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He motioned her to him with a cursory flick of his fingers. “Come, do not fight the inevitable.”

Tyrone put a blade to her throat. The bitch just kept shrieking.

I grinned roguishly at her and said, "Don't get too used to it, I'll only be available to do this every morning for the next sixty or seventy odd years or so, then I'll HAVE to cut you off."

She knelt down between my legs and just looked at my cock in the moonlight. She started kissing it all over and licking it with her tongue as if it were an ice cream bar. By the time she got her mouth over the head, I was already getting close to an orgasm. She sucked on the end for a short time and then went all the way down to the base and I couldn't hold back any longer. I started shooting my man-juice down her throat like a high-pressure hose. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

"But why, Mom? I thought you wanted to do it. I was so much looking forward to it. You said you would teach me, and everything," Ashok was disappointed.

"Yes," I confessed. "I wanted to fuck you. Please lick it. I can't take it . . ."

He pushed her back down, sending her into the couch. Rumor was beginning to get scared and cursing herself for being such a fool.

"Lay still, wench. I will have you tonight." He panted in her face as he reached down to unfasten the front of his breeches. Pushing her legs apart, he positioned himself between them, inching forward until she could feel a hard shaft probing at her tender flesh. She screamed again, the sound harsh and hard as it burned throat muscles abused at his hands.

Val and Kim nodded, as Brian writhed in the closet.

“But I don’t…It’s too sudden.”

"We need a new lectern built that will fit over this hole in the floor." She smiled at him again and stepped around the hole.

Previously, from Chapter 3:

I turned back towards the lighthouse bringing the lenses to my eyes again. Again the blurry outline appeared. But as I pushed the lever to the left it slowly came into focus. Standing on the deck, I spent nearly half an hour looking through them, watching gulls diving at the water, the wind blowing the rushes on the dunes, and ships on the horizon.

So that's what they called him - Big Jim.. I looked up at him staring at his eyes, he was a real bastard. Just dark and mean looking. Nothing but darkness when staring at him. All I could see in his eyes was evil.

I lean over him and whisper in his ear, "I want you to know that I am a vampire. I am 322 years old and I have chosen you to be my mate and my life. I want to make love to you and then transform you into a vampire. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"

"I'm sorry Daddy. I wanted you so... bad, I couldn't tell you. "

"Hello." Heather's voice came from the doorway. "Are you ready."

"Miyuki…what?" Beth still couldn't see what was happening.

"A little bait and switch?" Marcus joked.

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I shook my head, breaking the paralysis that gripped me. I scurried down the dock after him, following him. After catching up to him, I walked by his side without any additional discussion. We wound our ways through the old streets until we reached a non-descript inn. Passing through the common room without stopping we mounted the stair on the wall and finally emerged in a well-appointed and comfortable room.

"I know, neither did I. It's alright," Sam replied. She looked deep into your eyes as she placed a still slightly shaky hand on your cheek this time, yours having already fallen from her face. She looked at you questionably, then said, "You really needed that, didn't you? Jake, I feel really bad that you haven't been able to embrace love like I have. It's unfair. I'm sorry that a guy like you has to be alone at night." She was amazing.

"I brought Tom some apple pie I had left over," I said to no one in particular. Then, feeling very uncomfortable, I excused myself and headed for the back door. Tom followed me and whispered that they would be gone soon and blew me a kiss as I left. When I closed the gate, I could see Kara at the door watching me as I went to my house. I felt so uncomfortable, like I had just had an OB/GYN appointment and I turned on the tv to take my mind off of it.

I continued to play with his nipples and was getting a strong response from this action. I let my hand run down his stomach, then along his zipper, feeling his rigid cock along his leg. This brought a strong moan from Gene as I gently stroked his cock through the material of his pants.

“You look great. Just like the boy I met after school who carried my books, and took my heart.”

"Definitely a good pick Amanda. He's in good shape. I am going to enjoy this." said Liz. She than came over and gave my ass a slap and then a grab. Not as shy as she was when she couldn't even talk to me at the club. Liz appeared to be so comfortable in this situation. She seemed to relish being in control of me. On the other hand I could really sense Britney's tentativeness by her body language and facial expressions. Liz circled me, looking me over and then said "I think we should shave off his body hair. Make him smooth everywhere. I don't like the feel of body hair against my skin. Plus it will seem like he is ours after we are done."

I fought to free my arms and bring them down below my waist, but it was too late. The mysterious fingers were pulling aside my thong and was playing with my slit. I twisted and even moaned but no one could hear me over the sound systems blasting away its industrial strength heavy metal music.

Jessica said "let's go shopping."

"All I have to do is look and you really won't tell if I decide not to go further? And you'll just drop me off at school and that'll be the end of it?"

"Poor Stevie. Do I have to get you some suppressants for that overactive penis of yours."

I caught her on the ground and looked her in the eyes. Her lusty look answered any questions that I may have had. I pressed her back up against the car and kissed her hungrily.

"Oh Christ!" I muttered as my own orgasm burst from within me. Feeling his fingers rubbing my g-spot and feeling her juices flooding out and over my chin and cheeks. "That was incredible." I was feeling the need to get out of the sauna as the heat and the heady scent of sex was making me light headed and dizzy.

Sleep came easy for Ryan, a hard days work in the fresh air, and fooling around with Jessi. ‘This is the life’, he thought as he fell fast asleep.

"That's right."

"No baby, I'll just watch a little TV while your getting ready."

He slipped out of car. He walked openly, not calling attention to himself by being furtive. He dropped below eye level as he reached the passenger door of the truck. He took the lock-picking tool out of his jacket pocket and manipulated the lock till it opened. Checking his surroundings, he quickly got in, locked the door behind him and got in the back seat. He already had his gloves on and took the knife from the sheath he carried it in. Finally he donned the mask he had brought.

Dianna found it uncomfortable being naked in front of her coach. Then Miss Conklin undressed and Dianna saw what a stupendous figure the older woman had. Her coach had big, well-shaped breasts with large nipples, strong, shapely legs, and a thick forest of blonde pubic hair. Dianna, feeling very inadequate in the face of such obvious feminine charms, crossed her arms over her chest, trying to hide her tiny breasts.

"He has to pull a double shift at the hospital."

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I managed a single slice of toast and a cup of strong coffee.

Dennis didn't have to be told what the gorgeous woman wanted. He needed her just as badly as it looked like she needed him! Her rigid nipples, hot points of need, poked into his chest as he lay on top of her.

John was facing Monique with the lockers behind her as he thrust his hips up with all the force he could muster. Monique, true to her words, rode him like a champ. She worked her hips, rolling them into each thrust as John pounded her tight pussy with his cock.

She wriggled over to the phone and heaved a sigh of relief, as she heard a continuous humming noise. Then she used her nose to punch in Bruce Wayne's home telephone number. The phone kept ringing. "Someone pick up the damned receiver!" she groaned. Her head was still throbbing with pain and she felt as if she was about to vomit up the entire contents of her stomach.

She took the pills and said, "Thanks Mr. B.", and started up the stairs. As she was leaving I said with a big grin on my face, "That should help you sleep like a log." Then I went back into the den to give the pills time to do their job. I was starting to get nervous about what I was doing and almost backed out. But the thought of that young thing up there drugged up was like a magnet drawing me to her.

Hearing those words along with my continuing ministrations was finally too much for him, and he began to beg. "Please, oh please," he moaned. "Please, Mom," said my daughter. "Let me be alone with him." I looked at her sharply; I knew that she loved him very much, but pity was not a desirable trait in a woman who would dominate her man. But in looking at her, I could see immediately that her nipples were dark and protruding, and her labia were visible and glistening with wetness. I realized then that she was driven more by her own lust than by any concern for his release. "Very well," I said, and reached for an ice pack I had prepared earlier. I pressed it against his testicles until his erection subsided enough to re-attach the chastity device, and snapped the lock on with a loud click. "He's all yours," I said as I removed the handcuffs and got off the bed.

"I'm in the market for some of that kind of meat, for sure!" I replied.

After the faire shut it's doors for the night, then the real fun would begin. The fellas that the other wenches would keep with them throughout the day would stay after hours and basically tear up the joint. Thankfully, it was a huge outside venue and the trash people were quite friendly. Payne & I would stay late, watching the men that the ladies kept behind and rated them on looks, just wasting the time. Neither one of us wanted to go home because it was so fun to just be there. The wenches would take their men into a huge tent and basically do whatever they wanted. There was games, drinking, sex, singing -- basically what you would think of medieval times in the first place.

"Yeah, that would be nice wouldn't it?"

He stood to her left, by her left thigh, and began rubbing it as he spoke. "Now, the subject is properly restrained and positioned for the techniques I mentioned." His hand felt intrusive, but interesting on her nearly bare flesh. She bit her lip and tried to concentrate on his words.

I put all my effort into the police work, and kept busy as much as I could, until May. Then I went back and got my dog, and the boat and furniture she put in storage for me. I moved it all to my new place and set things up.

“Feeling better baby?”

I moved my hands over her neck and below her chin and gently massaged the whole area. Deftly my fingers then moved over to her sexy and adorable face. I made circular motions all over her cheeks with my thumbs and then grabbed them using all of my fingers. I circled over her thick lips, nose, eyes, forehead and finally her ear lobes. Harlina tilted her head back and rested on the chair. I massaged her face gently running my fingers over her cheeks and the sexy reddish blemishes on her cheeks. My fingers rubbed over her thick lips when Harlina opened her mouth and tried to suck them in. This sexy Singapore Malay beauty gave in without protest and I wanted to enjoy my darling Harlina to the fullest. She was such a wonderful heartthrob whom I loved to fuck all the time. Harlina was a damn intoxicating Singapore Malay beauty. I moved my hands over to her shoulders again and to her slender arms. I squeezed both of her arms together and she let out a sharp moan.

“Thank you Tom. We’ll see you in the morning then.” She stood and shook his hand, feeling the strength in his handshake.

"I'm home!" I heard the shout from my bitchy sister Hannah. "I've got Holly with me so don't bother us!" I heard her stomp into her room. I thanked the gods for supplying me with an answer. I've always been able to hypnotise Hannah, taking great delight in it to see the prim bitch obeying my every command. She was also part of the 'in crowd', meaning I could use her to get to Anne. She would make the perfect test subject. And her friend Holly would make a hell of a bonus.

"No, as a matter of fact, you can peal them on down," I said.

Our king-sized bedroom was equipped with a king-sized bed that was surrounded by mirrored walls on two sides, and on the third wall we had floor to ceiling mirrored closet doors.

My attention again turned back to Kelly and she began again to tease me, this time by unbuttoning her dress little by little and flashing even more of her melon sized breasts. Even the big guy was watching her and was getting a hard on like i was. The slim blonde noticed this and elbowed him in the leg, he quickly stopped watching. She noticed the bulge in his pants, reached down and slowly began to rub his erection through his pants, he breathed in deeply and closed his eyes. The teacher noticed the disruption and picked me out some how as the culprit. She gave me a stern look and said "Mr. Weaver since you can't seem to pay attention to me would you please step into my office?" I did not know what to think at that moment, i got up slowly and my hard on was clearly visible through my shorts she glanced at it and said "Follow me" and walked into her office. I followed her and after I entered she closed the door and the blinds in the office window. My heart was pounding when she turned around and asked me "Why, Mr. Weaver can't you pay attention in my class tonight?" I could not even begin to think of an answer when she said "Is it because you're so horny? Or is it because the women of this class keep on making your cock so hard?" glancing at the huge bulge in my shorts. I boldly stated it was a combination of both and she responded "Well let me help you with that Mr. Weaver." She then walked over and unzipped my shorts, reached in and pulled out my hard love muscle and began stroking it. I just relaxed and went with the flow, she then commented on what a nice looking dick I had then put into her mouth and began giving me some great head. I couldn't believe that this sexy woman who I fantasized about for so long was actually giving me a GREAT blowjob.

I squatted down and peered through the hole and watched as a man entered the adjoining room. He dropped his towel to reveal a small but erect cock which I reached out and stroked. He moved towards the hole and pushed his cock through the hole, presenting it for my service. I licked the hard flesh, slipping my tongue under the foreskin and feeling the veins beneath, he groaned and told me to suck. I opened my mouth and swallowed him to the balls, with my face pressed to the wall. He began to fuck my open mouth causing me to gag occasionally as he struck the back of my throat with the head of his hard cock. I was dribbling and moaning with pleasure when he suddenly pulled out and left the room. I sat back confused and panting, then got up and prowled the maze.

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Lynne's breathing slowed, a little, and her body relaxed, a little. She took in a deep, sobbing breath, and groaned with the pain and the fullness. "Oh, GOD... you're fucking me... you're fucking my ass..." she said, trying to wrap her brain around the experience.

She said "Mon are you enjoying your ass fuck."

"It's still over 90, and humid," Shelly said. She kicked off her shoes by the door, pushing them with her feet next to her duffel bag. "At least it's nice and cool in here. It feels good. This heat wave is supposed to last almost all week."

'Go on son!' another man cried as I pulled Matt's face down to where he could lick my sensitive, stiffened nipples.

“Then he got cancer,” I said.

Now, it probably sounds like I'm the stereotypical submissive Asian female. In all truth, I'm not. I generally don't take crap from anyone, especially guys. I'm extremely rapacious when it comes down to things. If I see something I want, I'll do my damnedest to get it. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who prefers the hunt to the actual prize. Once something is easily in my reach, I tend to get bored. Perhaps this is what is going on with Alan, but right now, I'm not thinking about Alan. I'm still thinking about Tom's offer, how alien, but exciting it is to someone like me who has so little experience in these things. As I said to my ex-boyfriend, I like surprises. It's too damn bad he couldn't figure out what I meant by that.

Sarah leaned back on her hands, her feet were flailing behind his ass, her slippers were just clinging to her toes. Her eyes were closed, he could see her entire, pretty face as her hair was still up in a towel. Her small breasts bounced up and down to each thrust as he slammed his manhood into her pussy. She could feel an orgasm rise within her and she rushed to embrace it.

"Let's play a little game," I say, breaking our kiss, "A game of control..."

"Did you like the show?" Tracy heard himself asking. "I sang every note just for you." Oh lord, it might be true. He looked away, to avoid her eyes.

Think, Wormley! he said to himself. His brain and his penis were going to have to work together if they ever wanted to get in the sack with Angel. Constance House must have some weakness, something he could use against them. He buzzed the intercom.

"Oh" said Milady "You are so naughty." She then took off the bathrobe and climbed on to the huge bed laying down on her front.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," Karen said pinching his face. "You can look as much as you like. It's not like I get any privacy anyway."

“No. Won’t be until I get whoever popped the guy.”

"Little circle?"

Amber shifts position in her armchair. "You like me, don't you?"

He seemed to like it, because he leaned back against the window as she stroked him.

Sure enough, I opened it, and there was a brief note from Sid resting atop a couple of dozen very clear, very explicit photographs of me in various stages of sexual conduct, with a variety of subjects.

With a final thrust, Kyle's cock tagged my prostate and sprayed his cum deep inside my ass. I let my own semen fly onto Kyle's clean sheets. Ryan grabbed my hair and held my mouth on his dick as his cum painted my teeth. I swallowed it all this time, enjoying each pulse of Ryan's dick and every splash of his cum.

"That's supposed to be the guy's line," I joked.

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All friends, wives, sisters, mothers can e-mail me for more stuff.

Two pairs of hands seized my wrists like striking cobras, and I felt cold metal close around my wrists and a loud clicking noise. I jerked back, my penis popping out of Sylvia's sucking mouth.

I looked down at the spectacle beneath me. I was determined to take my time and enjoy fucking Andrea’s amazing tits. I alternating between pumping her cleavage and rubbing my cock on her hard nipples. I would stop fucking her tits and she would slap her tits around my dick, rubbing them up and down the length of my throbbing cock. Andrea came three more times while I slowly fucked her tits. Brandy caught it all on tape, moving all around the room so she could watch me fucking Andrea’s tits from every angle. We went at it for a good half hour or so before I could feel the cum churning in my balls. I pulled out of her tits and started beating her tits with my cock. Brandy knew I was getting ready to explode. She told me to kneel next to Andrea on the floor, and she took my place straddling Andrea, giving her a great view down of Andrea’s big tits.

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She, on the other hand, appeared beautiful draped over his body. She was only 5'5", and despite giant breasts, God had given her a petite body, with many small, adorable features. She had recently dyed her hair platinum blond. She put her hair in pig tails.

Then my daughter, alone now in the back seat, brushed the hair from my forehead and said quietly, "Mom, if I had a cock, I'd fuck your mouth good, believe me." Oddly enough, it sounded like such a sweet thing to say that it calmed me down. "Don't worry," I told her. "I'm not done with him yet. Let's go."

“Thanks for meeting me, Nick. I’m Diana.”


"Oh, that's very naughty."

But I was about to learn about other even larger shapes and sizes too. Jackie and Luke came next, and they were stunning. At 36, she had flawless skin, a tight bottom, and very large, firm breasts with wide nipples, all visible through her mesh body stocking. It was like seeing a young Sophia Loren's body. Carrie joked, "Let me introduce these two. They're Jackie. Oh, and their husband is Luke." Jackie was used to the kidding and the stares.

"Oh!" I said as I moved over to the tree where her dress hung. I stripped off my tee shirt and slipped out of my old sneakers. I hung up the shirt and reached for the snap on my jeans. As I unsnapped and unzipped them, it crossed my mind that my dick was hard, hard as stone and she would see it. My back was to her at the moment but….

I watched him take off his clothes. He had the best body I think I had ever seen. He was tone and tan from working construction throughout the summer. His ass was firm and round and his abs were simply amazing. His 7-inch cock was nice and thick and his Superman tattoo right above it made me melt.

Alison had exited the other door and was coming around the back as the taxi spun it's wheels pulling away.

I finished and went back to Cathy, taking her into my arms and then using my fingers on her pussy to bring her to a blistering orgasm of her own.

"Ok. I'm warning you though, it's strange."

I leaned forward, my tongue extending to touch her nipple, washing over the sensitive skin as I slowly moved down, my lips pressing against the base of her nipple, forming a seal. I sucked her nipple into my mouth softly, my tongue continued to hammer the flesh as I drew it into my mouth. I rolled over it quickly as she arched her body to push more tit into my mouth. Wrapping my hand around the taut flesh, I squeezed firmly, lifting the tit, pushing more to my mouth. I opened wide, allowing a big bite of tit flesh to flood my mouth. I bit down softly, my tongue probing her nipple as I grabbed more flesh with my teeth, holding softly. I growled deeply as I sucked hard on her flesh. Her hand reached around the back of my head, pulling me down hard on her tit, pushing the flesh hard against my mouth, groaning deeply as I sucked and bit her flesh.

“Oh my god Ian. That was incredible.” She finally said.

He took a deep breath and started again, "Her name was Mary Katherine O'Malley and she had a way about her that always turned me on. She seemed to instinctively know how to be sexy; like wearing her skirt shorter then all the other girls or having her blouse open an extra button or two. She had red hair, nice legs, a shapely butt, and a pretty big chest. My friends all said she was very well-developed for a high-school sophomore. I just thought she looked sexy; much rounder and curvier than the other girls."

"Well, I did wear it a couple of times," I said

"Hey Jess, you'll marry one day, how could you fail love, God how you've got away with it and stayed single this long I'll never know. Hey and I get my fun out of all this as well darling, it isn't all one sided with Millie and me, I'm not really a Saint."

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Briefly she parted her legs even wide, hiking up her skirt to fully expose the crotch of her knickers, then close her knees together and tugged the skirt back into place.


"I watched as my father fell to his knees and took this man in his mouth. He choked and gagged on the penis for several minutes before getting the hang on it. John really began fucking Daddy's mouth after ten minutes or so. Just when I thought John was going to cum, he pulled out and told my dad to get up."

I needed more. I wanted to be inside her again; inside my mother's pussy. To feel her clamping down on me and coming all over me just like that afternoon that seemed a lifetime ago now. I stopped nursing and looked at her face. She was flushed and breathing heavily, staring right back at me. My hands went to her waistband and she opened her eyes wide.

It was only a brief time later that it was no longer punishment. It was the crux of our relationship as sisters. I had a highly demanding and high-profile job but at home, I was hers. I needed this. Needed it very very much. She smiled as she would give me the unspoken signal to prepare myself, which meant stripping to my bra and pants and laying myself down on the floor so she could squat over my waiting face. My task was expanded when I saw the white string looming from her front that she quietly directed me to remove…with my teeth.

"Will you do something for me?" she whispered against his lips.

"No," she said, "you have to do it slow and tease him a bit or he'll think you're a slut."

Mom: I am glad u feel that way. Now can you unzip and pull my jeans down.."

"Eat my pussy, little brother, lemme cum on your face."

-June 15, 2569-

My fingers slid back and forth in my moist pink, my legs spread wide at the television while the video played. I couldn't help but get turned on watching this; it was a drug running through my hot veins. I just couldn't stop watching it and felt the urge to masturbate every time it played. Plots and plans began to formulate in my mind, and each new twist I could put on them would send a terrible and orgasmic shiver down my spine. I always knew I had the ability to be a cold hearted bitch, but the opportunity to exercise that never arrived until now. "What humiliation and degradation could I put her through?" I thought to myself. The possibilities tickled me inside.

Once on the floor Mom kissed my cheek and said, “There Sweetie, that’s your payment for the work you did!”

A strange conflict was being fought in his mind, he wanted to be with Kelly on the one hand, but on the other hand he didn’t know her as well as he thought. He was still trying to work out whether the events which transpired in the train actually occurred, or whether they were all figments of his imagination. He had made an effort to scan the people who had gotten off the train to see if the mysterious Katya even existed. He never saw her.

"You've got to be joking! No! Of course not!" she expostulated, glaring at him.

Callie sighed brushing her lips on his chest. She was fearful of what the future had in store for them, yet she was so intrigued by being her own brother's lover.

We cleaned up after dinner and then sat around the campfire and Carla started asking me some personal questions about my sex life as a lesbian. In the past, I would never give her detailed information about my sexual escapades. The alcohol was having the affect on me so my tongue was looser than normal. She wanted me to describe in detail, what it was like to go down on a woman.

It was a week before we went on the road again, and what a week it was.

(Heather's dad finished the article and looked at his watch. It was too late for the girls to make it to the concert before the crowds gathered now. They would have to wait outside in a long line in typical Pennsylvania winter weather, something they were all accustomed to but, nevertheless, bitter. He quietly put down his paper, studied the cadence of Tess's silly patter and quietly moved to the head of the stairs. From there, he could see that the bedroom door was closed [as it usually is when Heather is dressing, now that she's becoming a woman]. He could hear the lack of voices answering Tess's questions and comments and went back to the chair where he'd left the paper. There, he rustled it once or twice, yawned loudly, and walked noisily to the stairs.

"Thank you for the commentary Miss Carter," Dr. Green answered her. "And thank you Mr. Johnson. OK, let's see who's next."

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I don't know what possessed me that night, but I found myself standing outside my sister's bedroom door at three in the morning. I hadn't been able to sleep all night, even though I had masturbated twice already. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

I keep thinking I should have worn my hair up this morning as I usually do, but I love the feeling of the wind through my hair. The young waiter approaches me and asks if I would like another glass of wine, and I smile, say yes, and thank him politely. I watch curiously as he then approaches your table, and my eyes unintentionally lock with yours. I small smile plays on your lips, as our eyes exchange unspoken innuendo. I suddenly feel heat rising through my body. A delicious warm flush rising from my toes to my cheeks. I smile at you, and return to my journal. My thighs have become moist in the heat and I catch the faint, unmistakable, sweet, musky scent of my own sex on the breeze as I cross my bare legs purposefully and sexily. I have your complete attention.

She covered her face with hands, shaking her head in negation of the idea. I swatted her with the belt. Again and again, lash marks appearing on her back and buttocks. She rolled onto her side and I moved her onto her back, sitting on her chest facing her feet. I slid my pussy until it was above her face and said, "Eat me, bitch." When she still didn't respond, I reached between her legs, taking her sensitive lips between my fingers and twisted.

This is a re-posted and edited version of the original story; but there are no significant changes. I asked LadyCibelle to read it through and remove the all too many mistakes and typos I generally make. Hopefully it will make it easier to read.

Now back to the present. We were in the large hotel suite, which must've cost a packet, but I didn't really care by that time, and I'm boiling hot in my wedding dress in this fucking Hawaii heat, and he's just standing there, grinning again, like the first night we met.

"Martin told me last night that he was meeting with Mr. Van Neusen. Please don't provoke Martin by panicking. Just act as if it's business as usual." Saundra's calm puzzled Martha.

"You 're so tight," he groaned as his thrusts increased, feeling her tight walls rippling around his cock.

"I'm just glad I could help."

Many times Jonathon entertained the possibility that she, just once, might please herself. It was an irritating mystery as to why she never did. Months of hope without the slightest satisfaction! He never saw any men in her apartment. For an instant he questioned if she were a lesbian, then smiled. Jonathon often wondered if she just used her sexy lounging as foreplay before scurrying off to bed and masturbating there. With his luck, she would touch herself in the one room he had no visual access to. Nevertheless, his mind traveled to the secrets her skirt hid, and he jacked off as many times as his body would allow.

Bobby nodded, but didn't move.

No doubt about it. If he played his cards right, Sharon would be giving him some tonight.

"Good Girl." He went to the wardrobe and looked at the selection of outfits. What would best present Kate? He toyed with the idea of something exotic, but she wasn't really exotic. Her lure was her girl next door freshness. He reached inside for a white nylon slip and tangle of strings that someone had decided made a thong. He tossed them to Kate.

Peter explained to his friend Chris that their mother was their slut and they could use her every way the wanted. Chris was obviously very exited at that idea and wanted to know if she would serve him as well.

"There isn't any cheerleader at my school named Pat. You mean Cindy Thompson," said Todd sounding sure of himself.

"Hey, you're cheating!" She yelled.

Her relationship with Jerry ended when she told him that he had given her AIDS. He told her she was full of shit and that he had gotten it from her and not the other way around. Then he told he that he shouldn't have been surprised since after all she was a cheating whore. She had cheated on me with him so he didn't doubt that she cheated on him with some one else. They only talked once more when he called to tell her that she was a worthless, disease-ridden whore who had infected him.

I had, by then, been surprised so many times, one more didn’t make much of a difference. I had only met these women about an hour before and it looked like I was about to go to bed with both of them. Things like this just didn’t happen to me!

As we walked into the bedroom, I whispered to Jerry and Mary that I was going to enjoy watching Pat take that beauty of a penis inside her and they both agreed. Pat was holding Blake by his erection and it was throbbing from the sucking she had given him. She got on the bed and pulled him by the cock along with her and lay back and opened her gorgeous thighs to show him her sexy spread. Blake's cock jerked in anticipation when he saw her wet crotch and he placed his tool to her open hole and pushed himself into her wetness. Her eyes opened wide as he fed more and more of his monster penis into her and she exclaimed how big and wonderful it felt as it filled her. Her eyes were rolled back in her head as he fed more inside and then she put her hands on his hips and stopped him from going any further as she was totally impaled on his organ and couldn't take an inch more.

Lily howled after the next six or seven. Jason was rigid as never before. His nuts were squeezed into a tight wrinkled package, and he was stroking his cock furiously. It took tremendous control to hold off shooting his load. He wanted to wait and listen to the entire session.

Buck just smiled at the desperate woman, and replied, "Jump on, you horny little bitch."

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My tongue found her pussy lips and I moved it slowly up and down her crack tasting her. God she tasted good. So hot. So sweet. I had to have more of her. I pushed my way inside and found her aching clit with my tongue and lips. I sucked and licked all around her clit and Lisa gasped with this new sensation, pressing forward with her hips. I moved my hands over her buttocks and pulled her close to my mouth. I couldn't get enough of her taste! Moving up and down her hot slit, over her labia and up inside her. Pushing my tongue up as far inside her as I could. I wanted to become part of her.

Barbara laughed, "No, I'm not gong to hit you again. Come here."

Edie pushes herself up and makes a mewing sound as she pulls herself off Gilbert’s cock. “Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.” Edie opens the door and goes into the hallway. She comes back with a hand towel and a tube of cream. She sits on the bed beside him, takes the condom off, puts some cream in her palm, and strokes his cock. “How does that feel?”

"Thanks John," she replied "it's nice to know that at my age, my bosom hasn't lost its attraction ... at least not to you."

The reason they decided to meet at a pub and, not at the University she attended was Sophie didn't want anybody sticking their nose in her and Irvin's business. Besides she wanted her birthday celebration to be special.

"Then they better turn away or they'll see some X-rated, taboo, hardcore fucking. Besides, I can name at least two people who are going to cum here." Alex covered her body with his. His dark skin rested on her ivory body, sending chills through her spine.

“I did, but the doctor told mom to buy these special sheets, and I can’t wear any clothes to bed.”

“Jesus, Susan, you are not talking about…”

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"If you don't then I won't." Sandy said. "Anyway you said he was a great fuck. We'll all have a good time."

Angela then got a wicked idea in her head, she had broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and had not had sex since the breakup. The blinds were closed and James was attractive in a rough sort of way. Angela leant over towards James and asked if he would like to see an example of how she knew she could get the right person for the job? James looked at her with a puzzled look and said OK. Angela then slowly stood up and removed her jacket as she sauntered around the Board table towards James. As she moved towards James she slowly undid the buttons on her blouse so that by the time she reached James her push up bra was sitting right in front of his face. James was transfixed by the angelic site of this svelte figure of a woman with a great figure standing in front of him that he didn’t even realize that his hands automatically reached out to grab her waist and pull her close. All of a sudden he awoke from his daze and apologized to Angela. Angela was having no apologies as she realized that she had a power over men when she used her body and she swiftly reached around her back and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor and thrust her pert little breasts into James’ smiling face. James suckled Angela’s breasts like he was a baby again. He had not had sex himself for 3 months and Angela’s perfumed scent was electrifying. Angela moaned as James suckled her breasts and rolled his fingers over the nipple he was not suckling. Angela’s breathing intensified as James lashed her breasts with his tongue & her skin started to tingle with a familiar excitement that she knew would result in pleasurable waves engulfing her body.

"Gosh! What a nice young man," Patrice said and Loretta smiled.

'Yes, we won't put your name in the draw tomorrow, OK?

Fred nodded again, not trusting himself to speak. Mary undid the button on her skirt and then pulled the zipper down. As she held the waist and then let it flutter to the floor. Fred stared hard at her. The blackness of her under garments standing in sharp contrast to the whiteness of her skin.

"I've never had a hard cock up my ass," she said. "I really want to feel your hard cock up my ass."

"Ahhhhh yes. That's it," I tell you.

"I want each one of you to sit on a chair with Doris on this one, Sarah here, and Leanne on this one," Mandy said as she gave the initial instructions and pointed to each girls intended location. Each girl rose and went to their assigned chair where Mandy had indicated and waited for her next order. The seats were aligned in a row and about three feet apart on one side of the room.

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So this continued for at least four days into our holiday, mum sunbathing topless, and even getting me to rub oil on her back, great fun that was, yet still I had not got laid.

"Karen!" I gasped as my penis made contact with her warmth. Our lips locked again as my hands made busy with the buttons of her shirt. As I fumbled at the back of her bra she reached in front and snapped it open. A front opener! Her breasts spilled free. They were bountiful with large areolas. I cupped them both as we kissed. I broke the kiss and leaned her back. I brought both distended nipples together and engulfed them with my mouth. She jumped and squeezed against me as I laved her nipples mercilessly. Then I felt her rise and exquisite warmth encompassed the tip of my penis. I let go off her nipples.

God, it felt good to be lying next to a naked man again, and I could feel a tingling between my legs that told me just how good it felt. Then I took a sharp intake of breath as his fingers found my sex. He lightly parted my lips and rolled my clit around with his fingers.

"But please tell dad not to stare at Gloria's breasts. Her saw her in the library yesterday and she said he was positively licking his lips, looking at them.

Elliot turned to see an unfamiliar face grinning at him.

It was Frank who came up with the bright idea.

The two nuns clung to each other, uncertain as to how to continue. Sister Divine truly had no idea at all, and Sister Love seemed fairly unsure herself. Neither nun had had much exposure to the images and films that instruct most people outside the convent walls. Sister Love's arms were around Sister Divine's back, her bald pate resting on the other nun's shoulder. Sister Divine closed her eyes tight, smelling deep the rich odour of her companion's warm, slightly feverish body, her own hands guiltily clutching the rounded orbs of Sister Love's buttocks.

"Uh, private collection. Uh, books for sale are against the walls over there." Giles said and gestured with his coffee mug, then walked toward the counter.

Dr. Hartwell turned to Rob and tried to get his attention. He was rocking his hips back and forth while muttering and groaning. “Rob, listen to me carefully. I’m going to have Shelly finish you off now.”

Lady Archer addressed her youngest daughter as she sat in the living room of the family home. Samantha Archer was attending yet another debutante ball and was pirouetting around the living room desperate for her Mother's approval. Samantha had been fortunate to take after her Mother rather than her Father in the looks department and was tall and striking, her hair of deepest brown matching her eyes. Samantha had also been blessed with her Mothers legs and breasts, both of which were barely contained within the indecently short black dress that seemed to be all the rage this season. Helen could not believe the transformation from awkward teenager to striking young women that had been wrought in her youngest daughter in the last year of her life. They grow up so fast these days, she thought to herself. Samantha seemed so self-assured now, so confident. She had returned from school barely a week ago having recorded a full set of straight A exam results now, having turned eighteen she was taking a year off before going to university, it was time for her to let her hair down a bit.

“Take this. And this, and this, this, this…” he rasped out, slamming into her, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

'Well its better than sitting on the reception desk all day, and well I have seen the class and it looked OK'.

'Are you horny?' I whisper into her ear.

As if to prove our tormentor correct, Erin suddenly let out a low wailing sound and raised her hips from the table. Her ass was six inches clear of the wooden surface and was bucking onto Santini's fingers. I watched, now fascinated, as her whole body went into spasm and the wail turned into a scream of lustful desire. She was definitely cumming.

Suddenly, she became angry. She was angry with herself for allowing Bili to use and abuse her body. She was no plaything! She was not some toy to be used for another's sadistic gratification. Even more, she was angry with her body for it's betrayal. But, as much as she wanted to, she could not find anger towards Bili. He had hidden nothing and, true to his word, he had made her suffer.

"I think it's great," Billy stammered, his eyes glued to the small, sheer patches of fabric which covered barely more than the nipples of her full breasts.

She was in heaven. All her sensual senses had been bottled up on the flight.

Suddenly, a brilliant streak of lightening illuminates the night; and the slave. Standing tall, he looks arrogant, with his head held high and his hands loosely at his sides, like a dark master of the night. The wind ruffles his longish hair, gently brushing the ends against his neck as he stands there, looking directly into her eyes, awaiting his fate.

"Oh, Amanda. Sure. I remember. What's up?"

The two of us were bucking hard together. Kevin's tongue was deep in Kat's mouth and his fingers dance roughly over her clitoris. Two of Nancy's fingers were buried deep in my ass and her mouth was sucking on my balls. My cock was throbbing inside my lover and her vagina was squeezing me tightly. Finally I let go and began to come.

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Lyza groaned in disappointment, Maria roared deep in her throat, shaking and cumming again and again, her vagina clamping down and then releasing on my penis. She collapsed on the bed. I was rock hard, wanting release. I pulled/pushed Maria's limp body to the side without any resistance, moving her to the side of the bed, jumped up on the bed, and sank my tool directly into Lyza's open, wet, wanting, exposed hole. She spread her legs wider and higher than I had ever seen them.

Then just as quickly as he started, he dropped my legs and got off the bed. I couldn't anticipate this man. I suppose he knew that, and used it to keep me in a constant state of arousal and anticipation.

"I have one last instruction for you, Thora," Atomos said. "Sleep now, and when you wake, the day will have come and gone. There will be a new gown waiting for you, much more fitting than the rags you are accustomed to. I want you to put it on, then leave the room and go down into King Alexander's throne room. No one will hinder you."

It was at her college professor's home. He taught daytime voice and diction classes at the local junior college, but at night he taught a private group of hopeful students the fine art of 'acting'. She was told she had natural talent and if properly coached would be a truly wonderful actress one day. The class went well. She gave a strong emotional performance of a woman struggling with the loss of a brother. After class her professor asked if she wanted to stay to chat about it. He had a few ideas he wanted to share with her. He was a Napoleonic Brandy conniseur and said he thought she would enjoy it, offering her a snifter. She sat sipping as he went to the stereo to play some background music. That was when he played 'Bolero' for her. She does not know if it was the Brandy or the music but she awoke the next morning cuddled in bed beside him. His masculine arms wrapped around her small frame. Her body was tingling much the way it did a few minutes ago.

"Ahhhhh yes. That's it," I tell you.

"You really are a fucking dirty Bitch aren't you?"

She sat down right next to me and we talked for a couple of hours. I found out she was a second year student at the local university. She was majoring in business management. I even found that attractive. This woman was amazing, intelligent and funny but above all flirty. She excused herself and changed into shorts and a short shirt. She came back and plopped on the couch facing me sitting Indian style. Every time she moved or twisted her short rode up a little higher. This was getting to me quickly and my jeans where getting really uncomfortable. Then all of a sudden she leaned forward and motioned for me to come to her.

"The towels are fresh and there's soap and shampoo in the shower," I say, opening the curtain to the large shower stall.

Se Yi told J that she would join the dinner later. She took a quick bath. While she was drying herself, she looked at the mirror. The face she saw looking back was a typical Chinese face yet her distinguished lover found her attractive. Her lips felt fuller as she touched them. Maybe too much smooching made them thicker. Then she ran her hands to her tender pears and squeezing them slowly. Though they were not as big as Ah Ling’s or Chui’s, her lover did not complain. As she admired herself, most of her thoughts referred to how much pleasure her lover had bequeathed her and the new experience of touching another woman’s body sexually intrigued her. Since afternoon, her mind was preoccupied with how she felt, how she thought Ah Ling had felt and most of all the sensation J’s manhood must have felt when he was taking Ah Ling. Not a second was spent or wasted thinking about her husband, Ah Seng.

The bitch always looked good even in her old tattered pink robe and yesterday's make up.

"You have grown up, haven't you, Benny?" she purred. "You have become quite a man!"

"Now can you tell me why you are sorry? Would you be sorry if I had not come home until the usual time? Would we be having this conversation if I hadn't witnessed Ralph's prowess as a lover?" I demanded. "Would you keep on fucking him till you were caught or till he tired of you? You wanted to talk, Debbie, so please try telling me something. Tell me exactly what you want and what is bothering you. Tell me who else you have fucked or will fuck. Tell me how many times you and Ralphie-Boy have gotten it on. That would be telling me something I don't know but would appreciate knowing.

"You bet mom, always and forever."

"Aww, c'mon, it's pretty relaxing" he said, trying to encourage me. Without pushing it any further he disappeared into the other room and emerged a few moments later.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He plowed into me, and groaned loudly for each push. I grabbed onto the headboard, closed my eyes, and enjoyed my boyfriend humping me for all he was worth. His hand found my clit, and now he got back at me for teasing. Sean was a master at playing with my clit. He rubbed it between his fingers, caressed it, teased it, and turned me into a ragdoll, squirming and writhing and moaning under him.

"You mean you want me to give you another blow job?"

"Gentlemen," I said, "I think it's.... we'd like to... " And then I couldn't find any more words. I stood and moved behind Carol's chair. I touched her shoulder and she stood up. I reached out for the zipper on her dress, but she suddenly turned around to me and shook her head slightly. No. She pushed me gently towards the door. I thought that she had gotten cold feet and had decided to call it off. But then she walked to a stereo beside the television, flipped on some soft music, and began to slowly sway her body.

Alexandra starts on her arms, then up to her shoulders and neck. Watching her every move, Sherry finds herself even more attracted to this exotic woman. She asks her to use more mud on her. Alexandra scoops up more and repeats her movements.

"I forgot to kiss you goodnight."

At ten strokes, AJ paused a long moment.

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A knowing look and a smile of pure lust was etched on her beautiful face as she made her way up the bed and straddled my face with her silky thighs.

"No, they don't. All right then."

"Oh it is so good to be home, honey." My wife told Antwan between their kisses.

Steve starts to grab at her nakedness, pulling her tighter to him, almost in a bear hug, his right hand grabbing at her body, rubbing her from her thighs up and over her pelvis to her stomach and up to her breast. His mind still focussed on his desire to play with her nipple and silky womanhood, but unsure if he was allowed.

She bites her lower lip and nods her head.

"I couldn't take it. I went up under her dress. I pulled Ellen's panties down and I licked her. She made so much noise! I couldn't believe you didn' t hear us! Then she made me..."

Dan unlocked the door to his parent's house and let Jennifer enter. He paused to get the mail and the paper, and walked into the den, placing them in a pile on the desk. He put his keys on the stand in the foyer, and walked into the living room. He was surprised to see that Jennifer wasn't there. Her jacket was laid on the couch, and her shoes were on top of it. He smiled and walked into the kitchen.

"You what?"

"After how you and Sylvie were carrying on this afternoon, it's probably her you're thinking about fucking. If you want to take things further you should do so in our hotel room. It has a king bed and air conditioning."

Gary was watching the faces of the men in the room. All of them were taken back by the beauty and the sensuality of these two white women. “Holy mother of God”, said one of them. “Fuck me”, from another. Bill and Richard walked up behind the girls and guided them, with their hands on their asses, across the room to meet their fans. There were two guys to Gary’s left and three to his right. All were sitting in a semi circle around the mattresses. Bill took Brenda to Gary’s right and Richard moved Marci to Gary’s left. One by one, Bill and Richard introduced the men to Marci and Brenda. None of them stood up, but all of them commented on how pretty they were. The guy to Gary’s left told Marci, “I’ve been watching you Baby”, and Marci responded loud enough for Gary to hear. “I’ve been watching you too. You look like a man who knows what a woman like me needs.” He reached out his hand and placed it on the inside of her thigh and slowly raised it until it could go no further. He then slid his hand out of her crotch, allowing his finger to rub her cunt from his knuckle to the tip of his finger. Moving his finger to his nostril, he breathed in and savored her essence. “Oh Yes, my pretty, I not only know what you need, but I have what you need right here, ” he told her as he placed her hand on the massive bulge in his pants. “Oh my”, she responded as she squeezed his cock. Richard nudged her on to the next guy. As she passed Gary, Marci winked at him. After the introductions Bill whispered something in Marci’s ear, then, with a “yes” nod of her head, Bill made the same suggestion to Brenda.

"You're frowning." Nafarius reached over and smoothed his finger over the lines that had appeared on her forehead. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Dipping his head down to kiss his lovely Carla, Mark assured her that he and the guys could catch up on old times before she arrived.

"Glad to see you have missed me too." She laughed, wriggling closer to him. He lifted up her chin with his hand and gently kissed her lips gently as he looked deep into her eyes. She kissed him back deeply and passionately.

"No!" Luke screamed.

Amanda was now striving for her second orgasm. Without care that she was standing naked in her own kitchen, she had stripped off her jeans and discarded her stained underwear. Her naked left foot was up on a chair, opening her vagina as her fingers plunged in and out of the wet hole. But her eyes and ears were still trained diligently on her husband and his telephone conversation.

Two mornings later, sitting in a cafe and sipping coffee, his stomach lurched violently as he spied the front-page photo in the morning's

"Why can't you just say it?" She said quietly, then moved her lips against mine.

And with that Chris pushed his big mushroom head cock into my wet hole. I let out a moan a first and then I yelled in pain as the fat head of his cock push by the tight muscle ring at the beginning of my pussy hole. Chris just continued to push his cock into me. I hoped that the pain would subside but it only got worse.

'Stop it!' She hissed and giggled, trying to skip forward out of reach, but Gemma caught her and pinned her face-first against the back door. Crisps crunched between her and the woodwork as Gemma gently worked two fingers into her wet vagina.

"You can't fuck me with your clothes on," you said as I continued to stare at your cunt.

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She commenced gliding her fingers higher up Lysette’s leg, reaching with soft strokes for her thighs. Lysette was wholly engulfed with need, a fire raged through her veins as her lady brushed her skin. A slight tremble traversed her body, a display of her yearning. Stephanie caught on to this beckons, and followed her hand’s path with her lips.

He followed her gaze to Kelly and let out a low moan as he saw her. Kelly had slumped in her chair and had her legs spread wide. Her right hand was busily fondling her pussy and she was pinching and rolling her nipple between the fingers of her left hand. Kelly was staring directly at his cock and seemed almost oblivious to Mel and Lisa.

The tight knot of his balls would press down, Gail urging him in with her hands on his behind. Each time he humped forward I heard, "Uuhhh," from Gail, in a breathy sound like she were sucking in air. I actually took a half step backward to better see, and I watched his thick and shiny cock slide out of her, and it kept on withdrawing…it went on forever. I imagined that it was sliding out from the depths of her belly. Then Peter pushed forward again and as his balls neared her behind, again the breathy "Uuhhh." This went on and on, Peter never quickening his pace. Then Gail whispered, "Do it…do it…Uuhhh," startling me with the pleading tone of her voice.

Without warning, I felt the massive body shudder and the first contraction of his cock as his cum emptied deep into my vagina. I squealed into the hand over my mouth and struggled against the bonds as he put shot after shot of his cum in my pussy. I groaned in frustration as the massive body settled on my chest. I could feel the wetness of his sweat against my breasts and the dampness of his cum on my upper thighs as some leaked out around his inserted cock. Several minutes later his bulk was lifted off of me and I heard the rustling of clothes and then the door open and close as he left.

I groaned as her cunt slowly expanded around my dick. With a grunt, I shoved my dick all the way in. Grandma grunted too and wrapped her legs around my waist. She tried to pull my mouth to hers, but I was enjoying the view of her big tits lolling back and forth across her chest and of my dick pounding in and out of her seasoned pussy.

"I'll be there in less than an hour. Frank, back off and save some of Elaine's pussy for me! I need to take a quick shower and then I'll be there pronto!"

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With a few short strides he reached the bed and pulled me up by my hand. He quickly discarded my shirt and then he wrapped his arms around me to unhook my bra. His smile widened as my firm tits were exposed to the night air, tightening up my pink nipples like cherries on top of an ice cream sundae.


If Sylvia's mother heard his plaintive cry of warning and felt the fervent movements of his body, she gave no indication. Instead, it seemed as if her efforts intensified. She began rolling his balls in her hand and trailing her fingernails ever so lightly up and down on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

I can hear the sound of someone outside. Hammering maybe. The sound of the cat, plaintive, wanting food. I think of all the little things that I should get up and do. Putting my house in order. But I don't. Not yet.

"Well he damn straight better treat you right, Liz." Tiny glowered.

They have all become single minded now, the men to drive their beautiful and begging partners over the edge in the pursuit of creating for them a complete and overpowering climax. The women to accept this loving gift from their men while openly flaunting themselves, showing every erotic display on route to what they believed would be a ground-shaking fulfilment.

'Sophie's 'Poke-Her' Game'

I watched her ass cheeks as I followed her into the saloon. I could swear that I hear the material of my shorts ripping and my cock jumping out at attention. She was watching me as I undid the top button on my short and pulled the zipper down. I pulled them down and my cock jumped out, waving in the night. First lifting my right foot out of them then my left. I threw them onto the floor in the corner. She stared at me and said, “You have a monster, its enormous. I want to feel you in me all the time”. She had her arms around my neck and we were kissing, she was rubbing her body on mine. Her body felt like it was on fire; I could feel my cock rubbing against her stomach. I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks one in each hand and lifted off the deck and could feel my cock head moving down to her mound. She said, “I want you so bad but we have all night and I want to savor every minute of our time together”. I set her back on the floor and she continued to probe my mouth with her tongue. She pushed me down on a chair and knelt between my legs. She took my cock into both of her hands and massaged it lightly, moving her hands up and down the shaft. Leaning in she kiss the very tip of the head; I felt a surge of electricity shoot down my cock into my balls. She was now just sucking the head in and out of her mouth. I was in ecstasy and could not move a muscle. She was sending me to heaven. She sucked and sucked and I loved every second of it.

"Your propensity to go around kissing strangers is shocking, your Grace."

* * * * *

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His name was Gerry, the other two were Harry and Gustave...full name, no less, pronounced “Goos-taf.” What I thought at first was affectation was actually a good French name...and the guy was French or Québecois. He shook my hand perfectly straightforwardly, as did Harry and Gerry. Gerry no longer regarded me with those searching, hungry...had they really been lustful glances?

It was a lot of work transforming Art's basement den into a cozy little Mother-in-Law apartment. She knew it was hard for her husband to give up his little oasis, but they needed the money. The opening of the new retail superstore just outside town was cutting into business at Art's appliance store and with Art Jr. in college, something had to be done to make ends meet.

"I love you too. I'll be home soon."

“You can’t give us anything that we either haven’t done before or wouldn’t enjoy!” Terra responded.

“Well I see my little minx has a mouth on her, I see.” Destiny kicked out from the blankets, and kicked him square in his chest to shove his smiling face away from her.

He stripped his shorts off and bent down to his task of pleasing the woman. His tongue began slipping in to her, licking the delicate opening. He found her clit and gently sucked it into his mouth, his tongue tapping against it, moving from top to bottom and side to side. The woman's moans grew as the wave of pleasure created by him washed over her.

He reclined back in the thickly upholstered chair and stretched luxuriantly before continuing.

"I didn't think you did."

He took us to a National Trust house and gardens with the most magnificent views and a wonderful restaurant. We didn't walk very much just dawdled and talked then had a lovely lunch. We drove around, stopping now and then to stroll, for the late afternoon and then, at about 7 he took us for dinner. Another lovely restaurant where he was obviously very well known as he was treated with real respect. Although our presence did cause one or two knowing and jealous looks (knowing from the women and jealous from the men!).

“Alright.” She said. She was looking at Ed.

Jane said, "It's me, handsome."

I pointed to the dirt path.

“I have a friend. An older woman… She’s married, has kids, but lives in Iowa by herself while she finishes her degree… Her husband is a real jerk, doesn’t trust her, always thinks she’s screwing around, which she isn’t… Anyway… Since he’s so suspicious, she’s been thinking about hooking up with someone… I mean.. She hasn’t had sex for almost 3 years… Even when her husband comes, it’s always with the kids… Or she doesn’t feel like it… ANYWAY…” She droned on and on… This woman could talk for hours and not say anything…. “She’s been asking me to keep my eyes open… See if I could find her someone who wouldn’t want a relationship, but would just hook up for a day…”

We slowly walked to my boyfriend's apartment. Tina & Bob held hands and giggled while Batt and I teased each other, Batt's hand firmly on my ass pinching it from time to time, my hand resting on his belt buckle, slipping off occasionally and brushing against his visible erection, then back up to his belt buckle.

With that, he rolled over and went to sleep.

Without so much as a thank you, I heard Alex and Carl open and shut the motel door behind them. I guess this meant I didn't have to worry about the local law. Too tired to clean his juices out of me, let alone go to dinner, I rolled over and finished my nap. As you can probably guess, I haven't been back to that part of Florida since.

"Well it goes for both genders but yeah I guess so." This bugged me a bit as I never had a doubt I was masculine, I am 5'7" about 150 lbs, muscular but not overly so and never been confused for female.

“Thanks for helping me out fellows. Now maybe I can handle the rest of the night by myself.” I laughed.

It was a delightful surprise to be able to just lie here in bed with him, sleeping in, lying wrapped in each other's arms, feeling lazy and sated after a long night spent pleasing each other and being pleased in turn. And knowing, with almost smug satisfaction, that should they so desire, they could spend the entire day, or even the entire weekend, in this same manner.

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"All right," Marla said. "I'll help you, that way we'll get done sooner."

She moaned around Peter's cock, sucked hard and then moaned again as she arched beneath him. He watched his wife as her eyes fluttered, then groaned as his own cum filled her mouth and throat. He pulled his cock out to let the last bit fall across her lips and chin. He thought she looked the perfect wanton slut with his cum dribbling from her lips. He almost wanted to lick it off her but decided to leave it.

Alana delivered the drinks, then slumped into a large cushion on the floor in front of us. The usual small talk followed, plus a few more drinks to loosen the inhibitions.

"Yes, baby, bounce those big tits for me" Uncle Wayne told me. "Fuck me with that pussy, yes, fuck me with that pussy".

Amy was a little taken back by Michael's sternness, but complied. Walking over to in front of the desk Amy slowly rubs Michaels Thighs before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down his legs. As Amy pulls down Michaels boxers she reveals his large 8" cock and accidentally lets out a low moan. "Now suck my cock Amy, suck it like the little slut I know you are." Knowing she has no choice Amy begins to lick Michaels cock. Licking around the Head first she then traces her tongue down his shaft, causing his cock to tense. "Mmm Amy, that feels soo good." He moans, pushing his fingers into her hair. Then she moves his cock into her mouth and being to suck it hard. "Oh very nice Miss." After saying this Michael removes her mouth from his cock and pushes her up, standing up himself. "Now bend over the Desk Amy."

Appointments were made, goals were set and over a year Lori proudly examined herself in the mirror each morning. She was toned, her hair on her head and between her legs was nicely cut and her nails were no longer chipped but well manicured. She found pleasure in looking at herself and masturbated more than she had in years. Often her sessions were fueled by imaginary men using and displaying her for their pleasure and amusement. Lori would often feel guilty about these thoughts yet her imagination continued to fine tune and hone these fantasies.

I'm George and my wife's name is Dorothy. We've been married going on thirty-two years. Don't know if we will make it to thirty-three. I've just found out that my Dorothy has be cheating on me. Not one time, not even for six months, but for twenty-eight years.

After an rare, early Saturday morning fuckfest, we laid next to each other, soaked in sweat. She looked over at me and held out her cigarette toward me in her delicate, tiny hands, which were as tiny and delicate as mine were.

"Yeah," he said after a moment's reflection, "Yeah, I think I do."

His first shot of cum hit my lip, and dropped into my mouth. I closed and swallowed quickly, as his second shot hit me right under the nose. His next few shots rained onto my face and cheeks, running down slowly to drip onto my chest. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, sucking it clean and swallowing the last few drops that came out, licking my lips as I leaned back. The smell of his cum was overpowering, stiffening my cock even more. Cleaning off my face, I collected his cum with my fingers and licked them clean, swallowing all of it. I let it sit in my mouth before swallowing, the salty-sweet taste of it making me more horny. I reached down and started to rub the drops on my chest into my skin. Scott groaned and sat back on the bed, his cock shrinking a little between his legs. Still on my knees, I started masturbating slowly, letting him get over his orgasm.

The slut was soon shown to be my wife, Tracy. These guys just slam fucked my wife throughout the tape for over an hour every which way you could think of. The guys would all be laughing and saying the dirtiest things that anyone could think of. They would all laugh and encourage each other to fuck her harder or faster and where to drop their loads. When they finished with her, she had cum leaking out of her ass, cunt, as well as, cum running down off of her face and onto her huge tits.

"Umm, since you put it that way"

"I think I will stay if you don't mind," she said.

She got up and said, "she wants to take a shower first," and I grabbed her and pulled her down.

The evening coursed on and on, ten women, with five sybians, experiencing intense pleasure. It was five in the morning, and Beth and I were the only ones left, along with Amy and Angel. We proceded to go upstairs to Angel's bedroom, all of us still totally nude, and totally wet.

“Wow, if this kinda stuff is going to cause that kind of a reaction we’ll have to try it again.”

My cum was all over her. I quickly went and got my digital camera and snapped off dozens of shot of the cum dripping from her face to her tits down to her pussy. She licked her lips and got all of the cum she could then started to put more into her mouth with her fingers and hand.

But I put them out of my mind and went into a bedroom to change. The bathing suit they gave me to wear was a pretty brief bikini, much like my own, leaving little doubt that I was a well-endowed young man. Fortunately I was used to wearing one in public, so I felt I could manage. Anyway, I was so nervous about the whole proceeding that John Henry didn't come up.

"I can't believe the feeling down there, " she cried out in ecstasy. "It feels like my insides are churning and there is electricity in my pussy. My clit is on fire and, oh gawd...just take me. Make me a woman...NOW."

We walked around the yard and I showed Kathy several little alcoves and other places where some screening would increase the privacy so one could work on an all over tan, if one wanted to. Some of the places caught the morning sun, some the afternoon sun and one, with the right kind of walls to reflect and focus the suns rays, could probably be used on sunny days throughout the winter.

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The room is filled with silence once again, and all I can think about is my last day of sexual freedom. Master allowed me to masturbate all day if I wanted, as it would be my last day to be able to do it on my own. Now this strange looking man is sitting across from me, and I wonder if Master sent him over for the mere fact that I would not play. I chuckle silently to myself and look at the crotch of his pants. He is hard and I glance down to my robe that is now open to show my pussy. I smile and look at him. Glance to the floor I open my legs a little more to show more of my freshly shaved pussy. Trying not to let him know that I see he is looking at me, I throw my legs on the arm of the chair and my breast peeks through. He clears his throat and the silence remains a constant in the room.

But then, in a classic case of bad timing, 9 ½ Weeks ended and the credits began to roll. As the handful of people in the theatre began getting up to leave, Lauren quickly removed her hand from James' crotch and he from beneath her halter top. "Damn," he whispered, "I was really enjoying that. Too bad you had to stop."

‘That is absolutely fine honey,’ Cindy said pulling off her t-shirt. ‘As long as seeing those photos hasn’t made you lose respect for me...’ she smirked at me, seeing how my eyes were fixed on her breasts as they filled a black lace bra.

"Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh." The attempt to penetrate her tight vagina was still very awkward, but the cock did begin to stretch her tight vaginal passage.

Why this restriction? This brings us to the most exciting point of the whole game. The point that has kept me totally mind fucked over the years. The point that keeps a hot glow in my lower belly and starts my cunt drool flowing with my first personal contact of each day. Because...though I have never seen the faces or heard the voices of my Blind Dates on date nights...I know that each and everyone of them is someone I have at least met and spoken with before. Our rule is this: It doesn't have to be someone from our social circle...but it MUST be someone I have met and spoken with face to face in person, not just by phone. For instance...the UPS driver who picked up my package could be a future date, but not the dispatcher I called to set up the pickup. Girls...can you imagine now how each day is a constant titillation living this game?

"That could be nice," Stan said, still staring.

“Annie, what’s wrong? Has someone here said or done something?”

“No, it’s not the first time I let a man use my body to survive. I’ve lived for almost two hundred years and I’ve tried my hand at many professions during that time. Whore is just one of them.”

"Enough wench or we will get nothing done this weekend."

The horrid stench, not unlike rotting eggs, did help, as he pressed the rag to his nose. Even still, the effect was not complete. He felt a tingle down his spine, and a heat in his groin, even as his feet pounded the desert sands to propel him down the plateau, away from them. He nearly stumbled, his penis throbbing to life as waves of comforting bliss washed over would be so easy to just... give in....surrender....give up this foolish journey....and let the girls have their glory....their warm.....wet...soft...NO!!! So long as was alive he would not give up this Journey! He would find freedom in the Verdant Lands! The freedom to think, create, and the power of choice! The power to chose where his seed was sown! No longer would he be tied down, forced to ejaculate for every moist cunt in the Tribe! He would give his seed only when he wished it! And only to those females he chose!

Vonna got back on my lap, on her knees, still with her back to me.

You would think that my family would be proud of me but they considered it part of my 'weirdness'. I was teased by being 'the good girl' or the wannabe nun. There was no way for me to please these people. I felt very alone even though I had family all around me.

I hear Lydia's bubbly moan as her fingers push her to orgasm.

With that, he grabbed me by the neck and started pulling me toward the stall. At this point I was scared shitless. I thought he was going to rape me or something. He pulled me in and started to grab my dick through my pants. And although it felt great, I pushed his hand away because he made me feel minuscule compared to him. I am a mere 6 ½ inches and only 1 inch thick.

I put on a pair of dressy shorts and a comfortable shirt. I skipped wearing underwear because I like to tease Tracy sometimes about whether or not I’m wearing any.

The loving spirit seemed to back away into the sun and then totally vanished. I awoke from the trance and there was mistress on top of me naked nastily smiling. Looking down at my cock it was flaccid as if it had been deflated. My peehole was inflamed and my asshole was oozing an unknown substance. The sweet taste of honey was in my mouth. My balls were completely drawn into my body and aching painfully. Sticking out her tongue it magically looked as if it were split in two hissing at me like a snake. Mistress pussy was dilated as if she had just been fucked. Her clitoris was sticking out of her hood a proud two inches as if it had just been fully stimulated. I tried to ask her what happened to me but she only touched her middle finger to my lips silencing me, whispering to me this was only the beginning of my ritual submission to her. I fell asleep in my mistress arms!

Andy did get home first and we were true to the old joke where the sailor is asked. "Tell me, what was the SECOND thing you did when you got home?"

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“We should go downstairs and see what’s happening.”

I ended up drinking constantly from the bucket from that point on for at least a half hour. Finally Tim untapped me and pulled my sopping wet head from the bucket. I was so relieved, but then I started to feel sick, and I ran to the bathroom and threw up. All that cum and piss got to me. I started to clean myself up, but Tim came in and yanked me back out of the bathroom and told me that I had more work to do.

He slid a wedged bolster under Dinah's hips, and then pressed a button on the wall nearest him. There was a whirring sound, followed by Dinah's awareness that something was pulling her knees up and apart; pulling her ankles down. The machine continued to position her legs upward and outward as Ian clamped some leg rests on the side of the bed for her comfort. He placed Dinah's feet in the stirrup hooks, and then began to untie his top while talking to her.

"Hi," he said. She just smiled and padded into the room, looking for Trixie. "What's your name?" asked Steve.

"You know I live up in Pelham Ave, right?" He said.

The three girls made love for what seemed forever to Charlotte, who envied them all. Afterwards though, Susan's conversation was held not with Emma and Harriett, whom she'd enjoyed so passionately, but with Charlotte. She felt that Susan was blatantly flirting with her, particular as she so often held Charlotte's hands in her own little hands and traced her fingers gently over their back. In fact she barely seemed interested in Emma and Harriett now, who retreated after a while to watch some of the videos that Emma was still investigating for her television station.

Cade's mother knew that the only way she could get out of this was to talk him out of it. "Cade... Honey...Son... Stop this now. You don't know what you're doing. You don't want to do this! Not to your mother?!?!" She spoke in a pleading voice. But it had no affect as her son's hand moved inside the front of her skirt. His fingers made contact with the growing wetness of her outer pussy lips.

Full of pain and hurt, and absolutely staggered by her bold-faced lie, I didn't push her any further. What would be the point? Instead I muttered, "OK—I must have forgotten." And then, making a supreme effort to seem convinced, "I'm sorry to have accused you of such a ridiculous thing."

My mother and I were spending the weekend with her brother, my uncle Bob, when this happened. Because we had arrived so late on Friday night, I was sleeping in Saturday morning when I felt my mother shaking me. “Come on, Tina, time to get up,” she said.

But this time when he moved his fingers up towards my clit, he lingered there. Taking it between two fingers, he rolled and massaged the hard button, slowly squeezed it. My hips were moving up and down faster. My legs were straining at the bonds. It was as if he knew the moment was close because he moved his fingers down and slowly teased my opening. He inserted two fingers just inside and pulled them out so that he could tease me. I knew he could see me opening and closing around his finger.

When he was eleven, a couple came to the orphanage in the hope of adopting a child. Since the couple was in their late forties, they were hoping for an adolescent. They saw Eric and immediately taken a liking to him and had wanted to adopt him. When Peter found out about it, he was very unhappy and pleaded with Eric not to leave him behind or else he would kill himself. Eric promised he would not leave him and together they ran away for a week before they were found. Eric was determined not to get adopted, and insisted if the couple was going to adopt him they had to adopt Peter too. In the end the couple did not take him or Peter but adopted another child instead.

"I have to do some of my chores in the yard and then I'll come back and sit on your lap so you can tell me a story like the old days, I'd just love that."

As soon as she was close enough Keri reached down and encircled the fingers of her left hand around as much of her father's massive cock as she could.

After lunch I slipped off campus and headed back to the phone store. I had called and Angela told me she had my new phone waiting for me. I was a lot more excited about one last peek at her cleavage than I was about getting my phone back.

"I thought you knew."

"They told you what happened?" I asked, incredulously.


"If you have one drop pee, ONE DROP, missy, you be sorry. This nothing. Nothing," said Mama San. They left the room, closing the door behind them, and turned on the tv.

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She stood with her arms folded. I reached over and yanked up the edges of her dress. She yelped. Then, slowly she complied. "Face the camera and say, "Oma is going to fuck her grandson good."

It's odd about Kate and Jon, they make me feel almost as if they understand my need to be lusted over anonymously, but also my need to be appreciated as an individual. Does that make sense? Anyway, why bring this up now? Because I got up and went to the loo at about seven a.m., feeling good about me, and feeling sexy and looked at my mobile; seven texts from G the previous night. Why wasn't I online? Why wasn't I answering my phone? I so wanted to text him back, saying that I was tied up in a hotel, being gangbanged by strangers, but I bottled it.

"I want my clothes."

'Bye.' He said as she shut the door behind her.

"Happy Anniversary Babygirl. I'll be right here to ensure things don't take too much of a twisted turn."

"Martha, if you try to run, scream, or anything else that might draw attention to this house, I will cut your son's balls off? Understand?"

When I ran into Christy in the club, she was drunk. She also let me know that she was single by waving her left hand in my face so I'd notice her bare ring finger. I had lusted after Christy for a year and a half, but she had been married with a kid. Now, I thought, if I can seal the deal, I'd realize this long-standing dream.

"What do you mean?" she replied.

Rick pulled Jenny's soft body into his as his tongue dueled with hers. He slowly pulled her dress up in back until he could get his hands on her bare ass. He heard her moan as his hands separated and kneaded her cheeks, his fingers working lower until he could feel the wet lips of her shaved pussy. God this woman was hot he thought.

"Got a boyfriend sweetie?" Walrus asked as he shrugged out of his jacket.

Finally, she had mercy on me and my beyond-aching cock. She put my legs down and climbed atop my body again. Taking my cock in her hand, she rubbed it up and down her soaking slit. I’ve never felt her- or anyone this wet before. Then she tapped the head against her clit. We both moaned.

"Yeah," Bobby replied and gulped down some soda. "You, too, right?"

"You are the only man any of us have seen completely naked."

Kiara gasped and bucked back against him.

I usually can sense if a white woman likes to get down with black men. It’s all in the way she looks at you. It’s the way they look at you out of the corner of their eyes. It’s a type of smile that lets you know, its hard to explain, call it a sixth sense. I could almost always tell which white girl would be down for some interracial fun. You see, even though Laura was a beautiful woman her size would intimidate most white men. I knew this from experience. I have been fucking white girls for as long as I could remember.

She began to lick his taut stomach leaving shiny, wet trails as her fingers caressed the soft skin of his inner thighs.

I imagine I would swallow, then say, "but without the bra."

I lick my lips, my mouth suddenly as dry as cotton…but I obey. I must…my Master has given me an order, and I must submit. I have no choice.

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I pulled her towards me and she stadled my chest exposing her pussy totally. I could see Jeff cum oozing out of her pussy lips. She tried to resist as I attempted to lick her clit, but she finally gave in and began to fuck my face. I could see why she was so surprised when Jeffery had cum. As she ground her cunt into my face I could feel cum trickling down my chin and my moustache felt coated as well. There must have been a pint. At my age I might manage a couple of trickles. She came with a shutter and squeezed out the remaining cum onto my face and then she climbed onto my manhood. As she bounced up and down she started to lap my face like a kitten. She sucked my moustache clean and licked my chin and neck. It seemed she enjoyed the taste of Jeffs' cum. Her tounged darted into my nostril as she completely removed any evidence of cum from my face.

"I'm sure you have," Mary laughed. "You just can't keep your eyes off of Becky, can you? I can imagine what you think every time you see her."

With her left arm, she lifted her tits so that they stuck straight out just under my cock. With her right hand she began pumping my cock right by the head.

Tall, her body held straight, she was naked and from where I stood I was seeing her in profile; her figure was superb, with ample breasts and a slightly swelling abdomen. Her facial profile somehow seemed familiar and dazed by the vision of beauty as I was I dimly knew I had seen that outline before. Then it came to me that what I was looking at resembled a painting of one of the Amazons of legend.

Connie was our first and had been our only tenant since then. She was a sophomore at the university working on her bachelors' degree in education. She was trying to make it on the grant money she qualified for without having to work. Not that working isn't her strong suit, it is, it's the studying she struggles with. The apartment was classified as a second story efficiency, but the price was still barely within her means when she moved in. Two months later Kim dropped the lease by $75 a month. I remember the day we discussed it. It was as if Kim was her arbitration attorney. She won her case!

Ben had wanted Lois for years. He saw Rod and Carol go upstairs and figured out what they planned to do. When Lois asked him where her husband was, he sent her upstairs, then he followed her. He hoped that she'd find out what her husband was doing and that would allow him to catch her confused and off-balance, a condition that might allow him to get what he'd wanted from her for so long.

Looking at the clock on the wall I see that mum will be home in less than an hour. It's been hell waiting here by myself for Mum to come home from work. I didn't realise that I been daydreaming about her for this length of time, O shit, I better go and check on the roast in the oven. Racing over to open the door to see that it not ruined, taking out the roast and place it on the sideboard.

I came with a roar and I stayed inside her. This was my first unprotected ejaculation into a girl's cunt. It was mind blowing. I kept fucking her as I came and she seemed to have a small orgasm also. I slowed until I stopped with my cock deep inside her. She looked up at me and smiled that satisfied smile. "WOW!" I smile back, "Yeah, wow!"

I quietly shifted into the sitting room further, careful not to disturb the players in this scene. "Shit," I thought, " this is way hotter than porn videos." My groin quickly became warm as blood engorged my cock. Getting comfortable on the arm of the overstuffed couch, I eased my dockers open, allowing my rigid member to pop out of my boxers. My hand wrapped around my favourite plaything as I watched Donna's performance.

"No Daddy, don't spank me! Please!"

Tonight she had on a short, tight, lowcut dress at Ken's request. It was black, strapless, and came to about mid thigh. Kathy did not wear underwear or a bra because it always excited Ken.

It was starting to get a little cold, especially for her, in that dress with no sweater or jacket. But I was feeling powerful, and I placed her hand firmly back on my zipper, saying, "Keep going," as if I were gently correcting an unintentional display of bad manners. As I expected, she complied, one arm still around my waist, running her fingers and palm nervously up and down the length of my erection and peering up at my face through the darkness as if waiting to be told what to do next.

Chapter 7: Caught In The Act... Well Almost!

"She is kind of cute." I casually played with Teri's patch of pussy hair. "I saw her in a two-piece not too long ago," Teri said. "She's got a nice ass and her tit's are looking great."

"Oh yeah, that's it. God, do you know how beautiful you two look? How hot you look?" Dan was leaning over us, his eyes absorbing the scene being played out in front of him.

As the cock in my pussy began to move the smooth helmet of another cockhead was pressed against my lips. Fingers pried my mouth open allowing the intruder to enter. The second cock filled my mouth as my pussy began to get wet lubricating the interloper in my fuck hole.

Carl waved the suggestion away. "Oh, she'll do it, she'll do it. 'Cause I want her to." He looked at me hard again. "So whaddya say?"

As soon as she thumbed the button to shut the camera off Katie started, "Inside the mall? Are you nuts? They'll kick us out for sure."

"Don't play the innocent with me asshole."

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The only bright spot on this trip was the exotic stripper she found in this nasty bar. Liema's show was next. Tonya's pulse quickened as the techno beat started to play and strobes colored the air. Liema burst onto the stage, thin and graceful. Her fully toned muscles well displayed under her taut blue skin. Long, electric blue hair curled playfully around her pointed ears and fell over her shoulders. When she turned her long, fluffy, electric blue tail drifted around her like a silk scarf.

A heard the click of a gun and felt the pressure of it touching my temple. “I think you might want to hold still, I would hate to shoot you for trying to run. You also do realized this is not the police station. I am off duty right now and when or if they ever do find you, all I have to do is make up some story to make it look any way I want it too!” These words brought tears to my eyes. I knew in my heart he was right and my Master would never know the truth. So I sat there very still and soaked the blindfold until it dripped like it was raining inside this building from my tears.

"Girl, you know I can't leave you lookin all bad and I'm ya hairdresser. You know I got you." I grinned at her again.

"Yes." He could feel her wet warmth on the tip of his fingers.

"Now tell me, Julianne. What about your body makes you proud?"

I released the catch on your bra, allowing your breasts to fall free. Sliding the lace covering over your arms. I kissed your sweet lips again. Following the bra with my mouth, I planted kisses along your neck and shoulders. You reached for my chest and placed your hands upon it.

My knees where by my ears, and my feet were crossed on my guy's back as he fucked me hard and fast. We where both just about to cum when this annoying buzzing sound intruded. I tried to ignore it, but it just wouldn't quit. I sighed and woke up, turning the alarm off. I flopped back into the bed, feeling horny and miserable. Leave it to me to get dumped just days before Valentine's Day, the best fuck day of the year. My thoughts where torn between masturbating and getting ready for work. Seeing as I didn't have enough time, I got up and headed for a quick, very cold shower.

"Why don't you boys all settle down in front of the tv, and I will fix you some tea," his mother said.

August 25, 1997

Diamano gave her a menacing look and said, "You just do what you are told and you and your kid will leave here unhurt and debt free. You give me any trouble and you just may not leave here unhurt."

"I don't know?" he looked over at the man.

No words were said as we made our way to the outdoor shower. We bother used it at the same time. I don't know why but I stayed naked for a while. Robert explained that he could do many things for me but I listened while coming back to reality.

Danielle then began by showing us a basic vibrator and demonstrating how it is used, through her leather skirt.

"Are you gonna help me?" he asked cheekily, feeling the alcohol bubbling through his veins, giving him more confidence.

Nicki was jolted out of her thoughts by several hard smacks to the lower part of her ass. Obviously he didn't take well to being ignored. "Y-yes, I know" came the shaky reply. Apparently that was all he needed to hear because a moment later the only sound that filled the room was that of Nicki's emphatic groan. "Ohhhhh yessssss" His cock pressed into her ass in a steady motion. It stretched wide to accommodate him and Nicki felt every inch of it. "Ahhhh god, oh yesss, it hurts" the words poured in a low rasp from her lips. His hand reached around and rubbed her pussy gently as he continued to hammer into her ass. He couldn't believe the sensations his body was receiving. This beauty in front of him with a dildo stuck in her pussy and his cock in her ass drilling away, she looked so obscene and was begging him in her own way to continue. Well, he had no intentions of stopping that was for damn sure.

She looked a little glassy eyed as she said, "You made me climax and it was the best orgasm I ever had."

"Hello, my pupil." she said in a beautiful voice that rang with sexual lust.

My climax was strong and intense, and it was a long time until I came down. It had been a very long time since I'd had sex with a man or woman. I pulled her to me and thanked her when I had recovered. Her firm breasts and hard nipples pressed against mine. She moaned as I slid a finger between her pussy lips and she was wet and open. "Lets go in the house, please?" I asked. "I want to make love to you on a soft bed, where I can feast on your lovely body. This lounge is too uncomfortable."

A loud wolf whistle sounded behind her. Stepping down she prepared to rip the face of the arrogant bastard, and gasped. It was the hunk from the market. Tall, way over 6 feet with dark eyes and long black hair, the guy was holding a goat.

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My fate is sealed.

"Janna, get over it," Virginia interrupted. "I love sucking a boy, especially after he's gone down on me. Sometimes, I'd rather have him cum in my mouth than fuck me."

“Please don’t be upset with me. I was only following Angela’s orders. It was all her idea!”

"No idea, but we could advertise for a guy, that way we can get to know him first, you don't want to end up with a psycho"

A pair of white briefs filled to bursting point with a huge cock trying to burst out into the fast disappearing daylight.

I groaned affirmatively as I enthusiastically took his huge member slowly in my mouth. At first, the taste of the debris from his cock head was strange and sour as I licked and sucked, my saliva mixing with it, filling my mouth with the bits of my own shit, cum and lube; a Pig cocktail leaking down my throat as my mouth filled and couldn't hold anymore.

"We're ready," Cheryl announced.

"And you too." she whispered, her fingers stroking my cheek.

Needless to say, things have been very interesting ever since then...

We have had our ups and downs especially in the sex department but she always has been most co-operative as far as being creative in bed.

Ray raised his glass to us both. "To the two dearest people in my life. I don't know what I would have done without ..." Suddenly his eyes filled with tears and he could not finish his words.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"Tell me about it," I echoed.

"Yeah. I've been with lots of guys that talk big. Then they just want a quick blow job in their car, or take me to some smelly motel by the freeway. It's all just so boring and dumb. And, Mitch, nothing personal, but you seem like another vanilla guy to me."

"Stand up young lady! Where are your panties?!?"

Carolyn especially liked the trip up to the bedroom because of the effect it had on Jason. She knew his heart was pounding with fear as he anticipated what was about to happen. The trip to the bedroom gave him more time to think about it, which added to the punishment.

"Damn," he said with a sigh. He looked down at me with a sleepy look in his eyes, "You are so fucking hot," Study session was over.

"Yes," Suzanne answered, still gasping for air and lapping at the covering of semen dripping from her mouth. "Yes, I'm just a blonde slut, who loves black cock. Please, I want more," she begged.

After dinner we went for a walk outside. It was fairly dark as we strolled along a pathway towards a park behind the restaurant. We found this secluded spot near a stream. I could see that Christine was still fidgeting as we walked. I'm sure those beads were shifting inside her ass and making her nuts with excitement. I was actually surprised at how long she was able to keep her composure. There were a few times in the restaurant I almost made her lose it, but overall she was dealing pretty well.

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