie’s stomach. As she did, she cupped the redhead’s pussy with her right hand and ran her middle finger between her coral-colored lips, feeling the welling moisture. Then she plunged the finger as deep as it would go in Bonnie’s rapidly gushing hole, slid it back and forth a couple of times, then pulled it out and brought to Bonnie’s lips. Bonnie sucked on the digit like a small cock, licking it lasciviously.

"That was the only time," she said. "I did it because my sex life was in a rut and my juices didn't seem to be flowing the way they used to. You made me come so hard that I have been working off that boost ever since. You were such a great fuck that I almost told you, but I decided not to spoil the moment."

I followed her into the tent to plead my case, and watch her take off her dress, when I noticed she was very wet as she bent over to get something else to put on. I mean very wet! It turned her on I though to my self, it turned her on to show her self to someone other than me!

I turned to see my best friend’s husband leering at me. With a look of admonishment I flicked the end so it clipped his crotch making him jump back.

I kneeled next to her and guided her to bend her knees. As she lay on her back, arms stretched out eagle fashion and knees bent up, I put a hand on each knee and leaned down to look her in the eyes. “Mom, I really want to open you now, but I want to have to persuade you. I want to coax your legs open. I don’t want you to give it or to take me. Mom, I want to take you. I want you to feel taken.”

She felt very exposed with her massive breasts hanging in front of her where everyone could see some of the faint stripes and bruises that still covered the pale flesh of her tits and her nipples were still sore to touch. But at least she was mostly recovered, even if she hated having so many people seeing her boobs exposed like this - especially since a lot of the men were inclined to give them a casual feel as they took a pastry from her tray. It wasn't as if the brief skirt that she'd been given to wear covered much of her either - although from the hints of Jared's friend Nelson, the host of the party, later she wasn't even going to have that. She and two other girls were going to help serve as dessert - quite literally as the dessert. However, that was something she didn't want to think about for the moment, mostly she was just grateful that since Jared was at the party this was on thing that she didn't have to have taped.

At the top of the stairs Jill didn’t wait to make sure John had kept up, but immediately kicked the door open and burst inside. John followed, hot on her heels.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes as tingles of electricity shot up her body. She needed her naked sex to be touched, licked – anything! She began to writhe her crotch up against his face as Ryan ate her out over her thin panties. Her entire body was tense, and her legs opened even wider for him. She couldn’t take it anymore!

“Ann. I….We…”

“I like computers, but I’m kind of computer-illiterate. I know where to point, and what to click, but if something doesn’t work, I don’t know where to go from there.” She smiled at me, bashfully.

"You will do as I say," Mom ordered as she grabbed Mrs. Hoover's Tits, Mrs. Hoover cried more.

We drove on for a couple of hours. Not a bad ride. Enjoyed it actually. She was in a wonderful mood. Looked really great today. Had brought along a bathing suit that I didn't recognize. Didn't have any cover up so I could look not just the suit but her bod as well. And boy did it fit, well, almost. Slinky little number. It was designed in an X. The top part of the X pretty much but not quite covered her tits. She must have been feeling pretty randy as her nipples were plain as day.

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Diane laughed and said, "No, not always. I guess the first few times I bought things like this it was for the guy I was with, but I realized how pretty I felt when I wore really nice lingerie and I decided I could wear it for myself. I actually prefer stockings over pantyhose; I always feel bound up in pantyhose! And," she leaned in closer to me and lowered her voice to a whisper, "it's kind of fun to wear something sexy underneath business clothes, and nobody ever knows it!"

‘But somehow I just know that he won’t hurt me,’ I countered back to the voice in my head. ‘And it has been an awful long time since I got some.’ I laughed out loud at that thought and felt his lips brush the nape of my neck.

Sherry and I did have that affair. And it was just like any other affair, or many at least. An initial period of intensity, phoning each other frequently and meeting for sex at every opportunity, which, surprisingly in some ways wasn't all that often what with both of us having children commitments and our differing work schedules. A middle time when the earlier, hugely strong, sexual attraction had abated a little and then the slow, meandering, excuse laden period as we both mutually cooled it.

'Hold on to the safety rail,' I whispered into her ear, 'and then take a step back.'

"No, I'm not mad, Kit." Danny said, pulling off his tunic and throwing it against the wall, watching as it slid down and hit the floor with a loud smack. "Why should I be mad? You helped me, didn't you?"

"Dee says you can’t get it up unless she tells you about shagging me, does it turn you on her telling you what a big cock did for her."

All too soon, we arrived at our floor and I quickly opened our door as the two of you stumbled over the threshold still locked together at the lips. As I sat to watch, your fingers madly reached for the zipper at the back of Susan's neck and pulled it down until it reached the top of her heart shaped butt. Since her back was to me, I could see her lightly tanned skin as the dress separated from shoulder to her rear end. At the same time, Susan released your clasp and you stepped apart long enough for both of your gowns to pool around your feet. As you turned her around to face me with you standing behind her, I could see the lust in her hooded eyes as your hands reached around to cup her full 36B breasts and take her nipples and roll them between your fingers. Oh, how you must have dreamed of this day, my darling! Similar to you she was clad only in the tiniest of sheer white thongs – soaked clear with her cum – and black holdups but without her high spiked shoes that she had kicked off as soon as we reached the room.

Amber's eyes widened. "What?"

"I always come up here for my break," she explained. "It is much quieter then the cafeteria, which allows me to enjoy my book"

Priscilla reached out and took my cock into her mouth and began to deep throat me. I stood there and enjoyed Priscilla’s mouth. I reached down and began to play with those massive 48DDD tits.

I looked over at Kim and she was nodding. We’d known one another for almost five years and I really trust her judgment about men. She’s the one who suggested to me that I “needed to give Tom a go” in the first place.

"I can still feel you inside of me" she said after a minute or two.


“Oh you are so naughty aren’t you Kim?” Jasmine asks. “I can arrange this private viewing area for you, but do you think Darnell is really going to go for it?”

She then returned her focus to the table, and recommenced the story, "He came and sat on the seat next to me. I inclined my head towards him. My hair was longer then, just below my shoulders. I must admit I was rather proud of it, it attracted a lot of attention. Because I'd been travelling I hadn't washed it as much as usual, and this had actually improved its colour. It was very rich with a nice lustre to it. Franco placed one hand underneath it, and stroked downwards, very softly, saying things like `Bella, bella.' It was quite soothing actually. He never touched me, just my hair. After a minute or so Mario told him to stop, and he did. I looked at him and smiled, and he again offered his profuse thanks.

She had been prancing around for Janet's and my pleasure in a quarter-cup leather bra, leather garter belt, black seamed stockings and high heels. She was not, as you have probably guessed, wearing panties.

I applied honey with my forefinger running all over her crease, between those pussy lips, deliberately poking occasionally into the hot cavern within, eliciting more 'AHHs', 'OOHS' and spasms from her big frame as she lay there having the time of her life. I licked it up hungrily with my tongue snaking in and out of those wet lips; my cheeks nestled against the soft upper thigh muscles that felt heavenly.

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Before I could make a fool out of myself and say something totally dumb Bobby introduced Chris Wrenweaver to all of us and I found myself scooting in and giving him a place to sit. I didn't even notice my friends looking at me strangely since I have always gotten out of the booth and had others scoot in so I could sit on the end. I did notice Kim nudging Amy and would probably have wondered about it if I had not been paying attention to Bobby and Chris talking about having gone to high school together.

Fifty-eight years ago, I engaged myself in the scientific study of how various substances occurring in nature affected the human body. In the course of my experimentations, I concocted a mixture which I believed would, if consumed only once, fight off diseases and increase bodily strength and stamina. Not wanting to create an unknown risk in any other person, I swallowed the mixture myself. Its effect was immediate, increasing my body's strength and endurance to many times the human norm. But that was not the only effect. To my great amazement, I found it also increased the strength of my mind. I discovered that with little effort I could see within the minds of anyone I chose, read their thoughts, memories, passions as clearly as one might read words on a page. Beyond that, I discovered that with little more effort I could rearrange the thoughts and passions as easily as moving chess pieces across a board. I could release hidden passions, turn enemies into friends, create desires where there were none.

Oh Goddddddddddddddddddddd. I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (She could see lights and stars and lightning against a black sky, in her head).

"This one's closer," I replied. Quickly I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet.

Spike blew a ring of smoke as he studied her. She'd obviously agreed to disagree in her own mind. The blond vampire tried not to let his smile show on his face. She had grit even if she wasn't willing to throw it in his face yet. To be fair, he was frightening. She probably only attempted to escape because she thought she wouldn't have to face his ire. He rested his boot on the edge of the coverlet. "And another thing, you will obey me." He let a small half-smile escape. "In the important things. A yes-woman isn't nearly as attractive."

I lifted one lovely foot and then commenced sucking the big toe, in and out of my mouth.

Cindy closed her eyes and enjoyed touch of the young man she'd only met that morning across her naked body. She certainly was enjoying the experience, but got a special thrill knowing how hot it got John to watch her with other men.

"Yes, I think so," she said smiling up at me, her eyes warm and innocent, giving no indication that she knew I had been watching her.

Keith never pressured Anne to much, but let her know that he really wanted to have sex with her. Anne always told Keith that they would but she was waiting for it to be special for them. Keith had thought Anne's prom would be his ticket to sex, but instead Anne was acting in Antigony, so that shot that night being special.


"Dang it Santa, you're tickling me!"

She makes her way silently down the long, curved staircase, her expression attentive and anxious. Sitting alone in the large main room was a man she has never seen before. She offers him only a shy glance before easing gracefully to her knees on a cushion by the fireplace, her eyes lowering in supplication. She remains in this position for a long while, her mind going over His words and the emotions evoked by them. She has no idea how long she has been kneeling in thought before she feels the stranger's gaze upon her, studying her. She doesn't turn; she doesn't acknowledge him, but she does raise her eyes slightly and sees, glinting in the firelight, a number of silver rods laid side-by-side on the raised hearth of the fireplace. Her eyes widen slightly in acknowledgment and recognition, seeing the rods for what they are – forged branding irons, each one ending in a sleek, slim piece of metal custom made to create a brand – her Master's brand - the brand of a slave. She rises up slightly on her knees, peering at the metal rods, her body quivering noticeably. Hearing a low, deep chuckle behind her, a hot rush of embarrassment courses through her, warming her cheeks to a soft pink and causing her to lower her eyes and body once more. She closes her eyes, concentrating on the wild quiver of her body and the whirl of emotions in her head, struggling to calm them before her Master should arrive. She whimpers softly, the sound a surprise to her as she utters it.

I gulped. 'Do you get lonely sometimes, Mum - now that Dad's dead?' I asked, trying to turn the conversation to less sexually-oriented topics. I failed.

"Which one?" he asked.

Jason not being a stupid man, immediately removed his jacket and shirt. His boots and pants were off in a flash and his socks and shorts followed within another five seconds. He crossed the room and she met him with a huge sloppy kiss. Their lips parted, their tongues touched each probing the others mouth. Jason's right hand reached down and found her pussy already soaking wet. His stiffening penis pushed forward into her belly and she moaned with delight. Jason pushed her to the kitchen table, turned her around and bent her forward. His cock pushed easily into her pussy from behind and Kate screamed with pleasure. Jason grunted and began to slide in and out of her tight pussy, his hands grabbing her hips to hold her in place. Kate grabbed the edge of the table and used it to push back into him, meeting each stroke with a thrust of her own. Jason thrust into her hot wet pussy again and again. Kate's little whimpers were music to his ears. Kate shuddered with the first tingling of her orgasm and her legs kicked out behind her. Jason continued to fuck her as fast and hard as he could, he began to grunt as he felt his own orgasm nearing and as her first orgasms subsided, his body shook and he spewed his semen into Kate. Kate's breath expelled from her body as she had her second orgasm within a minute. Jason thrust a few more times and then collapsed onto Kate's back, exhausted and spent. His softening cock slipped from her dripping pussy and dangled loosely between her legs.

Near the bottom were two blocks to stand on. There were handholds and a comfy headrest. The whole thing leaned back at an adjustable angle. At the center was a motorized device, and in a separate plastic bag were several dildos of different lengths, widths, shapes and colors. I noticed that they were of very good quality, firmly soft and flesh-like to the touch. One even had peel-back foreskin. They were graduated from the traditional husband's five incher up to a ten inch job.

I hurried to do the same and was conscious that his eyes were all over me.

"As you probably realize, I've developed a craving for sex, not just plain but all it's variations. I enjoy the two bitches large clits and can't wait til I get to do Grace and her rings. I'm sad my tits aren't big like all theirs or my nipples or my clit but I have to make do with what I have."

The next phase in our sexual odyssey involved a three way with another, considerably younger woman. My wife put that one together. Let's save that for another story.

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